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Open Physicians Guild Hours

A chance for would-be physicians and those concerned with general medical questions to ask of Lady Minister Guildmaster Eirene Malvici. Open interviews to be held.


Sept. 24, 2017, 2 p.m.

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Ariella Petal Branwen Lucita Valery Aiden



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Lobby

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Lilith, the Raven arrives, following Branwen.

Branwen arrives, looking curious at the set up around the room. She foregoes coffee and tea both for the moment and simply goes to find a chair to sit in.

Waiting to see if anyone -actually- shows up, Lady Eirene sits on the corner of the reception desk and studies a sheaf of papers. The meeting was impromptu and spur of the moment, so there's not much in the way of preparation. Just her, a few orderlies, and the hospital staff going about their business. Luckily it's a quiet day. She glances up at Branwen and offers a 'allo' in greeting. "You here for questions or you want to be a doctor? May as well not wait on other people to show, Gods know this isn't the most fascinating of meetings."

"Well, I wish to join the Guild. Would that make me a doctor, then?" Branwen quips, having taken a seat at the front of the room anyhow. "I trust you received Countess Aella's letter, that vouches for me?" Her lips quirk at the idea that it isn't the most fascinating of meetings. "I don't know. I find the healing arts to be quite fascinating, personally. It intrigues me, for instance, that there are the Mercies of Lagoma who provide healing services as well as a Physicians Guild."

Eirene says, "The Mercies of Lagoma are bound by their oaths and their service to the Goddess." She shrugs at that. "Not everyone trusts the Gods or an altruistic order. And not every doctor wants to take a vow of non-violence. Physicians are more city bound and dedicated to doctoring more than herbal remedies and faith-based cures." She slips off the desk and pulls the letter out from somewhere in her stack of papers. "I did, she spoke very highly of you - Branwen then, yes?" She looks the woman over careflly, standing about eye-to-eye with the tall woman. "So tell me, what kind of experience do you have?"

Branwen is one of those people that takes a moment to digest information, and she nods slowly as it's exlained to her. "Yes, that's correct. Branwen Stormfeather; a pleasure to meet you." Her greeting is polite and her gaze is direct. "My experience has primarily been in Stormheart with the Ravenseye clan. I was not the only healer there, but I treated both humans and animals. We are Prodigals. So, obviously, much of my knowledge has been based on herbal remedies. But I have always kept my shamanism separate from healing. Healing is for the body, and shamanism for the mind. Sometimes both are to be treated at the same time, and others not. But," she holds up a hand as if to forestall a common objection. "I am eager to learn any healing techniques the city has to offer."

"Interesting way of putting it," the Malvici says of the Shamanistic elements. She purses her lips thoughtfully. "How long have you been practicing, then? And do you have much skill with surgery or primarily herbal care and first-aide?"

"Since I was old enough to understand that people had injuries that needed tending." Branwen replies promptly. "I owe the Ravenseye my life, and I have dedicated it in service to them. I would say I've been working fully as a healer for twenty years now. Since I was 16." At least she isn't young and impulsive! "I've had experience with stitching up gashes that a poultice and bandaging won't help with. I've never attempted anything more complicated then that, but I want to learn how to. I've also had experience in dealing with the deceased to determine cause of death. I... would say that I have not mastered the craft yet, but primarily because I haven't had the resources to do so."

Ariella arrives, following Lucita.

Eirene says, "You need hands-on for that sort of thing." She nods in agreement. "We get corpses in here we regularly autopsy, especially when the cause of death isn't obvious - like a fucking stab wound or something." She snorts in dry amusement, the Malvici talking with Branwen. There room isn't very crowded as it seems today is a slow day for medical emergencies. "What the Guild needs, more than anything, is to actually start excersising a bit of weight. Get good will from people, get those who can pay up to pay up. So it's good to remember we're not a charity. Paying orderlies and buying medicines and bandages costs, and I'm just as guilty as anyone else for not keeping track of what I'm owed."

Eirene adds, "We're not thugs, we won't beat the shit out of anyone who can't pay, but if they can they should give something back."

Severa, the Guard Shepherd arrives, following Aiden.

Branwen tries not to look relieved at that, but the nod of agreement prompts a brief smile from the prodigal woman. "I have no problem suggesting that the services of the Guild require silver to keep functioning at the high level of skill and officiency people are used to. I would just note that I would not ask Ravenseye to pay for treatment, because they are my family. Now, letting them know that the Guild needs funds and if we have extra to donate... that I can do." she reasons.

Lucita comes into the hospital, glancing around with the manner of someone viewing a place they have never been. Her amber gaze rests on the rugs and the windows, the chairs and such. She stays quiet for the most part, speaking softly to her sister. "Not a place would have thought to have come but glad to know where it is."

Aiden wanders in quite late to open house, with a shepherd at his side, the dog nearly full grown but still clearly a puppy with ears still floppish. All the same, he drops in to find out about the guild, the whole point of the day. He's wearing an eccentric flare of clothing, from a flashy griffin-seque shirt, to oiled leather pants, and calf high boots, with a sash like belt finishing the look. He looks half traveler, adventurer, while still looking exceptionally regal. Interesting style aside, he hears the sentiments of Branwen, which turns his attention toward the speakers.

Eirene says, "Ah, Prince Aiden. Hey." She raises a hand in hello to him and his doggo and then looks at Lucita and Ariella. "Ladies, welcome. We're just discussing a bit about what it means to be a physician. How we're indepenent from the Mercies, but we do work side by side. We're not bound by the same oaths or the faith, but we all serve Lagoma in our own way."

Ariella comes in tagging along with Lucita, the two women looking quite alike aside from minor things, like the length of hair, and style of dress. She sighs a little as she looks across the place, "So why were we here again, Luci?" she asks in a fairly hushed tone, though not a whisper.

Branwen turns to look at the the others who are entering and inclines her head politely towards them. Her greeting remains a silent one though, and her smile is reserved for doggo that has been brought in. "I think I should like to learn more of Lagoma. I am already familiar with Mangata. But that is for a different time perhaps." she ventures, reaching up to scritch the raven that is perched on her shoulder.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy arrives, following Petal.

Lucita turns her head toward the entry and the stranger with a dog. A nod of greeting given at first is soon converted to a curtsy when she hears Eirene mention this is a Prince. "Lady Eirene, thank you. We heard of the open house and were interested in learning more about it. We'd never been here before so it took us a while to figure out where this was."

Petal arrives while adorned in common clothe clothing and carrying her sewing basket. A hound is close to her slender legs. She looks over the lobby, trying to get a sense who is gathered here and then has a smile of greeting.

Aiden tips his head to Eirene, "Good day Lady Malvici," he comes to settle in closer to the conversation. His silver eyes take in Lucita and Arielle, nodding to them both as he respectively takes a seat that has been offered around the area of discussion, speaking up, "Ahh, that sounds like something I could fit in well with. I've healed my share of wayward adventurers..." His knee lifts up to cross over the other as he settles back, arms loosely crossed after he gives Severa the order to sit, ruffling his fingers through her fur as he listens.

"Well, it's here," the Guildmistress replies with a smirk. "We're a lot closer to the Borroughs than the House of Solace, so we see a lot more commoners and poor than the Solace does. We deal with a lot more trauma from accidents down at the docks and harbor too, sicne we're -much- closer in in those cases, distance and time make all the difference." Eirene motions to the orderlies to circulate with the tea and coffee for those who are interested. Petal is given a lift of the chin in silent welcome.

"What we do here," Eirene continues, "is offer care for those who either need it straightaway, don't want to go to the Faith for whatever reason, or want someone who's more likely to tell it to them straight and not offer prayer or spiritual healing. Nothing against it - I count Mother Mercy Sophie as a best friend, much as shits like me get them... but most of my doctors are more hands-on street physicians than gently trained healers."

Ariella remains beside Lucita as Eirene explains the mission of the hospital, her arms moving across her chest as she listens, keeping quiet now, for the moment, though she will reach out and take a coffee from one of the orderlies when they come past.

Branwen appears to... well, not like the sound of that exactly. But being a commoner herself she gives a firm nod to what Eirene has said. Now that she's spoken with the woman, she feels more free to take advantage of the tea that's been offered. "If I may ask; how often to you deal with injuries of a less then mundane nature? With some of the stranger things happening near the city, and people going off to places like the Darkwater? Or are the Mercies more relied on for that due to their ties to the Faith?"

Lucita gently nudges her twin (after she asked the question and before gaining coffee and risking spillage on silks or leather). In a very low tone pitched to avoid interruption she murmurs "so, when necessary, I know where to haul the sorry hide of...never mind, we'll talk about that later, lets be quiet and listen. This is important information to know!"

"Would your Guild take in Princes who would like to donate their time and learn further skills in healing?" Aiden considers Eirene, clearly intended to be interviewed for such. He bounces his foot as he looks between the women, curious that he was one of the only men present, "I find myself more effective as being support rather than fighting..." He frowns a little, "Much to my chagrin." He looks toward Branwen and nods his chin, interested in the answer with a look toward Eirene.

Petal listens to Eirene's words with close attention as if trying to take all such in. She takes n offered mug of coffee. Aiden is given a smile, she seems to know him at least a little bit. "I'm still interested in joining, but I have been writing about that." She says in the soft and heavily accented voice of a Northern Shav.

"Nothing wrong with support, highness," Eirene replies seriously, answering that smaller question first. "I oversee a battalion of battle medics, whose role in combat is to defend their patients long enough to extract them to safety and treatment. They're not the best fighters, they're not the best surgeons - but their job is to ensure that they get their people to those who can best help them. Support is the backbone of an army." Says the Malvici, so it's likely true.

"As to the supernatural bullshit," she answers Branwen with a frown, "We often deal with those cases here as the Solace is not equipped to test or autopsy like we are. They're a place of healing. We're a place of medicine and science - both go hand in hand but we're more into the practical aspects."

Aiden's gaze turns to Petal and he pats the seat beside him, "Mistress Petal. I must thank you for this tunic. It's divine," his hand settles over the griffin-seque attire he's wearing, while offering, "You've been interested in joining the guild? Wonderful. You already know how to stitch." He smiles and flicks his gaze back to Eirene, eyes interested then when she speaks of a battalion of battle medics, sitting forward, "Oh. I do like the sounds of that! Count me in."

"Oh good. I have some knowledge of the supernatural bullshit, too. So if you need more help in that area I'd be glad to volunteer for that too." Branwen says not a thing about battle medics though, since she'd probably be absolute shit at it. No volunteering for that duty. Not just yet.

Petal smiles over to Aiden, seeming pleased to see the prince in the tunic she made. "Oh, thank you, it looks handsome on you." She then pauses for a moment. "I do know how to stitch."

Eirene says, "I know we spoke briefly, Mistress Petal, but are you more into physician work or apothecary work?"

Lucita volunteers...for nothing but attentively listening, so far. She is carrying around a little rebec, has the markings on her hands of a musician. Obviously unskilled in medical training of any way, shape, or form, she does focus her attentiona little more closely when Apothecary is mentioned.

Petal looks over to Eirene. "My training is medicine is greater than my training in apothecary, but I do both. I am more a beginner at apothecary and quite skilled at medicine. My best area of all though is making bandages."

Ariella likewise continues to quietly listen to the questions, answers, and such. She is doing her best to pay attention, though there are little fidgets here and there from the woman.

Eirene says, "You'll get hands on training here. I expect our physicians to do at least a shift once every three days, moreso if there's a city wide crisis - like the siege or the wounded coming back from the Maelstrom." She glances at the two quiet ladies and asks, "Did you have any general questions, if you're not to be joining the guild I mean." She then pauses and says, "We should establish a vetrinarian division it sounds like. Huh..."

Aiden grins boldly in his new tunic, a flashy storm gray silk top with a green gryphon on the front. "I love it, I think I have a new favorite piece among my waredrobe, but I'm afraid I will have to stop shopping so much. I have grand expenses coming up." He turns to regard Eirene and silences himself to allow her and Petal to speak. "I can attest to that-" he notes to Petal's words about bandages, "They were quite useful on expedition." His eyes travel toward Lucita and her friend, but it seems his eyes note her hands and the rebec, offering, "Music is almost as soothing and healing as a good set of stitches."

Aiden's eyes flash toward Eirene when she mentions vetrinarian division... Excitement there, "Oh yes. That's a wondeful idea!"

"The Menagerie already does have skilled workers, but they focus mostly on the animals in the Menagerie. The Menagerie could offer a perfect location for such a place, to work on animals."

"As many gods damned animals are there are in this city," she says with a roll to her eyes. "But I know Sir Miles just talked about tending to a fucking unicorn, and animals get hurt in industrial accidents as much as a person does -and I know how expensive a horse is to a commoner. So they can be a division of the Guild, but work out of the Menagerie rather than here. Gods preserve me if someone brings in their foo foo lap dog for a physical."

Petal looks over to Eirene, nodding in response to her words. "I helped provide medical treatment during the siege. I can do a shift. I am eager to be more helpful to Compact." She says in her direction. She has another smile for Aiden.

Branwen glances between Eirene and Aiden at the mention of veterinary care. "I could help some, with that. I'm good with animals; better then some, less then others." she clarifies, with a wry smile. A smile that turns into a look of confusion quickly. "Pardon. Perhaps my language skills are not as good as I thought. Did you say a Unicorn?"

Lucita says, "my duties toward my House, and some obligations that need to be met will occupy my time too much to be joining, though" She glances toward Aiden and continues "you find music really helps, does not distract or annoy? If something like that would be helpful, I might be able to help once in a while with a bit of music."

"We're back in spring now, Lady Eirene. I can see to a building being erected for just the very thing. More officially than what we work out of now," he notes, apparently not surprised to hear about a unicorn. Aiden merely looks pleased to have some part in this, even if it was to include a hospital for animals, nodding to Branwen, "I cannot say I'd man it myself, with all my obligations, though providing the building and letting the Guild dedicate someone as the lead for it, would be suitable enough for me." He grins at the shock about the unicorn, unable to help himself. Lucita's words are granted a nod, "Music helps to distract and sooth the mind, body, and spirit. At least I find. It is better to listen to something other than the moans of the person in the cot next to you. I think it'd be something to consider."

Eirene nods casually to Branwen. "Yep. They're real. Mer-elves apparently too though we don't do Mangata's creatures in here." She shrugs, what -can- you do. Arx is weird. " For Lucita she gives a small grin. "Music helps more than you know. It breaks the spirit's focus from pain and can actually help healer heal faster. It's not a full division of the Guild but if any Whispers or any entertainers ever want to go into the recovery ward and play. It's not a distraction there- on the surgery floor? Fuck yes. Healing wings? No."

Branwen figuratively picks her jaw up off the floor and clamps her mouth shut, nodding abruptly. Well, alright then. Unicorns and Mer-Elves. What is there to do except take it in stride?

Eirene's either over it or drinking enough to be in denial. Speaking of, she takes a cup of tea but pours a bit of brandy into it for herself. "So we'll set up an animal division of the Physicians, for such occasions. Would you mind if I put you in chrage of it, Prince Aiden? That's totally your thing, after all. The Guild isn't just about one kind of doctoring. Midwives. Alchemists. Herbalists. Anyone devoted to making people's lives better through medicine and treatment."

In addenum, he adds, "This is also why I've been trying to locate a good place for a sanctuary outside the city walls. Some animals heal better without being surrounded by our intervention, especially the wild ones. In any case, I will need to work with the experts on the design of the building, so it can be efficent. Consider it under-construction-" Aiden notes with assurances of confidence. He nods at the offer, "I would be honored to accept, Lady Eirene."

Ariella leans in towards Lucita as she listens to all of this. "So.. they heal animals here too?" she asks, probably only half listening to the previous exchange between Aiden and Eirene.

Boots, Chip, a small mouse arrive, following Valery.

Lucita says, "Ahhh, then that I can do! Just send a message to me when I might be needed." She glances back to Aiden. "Have not been to the Menagerie as yet. Does music help there too?" A sidelong glance is given her twin sister. "I used to get teased a lot if I hit a wrong note about making dogs howl or cows give sour milk though those dogs or animals that were present when I played lately did not seem to mind.""

Valery checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Eirene checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 33, rolling 1 higher.

Valery may have arrived a bit ago. Or not. She stays near the door, though, looking and listening to the people without a word.

Aiden looks toward Lucita with a nod, "Music helps everyone. The birds love it. The wolves will often howl to it. Music speaks on different levels than our voices do," he encourages with a smile, "I play the piano and find it helps with my own spirit, much less those around me." He glances toward Eirene, "Oh this will be fantastic. The project and the animal hospital shall employ many."

Eirene's the sharp-eyed mistress of her domain. She saw Valery. May or may not have acknowledged it, but she's facing the doors so people entering and leaving get spotted, mostly. She answers Ariella, "We do now, I guess. But it makes sense. Animals have similar physiology to people, even if there's some major differences. Did you know we train our doctors on pig carcases to get them used to real people?" She grins at this and adds, "And we give the pork to the poor so it's not wasted when they're done. But a real animal healer takes a different kind of skill, so while there's similar training it's not exact - thus a new division."

"I think it's high time I also included the re-homing center as well, for the animal companions that lose their partners..." Aiden adds, thoughtful, with a faint smile, a touch sad at that reality. It's clear that when his passion is struck, the young man sort of throws himself into it. Adrift no more! He stands, "I shall need to go work on finding the architects this very minute."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Petal listens to the conversation with silent attention even as she takes of a sip of her coffee. "I have seen a sea elf before." She chimes in quietly with.

"I would be pleased to spend some time working in the veterinary unit once it is open, Prince Aiden. I have more skill tending human ailments, but I believe I've enough rapport with animals that I will be of help rather then harm." Branwen hopes, anyway! After which, she waits and sips at her tea to hear what others have to say on the matter.

Someone might laugh at Aiden's excitable eccentric nature, but the young man was of true heart on that note, excitable to be included and to help in some way. His sterling silver eyes turn to Branwen, "Of course, you will have to come by and give advice on what exactly to put where." His gaze notes to Lucita, "You should also afford time to wandering the Menagerie. It is so much more than the hard floors and iron bars it used to be. A year of construction efforts and manpower, does a lot to change the lives of our fur and feathered friends."

Aiden is overheard praising Eirene for: For including animal healers in the Guild! Animals are our friends, not food!

Petal checked command + animal ken at difficulty 0, rolling 25 higher.

Petal is overheard praising Eirene for: Holding a meeting and organizing the physicians.

Valery nods at some of the words, tilts her head at others, or she frowns lightly, thoughtful. She's mostly listening.

Aiden is overheard praising Petal for: She makes Fabulous Tunics!

Lucita says, "Fully my intention to visit it, Prince Aiden. Have even started to go there a time or two but got interrupted. I remember someone speaking of all the time and effort being put into its construction and am looking forward to seeing it."

Eirene says, "Actually, what else you can do, Prince Aiden..." She sips her laced tea and adds, "When someone is in recovery, healed up and properly bandaged and shit, you could bring some of the animals in here, the better behaved ones. People seem to respond well to animals, much as they do music." She says to Lucita, nodding at the girl. She glances over at Valery and asks, "You got questions? Didn't you ask me before about joining the Guild?"

Valery opens her eyes. Then she shakes her head. And nods. One after the other. She murmurs. "I... I think I'm considered part of the guild already... I mean... I got messages from it, maybe for helping here..."

Eirene glances back at her pages. "Oh yeah, you're listed as an apothecary, that's right." She shakes her head. "So fucking scattered sometimes... Any questions while you're here?"

Aiden smiles for Lucita, "At the very least, it should prove to be a pleasant day spent. There are much worse ways one can spend their time than visiting those of the Menagerie." His excitable exit is interrupted by Eirene's ask, eyes widening, "Oh that's a grand idea! Grand!" He smiles, "I will enjoy very much working closely with the Guild on this. You can expect some efforts made for that, immediately. I do not need to wait for a building to be raised up for puppies to come along and visit, or cats. Those two are the most friendly of sorts. Maybe the lemurs..." he ponders, "And the parrots... I can see if the song birds would like to be invited-" He doesn't seem to even care about how weird that sounds.

Branwen stands from her chair after finishing up the cup of tea and gives a polite nod to those present. "'m afraid I have a few things to see to. But I look forward to hearing from both of you, Lady Eirene and Prince Aiden, on how I can be of further assistance. And of course, working with all of you." No need to say more then that, as she quietly makes her way out.

Valery tilts her head, thinking. "I don't think so..." She bites her lower lip, then adds. "I'm not sure if I told you about the greenhouse, with healing plants..."

Eirene says, "Good to meet you, Branwen. Don't forget to pop in for your occasional shifts."

Lilith, the Raven leaves, following Branwen.

Eirene shakes her head at Valery, "No, don't think you have. A greenhouse so we can grow shit through this rediciulous season called winter?" Southerners don't do well in snow. "Praise Lagoma for the change of seasons, seriously."

Lucita returns some smiles. "a lot of the music I play is inspired by my surroundings and people, stories I hear. I enjoy talking with people. The Menagerie holds a lot of potential.

Valery nods. "Yes... I built one in my garden, if you ever need anything..."

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