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Godsworn Anointing

Legate Orazio inducts a new member into the ranks of the Godsworn of the Faith.


March 24, 2017, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Orazio Aleksei


Darren Belladonna Ferrando Samantha Luca Sophie Freja(RIP) Orazio Reese Aureth Fortunato Gisele Hana Aleksei Leta Roland Bianca Zhayla(RIP) Merek Holden Prism Mathias(RIP) Armel(RIP) Umay


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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Comments and Log


The event was quite amazing. Watching another sworn into the faith as a full Godsworn is a special occasion. It was also quite interesting and curious to see the oaths to the three that have returned to us. I am hopeful to see more ceremonies like this within the future. I've debated taking up the vows myself, although I'm honestly not prepared for that kind of commitment. There were a few things that made such a ceremony difficult, but I think that we must remember we are all human. As long as one is earnest in faith, it matters.

Slow, purposeful steps brings Darren into the Great Cathedral. He inclines his head to those already gathered before making his way to the quiet alcove to settle and turn his attention up towards the front of the room.

Merek seems to have arrived with Umay, while Aneeka moves off to the side in quiet contemplation, and Meeka moves to take a seat behind the Noble Pews, he himself moves to take a seat at the Commoner Pews.

Freja had snuck in per usual when others weren't watching, but being a representative of another faith she is keen to stay out of the main throng and hold up a wall in an alcove beside Darren.

Those who are dressed up certainly match the general grandeur of the ceremony. The Cathedral has been cleaned and polished, the winter chill driven away by brightly lit lamps and braziers that spill golden light over the polished armor of Templars in white and gold tabards. They stand at attention along the walls, and on either side of the great doors. The altar is bathed in the strongest of the golden light, drawing the eye inevitably towards it. To either side of the altar, musicians sworn to Jayus sing soft canticles of the Pantheon in an interlocking round, sweet and eternal

Orazio is by the altar, along with a scattering of other Faith leaders. He is definitely here to Do Some Priesting, though, in his white and gold longcoat over white and gold silk robes. The Legate of Concepts is a trim, solemn figure, his darker skin and salt-and-pepper hair at odds with the brightness of his clothing. He surveys people as they filter in, his expression impassive and solemn.

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Prism takes a seat in the commoner pews, and remains sitting for a good, solid 30 seconds before half-standing to wave enthusiastically, two-armed, to Aleksei.

Bianca stepped in quietly, moving to take place near the other leadership of the Faith with quick pace aside. Cloak was dismissed to an attending priest as she made her way to her spot in the line of presiding Archlectors, otherwise bedecked in similar adornments of white and gold.

Umay inclines her head to the people she knows in passing and even offers strangers a smile. She goes over to the commoner pews and finds a seat, bowing her head briefly before her head is lifted to watch the altar with her hands folded on her lap as she watches the proceedings with a soft smile.

Gisele unwinds a string of beads from her wrist and begins to pass them through her fingers. Her lips stir in silent prayers, her eyes lift to the altar as the singers begin. The worry that had crossed her brow fades as pomp and ceremony begin to work their wiles.

Seeing most having entered and taken their seats - although there's a stern look towards Prism - Orazio clears his throat, and the musicians go quiet. A signal to begin, it seems. "Across Arvum, whether Shav'Arvani or Arvani, it is a joyous occasion to bring a new life into a family. Be it birth or wedding, these events are often celebrated," Orazio says, stepping up to stand before the altar. There's a ringing clarity to his words, lifted to reach back to the farthest pews. "This evening, the Faith of the Pantheon asks you to all celebrate with us as we bring a new life in our family."

At this, all the Templars standing in the central aisle turn to face the doorway at the back, signalling time for a certain personage to approach down a white and gold carpet.

Belladonna is dressed for warmth and actually is blending in a little better these days general-style wise. Her hood is drawn back once she's safely inside, and with a quiet few words for her guards they fade back and she heads for the noble pew. There's a few brief pauses on her way, attention given to the mural, but she does eventually make it to the pew and sits. Quietly. Her hands fold into her lap, and she settles in to listen.

Aureth leans forward on the brace of his arms against the pew ahead of him, watching with bright eyes as his lean rumples the otherwise glorious sartorial lines of his ridiculous coat.

Prism is the recipient of a stern look, and she answers it with a round of delighted applause before retaking her seat, politely.

Samantha has made her way in quietly and taken up a spot in the nobles' pews. She's absolutely beaming with joy and pride, even though she is no way related to the man about to be ordained.

Armel likewise has a nigh-identical-to-Gisele's string of prayer beads in his hands, murmuring what might be a prayer or two. He glances with amusement to Prism and then Mathias as the man runs in a bit late, then turns his attention to the front and Orazio, keeping his own silence save for the near-silent words to himself.

Holden stands dutifully off to the side. In well-worn armor hardly befitting of ceremony, he shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot and brings up a hand to scratch at his beard where it creeps onto his neck. He shifts his eyes towards the exits ...almost as if he's apprehensive that his little brother isn't even going to show up. Oh, Gods! He's probably not even going to show up!

After concluding a quiet conversation with a fellow disciple, Sophie unobtrusively sees herself seated with the nobles, cordially smiling to those present.

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Merek has settled his helmet off to the side, and his Guard collects it, while he watches with enthusiasm. Seems he is excited to see this ceremony, as he oft is about Pantheon events. He remains quiet for now, no cheering and applause until due.

Bright eyed in the commoner seats and engaging in no small degree of whispering and murmuring, Zhayla carries a wide smile as she sits forward to look for Aleksei. She even pulls one foot up beneath herself to serve as a booster on her seat so that she can look over the people in front of her. She looks very pleased by Orazio's words: it's joyous, after all. She also looks a short failure of willpower away from cheering.

By some freak occurrence (or accident of scheduling), Luca actually came to the cathedral early for the event. Or at least a weary-looking, grim-faced version of the lazy Prince of Velenosa, who simply sought out a place with decent view amidst the noble pews despite being dressed in simple linen and supple leather rather than anything fancier. He nodded politely to a few people, Lycenes, fellow Mirrorguard, fellows from recent battle, Sister Umm, Father Orazio, Prism even, but the only ones to get much of a smile from him, if they even were about at this point, were Aureth and Aleksei. Otherwise, the duelist Champion seemed content to just watch quietly.

Fortunato is drifting graphite across the canvas, his eyes fixed forward, if he keeps interrupting his fledging drawing with side-mutters. Even he seems to have a difficult time staying in his seat.

Leta walks in, somewhat gaudy. But then, it's a ceremony, and she's unlikely to have anything fancy that doesn't also qualify as gaudy. She sneaks in, looking a little apprehensively about before slipping into the commoner pews, and quite a bit towards the back and out of the way.

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For someone who so often makes himself the center of attention, Aleksei sure looks out of place when he steps through the threshold of the cathedral. His hair looks like it was combed /earlier/ today, but he's ruined it with nervous fingers and tried to smooth it back. Multiple times. He's otherwise looking fresh-shaven and altogether well-groomed apart from his hair. While he's a man who makes a living from comfort with his own body, he looks a bit lost in the crisp, white robes of the Faith that he's been dressed in. When he steps inside and sees everyone, there's honestly a moment where it looks like he might faint. Or throw up.

He doesn't. He does pause there perhaps longer than is necessary, his gaze flitting nervously about the large crowd of people waiting to be disappointed. It's Prism's enthusiastic wave that has him suddenly catching a nervous laugh before it gets too far. And then, with some firm determination of will, he makes his way down the aisle. Maybe it's a touch too fast. He slows down. He doesn't trip. These are all major accomplishments.

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There is a moment where the Legate of Concepts sees Aleksei approaching, and he smiles a brilliant and proud smile. A brief, approving nod before he continues. "Sir Aleksei Morgan has petitioned the Faith to join the ranks of the Godsworn," Orazio says, contenting himself with a brief, exasperated clearing of the throat towards the applause, and somehow managing to make his words sound even MORE solemn and stuffy than before. "To do so is to remove himself from the bonds of her previous fealty, his responsibilities to his family, and no longer to provide them succor or shelter save as the Faith might provide succor and shelter to any other." Looking towards Holden, Orazio says, "Who is here to speak for the Morgans?"

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Aureth watches Aleksei make his way down the aisle, teeth set against his knuckle as he smiles. He turns his glance aside to murmur something to somebody at the commoner's pews nearby, and then returns his pale, bright gaze to his friend. The sweep of his glance across the noble's pews lingers here or there, but he doesn't stop biting his knuckle even when he appears to be sharing a little wink across the distance.

Umay looks over and notices Luca offering his greeting, and she bows her head to him in polite respect too. She smiles at Leta too once she is noticed, but ends up looking back to watch Aleksei walking down the aisle. Much like the others, her expression is supportive and proud of the man as he makes his way to the altar.

Darren lifts his chin as Aleksei arrives into the Cathedral, a small smile warming up his features. He watches as the man steps forward, nodding to himself in an approving sort of manner. He leans after to murmur something to his cousin, though his attention is almost wholly focused on the proceedings.

Freja is the picture of good behavior, why the Shaman even removes her headdress and offers the soon to be sworn Aleksei a smile as he passes. Her head is tilted to whatever Darren murmurs to her and given a nod.

"Sir Holden Morgan," Holden's voice booms out too eagerly and too loud for the acoustics of the room. He shudders and one eye narrows in a bit of a wince before he continues, "speaks for the Morgans." With formal stiffness, he takes a step closer. He does not trip or anything. Is it hot in here?

Prism claps politely for Holden, since she seems to have deemed this either a polite or wholly entertaining opportunity to clap.

Aureth joins Prism in clapping for Holden, maybe because he is being supportive of his favorite ~cousin~, or he's just that impressed by the Morgan brothers both not tripping over their own feet.

Fortunato glances between Holden and Aleksei. His attention lingers on Aleksei's robes, Holden's face.

Prism glances over her shoulder, back at the rest of the benches, like she's expecting everyone else to be clapping too.

Zhayla looks frankly relieved that it is clearly totally socially appropriate to clap, and does so with an unnecessary enthusiasm.

Armel doesn't clap, he has his beads in one hand, and clapping in armored gloves is /hard/, have you tried it? But he does seem very pleased for the new person to be joining their ranks. Even thumps his boot a little to show support.

Darren looks to Prism as she begins to clap, and then shrugs his shoulders and puts his hands together in a light but polite applauding sort of fashion.

Freja doesn't clap, but rather gives a shrill whistle and impish grin.

Gisele's clapping is barely audible but it's happening! Mostly, however, she gazes up at Orazio and Aleksei, a small, slow smile gradually staking claim to her expression, and pride glinting in her eyes.

Mathias does clap, dirty commoner that he is, though it's rather muffled, clapping with leather gloves. But the man tries, give him that people!

Bianca shares a few murmurs amidst the others standing in observance over the ritual, but otherwise her attention remains wholly on the newest inductee into the ranks of the Godsworn. A warm smile indicated her enthusiasm though attention derailed a bit as applause filled the air and she did a brief double-take toward the Commoners' Pews. It was as if a little lantern had burst to light in her mind and a revelation took hold, though it would have to wait. Instead amusement replaced the expression of epiphany and she couldn't help the small hint of a grin as the echo of applause grew.

Oh, are we whistling now? Aureth lifts two fingertips to his lips like he's about to whistle, pauses with a glance at Orazio at the head of the room, and then shakes his head slightly and puts his fingers away like he wants to keep them or something. He does grin, though. He grins wide.

It takes him a moment, but Fortunato lays down his graphite and his quiet to join in the applause. He's quite carried away, caught by the flood.

Uncertainty crosses Belladonna's face when people start clapping, and the little Duchess sits up straighter. She smiles more brightly towards the altar. But she's quiet.

Orazio turns towards Holden, and smiles, not even flinching at the boom. Or the applause. Those closest might notice a faint sigh, though. He says, sternly, "Sir Holden. Do you release Sir Aleksei from the bonds of family, and the duty to carry on your line? Do you release your kin to the Faith, acknowledging her among these," a pause, "enthusiastic witnesses that his responsibility to the Holdens has ended, and he may take up the yolk of the gods?"

Aleksei makes it /all the way to the altar/. Without tripping or any other potentially embarrassing mishap. His mouth keeps twitching like he either wants to smile nervously or open his mouth for a silent scream. He looks back to his brother with an expression that might be described as /complicated/. And then Prism starts /clapping/, and then /other/ people start clapping, and then there are /whistles/, and he looks like he's either going to die or possibly burst out laughing. His shoulders shiver just a touch with restraint.

Leta tentatively raises her hands and claps once, lightly, before tucking them away as her eyes fix on Orazio for a moment. Right. Hands down, back straighter.

Orazio reaches out to lay his hand on Aleksei's shoulder, although he doesn't look at him as he awaits an answer. He does give it a comforting squeeze.

Been to one swearing in, been to them all? Perhaps not. Nonetheless, there is a certain decorum that is traditional for such things, and Sophie adheres to it, even if she smiles most joyfully.

Holden's heavy-lidded eyes meet Aleksei's, searching the other man's face. He can totally say no, Aleksei. Blink twice. We'll walk out of here. Filling his lungs with air, the Oathlander allows for a pregnant pause. "In love, I release Sir Aleksei from his bonds and all responsibility to the Morgan line. May the Faith embrace him as a brother and as a son, as we have." He knuckles the corner of his eye. Hold it together, bro!

Orazio makes a half bow towards Holden, expression warmed by a brief smile. "Thank you, Sir Holden." He turns back to Aleksei, and offers the slightest of downward pushes on the man's shoulders before removing his hand. "Kneel. For those entering the Faith, there are oaths to be taken." He gives Aleksei a long, thoughtful look. Almost as if giving the man a final opportunity to contemplate his choice. But when he speaks, the ancient vows roll out without further hesitation. "For Gild, do you, Aleksei, swear to leave behind no wealth in your passing, save to the Faith itself? To support none as a spouse or son might, but only through works of charity? For Limerance, do you freely devote yourself to the gods and put these oaths you take tonight above all others? For the Sentinel do you swear to always seek the truth in the grace of the gods?"

Gisele gives a little sniff and then immediately tucks her chin low, a finger curled beneath her nose. She's not crying, you're crying.

Samantha is definitely not crying. She's outright beaming, leaning forward in the pew, mouthing //Go, Aleksei, go// like somehow her silent chant will give him courage.

Luca's subdued smile spreads a little more for the cheering he takes smaller part in, and then for the releasing of the man from family as he's directed to kneel. Is there something almost wistful to that look? Nah! He's just happy to see his friend finding his path, that's all.

Aureth leans sideways on his pew. He grips Fortunato by the shoulder. He does not physically shake him, though. That would be rude and intense.

Darren leans forward some, his attention solely on Aleksei as Orazio begins the vows. He does not appear to be crying, and instead wears a warm and happy smile as he watches.

Orazio's hand on his shoulder does seem to have Aleksei straightening a touch, and he draws in a slow, careful breath as he listens to the priest call for his brother to speak. He watches Holden with feelings that won't quite settle into one expression -- again, complicated -- but when he sees his brother wipe at the corner of his eyes, there's maybe the slightest bit of shimmer in reply in his own. /Bro/. He looks surprised by his own reaction more than anything upon being so formally released from his own family, but he's still steady and upright when he slowly and carefully drops to his knees.

And then, of course, there are the vows. Aleksei swallows hard, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment like a man /trying to remember/, before he opens them again. When he begins, his voice is not exactly -- steady. "To Gild I promise in all things -- no wealth shall be left." Deep breaths! "To Limerance I promise my heart and that -- that none of mortal blood and, um -- flesh shall claim it otherwise. To the Sentinel I promise a clarity of mind and words and that no pursuit shall be met of my own interests, but only that of the divine." He goes a bit quickly through by the end, like maybe he's worried he'll forget it before he finishes.

Orazio nods, accepting the answer. He gives the kneeling man an encouraging nod and smile before he continues, "For Gloria, do you swear to act with honor in all your dealings as a priest of the Pantheon? For Jayus, do you vow to always seek the inspiration of the gods and let them color your life? In Vellichor's name, will you preserve the history of the Compact and the Faith, and work tirelessly to unlock the ancient understanding of the gods we once thought lost?"

Bushy brow furrowing deep, Holden brings up a massive balled fist to hover just before his mouth. It momentarily conceals his chubby bottom lip as it quivers. This is fine.

Aureth's mutter aside to the others nearby is a little louder than he might have intended when he says, "You bet your ass he will."

Orazio looks up, and attempts to pin Aureth in place with a black-eyed stare.

Prism flicks Aureth. This is a ceremony! Respect!

Mathias... facepalms.

Gisele's sniffling is traded for flushed cheeks and a sidelong glance at Aureth, shocked.

Aureth widens his eyes in ingenuous innocence at Orazio only to lose his sham of innocence when Prism flicks him. He wilts and behaves.

Freja quirks a brow at the alcove, dark eyes shifting to Aureth and crew.

Armel peers at Aureth for a moment, and it's pretty clear he's torn between laughing at his cheek, and smacking him with a steel-shod backhand. But he doesn't, compromising with a glare and a smirk.

Again, Aleksei takes in a slow, steadying breath. "To Gloria, I promise to behave as a living inspiration unto her in act and effort. To Jayus, I promise to--" Oh gods. It's happening. He looks briefly panicked as he searches for the words. His relief is palpable when he finds them. "I promise to open my eyes beyond the mundane and see the truth in all things. To Vellichor, I promise my life and spirit in protecting the knowledge of the ages." His mouth twitches in the faintest of smiles. "And returning what once we lost."

Merek seems to be masking his reaction with a fist to mouth. Otherwise he seems to be focusing on the ceremony, then he seems curious all of the sudden.

Orazio turns his attention back to Aleksei. "As Petrichor grants dominion, do you, Aleksei, swear to uphold his ideals and enforce the traditions of Sanctuary to those granted it? To Mangata, do you pledge yourself to the waters, your ministry knowing no boundaries of land? And for Lagoma, do you swear to always be open to change?" Orazio speaks slowly, allowing each of the Pantheon's gods to have their moment.

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Holden chokes at Aureth's outburst in---what was that? A lil bit of a laugh? He'll never admit it. He casts a dark, sidelong look in the direction of the commoner pews. Terrible. Just terrible.

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Luca's overcome with a brief suppressed need to 'cough' (read: cover a laugh) at the antics amidst other onlookers, but at least it's making his smile appear slightly more akin to his usual self rather than the dour version.

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As the oaths are gone through, Belladonna bows her head, though she does not quite close her eyes. She watches Orazio and Aleksei through her lashes and listens to it all being spoken. Her lips do twitch for Aureth's words, but otherwise she's settled into quiet and stillness.

"To Petrichor, I promise to defend the tradition of Sanctuary with unending ferocity," Aleksei recites with a nervousness that's still palpable in the waver of his voice. "To Mangata, I promise my trust in carrying the ministry abroad no matter the destination." His voice is maybe a little steadier when he says, "To Lagoma, I promise an open mind and accepting heart." Lagoma help him now, certainly. He barely restrains the tremble of nerves or nervous laughter in his shoulders.

"As First Choice fought for our ability to choose, do you choose of your own free will and without reservation, to serve the Pantheon now, and to make that choice again, each day, until your time of passing? As the Queen of Endings shelters souls in the realms beyond, do you swear to shelter souls in the lands of the Compact, from their birth until their death? And in the name of the Dreamer, do you swear to serve the creations of Aion, and preserve the Dream Eternal?" Was this part rehearsed? Orazio is certainly ACTING like it's rehearsed, but it's certainly not in the usual ceremony.

Darren straightens just a bit at the addition of the Lost gods in the vows. He glances to Orazio for a moment before he purses his lips and looks back to Aleksei, watching with renewed curiousity.

Gisele has sat with head tilted, attention divided between quiet conversation in the pew and what is said above. But with this addendum to the typical vows, her eyes tick a little wider-- and her smile grows again, bright enough to rival the light streaming through the windows.

Reese arrives in cathedral while adorned in blue and cream silks. Her silvery pink sword is at her side and ribbons are gathered into her blond locks. She quickly finds a place to sit, trying to be as quiet about such as possible.

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Armel considers the words of the spoken vows, and bobs his head a couple times, murmuring something that might be appreciation for them. But he's watching Aleksei closely. Not that he'd vault the stands to keep him from running or anything.

This would be the not having been to them all part of the ceremony. Sophie is attentive, her expression pensive, and her blue eyes gently drift across the room to discreetly note reactions to the addendum.

Aleksei freezes. Well, he was already kneeling in relative stillness, but a distinct tension of sudden panic jolts up his spine. Orazio is acting like this was rehearsed. Aleksei's reaction suggests it was /clearly not/. And, before he can stop himself, his first reaction is a pained: "Oh, /fuck you/." Which immediately has his gaze snapping back up to Orazio is immediate apology. Oh, gods. They're going to kick him back out. Oh, gods. "Okay. Okay." His hands twitch at his sides, and he finally lifts them to press at his temples a bit. "Gimme a second, I got this--"

Gisele has made little sound throughout. Her gasp, now, is audible. As is the clap of hand landing over mouth.

Orazio checked composure against difficulty 15, resulting in 14, 1 lower than the difficulty.

Armel checked composure against difficulty 15, resulting in 24, 9 higher than the difficulty.

Prism smiles encouragingly at Aleksei. And ... and Orazio, too. They both look like they need encouragement.

Mathias checked composure against difficulty 15, resulting in 6, 9 lower than the difficulty.

"You got this!!" Zhayla hisses overly encouragingly from the benches. She doesn't pretend to have composure at all.

Samantha puts her hands to her mouth, breathing in loud stutters to try and clamp down on her laughter.

Fortunato speaks up, a very subdued, tentative, "Careful," over to Aleksei.

Aureth chokes and bites his fist. Then he cups his hands to either side of his mouth and hisses at Aleksei, "You've got this!" like /a half second/ behind Zhayla, they almost overlap, I was already typing this.

Darren coughs at Aleksei's outburst and leans to murmur something to Freja.

Armel has his eyes bulging like he might /actually/ vault over and smack the guy for swearing in the middle of oath-taking, and especially swearing /at/ the Legate. He starts to stand, but in the end, he contains himself, clasping the railing in front of where he sits with enough force to make the leather in his gauntlets creak.

Merek lets out a small chuckle behind his fist, and then he shakes his head, not bothered by the outburst much, he calls out with the rest, "Wing it, with faith!"

Orazio has never been /openly/ cursed in the middle of taking a godsworn's vows before. That much is clear by the shift of his expression, a flash of outrage and thunderous disapproval before he clamps it down, sighs, and leans forward to whisper something to Aleksei.

Freja loses it, the Shaman having no idea the decorum of these sort of things as a bright ripple of laughter comes from her alcove.

"Just pretend no one's wearing any clothes," Hana calls out to Aleksei, oh so helpfully. That will totally do away with any nervousness, right? That's what she's always been told.

Luca is bent over the seat of the pew in front of him, apparently having a mild fit, but managing it silently, a fist just lightly thumping at the top of it. It might be worrisome that the lazy prince is choking or some such...if not for fact that his shoulders are shaking in distinctive way of a man laughing his ass off and trying not to burst out with it.

Umay frowns in some concern when she notices the shift in the usual proceedings and the expression on the Legate Orazios face. She tries to smile encouragingly, though there is definitely sympathy in her eyes. Who it is for, it's hard to tell, as it would seem that both of the men up by the altar may need it.

Mathias' brows shoot up at Aleksei's reaction, and he looks at Armel with a clear 'So are we supposed to do anything for this, or...?' message in his eyes.

Holden lets out a lonnnng audible groan, bringing up a palm to scrub at his face. "Nope, nope-" He begins to mutter to himself. He released him from all responsibility. This isn't representative of Holden!

Freja hugs her sides, managing to wheeze out a response to Darren and finally coughing in an attempt to clear her throat and regain her breath.

Belladonna's eyes go wide when Aleksei curses at Orazio, one of her hands curling into a loose fist, lifted to press against her lips. She flicks her gaze to Orazio and winces to see his expression, and then she bows her head and closes her eyes and she might be praying, yeah.

Orazio shakes his head, just slightly, at all the armed godsworn in the room. No stabbing your (almost) brother for disrespect.

Armel reaches out to gently clasp Mathias' shoulder, shaking his head at the man, murmuring something to him, although the temptation to yes, do something, is there, looking squarely at Orazio to gauge what he should do. He leans back at the man's headshake.

Aleksei checked luck + theology against difficulty 20, resulting in 30, 10 higher than the difficulty.

Ferrando checked dexterity + stealth against difficulty 15, resulting in 36, 21 higher than the difficulty.

Ferrando slips into the commoner benches unobtrusively. Like he was totally there all the time!

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Roland sidles along behind Ferrando as if he was using the man as moving cover. It's not very convincing, but at least he gets onto the bench without crashing into anything.

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Aleksei improvising is a much different creature than Aleksei plowing through rote memorization. "Okay. Okay." His shoulders tense as Orazio bends to whisper in his ear, and then he takes a few deep breaths. DEEP BREATHS. "To the First Choice--" His expression twitches. He suddenly but briefly looks like he's about to laugh. "--I promise to--" He takes another deep breath. "To the First Choice, I promise my defense of every soul's freedom to choose their path." He swallows, nods. It seems to satisfy. "To the Queen of Endings -- and Beginnings -- I promise to protect the souls of every one of her children -- until they return to her care." Okay okay. Almost. Almost. "To Aion, I promise to preserve the Dream in the -- in the face of any that would bring her creations harm." He's full-on sweating.

This time, it is /Gisele/ who actually claps when Aleksei has finished the round of unexpected vows. One, two, three quick claps and then she shrinks back into the pew, preemptively flushing. But he did it! So proud.

Orazio sighs, but apparently this is found acceptable. He looks sternly down at Aleksei. "One final vow remains. Tehom, the Reflection, requires of you a vow to channel your passions and not allow yourself to be ruled by them. Do you swear this as well?" Dark eyes bore down at the, well, rather /passionate/ Aleksei.

Fortunato exhales with relief. Quite.

Armel still is grumbling not-quite-audibly at the almost-Godsworn, but softening a bit as he actually manages to do most of the oaths.

Umay relaxes and chuckles softly to herself, though she does refrain from clapping just yet.

Aleksei maybe offers Orazio a /bit/ of a glare as he states with much more steadiness, "In determination, I swear this will be true." It was the shortest one, after all.

Orazio extends a hand to help Aleksei up to his feet. "This night the Faith welcomes Brother Aleksei as one of the Godsworn. I bid you rise." And then, perhaps to make it clear to the Templars that Aleksei is not to be stabbed on principle, the Legate attempts to pull the newly sworn priest into his arms, in a warm, almost paternal, embrace.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Roland before departing.

Umay starts to stand up from the pew she's sat at and finally puts her hands together to clap for the new Brother Aleksei. She smiles widely and reaches up to make sure the corner of one of her eyes is dry, just in case.

Merek lifts up his hands to applause, now that Aleksei has been bid to rise, and he smiles one of those cheshire smiles of his. This is the best part, when one is accepted as being sworn in.

"You did it, Aleksei!" Zhayla cheers -- this is the cheering part, right? -- as Orazio welcomes Aleksei, clapping with bright enthusiasm.

Dour though he may have been, after that 'fuck you' broke his mood to lighter, Luca can't help but rise from his silent laughter at those words to Brother Aleksei and put his fingers to lips to let loose a truly shrill and utterly unprincely whistle.

Darren breathes a sigh of relief when Aleksei finally gets through this stage of the oath, his grin returning. An when Orazio welcomes Aleksei into the Faith, the High Lord seems almost proud. He rises to his feet and applauds heartily for Aleksei.

Prism rises, and stands tall, her applause striking like crystal in the air.

Fortunato sets his canvas board aside to stand and applaud with volume and confidence in Aleksei. Every old facet of Aleksei.

Orazio is overheard praising Aleksei for: Got through and only cursed the Legate once!

Roland is overheard praising Aleksei for: Well-done, Brother Aleksei!

Gisele rises with the crowd, her softer applause lost in greater crowdnoise, but her smile for the newest Godsworn enough to rival any's.

Zhayla is overheard praising Aleksei for: You only swore once!!

Darren is overheard praising Aleksei for: Congratulations!

Fortunato is overheard praising Aleksei for: You made it!

Armel sighs as he stands, clapping his armored hands together slowly and with polite enthusiasm, but going through it with sincerity all the same. He doesn't really smile that much normally, and this is no exception.

Luca is overheard praising Aleksei for: Fuck you to Zio's face. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Gisele is overheard praising Aleksei for: Technically, he swore twice.

Belladonna is overheard praising Aleksei for: You survived!

Hana is overheard praising Aleksei for: That's not how you're supposed to 'swear an oath', but...

Aureth glides smoothly to his feet and whoops for Aleksei as Orazio -- and the Faith -- embrace him, in a bright, delighted, total absence of decorum.

Aleksei takes Orazio's hand in a firm clasp, but he doesn't actually seem to require the assistance to get to his feet. And he certainly doesn't protest when the Legate pulls him into a hug. He clings tightly in the embrace and possibly mutters something in the priest's ear before he finally -- /eventually/ -- pulls back.

Aureth is overheard praising Aleksei for: Fuck yeah you did!

Holden lurches forward the few steps it takes to close the distance between himself and the nearby alter. Coming up to loom over both priests, he opens both arms wade and sinks down onto their embrace. He'll stop squeezing if he hears a pop. Group hug!

This time when the applause starts, Belladonna rises to her feet and lifts her chin, joining in with the clapping. When Holden moves in to also hug, she clears her throat, expression touching with amusement.

Leta stands as everyone else does, a big smile on her face, and claps her hands vigorously

Orazio was not expecting a Holden-hug. Oh god. Now the Legate's squished between a Morgan and a former Morgan, and there is touching.

Freja is overheard praising Aleksei for: A swearing in with only moderate actual swearing! Well done!

Ferrando is overheard praising Aleksei for: Survival against the odds!

Hana pointedly /doesn't/ look over at Aureth as he adds yet more profanity to the Cathedral with his praise. The young woman is all but radiating that universal aura of 'oh gods, my father is /embarrassing/ me.'

Merek stands up after a moment, and smooths out the folds of his doublet. Once he has finished with that, he inclines, and makes his way onwards, but not before he offers some words.

Gisele gives up on applauding early. She's quite exhausted now. The highs, the lows! Her bead-wrapped hand is pressed to her heart as she lets out a breath and murmurs, "That was... something. Goodness."

Merek is overheard praising Aleksei for: He will make a wonderful Godsworn.

Bianca is overheard praising Aleksei for: Interesting ceremony, but welcome to the ranks!

Merek is overheard praising Orazio for: Compassionate, and well-tempered, one of the best Priests I know.

"Remind me to attend those more often." Mathias remarks, watching the group hug with clear amusement.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Merek before departing.

Aleksei is almost /scowling/ at Orazio when he pulls back from the hug, and then he suddenly finds himself enveloped in /another/ one. One that possibly hurts. "/Holden/--!" he squeaks.

A new brother is sworn into the Faith family AND no one needed medical attention. Win-win as far as Sophie is concerned, who smiles broadly and brightly for Aleksei, heartily applauding. Then, with a more subdued yet still cordial smile to those sitting near her, she murmurs a, "Gods bless," and makes her way out.

Aureth laughs out loud and claps more for what is now happening to Aleksei and Orazio. He has no sympathy. This is delightful.

Sophie has left the Noble Pews.

Luca's shrill whistle turns to applause, which eventually turns to him mingling through to get a hug from the new Brother Alley Cat, onward to the languid prince slipping out from the crowds to go be dour elsewhere.

Merek has left the Commoner Pews.

1 Iron Guard, Meeka leave, following Merek.

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Bianca is overheard praising Orazio for: Beautiful ceremony and as always remained temperate in the face of a potential 'moment.'

Orazio wriggles out of the hug, eventually, when breathing becomes an issue, and stands off to the side, allowing the brothers to have their moment while he recomposes himself. Harumph!

Armel shakes his head firmly, reaching over to thump Mathias lightly across his chest as he murmurs aside to the man, "Yeah yeah, my rowdy friend, the Gods provide, in the end, and we didn't need to stab him, so a good day. Now come on then, I need a chat with you about something." And he's gesturing for the man to follow him toward the entrance.

Samantha is overheard praising Aleksei for: And he managed it all without being smote by thunder and lightning for blashphemy!

"No taking you back now," Holden rumbles, running either hand to the napes of Orazio and Aleksei's necks. He gives both Godsworn men a good firm shake upon releasing them. "He's your problem now."

While others begin moving towards the entrance, Aureth begins moving towards the altar at the front of the hall. He moves at a mosey, so as not to interrupt directly. But it's clear he wants a turn.

Mathias nods to Armel before giving another to those he sat with. "Pleasure witnessing this with ye." he says, before falling into step with his fellow Knight of Solace. "I wasn't going to /stab/ him. Maybe could have borrowed yer hammer though." he remarks as they leave.

Bianca descended from the line of leadership as the ceremony drew to a close and Orazio freed himself from the dual embrace. Her hand lifted to give the Legate's shoulder a light squeeze in company to a warm smile before her hands again folded before her. Head also dipped to Holden in both greeting and quiet amusement before finally gaze settled on Aleksei with continued warm smile.

"It's all right," Orazio says to Holden and Aleksei, with a smile. "We're thinking of sending him to Sanctum for his preliminary training, so he can spend of time with the Morgans." Orazio has to be kidding. Right? RIGHT??

"Augh!" Aleksei tries ducking and swatting at Holden possibly like they are boys again. "Don't shake /Orazio/--" He manages to escape the embrace, only to find Aureth on his proverbial hug doorstep. And then he's looking back to Orazio in horror. "You fffff -- are not!" Look, the restraint! "Stop /talking to the Dominus about me/! That joke wasn't funny when he said it, either!"

Armel just rolls his eyes at the words from the alter and grumbles something about getting out of here before someone gets pinned to the floor, exiting with his soldier Mathias out into the city.

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Mathias leaves, following Armel.

Orazio chuckles. "Really? I find it quite amusing." And then the smile switches off, just like that, leaving only Stern behind. "We /are/ getting you lessons on etiquette and deportment, however. Extensive ones."

With the ceremony over, Darren doesn't linger at the alcove. Nor does he approach the altar, however. He does gesture to Aleksei - a firm nod, a light smile, before he turns on his heel and heas for the exit.

Darren has left the Quiet Alcove.

Aureth watches the interplay with amusement bright in his gaze, standing with his thumbs tucked into his belt. HE'S WAITING HIS TURN, NOT AMBUSHING PEOPLE. "I have very reasonable rates," he says, like anyone would trust him to teach Aleksei manners.

"You are?" Holden asks with innocent excitement. HE BELIEVES ORAZIO. His lazy eyes widen with childish wonder at the idea, even. "Why, I think that is a marvelous idea. It would please our mother so. We are so proud of him, and so thankful that you've given him this chance." For redemption. Which they'd previously believed to be beyond reach. Completely beyond reach.

She hangs back, though she doesn't drift towards the door. Belladonna just settles back down into the spot she's been sitting, watching Aleksei and those around him with a pleased smile.

Bianca chuckled glancing between those near the altar before inclining a short bow of her head. Per usual a woman of few words in the face of a crowd the Archscholar excused herself, gathered her things and made her way toward the exit!

"I am going to /punch you/," Aleksei warns Holden, like a man greatly in need of lessons on etiquette and deportment. He takes a deep, seething sort of breath, catching Darren's nod and smile and offering a slightly unsteady smile back -- and then another brief one to Belladonna -- before he's returning his attention to Orazio and Aureth. "I have lots of etiquette!" he claims.

Squee, the Flying Squirrel, Brigid leave, following Darren.

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Samantha leaves the pews and - oh look, she's getting in line to slobber all over Aleksei. Well, maybe not slobber. There might be some effusive cheek kissing. It's a mystery!

Aureth gives Samantha a bright smile as she joins the affection line. He's clearly in a good mood.

Orazio just looks at Aleksei, and raises a single eyebrow. He holds the expression for longer than is polite.

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"/'Leksei/," Holden hums, his expression sinking into one of practiced *guilting* admonishment. The look joins Orazio's, settling on his little brother for a time. Threatening to hurt him /hurts/ him.

Aleksei just glares at Holden and Orazio /both/. "No!" he declares. "You can't -- team up! That's not fair!" He whirls around and presents himself to Aureth. WE'RE HUGGING NOW. IT'S YOUR TURN. THE OTHERS ARE JERKS.

As the exclamation points in use up at the altar increase in number, Gisele tilts her head to steal a peek. Anyone bleeding? No? Colour her relieved, and capable of returning to quiet conversation with those in the commons.

Orazio waits until Aleksei turns, and then he offers Holden a smile. And...oh gods, is that a /wink/? It is. Then the Legate returns to his dignity and turns to smile at the rest of the Cathedral as Aleksei collects his well-earned hugs.

Aureth is quite ready to haul Aleksei into the crush of a hug. He presses unusually hard (for Aureth) as he squeezes him in his arms. (He's wearing cologne. He was definitely not wearing cologne before.) He whispers something to him as he does so.

Holden cocks back his head, mouth pressing into a closed-mouth curve of satisfaction. His eyes meet Orazio's with a conspiratorial twinkle before the burly knight turns away as well. His brother's protestations only encourage a bout of easy laughter.

With a little sigh, Belladonna finally leverages herself up with an 'oof' that is entirely inappropriate. She's clearly not that pregnant yet, so the melodrama is...probably just that. She yawns into a hand, and then pads in the direction of the forming line, though she does still hang back just a little bit. But she's there!

Aleksei squeezes his friend back in the hug, drawing in an unsteady breath that breaks in laughter at whatever Aureth murmurs to him. "Thanks," he says, the word shivering with the humor of receding adrenaline. His gaze lifts to Samantha over Aureth's shoulder. 'Hi,' his smile says.

Aureth scruffs his nails over Aleksei's scalp as he permits him to pull back, ruffling through his hair and further tousling the already finger-worried fluff as his friend escapes. His smile is over-wide, lingering rather than flitting away.

Prism rises, at last, from her seat in the commoners' benches, to approach the gathering at the front of the cathedral. To approach Aleksei. She awaits him, in what very well passes for solemn dignity.

Orazio checked perception against difficulty 10, resulting in 18, 8 higher than the difficulty.

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Umay starts to stand up, once Prism and Leta seem to start for the altar. She waits near the back of the line, so to speak, and gently rocks back and forth on her feet as she waits.

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Orazio eyes Belladonna. Is that...why yes, that definitely is. He moves towards the Duchess, with a warm smile. "Duchess Pravus, gods' blessings upon you. How are you?" A glance downwards, but only a glance, because Orazio is old enough to know you /never ask/ if a woman is pregnant unless a baby is emerging from her at that moment.

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Leta rises from the pews, but doesn't seem to be headed for the altar. She just stands there, off by the side, for a while. It's all given her something to think about. But she chases away the thoughtful crease on heer brow with a bright smile, and she turns to start on out.

Samantha singsongs after a moment, "Aleksei, Aleksei, I'm so proud of you." Her arms open, who wants a hug?

Aleksei laughs at Samantha's singsong. "Gods, I wish everyone would stop saying that." And then he wraps her up in a hug that lifts her right off her feet. Hee!

"No, you don't," Aureth murmurs, his hands tucking their thumbs back into his beltloops.

Samantha lets out a little squeak, whispering in his ear while he's hugging her and her toes are pointed to the ground.

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"I am well, thank you," Belladonna offers, dipping her head politely to Orazio. Her smile is pleasant enough, easy. "Pleased for the chance to see so many smiles, right now." There's a glance around those nearby in indication before she looks back up to the man. "How have you been?"

Fortunato slowly, gradual-like moves to his feet, away from the pews. To wait in line.

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Gisele's brow rumpled, expression shading puzzled. Funny and not meaning to? That does not compute. But she makes no argument to Ferrando. Instead, with a glance towards the waiting line to congratulate Aleksei, she murmurs, "I don't want to impose, I think I'll return to my shop. If he asks...?" The plea is implied rather than spoken outright-- please to not let Aleksei be offended! Then she, like Hana, inches out of the pew and quiet like a mouse makes her exit.

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Prism steps up to Aleksei, and folds both her hands around one of his. "You have sworn your vows," she says. "You have made your choice. And each morning, as you wake, you will make your choice. Again. And again. And again. Until, perhaps, you don't. This is the blessing you are given -- to choose, and unchoose, and choose anew. You are this thing now. Perhaps you will be another thing later. No man's destiny should be held in chains."

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Roland gets Lady Sandrine, an alaricite longsword from a simple cloth pouch.

Aleksei looks briefly /panicked/ at whatever it is Samantha says to him. "After watching /that/?" he says with slightly strained laughter. He sets her down, murmuring something in response, and then he's caught by Prism's approach. His hand is probably a little clammy in hers from all of the receding nerves, but not as bad as it must have been ten minutes ago. He listens to her with a close, studious sort of expression. And then his mouth splits into a brilliant smile, and he pulls her into his arms in a fierce hug, his face a bit buried in her hair.

Orazio bows to Belladonna. "Quite well, thank you. And yes, it is always lovely to welcome a new soul into the Faith - especially one as beloved as Brother Aleksei." He even sounds sincere, and proud, about that. "It's good to see you. Please give my regards to Duke Cassius, as well." And then he takes a step backwards, not keeping her from the greeting line, his eyes sweeping the rest of the group with pleasure.

Ferrando files into line because somebody's gotta hold down the end of the line.

Fortunato keeps steady, his arms folded loose. Prism's words and Aleksei's fervent hug have him flickering a faint smile.

"No you, wouldn't." Samantha insists, but she doesn't want to take up too much of his time right now, especially not when Prism interposes. She steps back a touch, and very unconsciously stares at Prism like she's never seen a person before.

Prism returns Aleksei's hug, with brilliance, and with warmth. She murmurs something to him, lost in the intimacy of the space between them.

Roland contorts into an awkward position on the bench, apparently to give his sword a better view of things. The hilt is peace-bound with a pretty pink ribbon. It's even braided!

Holden watches on dumbly as strangers continue to congratulate Aleksei his- erm, his ex-brother. He brings up a fist to press against his mouth, a sheen of great pride and loss coating his eyes. Eventually, he meanders a step away... reaching to collect his belongings.

"He sends his regrets; he is on patrol, or he certainly would have been here," Belladonna offers Orazio when he mentions Cassius. The nod given his way comes just a moment after he steps back, a quick flutter of a smile as she shifts on her feet and looks towards Aleksei again. Prism is studied for a moment, and then Aleksei is hugging her -- she looks briefly startled, then smiles again. Her hands fold together in front of her, and she settles back to waiting, turning her gaze over the crowd again.

Umay looks between Prism and Aleksei, smiling gently to herself as she rubs at her own arm. When it seems like the hug may be coming to an end, Umay steps forward with an uncertain step. "Congratulations, Brother Aleksei." She tells him, "I knew that you would have nothing to worry over."

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Aleksei laughs aloud at Prism's response, and there's an effusive, almost adoring warmth in his gaze when he pulls back from the hug. "I'm -- trying," he says. He holds her face between his hands and leans in to press a kiss to her cheek before letting her go with a grin. His gaze slides to Umay next with a bark of laughter. "Yeah, that was /nothing to worry over/, I totally /didn't make a mess of things at all/."

Samantha realizes she is, in fact, staring at Prism, her lashes briefly flutter, and flustered, she shifts a few feet to briefly regard Orazio. She offers him a respectful curtsy, but does not want to linger.

Orazio bows to Samantha when she regards him, offering her a respectful smile and nod himself, although he makes no move to delay her.

"The important thing is that you did it your own way, and you handled everything in stride." Umay tells Aleksei, his laughter only making her grin grow as she observes him. She steps forward to offer the man a hug, not keeping him trapped for too long since he has a growing line of people to tend to.

Aureth laughs out loud. "He did it in his own way, definitely," he says. He sidles a few paces closer but only to pitch a lower, throaty-humored murmur to Aleksei as he sidles up.

What remains of a smile lingering across his mouth, Holden hangs his head as he makes his way not down any center isle but off along the wall. He casts one last glance back towards the alter and Aleksei before taking his leave.

Ren arrives, delivering a message to Orazio before departing.

"You don't have to be what they think you should be," Prism says to Aleksei, tilting her head against that cheek kiss. "You are only what you choose to be. And no choice is set in stone." She turns away from him, releases him to the rest of his well-wishes. She strides down the steps, and into the hall that leads out of the cathedral, pausing there.

An acolyte steps up to the Legate, offering him a message. He reads it, and his eyes gleam. A pleased smile comes to him, and he nods to the junior priest before beginning to move away, heading out of the Cathedral on some sort of business.

Orazio has left the Altar.

"Exactly." Umay echoes softly in agreement with Prism's words as she squeezes Aleksei. She steps back and bows partly to him out of respect, stepping away to free up the next space in line. She steps over on the way to speak to Orazio, but pauses when the man seems to be heading out. "That was a lovely service, Father."

Aleksei smile is soft on Prism as she speaks. "I know," he tells her quieter. "But sometimes you have to give people the message the way they're used to hearing it." He watches her go before turning back to Umay. He's is apparently full of hugs today: the one he offers her is perhaps a touch more subdued, but not in any way cold. He is a warm hugger, she is just not one of his closest friends, that's all! "Right. I'm sure Orazio thinks I handled it all /in stride/," he says with a huff. He chokes a bit at something that Aureth murmurs to him. "He would never tell anyone to do anything," he huffs back.

Fortunato steps up, closer to Aleksei. He bows, a little, one arm tucked next to his chest, the other loose by his side. "My friend. Made your choice, I think you'll shine here. Think you know how to stay yourself, too. Not worried about you at all." He widens his smile a bit. "But here for you, always, even so."

Aureth laughs again. He gives Aleksei an affectionate little swat on the ass /totally appropriate to the occasion/, and sidles a few steps further away to give other people a crack at him.

Aureth has left the Commoner Pews.

Umay breathes out a soft sigh when the Legate is already out the door, but manages a smile anyways. "Maybe it can be said another time..." She looks around herself since her next plan sort of backfired. She seems to decide that it is a good opportunity to excuse herself, and steps out of the Cathedral quietly.

Aleksei narrows his gaze on Fortunato as the artist goes and /bows/ to him. And then he just huffs a breath and hauls him in for a hug, too. "Don't be dumb," he tells him as he squeezes.

"I can't help it," Fortunato says, a tiny touch tragically, and claps the new godsworn on the back, twice, before returning the squeeze he's stuck in. Very well.

A few more steps forward are taken, just right to the edge of where she doesn't have to speak up too much. Belladonna stops there and lifts a hand in greeting / flagging down when she can manage to get her hand in his field of vision. There's a smile flashed, quick. "Duke Cassius sends his congratulations and apologizes for not being here; he had to go on patrol. Congratulations, Brother Aleksei."

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"/Psh/." Aleksei just squeezes Fortunato tight -- he restrains from lifting him off the ground, at least -- before letting him go and turning his gaze to Belladonna with a bright smile. It falters briefly at the mention of her husband's absence. "Oh. Well, that's okay. I mean -- it wasn't /that/ exciting." He pauses, brow furrowing a bit. "Right? It /really/ wasn't my fault -- he didn't even /warn/ me."

Fortunato deep-breaths. He touches Aleksei's shoulder as the other man withdraws, and then drifts out of the cathedral. Stops by the pews just long enough to snatch up his canvas-bound board, at least.

Smile touching apologetic, Belladonna ducks her head when Aleksei's smile falters. "My apologies, but things they are, right now; he really would have been here if he could have been." She does chuckle lightly for his words, shaking her head. "I do not think you are at fault for anything," she assures him softly. "You survived. Congratulations, again." She shifts as if to step back, though she doesn't immediately follow through on the movements.

"No, no, it's totally fine! Like I said. I know he would've been here. There's so much sh -- /stuff/. Going on." Aleksei offers Belladonna a warm smile and a duck of his head when she steps back. Which just leaves -- Ferrando? Is Roland in line? WHO KNOWS. His gaze does flit over towards Prism curiously where she's lingered.

Prism catches the flit of Aleksei's gaze. Oh, she's just standing around. Probably wondering if there's going to be refreshments.

Ferrando troops up to Aleksei when the space opens up and grins crookedly down at him. "Well, since you hate people coming up and saying they're proud of you... I'm not -not- proud of you, I guess?" he offers with a little shrug before laughing. "Ahhh c'mere you lug!" he bellows and then goes about dropping a big preemptive squeezy hug of his own. "Congratulations!" He manuevers his mouth close to Aleksei's ear. "You'll probably be just fine," he stage-whispers gleefully. "Good luck!"

"Indeed," Belladonna agrees softly, dips her head. "I hope to see you sometime soon, again." And she is so shifting back and turning to make her way out, slowing as she reaches the end of the pews to let her attendants catch up with her. Then? Off she goes!

"Gah!" Ferrando is quite sizable, which means that Aleksei is a bit enveloped by the hug. "That's very kind of you," he tells his friend, slapping him on the back. "Not /all/ of my friends are so /gracious/." He grins in farewell to Belladonna.

Roland is muttering to his sword like a crazy person. But he does it very respectfully.

2 Pravus Honor Guard, Aida leave, following Belladonna.

Ferrando ruffles Alexei's hair just enough put a little fluff back into his normal tousle and releases him to his own personal recognizance. "So, is there an afterparty or what," he deadpans. "I'm going home to get changed, send me a messenger if you've got a place lined up." He grins and turns to go, waving over his shoulder.

"Oh, jeez, I dunno!" Aleksei says with a laugh. "I really /ought/ to get properly drunk, though, you're right." He looks distantly thoughtful. Where should he get drunk.

"I've got your back on that one, man," Aureth says with a little snort. "On the house, even. Why not. Although if you want /good/ liquor I'll have to dig out some of the reserve--"

Ferrando regards Roland with a little squint in passing, pausing to apparently give him a thumbs-up. "Changing! Messenger!" he repeats to the people still up by the altar, apparently confident they can handle all the organizational aspects and leave him to handle the showing up part.

Fortunato drifts back in, and seats himself by the doors. On the floor. Undecorously. Got his canvas-bound board. Just gonna sit here and etch a finalized version of what he's been working on all night.

Ferrando nods to Fortunato on his way out, and awaaaay he goes.

"Oh, hm." Aleksei's brow furrows. "I mean, I don't /know/ if any of them would come, but I don't want to have the nobles invade. Could go to Trader's Tavern, but it won't be free! Gah."

Roland has left the Commoner Pews.

Roland rises and comes over toward Aleksei, offering a rough wave, "Congratulations, Mas-- Brother Aleksei! I hear robes are very comfortable. Excellent airflow." He says this totally straightfaced and earnestly.

"Head to the Traders. I'll head home, get a bottle of my best and smuggle it in," Aureth solves the problem, claps Aleksei's shoulder, and then starts for the doors like he's putting this plan into action immediately.

"Are we all about to disperse to get sloshed?" Fortunato asks overformally as he hurries his sketching.

Aleksei cackles a bit. "Right. Okay." He turns to Roland with a grin. "Thanks. They're a little weird, to be honest. I feel weird in them." He looks down at himself. /Gah/. "I'm gonna change, too. But you should come!"

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