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Planning Meeting - Explorer's Tournament

Princess Lou Grayson, Pathfinder of the Society of Explorers, is looking to start an Explorer Style tournament for the people of Arx. This is the first planning meeting for that process. Things to discuss would be funding, potential prizes, donations, possible events, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, what to call the tournament. Those interested in helping to plan such an event are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be provided for attendees.


April 8, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Eirene Shae Lisebet Zakhar(RIP) Filshiar Marli Ian Ryhalt Cillian(RIP) Lucita



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

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Ian turned up a little bit early, such that as the meeting begins, he's already slouched in a chair in the back of the room, with his seat angled in such a way to give him a good view of the room itself, and especially of the doors. He has a glass of whiskey in front of him, but he seems to be ignoring it.

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Lou is standing at the front of the hall, waiting for people arrive. She gets started when it seems like no more are coming. "Good evening. Thank you for coming. Tonight I wanted to discuss a tournament that I'm working on putting together. My vision for this tournament was to hold Explorer like events, rather than the usual bouts of duels and such, where people compete for prizes at the end of it all. I'm looking for volunteers to help me organize the effort, as well as judge the events, and brainstorm event ideas."

Ryhalt sits next to his sister, Lisebet, smiling as he listens to Lou start off the meeting. "Sounds like a fun endeavor. Will this be open only to Explorers or is it for all who are interested?"

Lisebet has a glass of wine and is relaxed as she sits next to Ryhalt. She listens to Lou, curious to hear the answer to Ryhalt's question. "Either way, I'm willing to help out. This sounds like it's something that should be fun. I guess we could have a scavenger hunt or something?" It's a thought, at least.

Cillian slips into the Charter hall, dressed in his leathers. He looks around see's who is here as he moves to find a seat silently, he looks to Lisebet for a long moment it been a while since he last seen here. But he finds his seat and is silent listening for the moment.

"It would be open to anyone who might be interested in trying their hand," Lou easily answers Ryhalt's question. She nods to Lisebet's suggestion. "That could be one of the events. Ideally I'd like it to be a series of different events or challenges a person might have to face, like when I had to figure out that magical table puzzle to find the path to the Dwarves in Everwinter, after claiming up the side of a mountain."

"Climbing up a mountain side might be difficult for some of us," Lisebet says lightly. Her gaze goes to Cillian as well, noticiing as he enters. It's been a very long time. There's a smile in his direction, and then she turns back to Lou. "It could even be a bunch of different events, with points for each and the winner has to get the most points. That way nobody has to do all the events, but can do the ones they like?"

Lucita says, "Something like scaling the walls of Saik Tower to get some box or trinket off the roof? Could use safety harness to keep someone from breaking their neck." Lucita has been sitting quietly to the side as others arrive, smiling amicably toward them. "Or how sometimes we have to figure out how to get something out of a pond.. or fish for food on the trail?""

Ian takes a sip of his whiskey. "When Wash is training navigators, he gives them a list of islands in the Duchy to visit that have to be arrived at through the use of the stars and a sextant," he remarks, his voice flat. "There's probably a version of that which could be done on land, maybe with a compass. Navigating between events rather than islands. A team of a couple of people could iron out the differences in skillsets."

Ryhalt nods to Lou's answer. "I'm willing to help in any capacity needed." Hearing several of the ideas, he nods with enthusiasm. "Perhaps certain placement in some events allows you to be able to enter another event which is the final event of the tournament?"

Lou quietly nods her head in Cillian's direction as he takes a seat. An amused, but excited look touches Lou's eyes when everyone starts throwing ideas out all at once. A smile curls upon her lips. "Difficult, but not impossible," Lou responds to Lisebet. "You'd be surprise the number of things people are willing to do if it might land them a bit of adventure," this is said with a grin. "But yes. I do like that idea. Each event accumulating a number of points so that when they reach the end they might qualify for the finale. I expect at least one of the events also might also be a grand melee, since at some point people fight things while out exploring as well. Maybe something that challenges ones balance?"

Lisebet laughs softly at Lou's response, raising her wine glass in a bit of a toast to the Pathfinder. "We may have more trouble narrowing down our ideas rather than coming up with enough," she suggests lightly.

Ryhalt hides a grin at Lisebet's words. Looking to Lou, he asks, "How many events total were you envisioning?"

Cillian nods his head to Loud when she looks his way as well as Lisebet, his eyes look back to Lou. "I do have a question." he says with his thick Northern accent. "Are you looking for someone to show off their skills in general or skills that would use in exploring?" his hazel eyes fall on lou as he asks his question.

Lou rocks back and forth on the heels of her feet, frowning. "I'm not entirely sure what a good number of events might be, to be honest. I suppose that number may depend on how many people are helping." She glances over at Cillian. "I mean, first and foremost, for people to have fun. But to answer your question specifically, either / or works for me. Most of the tournaments here are either to do with gauntlets or melees. I wanted to do something different."

Ian once again stirs himself out of silence to make another vague suggestion: "If you wanted to simulate combat without falling back on another melee, defeating someone on a bridge or a path or something in order to move on might work better. If you could talk Master Wild into playing that part, he'd probably do it well. He'd know how difficult to make it."

"So a trek around the city to get various trophies and bring them to the top of Saik Tower?" Lisebet puts in amused. "That could be entertaining and fun to plan out. Perhaps with a couple side events by the water or the edges of the forest."

Cillian nods his head, "I was thinking perhaps for those who enjoy riding, would enjoy a event with such perhaps?" he watches the group then looks back to lou.

Lucita says, "Some sort of puzzle to figure out would be good too. That could even be here in our museum, finding a hidden compartment and avoiding a needle trap? Just a plain needle, of course, not a poison one.""

Lou gives Lucita something of an amused look. "Alas, none of our display cases have trapped hidden compartments. Zakhar wishes to do some sort of social event, as well, since some parts of exploring involve dealing with people in social situations." There's a pause as she glances down at the notes Willen has been making. "I think we've a fine fair few ideas. What I'll do is send the list around to everyone later this week and we could vote on the best ones to include." She looks around the room asking, "I know Ryhalt and Lisebet volunteered to help run thing. Is anyone else willing to do so as well?"

Ian takes a drink and shakes his head. "I just want to be sure we don't get accidentally get anyone killed."

Lucita nods. "Agreed. A fall from the top of the tower would be fatal for most. Safety ropes or harnesses would be needed to attempt a climb."

"Or," Lou posits, "we could just have a climbing wall made, with the appropriate safety stuff built in all around it." This is said as she glances between Ian and Lucita.

"I think that's an excellent thought - I would agree as well," Lisebet puts in. "We do have a tree house at Ashford House in the courtyard that could be used, I expect, if we've a reason. And we could make sure to have safety nets in case. I know they used to have such things when I was learning to climb it." A pause. "Okay, they still do, honestly."

Lucita says, "another sort of puzzle might be a heavy object with a ring or net around it in the bottom of a pond, too heavy to swim down to get. Figure out how to get it up out of the pond."

"There's a lot of overlap between the safety gear you'd design for climbing and going aloft," Ian muses. "It'd probably be possible to set something up so nobody could fall too far."

Ryhalt is struggling to keep a straight face, is definitely not laughing inside at Lisebet. Nope! To Lucita's idea, he adds, "Perhaps whatever is brought up has a puzzle that leads to somewhere else, then?"

"Alright then, on that note I'm going to close out this evening's event, otherwise we might come up with 100 different ideas to try," Lou says with a bit of teasing tone. She's looking at Ryhalt when she says it too. "Thank you all for attending. I'll be reaching out soon."

Lucita says, "It was fun just thinking of different skills we all have and how to make a challenge for others to enjoy."

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