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Lord Karadoc Saik

Knowledge is not enough. It never is. It's the capacity to do something with that knowledge. To do it perfectly. Absolute timing. With devastating consequences.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Lazy Genius
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Saik
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'11
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Earnest blue
Skintone: The pale of indolence

Description: Karadoc does not mind being known as the man who made shabby chic a 'thing' in the Lyceum those seven summers ago. When you haven't two coppers to rub together, draping oneself in an old sheet ought not to be considered the latest fashion trend - yet it happened. When the craze ended a week later, Karadoc realized he didn't exactly care. He cheerfully refers to his tastes as eclectic, others derisively refer to him as that 'weird guy who dresses like a beggar.'

He possesses a handsome face, and though it seems more suited to the sombre, thoughtful expressions most often seen carved in marble, Karadoc is rarely without smug grin. Dark brown hair is left long...ish, and loose. Tousled by the wind, or something. By far his most arresting feature are his eyes: a piercing blue that, in some incalculable way, can transform what seemed like a condescending smirk into something earnest and genuine.

Personality: Karadoc is a laid back, easy-going, and extremely likeable man. Few, if any, have ever seen him roused to anger, let alone annoyance. In fact, this care free attitude most often tends to engender annoyance in other people who seem to think he should experience emotions as they do.

Like his parents, these people will oft find themselves disappointed.

Background: Karadoc was *that* son. The prodigy, the bright rising star. There was nothing his proud parents could not put before him that Karadoc could not grasp. Logic, history, arithmetic, religion, law - all of it - seen, appraised, and grasped with an aptitude that was stunning. The future was bright for Karadoc Saik.


To this day, his parents remain frustrated and baffled by their son's sudden drop off the proverbial cliff. At some point after returning from Southport and the two year training regimen there, Karadoc simply ceased to care...about anything. His invitation to attend to prestigious academy in Tor? Ignored. The various offers coming from Southport, those martial and intellectual? Declined. And, to this very day, his mother still cannot talk about the potential marriage contract used to catch cat vomit without flying into an apoplectic rage.

He eventually left home one misty morning, disappearing for a few years before returning suddenly. During that time, Karadoc has less and little to say, though it is widely assumed amongst the family he lived as a half-starved vagrant. Nor did he remain home for long! Almost as soon as he settled in, his uncle the Baron, died. Then, but a few short months later, his cousin the Baron, died. Finally, his cousin the Baroness, summoned him to Arx. To the surprise of all, Karadoc accepted.

Relationship Summary

  • Berenice - Princess Brat. Bernie. Brighter than sunlit gold, sharper than alaricite.

  • Family:
  • Lucita - Baroness-Regent of Saik, Estaban's Widow, Cousin-by-marriage.
  • Marcos - Voice of House Saik, The Military One.
  • Arcelia - Countess-Consort of Escuma, ARRG Manager, The Favorite One.

  • Patron:
  • Victus - The Cock of Maelstrom, Something-Something about Otters.

  • Sibling:
  • Ennettia - Distant Sister, The Sibling That Ran, Languorous Inquisitor

  • Acquaintance:
  • Graham - Lord Stonewood, Duty and Honor, A Friend of the the Family.
  • Mirari - Messere Corsetina, Apothecary, Jeweler and Weaponsmith, Daggers for eyes.
  • Iseulet - Lady Blackshore, Proprietor of the Empyrean, Knows truth from lie.
  • Josephine - Pretty much one of my favorite jewelers.
  • Juliana - Lady Pravus, Correspondent, Fellow fashion butterfly.

  • Ally:
  • Iseulet - Lady Blackshore, Proprietor of the Empyrean, Knows truth from lie, Sapphires to my diamonds.

  • Friend:
  • Caelis - Princess Hawk-Dragon, Ass-kicker, Friendship Rekindling.
  • Eirene - Lady Malvici, A Friend of the Family, Striking In Contrasts.
  • Silvio - Lord Rubino, Prince of Observations, Fine taste in fashion.
  • Carita - The Darkwater's Voice is platinum and ice. Penpal and star-crossed friend.
  • Melody - Warmth and mischief and grace. Sweet like honey with a hidden ferocity.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana Handsome lord who I am told has a fondness for numbers like I do. I see him begin quite a trusted friend in time.
    Aethan Much more going on under the surface than on top of it, I think.
    Agatha Haven't had a chance to meet him yet, may not in such a big crowd at the ball! But I heard him talking about the work he's doing to help orphans and widows/widowers after the war. I should tell him about the Bear Scouts!
    Ariella Perhaps one of the cleverest men I will never sleep with.
    Berenice I think I saw his back on his way out! It was a nice back.
    Bliss Always strangely analytical about duels. It really doesn't seem to mesh with what I've learned from his Whites, but I am curious about what will happen when I finally get a chance to speak with the man.
    Constantine A welcoming man and relaxed in his poise. Perhaps at some point a more private conversation can lead our acquaintance beyond simple niceties.
    Cullen Meeting Lord Karadoc again is an amusing experience, an outsized personality with a feather to match - but he seems to take his duties seriously, which is commendable. Fun is never a bad thing.
    Duarte My lord has excellent sense of humor and fashion, but I noticed just as easily clams up and can walk out of a room. A lot like myself I suppose.
    Emmelline A nice sort of gentleman, enjoys his spirits rather too much though.
    Grazia An economist with a whole list of projects and prospects. Potentially interesting.
    Ignacio Lord Saik seems to be savvy with trade, but more importantly so, the need to maintain security of his home. I can see that the Baroness Lucita has someone good working towards the needs of House Saik.
    Iseulet A man after my own heart. If I didn't know any better I would say we are very much twins separated at birth. (Oh how I am glad we are in fact, not).
    Jeffeth He seems like... I want to say fun Lord. But sometimes the fun lords are also mean lords. I think he is a nice lord and a fun lord. If he is both that would be just wonderful!
    Leola He's an economics genius who trades weapons for wine and gives away expensive jewellary. I suppose if he makes money so easily, it means little to him
    Lys Theo's protege, he seems just as dangerously charming as his patron.
    Melody The surprise. There's no better way to put it: He's fun, he's sweet, and worst of all, he's disarming. I might just have a soft spot for this one.
    Nijah Such a strange man... but he has a love of numbers. Or knowledge of them at least? It's something to talk about at any rate!
    Niklas Ennettia's brother. She once said he and I were a lot alike. Then apologized.
    Quenia A Voice of Saik, who has been helping Lucita man the ship - so to speak. Looks to love his cups at dinner parties, and seems to enjoy innuendo. Fun to have around!
    Reese Clever, generous and opportunistic at the very same time. He is also well spoken and calm. Calm energy.
    Rowenova We first met during "A Start of Spring Fling" (@ Golden Hart), and even though Lord Saik is a noble man, he graciously served a party drink to me (as well as to Jeweler Josephine). What a kind thing to do! I already like him, even though we barely spake for a short time!
    Sabella I can see the resemblance to Lady Ennettia in his sense of humor! He seems to have a very dry one that I find utterly hilarious! I should definitely like to get to know him better!
    Sorrel A pleasant man who's writing a song for my beloved Lucita. He actually offered to pay me for teaching him more music, but I cannot accept money for doing what I love. Still, it was very generous and he seems like a truly honorable fellow.
    Sparte Talented by Baroness Lucita's measure, not big on politeness but I hardly care about that. Don't have to be polite to be a good sort, and I get the impression he is. When it matters.
    Theo A pretty, charming boy of House Saik. My very first protege.
    Verity He gives in frequently to indolence, but lucky for us all his tongue can still shape fine words in such moments.
    Wylla He's very loud, and he seems to amuse himself more than he amuses anybody else in the room. I wonder if he still has that skirt.
    Zebulon He just had to say something... I'm never going to live this reputation down. All in all, Karadoc seems a good sport and I know he meant no ill will.