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Vassal of Darkwater

Words: "The Surface Deceives."
Sigil: A scarlet merman wielding a yellow Trident on a deep blue field.
Nickname: Reefs, Tridents

In the aftermath of the brutal carnage of a sea battle amidst the reefs, the barony was carved out and gifted to a newly ennobled retainer of then Count Darkwater. Already an old soldier at the time his barony was formed, he had a passel of children already with which to populate his fleet, and the new Redreef noble-shipmasters swarmed over the isles of the barony,

Developing a reputation for bluff heartiness and an incisive stubbornness, the Redreefs were fierce and loyal men who spent more time on the sea than off it, with a fierce tradition of thralls and prizes taken on the water rather than for paltry monetary debts. Over the decades, they married well from elsewhere in the Isles, and grew their reputation for being warlike and feisty.

When the last baron's daughter Ember Redreef showed herself a true leader by dint of blood and sweat, she and her sister and their loyal retainers began a force for progressivism, allied with other strong young voices in the Darkwater and beyond. But always, House Redreef has been true to those fierce roots.


Name Rank Title Description
Ximun 10 R.I.P.

Ruler: Ember

Minister Category Title
Marina Warfare Mistress of War
Gehenna Farming Minister of Agriculture
Nimue Loyalty Minister of Public Order
Zoya Income Minister of the Treasury
Helewise Population Minister of Population

Land Holdings

Redreef Shores

Description: One of the baronies closer to the Darkwater, House Redreef derives its name from the Battle of the Crimson Reef, where tens of thousands of Abandoned perished on the reefs surrounding the small barony under the direction of an Abandoned Sealord that was attempting to raid the isles during the chaos of the Crownbreaker Wars. Hundreds of ships were lost, and the once little valued collection of small isles became the small barony as a strategic waterbreak against Abandoned raiders.

Landmarks: In 1007 AR, the Hedge Maze of the First Choice was built as part of the Pilgrimage Path. A meditative place, it is said one cannot get lost in it, as it only has one path in and out.

Part of the Seacoast Watch of the Mourning Isles, built in 1013

Trends: Most pilgrims aren't certain what to make of Skald, as one of the lost gods of the Pantheon that is now being worshiped, but the small barony of Redreef Shores has become inundated with Faithful traveling the Path. There's a disproportionate amount of faithful here that preach about the tragedy of thralldom, or even of serfdom, making it one of the more progressive baronies in Thrax- fitting for a ruling baroness.

Due to recent investments and a great deal of effort by the ruling House, all thrall debts on their isle have been purchased, and thralldom has been barred within their domain.

Recently accepted the Kalahali tribe.

Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.

Exports: Molasses (Dark Treacle), Rum, Lumber, Wheat, Red Dye and Fish.

Blackreef Beach has recently been claimed. Nearly 300 years ago, an offshoot of the Redreef noble family became the Abandoned tribe called House Blackreef, and established Blackreef Beach as their seat of power. House Redreef destroyed no less than four Blackreef Beaches over the course of the bitter conflict. The fifth Blackreef Beach stayed hidden. The settlement rests in and around a hilly cove, bordered by beaches and rock formations. At its center is the Ebonhold, a small castle.

After surrendering to Redreef in 1014 AR, Blackreef Beach was transformed from a veritable island shanty town into a small and industrious farming community. Their primary industry is the sustainable farming of the neelambari bird, a rare species found only in the southern Mourning Isles. The neelambari bird's plumage glitters in sunlight like gemstones, and their eggs are as edible as chickens' but three times the size.