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Vassal of Laurent

Words: "Deeds, Not Words."
Nicknames: Mist Hounds, Otters
Sigil: An antlered hound's head in hunter green, wearing a broken chain on a silver field, with royal blue waves underneath.
Colors: Hunter green, royal blue and silver.
House Fortier Description: Tasked by their nephew, Duke Cristoph Laurent of Artshall, to set out and find an unclaimed region to form a new rose Barony under Laurent, Kedehern and Shae came across the settlement of Mistward in their travels.

Mistward had long been occupied by Abandoned who revered an ancient spirit, the small town was founded by Rayla Ironwood and Duan of the Waves, who won the spirit's respect, and blessing. The people have long honored their traditions, each leadership partnership gaining the land's blessing before taking up the leadership of her people. With the passing of their recent leader, the people found themselves in a state of chaos, holding a time honored competition to find those that could prove themselves worthy to inherit a land and people that holds years of history, and secrets to be found.

Seeing the opportunity before them, Kedehern and Shae took part, and soon had claimed a victory, winning the loyalty of the people there.

Now established as the seat of the new Baron and Baroness Fortier, those former Abandoned have bent the knee to the Compact, and have been joined by Prodigals from the Shadowood, notably clans Thistlerick and Red Snake. With the construction of Ironwood Keep, things are looking to calm down, though there are still the occasional conflicts with Abandoned pirates and raiders, while other things even more foul lurk in the mists and waters of Mistward.


Name Rank Title Description

Ruler: Shae

Minister Category Title
Kedehern Warfare Protector of Mistward
Amari Income None

Land Holdings


Description: Nestled in a coastal river valley to the far west of Artshall, amongst nearly impassable woodlands and hills, Mistward takes its name from the thick fog that covers the land and much of the nearby sea for all but the hottest days of summer. The surrounding areas have long been a haven for Abandoned raiders and pirates retreating into the wooded hills and hidden inlets, using the mists to elude those who would pursue them by foot, or sail.

The land thrives with game animals to hunt and trap, as well as verdant hardwoods. Small islands dot the coast, and the mainland has a decently sized cave system that isn't without it's perils. Several varieties of mushrooms and other fungi abound as well, the heavy, cool fog creating an ideal environment for them to grow. Clams, oysters, and other mollusks are easily harvested from the rocky beaches after the tide recedes, and are a mainstay of many diets. The sea also teems with fish and kelp forests, and pods of whales out in the ocean aren't an uncommon sight, when the mist is thin enough to see them.