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An Introduction

Welcome to Arx, After the Reckoning! Arx is a text-based roleplaying game, where every player participates in a collaborative narrative, guiding characters whose individual stories can and will impact the world and change the course of the overarching shared story of the game, called the Metaplot.

Arx is set in an original fantasy world, telling a story of intrigue and adventure between the five great noble houses and the crown as they deal with a world where magic and myth was thought long forgotten, but the world is now waking up. The story of the world, broken up into seasons which are further broken up into chapters, will unfold radically differently based on the actions of players as the staff running the game reacts dynamically to the choices made by the characters.

Arx is a MU-like roleplaying game created using Evennia. If you have roleplayed before but don't have the faintest idea what I just said, then check out for an explanation for what a MU is and how it differs from other roleplaying formats.

Now for some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. "I've played MUs before, but how do I find out whats going in the world? What do I read up on? How do I do the thing? Halp."
--Since Arx is divided up into seasons, it might be easiest to start at the IC recap for season 1, under In addition, every one of the files under the Lore section in or when you are logged in, everything under 'help lore'. Feel free to check out the Theme FAQ for some commonly asked questions about the setting under

2. "How do I get a character and get started playing this game?"
--Check out - Generally speaking, it's encouraged to try out roster characters (the pre-generated characters that are already a part of the story) simply because they are already involved in the story, and it is often easier to learn the world that way. But if you'd rather play an original character of your own creation, feel free. We allow up to 2 characters per player, with restrictions under

3. "How do I talk to other characters, so I can make the RPz?"
--For anyone familiar with MUs, the commands should be much the same, but for anyone not familiar, they are all under For a giant list of all the commands in the game, you can see but it's probably more useful to divide them up by when you'd use them, and that's what we'll tackle in this FAQ.

4. "How do I move around the game, sauntering about, running around with arms flailing, or striding with immense dignity?"
-- explains some common commands, and how to from point A to point Wherever.

5. "As a new player, what's the first stuff I should do to get set up?"
--The Getting Started guide goes over the first things you might want to do as brand new to the game, whether playing an OC or Roster Character.

6. "How do I find roleplay? What are the roleplaying commands, and how do I get started building relationships with other characters?"
--While many of the basic commands are under #3, check out to have an idea of how many players go about it, or some less common commands that you might find helpful.

7. "How do I progress my character? What's xp, and what are the incentives to roleplay?"
--Quite a few listed under aside from the obvious IC advantages to building relationships and having meaningful allies.

8. "How do I get involved in the metaplot, get GMing, or interact with the big plots shaping the world?"
--Several ways, aside from just organically happening into it. Check out

9. "I want to play a crafter. How do I do that? How do I get a shop as a crafter, or how do I build a home or other establishment in general?"
--They are a bit related since building a shop or a house uses the same commands, described under and for crafting check out

10. "I need to talk to staff for some reason."
-- Feel free, info or request. Check out the for a heads up on what goes where.