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Who Do You Know - Game On

House Pravus is hosting an extensive social game over an IC month (2 OOC Weeks). It is essentially a scavanger hunt for people; everyone involved will get a list of traits, and they will have two OOC weeks to collect signatures from people who have said traits. There will be prizes for individuals and teams, as well as a statue/trophy for whichever of Crownsworn, Grayson, Velenosa, Thrax, Redrain, and Valardin has the most overall signatures.

This event is for the discussion of the rules and the assignment of teams. There will also be an opportunity to add to the potential list of traits for peoples' lists (as well as being social and drinking IC, because it's a Pravus party). Lists will be sent out the following OOC day. Those that do not make the event but still wish to participate are welcome to do so, just contact me and we'll make arrangements (and get you a list). Lists will not be provided after OOC 7/22/17, as we need to make sure those who participate actually have a chance to do so.

IC, donations will be accepted for the duration of the event (2 OOC weeks). They will go first to the furnishing of prizes, and anything left over will be donated to one of the city's orphanages. The game closes on OOC 7/29/2017 so that the winners can be calculated before the date of the prizes being awarded.


July 15, 2017, 5 p.m.

Hosted By



Eithne Ferrando Fortunato Esoka Preston Ford(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Palestone Manor - Adrienne's Chambers

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Comments and Log

Aida, 6 Pravus Honor Guard arrive, following Belladonna.

Ferrando trucks in because punctuality! Also there is basically never a bad time to hit up the old Pravus gardens, and a mysterious something-or-other event is as good a reason as any. "Don't let the puppy chase that calf all over the place," he advises his companion (i.e. Eithne) casually.

Ford regards the calf as he makes his way into the gardens, watching it with some recognition. Like he'd met the guy before. There's a small smirk on his face before he continues out towards the pools, instinctively crouching down to wiggle fingers through the salt water. Even if it is too cold to get in.

Eithne keeps the pup named Smokey on a leash while out an about but Ferrando's words resonate as she looks over to the calf with a bit of amusement. "Adorable. I wasn't expecting to see one here actually." The armorer saunters in beside the big bouncer, sliding her arm in his once they find a nice little spot.

Preston makes his steps into the walled garden. For his part, Preston is looking quite unremarkable today - no glinty armour or flowing capes, instead just the diamondplate and regular steel swords at his hip on his sword belt. Preston's forearm controls the two blades, to stop him from accidentally stabbing anyone as he walks - even with a scabbard that's a bit pokey. However, there is food. On trays. And that gets his attention. Wriggling his fingers, Preston snags a canape that is quickly disappeared.

Esoka's posture is a little stiff as she enters the gardens of Pravus manor. This is a //very// unfamiliar place for her. There's foood and drink, though, and she's quick to acquire some of that. "That is good?" she asks Preston, of the canape. Considering grabbing one.

While the food is circulating and all is going according to plan, Belladonna is perhaps a moment or two late in arriving. The little blonde is wrapped up heavily in a cloak, her jewelry fairly simple tonight, her hair pulled up appropriately but without a whole lot of anything fancy. Still, she's wearing her fireweave, so it doesn't really need all of the fiddly bits. She pauses at the end of the path for a moment to take everything in, then smiles to herself and turns to collect a glass of wine. "Thank you for coming, everyone." It may surprise some to hear her voice lift, call out to address the gardens at large. Since she's usually so quiet, and all. "I'm going to get the talky bits started in about a half hour, so please feel free to mingle and relax. And don't forget to have plenty to drink; it makes this game a great deal more fun."

Ford swishes to the side a bit, surveying the drinks table. There's some deliberation involved. Even a fair amount of indecision, but it's cold out. Cold for a far souther like Ford. So it's only natural that he makes himself a glass of Setarco Fire.

"It is a bit, uh, random," Ferrando agrees with a curious look at the calf. "Somebody's pet, perhaps? I suppose if it was about to be dinner it probably wouldn't have such a nice ribbon." Because that's just mean. "Got any drinks preference before the 'talky bits'?" he asks Eithne cheerfully, throwing Esoka a wave as he notices her over yonder.

With people taking interest in the calf, one of the guards does move to sort of meander nearby to stand closer. It's already been wandered off with once.

"Very good." Preston confirms to Esoka "The Duchess Pravus has rather impeccable taste, so I am sure it is all lovely. And I'm sure there is a very adaquate proverb which tells us to enjoy such things." Preston watches more of the snacks circulate infront of him and he eyes. Very much like a lion watching a herd of gazelle stroll past. Or a lion at some kind of buffet, but still, certainly a hungry thing at a place with sufficient vittles. And so he promptly scarfs another, different, canape before dutifully clapping a little for Belladonna at her speech. "Sir Preston. Templar of the Faith" he finally offers by way of greeting to Esoka

"Your guess is as good as mine." Eithne tilts her head up to flash Ferrando a little smile. When Belladonna appears, the armorer gives the Duchess a polite bow. Trying to curtsey in leather pants never looks good. "Let's see. I suppose a glass of wine. When in the Lyceum do as the Lycenes do."

Belladonna answers Eithne's bow with a warm smile and a dip of her head. She doesn't interrupt the conversation there, but certainly acknowledges the greeting. Others are smiled at as well, and once she's got her wine in hand she meanders over to stand by the steaming of the two pools to stand there and sip from it. She settles into her more usual quiet for the moment, attentive to the others present.

"Dame Esoka Greenblood. Sword of the Twainfort and sworn knight to House Riven," she gives her introduction to Preston, in return for his. She takes a canape, eating it in a bite. It's chewed, and she makes a low "Mmm" sound. It meets with her approval. She snags one more, before the tray is beyond her. "I am unfamiliar with the Duchess of Pravus' parties. But this //is// a grand spread." She spots the wave from Ferrando, looking rather relieved when she spots him. "Ferrando! Hello!" Her head turns at Belladonna's words. But when they're told the talky bits will come later, she happily returns to the food and drinks.

Ford casually makes his way over to the steaming pools with Belladonna, lifting the back of his vibrant coat up a bit, hoping some of that steam will rise up into it. Barbara detaches from Ford's side and goes to park herself in the gazeebo, tucking herself into her own large cloak.

Ferrando mirrors Eithne when she bows to Belladonna, and afterwards troops off to pick up a few goblets of wine and bring them back. "Hey, c'mon, let me introduce you to some people. It's a knight and a Templar, those types always love to meet an armorsmith," he observes a bit teasingly as he leads Eithne back towards Esoka and Preston.

Preston returns Esoka's greeting by bowing his head "A pleasure" the Templar offers with a small smile "I must admit I am not too familiar with the Duchess' parties, I am afraid I know her from her work with the Faith, but - her good taste has often been commented on. And well, who would argue with the Lycean? Though I should apologise to her at some point. My choices were either these simple clothes or my full armour. And full armour tends to not be very party happy."

The rim of her glass presses to her lips just as Ferrando mentions meeting some folks. Eithne's brows rise and she swallows her sip quickly. "Ooh. Networking. I like it. Yes, let's introduce me to people." Her lips curve into a brilliant smile that reaches her eyes. Smokey follows and for now he's being a rather good boy. Training has been paying off it seems.

Wine is sipped from, and Belladonna continues watching those present. When Ford follows her to the side ofthe pool she smiles up in his direction, lifting her glass in greeting. "Marquis Ford," she says. "It is so very good to see you. Thank you, for your donations. We certainly appreciate them."

Esoka chuckles low to Preston. "I had much the same dilemma. I don't go to many parties like this." Her own leathers are of good quality, but more suitable to work than cocktails. She //does// look like she washed before coming and took some time to comb out her curls. So there's that, at least. Her smile to Ferrando and Eithne is bright and friendly. "Have you tried these?" she points at the canape she's holding, as they approach. "They're very good!" She eats it, to emphasize this.

Ford offers the Duchess a smile with a curled eyebrow and slow nod, "Of course. The idea of this little adventure was incredibly appealing to me, so it seemed only fair to help out with the prizes. Especially if I was going to participate." Then he offers his glass to her for a little clinky clinky, "I'm looking forward to the festivities." He takes a small sip, "And of course, it's always so nice to see you, Duchess Belladonna."

Ferrando trucks up to Esoka and Preston with wine (and a dog). "I haven't tried them yet, but those look pretty good," he says as he stops and regards the two amiably. "Dame Esoka, lovely to see you again. And Sir Preston, it's been a while! Good to see you've made it through the siege all right." He gestures to Eithne. "Might I have the pleasure of introducing my companion, Eithne Thornburn? Proprietress and armorsmith at Fire and Brimstone near the city center."

Attention over on Esoka, Preston, Eithne, and Ferrando, Belladonna smiles up sidelong at Ford, happy enough to lift her glass to his. "It should be a great deal of fun," she says. "The prizes are...going to be very, very good. I am quite impressed at the turnout provided by our...various benefactors." She chuckles, for that. "Pravus has interesting friends." Her smile is briefly playful.

Ford laughs quietly, despite it's volume it's a delightful rich laugh, "Benefactors sounds so ominous."

"Mm. Well. I go to the odd event - the temples do through parties, and someone has to stop trouble." Preston explains to Esoka "And I am personal guard to His Most Holy. He sometimes goes to nice events, but yes. Rarely call for us knights at such things. Unless someone gets drunk and starts challengine each other of course." Preston gives Ferrando a bow of his bed as the man comes up to them "I am glad everyone who made it through the siege did so, and pray each day for those who did not. It has been a hard year. A hard year." But, the introduction gets a bow from Preston too in Eithne's direction "A pleasure. I take it from the name you work in steel as well as leather?"

Esoka inclines her head to Eithne. "Well-met. An armorsmith, are you?" She's intrigued. "I think I've happened by your store a time or two. Your work has a good reputation. Have you been established in this city long?" A low laugh, at Preston's bit about drunken challenges. "I don't //think// we need worry too much about that here. Though the evening is young. Who knows." She drinks of her own wine. Slowly. //She// is not going to be issuing any drunken challenges, probably.

"Does it? It does not have a negative connotation to me, but..." Belladonna gives a light shrug of her shoulders, sending another smile aside his way. "I should get the formalities out of the way, so people can be free. This is possibly the least engaging thing of the whole affair." She swallows heavily from her glass, then gestures towards the other guests for Ford, starting in that direction herseslf.

With a nod, Ford releases the end of his coat, while not content with the amount of steam he got, it'll have to do. He finishes a big gulp of that Fire and makes his way towards the rest of the group.

"A pleasure to meet you, Dame Esoka and Sir Preston." Eithne extends her hand to give both Esoka and Preston a nice hearty handshake while not spilling a drop of her wine. "Just metal. No leather at the moment. But, I can work all sorts of metal including alaricite." The smile on her face is that of one who is rather proud of her accomplishments. "I have lived in Arx my whole life. My father owned the shop before I did."

Ferrando nods with a faintly grim expression to Preston's description of the last year as a hard one. "Indeed, the Compact has faced many trials and lost many valiant people. Still, we have persisted, and overcome some daunting challenges, so I remain optimistic for the future." But he's evidently been lured enough by Esoka's canape demonstration to snag a few from a passing tray and try them out. "Hmm," he declares approvingly.

"Alaricite? Impressive - though I think my sword caused enough people to try and attack the faith, if Templars were wondering around in alaricite we might have a spot of bother." Preston taps the reflective hilt on his diamondplate sword. He spies Belladonna approaching and he gives the Pravus duchess a bow of his head.

"So good!" Esoka enthuses about the canapes again to Ferrando. She eyes that tray again, but does not get anymore. For now. Tempted as she looks. Eithne's handshake is answered with a firm one of her own. "Alaricite? A skill to be envied. I might have to ask you for advice on how to get a business established here. My cousin is a smith and recently came to Arx. Her work is of quality, but the place is a bit daunting for one unfamiliar with its sprawl." Her head turns toward Belladonna as the woman approaches, and she offers a quick bow.

"Well met, and thank you for coming," Belladonna offers for the greetings, stepping in to stand beside Preston and smiling to the little group as a whole. "This is a small group, so it shouldn't take long. This is a team game -- while you are not required to form teams, it will be a daunting task otherwise. Each team will get a list of fifty traits, and the objective is to go out and collect signatures from those people who fit the categories. Some of them will be beased on appearances, but most of the traits require actually striking up conversation with people, to ask a few questions and the like. If your team finishes their list, you turn it in and get a new list. The winner is whichever team has the most signatures at the end of two weeks. Prizes will be based on the numbers collected. Teams can have up to five people on them, but a person can only be on one team.

Ferrando notes confidentially to Eithne, "These canapes are pretty all right, I guess." It doesn't have anything to do with trying to get out of having to share any, of course. He glances at Preston's sword a trace curiously before grinning at Esoka. "A weaponsmith, I'd hope! I mean, nothing wrong with a little competition I suppose, but still," he observes cheerfully.

"Truth be told, not too many come in looking for a full alaricite suit of armor. Not yet anyhow." Eithne tells Esoka. When the other woman mentions advice on building a business, the young armorsmith lights up. "Absolutely. I'd love to help out however I can. Have her send word my way and we can find time to meet and talk." Belladonna begin speaking then and Eithne quiets down to listen carefully to the hostess as she explains the rules of the game. As a server passes with a tray of canapes, she steals one or two and quietly indulges.

"A very novel idea to get people to know their neighbours, I am sure The Faith will approve, m'lady." Preston offers to the Pravus noblewoman, a small bow of his head. Preston smiles as he straightens back up and looks at the gaggle of people around again "I hope you will understand if I admire your game but don't take part, m'lady? It might be unseemingly for one so close to the Most Holy - we would not want people to think The Faith's attention were only with them for a game."

Esoka laughs to Eithne. "I think I could work my whole life and never have enough silver for alaricite armor. So I'll not be getting any for myself. But it //would// be a sight." She listens to the rules as Belladonna explains them, letting out a low whistle at the challenge of fifty signature. Her jaw sets determinedly, though. "I shall take part! It sounds fun. Though I might have to pursue a few for a team who aren't at this fine party."

Ford folds his arms across his chest as he listen, pondering who he could wrangle into being part of his team. He takes a short drink and rests the glass in the crook of his elbow.

Ferrando listens attentively to the rules and then glances to Eithne. "Sounds like a fun little way to get out and about. I'm down. So, got any spectacular name ideas for our team?" he asks cheerfully.

"The expectation is that far more people will be participating than actually manage to be present -- this as positively last minute, and it's a game that we'll be playing for a week. I will be sending lists out tomorrow, and will not stop providing them for quite a while. Enlist the rest of your team, if you wouldlike. I am sure more teams will develop." Preston's words have her laughing softly, tilting her head to him. "I suppose I can understand that," she says. "I will not pout too very much."

"I love this idea." Eithne murmurs back to Ferrando. "And the canape was delicious." She adds as a side note. "Let's see. A team name for you and me? Hmm. So many come to mind but I"m not sure they're at all proper to share in public." A chuckle accompanies her wink and nudge.

"I am sure I will feel suitably guilty for any distress I guess, m'lady." Preston answers back lightly, another bow of his head. The discussion between Eithne and Ferrando does make Preston's eyebrow raise, but, disciples are disciples. "Do you still wish to discuss your shrine after the event, Duchess? If you are tired, I can always catch you another time?"

Esoka gives Belladonna another bow. "I see, my lady! I shall assemble my party for this task!" Quest of games.

Ferrando wrinkles his nose at Eithne. "Yes, let's keep the naming possibilities down to ones that wouldn't be borderline scandalous to be announced as the winners," he deadpans before smirking. "So team Awesome Artiglios it is, then!" Bit of a unilateral decision there. He also shrugs cheerfully at Preston's eyebrow raise. Skaldians gonna Skald, after all.

"I would like to do so, yes," Belladonna answers Preston without hesitation, nodding to him. He's studied only briefly before she turns her attention back to the others, the conversation drawing out a low laugh. "Perfect. You all are pefect -- this truly will be a great deal of fun. If you write your name down on the table before you leave, I will send lists out tomorrow. If you've any suggestions of traits to make, there is a book for those over there, as well. If anyone asks any of you about getting their own list, make sure they know that a list is intended for a team of up to five people, but that they just have to write me a note to ask for one. Did I miss anything? Does anyone have questions?"

Eithne turns slowly to give Ferrando an incredulous look. "But I am not an Artiglio." As if she has to remind him of that and she flicks at his arm playfully. "Let's see about grabbing a few more people before we get a name, yes? Otherwise your uncle is going to have to wonder who all these new family members are." She flashes Preston a cheery little grin.

Ford spies the book for writing down your name and kind of inches that way, is far more interested in finishing the last bit of his drink. When the Fire is finished, he sets it on the table and bends over a bit, grabbing the pen and putting his fancy signature in the book.

"Minor detail. I'm taking the initiative! You can be an honorary Artiglio. Or just agree to let us get all the credit for winning," Ferrando replies breezily, somewhat obviously messing with Eithne. "Orrr I -guess- we could come up with a name later like practical, boring people, sure." He bows to Belladonna appreciately. "I believe I understand what's to be done. Thank you kindly for organizing this, Duchess Belladonna! It should prove to be a very entertaining little adventure for us all."

"You are most welcome," Belladonna answers, bowing her head to Ferrando and then offering another smile when she straightens. The group in general gets a bit of a bow, more shoulders than anything else. "Thank you all again; feel free to let me know if you have questions along the way. And please, enjoy yourselves here as long as you might like; there is plenty of food and drink and the like." That said, she makes to slip back from the cluster of people, turning to head over towards a couple of the guards.

Esoka nods to Belladonna. "Aye, I think I've an idea of what's needed. This does sound fun, and an excuse to venture into bits of the city I've neglected." The duchess is given another bow, before Esoka wanders over to put down her name on the sign-up sheet.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ferrando before departing.

Preston bows his head again "Of course, m'lady. As Father Orazio directs, I'll be happy to tend to whatever needs you have of the Faith and provide what counsel we can." The Templar smiles back at Eithne - though there is a touch of confusion. He isn't sure what the grins and smiles are for, but that is no reason to not smile! "I wish you the best of luck, Ferrando. Ah. Well. And to everyone, of course."

"Yes, Thank you for organizing this game, Duchess Belladonna." Eithne echoes Ferrando this time. She turns to him once more and gestures to the book where others are writing down team names. "Oh, please, be my guest. Awesome Artigios for the win. I'll let you have this one." She glances over to Esoka once more then back to Ferrando. "We could always join forces with Dame Esoka."

"This should be a fun exercise." Ford says with a small smirk as he steps away from the sign up sheet, "Thank you for the distraction, Duchess, Gods know I needed it."

Ugarte arrives, following Fortunato.

Ferrando glances over toward Esoka. "Well, I'd have no problems with taking her aboard, although I'd entirely understand if she wanted to organize her own venture as well," he notes before loking back to Eithne with a smile. "But let's not get -too- competitive here! I'm happy finishing last as long as we get to have some fun together."

Esoka looks up from her signing, considering Ferrando and Eithne. "Are you looking for more teammates? I'd happily work with you. I'm sure the Graysons will field a team - or several - but I'd be in with the highborns, and, well." She smiles. Commons represent! "Have you anyone else? I was thinking of trying to rope First Officer Calaudrin into my venture. He keeps saying he needs hobbies, so I try to make him do things now and then." And being forced to do things is a hobby!

Fortunato drifts in, terribly late. At least he drifts in apologetically, removing his somewhat ragged hat with an, "Apologies, unavoidably delayed," and gathers himself close to the heat.

There is nodding for those that repeat their thanks, though Belladonna sets into a few moments of quiet conversation with the guards. She's watching those present still though, looking generally pleased with herself. Once that quick conversation is finished though, she collects a glass ofwine and makes to slip back towards the house. The servants are still present with food and drink and the like, though.

"Oh, that's interesting Dame Esoka. I just purchased a few things from Calaudrin's shop earlier today." Eithne looks back up to Ferrando again, gauging his reaction. "Team of five, if we have you, me, Dame Esoka and she pulls in Calaudrin, then we just need one more."

Ferrando snaps his fingers. "Officer Estardes!" he agrees cheerfully. "He'd be a great addition. Maybe I can drag in my boring lawyer cousin for a fifth, and we'll be good to go." He nods to Fortunato on his approach. "Or Fortunato, maybe! Hey, Fortunato."

Barbara, the stalwart Stormward secretary leaves, following Ford.

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