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Metaplot Secrets

Every PC on the game has the opportunity to +request a metaplot secret from staff. In brief, a metaplot secret is some sort of secret surrounding a PC that ties into some aspect of the overarching metaplot of the game. These can take many different forms: they may be an ability, a unique item or resource, an association with a secret organization, a connection to a mysterious figure, and many more possibilities! The purpose of these secrets is to provide a very solid hook to draw a character further into the game and provide them a path to deeper engagement in the story.

Any PC who doesn't already have a metaplot secret can +request for one, but we have a few guidelines in order to help us balance between player desires and staff needs. First, we ask that a player spends at least a month on a character before requesting; that gives them the opportunity to grow more familiar with the PC and experience how they work out in play. Players who invest a full month into a PC tend to be more likely to stick with them for a while after, which reduces the loss of staff time building secrets for abandoned PCs. Second, we ask players to help staff by offering a bit of detail that will help us develop a secret that fits well and that the player finds exciting. This doesn't have to mean a player needs to know what specific secret to request, but any of the following can be helpful: what kind of RP the player likes, aspects of the PC that are particularly fun or that the player wants to explore more, general ideas or preferences for the paths the PC might take, general preferences for types of secrets the player finds more or less interesting, areas of the game the player finds more or less interesting, etc. If you really want to be a do-gooder, if you really want something morally grey, if you're really interested in exploring a specific ongoing plotline, if you have an alt who already spends a lot of time in a certain area of the game and don't want more of that -- all of those are helpful to staff.

Players absolutely don't need to answer /all/ of these questions in their +request, but we do ask that they include at least a few thoughts or a minimal amount of guidance when submitting this +request. Staff wants everyone who asks for a metaplot secret to get one that they find exciting and engaging, and it can be difficult to know what "exciting and engaging" means for a certain player on a certain character. Help us help you!

Secrets are generally one per PC, but there are some very specific caveats that staff will consider requests for something additional:

1 - If your secret is one of the SUPER EARLY ones and is completely and utterly irrelevant.
2 - If your secret is heavily tied to one specific character and requires them to move forward with it. (We like player agency here)
3 - If you are a brand new player to the game with a character whose secret has already been explored.

If you've been playing a PC and felt that you've fully explored their secret, great! Hopefully in the course of exploring it you've made connections and found RP and things to do. Use those connections and bonds formed to move forward with new ideas now, but you're the author of your own destiny.

Examples of metaplot topics can be found with the @clues commands, such as any of the search tags.