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Celebration of Blooms (Part I)

Part one of the floral festival thrown by Aconite Whisper, Lady Carissa Malespero, and Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi.

Opening with a catered garden party with tiny cakes and floral teas (and a few floral liquors and wines). This marks the beginning of the festival during which a contest will be held by Lady Malespero and Marquessa Proscipi.

There will also be a separate contest for Flower Sculpture which will be headed by Aconite.

All Entries will be anonymous until such a time as the winners are announced. Details of these contests will be posted shortly.

Along with the tea party there will be performances by Nightingale Gianna, Softest Whisper Cesare, and several others interested in performing for the festival. There will be an area for creating floral jewelry and other fun activities such as the maypole.


Nov. 19, 2021, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Aconite Carissa Cassiopeia

GM'd By





Outside Arx - Lodge of Petrichor - Field of Petals

Largesse Level


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