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Venture War Games - Big Buzz

Join Pasquale Malespero at Port Venture for the second in a series of outlandishly unlikely war scenarios inspired by legend and myth. Scenarios meant to test your abilities to think on your feet and tackle the unusual - as well as entertain.

(OOC: Pasquale will be supplying the soldiers. You can expect rolls to be a mix of war and leadership. There may be ballistae.)


June 30, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Jan Cillian(RIP) Fray Medeia



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Port Venture - Port Venture Festival Grounds

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Comments and Log

The second in the installment of the Venture war games sees the hopeful commanders gather on Port Venture, an island out to the south south-east of Arx. A still small entertainment hub responsible for running the Kismet festivals, managed by Venturo Thayne for the Duchy of Malespero.

The event technically began yesterday when each contestant was assigned a small group of soldiers to familiarise themselves with but its today that the game itself is to happen. The large open festival ground has once again been converted into a strange scene with a large rattan wasp-shaped thing festooned with netting hanging from a simple crane. Ropes attached to the creature enable teams of entertainers to move the thing around and it seems like it might be capable of sweeping close to the ground when the teams desire it. It does have wings and legs made from saplings. Strangely enough a scarecrow is sat up on its back. Just like the last event there are a number of small scorpion style ballista's that can be moved a limited amount available for the teams to use should they want them. The commander has a spot on a platform during their turn. They command. The soldiers do.

Pasquale Malespero, as the host, is settled in amongst the stands near to the event master; a greying fellow in a gaudy red coat who holds his hands out wide to get everyones attention. "Welcome to the second of the Venture War Games" he declares "The Big Buzz!" he sweeps his hand out towards the fake-bee-thing. "Today your challenge will be to defeat the figure riding our magnificant rattan wasp. She can be destroyed by taking out her head" (a melon has been used for that purpose) "or captured by taking her from her saddle and bringing her down to the ground but be warned! The wasp will not let that happen. You may have to take it out too. That can be done by destroying its wings or its head or somehow pinning it in place." The wasp has a netting bag of melons for a head this time. Its wings are a frame of stripped saplings. "Our first team will be Lady Jan Kennex, Dame Fray and Lord Cillian Blackwood. You have two chances. Begin your operation!" Pasquale says a softer "Good luck". His eyes curious.

Jan nods to Fray and Cillian, "Lord Cillian, Dame Fray. What are your suggestions? It seems we have a moving-a flying- target and our choice of soldiers and siege weaponry. I know from the tales of previous attacks of the Hornet Queen-which this is made to mimic- is suicide so we probably want to favor archers or siege weapons but I am willing to support sending troops in with heavy polearms if people are inspired by an idea."

Cillian is here, he is dressed in his leathers with his bow on his back and sword at hip. He eyes the Wasp and riders as he listens to Jan speak, "I do not know that sending in men with heavy pole arms is wise, we should try and do what we can from a distance." he speaks with a heavy Northern accent, his eyes now fall to Jan and Fray, "I think only send in men if we have too or at the end when it is weakened."

"If it's the rider we are after, then we only need to bring the wasp down." Fray says while looking between the two, dressed in her armor as always. "We use our ranged assets to clip it's wings, then send in polearms to strike down the rider. It would cause too much damage if we let it survive long enough in the sky."

Medeia has settled to the side, settled by a prepared medic space in case anyone becomes injured. She watches the set up and the start with interest.

Hitting the wings, whilst possible, will be a very challenging shot. Especially since the wasp has started to sway and move as the festival crews tug and pull at its connected ropes.

Jan nods once and purses her lips, "Hitting the wings might be a hard ask but let's give it a try and if we need to adjust our tactic we can adjust. "

Cillian nods his head, "Alright, but I learned last time I am no goo with ballista's someone else may try I will stand with the archers and shoot." he looks between the two.

Fray nods to Cillian, "fair enough, I can't guarantee I can hit, but I know my way around siege weaponry enough to give it a 'shot'." She looks to Jan, "Unless you think you're feeling luckily today."

With the plan decided on the crews get into place. Ready signals go back and forth and then the festival announcer declares "BEGIN!" With that announcement the crews start hurrying to the ballista and archery posts.

Jan grins at Jan "No, no, let's see what you have, Dame Fray. We'll alternate between you and Lord Cillian so your arms don't get tired. If you get tired we'll switch to the manpower we have."

Fray checks command and war at daunting. Fray marginally fails.

Jan checks command and war at daunting. Jan fails.

Cillian checks command and war at daunting. Cillian fails.

Fray commands her team to aim for the wings, but the shots slightly miss their mark. "Aim better or I'm launching you at the wasp!"

Up in his hosts box Pasquale murmurs "Quite a high risk approach" to Medeia as he watches the event unfold.

Cillian raises a eye over at Dame fray, as she yells at her men. He starts to command his men to get into position and to aim for the wings, "Lets go! keep a eye on the wings focus! Keep your attention on the wasp! Not what's around you!" as the shots miss the wings.

Jan doesn't bother much with aiming at first, watching to see how the shots fair and then she frowns gently "Having to aim something so huge is insane. Anyone got any bright ideas on how to tame this beast?"

As all the teams go right for the highest risk, highest gain, options the wasp is jerked into even quicker movements. It sweeps right into the line of archers, sending a good half of them sprawling as they are hit by several pounds of swinging rattan wasp, before sweeping right back and knocking several ballista's and their crews over. Worse, as it passes over the ballista crews some dark black stuff pours out from one of the nets, causing the team to cough and splutter and flee the contaminated area. A few minutes in and only Fray's team has grazed the wasp at all; with a bolt now sticking out from the rattan in its side, and your teams are down to less than half of their original strength! At this rate you will only be able to try one more thing before you have to admit defeat and you will have to act quickly. At this point there is no time to discuss before acting.

Fray checks command and war at daunting. Critical Success! Fray is spectacularly successful.

Jan checks command and war at daunting. Jan fails.

Cillian checks command and war at hard. Cillian fails.

Fray That's pretty nice. Still being chance, but also leaning in your favor if you're good at what you're doing.

Fray yells at her men to do better, threatening them that they better not fail. It seems to have worked because once the volley goes out, a stray shot manages to hit the the rider clean in the head. "Good work, men. You survive another day from me."

Cillian lets out a growl as even them moving to try and hit the wasp in the head misses, "What are you doing!" the Northern Lord barks out at his team!

Jan whoops "Huzzah Dame Fray! Alright, lads! Go retrieve the prisoner! Mind the wounded..uh. Steed." a gauntleted hand lifts to rub the back of her neck.

Jan is overheard praising Fray.

As the battle down on the festival field continues more and more of the soldiers are knocked down and declared 'dead' after which they have to leave the field and go sit on the failures bench. It seems as if everything is about to be a disaster but then out of nowhere one of Fray's team manages to put a ballista bolt in the riders melon head. It explodes in a mist of pink froth and the watching crowds gasp in surprise and shock. "What a surprise!" declares the announcer. "It seems our team has managed to claim a victory despite the odds. Congratulations." he speaks quietly to his scribe for just a moment and then looks to the team "Do you wish to let this result stand or take a chance on doing better the second time?"

"I don't think my team is capable of doing better than that." Fray shouts to Pasquale, and then points to the one who made the accurate shot. "Keep doing that and I'll buy you a drink."

Cillian looks to Fray then to Jan, "What is it you like to do Lady Jan? Try again or let it stay?" his eyes look up to Pasquale in the stands there is a glint in his eyes as he looks to the lord one of determination. He looks away and back to Jan to wait her answer.

Jan smiles wryly to Cillian "I don't think we could do that twice. I say we leave it. You and I can redeem ourselves next competition." She clasps his shoulder companionably.

"Then we will move onto the next competitors" Announces the Event Master "Please welcome.." And with that the crowds attention shifts away from the victorious, but badly battered, forces of Jan, Cillian and Fray.

Cillian lips twitch at Jan but he nods his head and sighs, he seems frustrated, "Yeah, next time." he nods his head. He shoulder nudges Jan and turns to head off the field. "I need a drink." he chuckles.

Jan is overheard praising Pasquale.

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