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Words: "Sweet words, sharp knives."
Sigil: A white skull with a black 'C' on the forehead.
Nicknames: Knives. The Borough's Finest.

The Culler family has been the most respected family in the Lower Boroughs, a name associated with banditry, extortion, gambling, confidence games, but most importantly, force to be respected. Largely ignored by an indifferent Peerage, the Iron Guard and Inquisition typically pay little attention to the actions of the Culler family provided they keep their efforts to the Lower Boroughs and away from respectable individuals. While a visible face to less reputable elements, the Cullers are nonetheless at least seen as an understandable group of rogues, and not some 'whispers from nightmares' like rumors of the Smiling Shadows.


Name Rank Title Description
Torian 1 Grandfather
Acacia 2 Mother
Mae 2 Mother
Orathy 2 Father
Rue 3 Aunt
Calandra 4 Sister
Zakar 4 Brother
Avasyn 4 Sister
Raja 4 Sister
Evelin 4 Sister
Gibson 7 Kin
Ravna 7 Kin
Decklin 7 Kin
River 7 Kin
Vernan 7 Kin
Issac 9 Family Friend
Verity 9 Family Friend