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Springtime Faire

Come celebrate the blossoming spring with a fair held by House Telmar. Enjoy the season with games, drinks, food, music, and fun.


Oct. 15, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Isabeau Tesha


Patrizio Grady Pasquale Theophania Cesare Monique Neve Drake Vasile Thea Avita Salvador Ciaphas Marius



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - Outer Courtyard

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Isabeau stands with Tesha in the center of the decorated courtyard, a figure in pale yellows and blossoming flowers and seraphically sweet smiles. And it's utterly impossible to hide how very pregnant the young duchess is now. "Welcome, welcome!" the sweet contralto voice greets as things begin, "Welcome to our home, we're so very glad to host you. And happy spring!"

Various game areas are set up around as well as food stuffs, and picnic blankets are available. All-in-all, the lively set up is pretty and spring-y, with the scent of flowers everywhere.

For once, one of the Pravusi princes is /not/ late somewhere - Patrizio is not, surprisingly, doing an imitation of his cousin Sebastian and showing up fashionably late. Nor is it with the compulsion of his escort, but indeed, he's arriving in fine fashion with them - a sextet of centurions who are sent to go divert themselves with food and drink - as he moves in the direction of Isabeau and Tesha, to whom he bows to make proper reverence to the hostesses. "Thank you for hosting this marvellous event, my ladies," he says with warmth. "Though I suspect I might prefer the retreat of winter more than a great many who're about here." And even mention of that abyssal season elicits a shudder from him.

Having left Mortimer and his guards somewhere out of the way to enjoy the faire, Grady is in most gallant attendance upon Isabeau, displaying a touch of probably misplaced concern for the pregnant duchess. He's all smiles and a cheerful energy. "I really do wish you'd let me fetch you a chair." If he had any idea how much like Mortimer he sounds right about now, that would go a long way towards shutting him up, but that's a crucial bit of self-awareness that he seems to lack.

After arriving, and taking a moment to check who is already here, Pasquale makes his way across to one of the benches. He settles himself onto that hardy surface, crosses his legs at the ankle, and waits for everyone to sort themselves out.

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Theophania enters with a slight nervous smile on her face. Rare for her, she seems to be entirely without papers and her hair and makeup has actually been attended to. She is no great royal beauty, but it's clear she's put a lot of effort in.

Unaccompanied as usual, she comes over to greet the hosts with a deep curtsey and a bowing of her head. "Thank you for hosting such a lovely event your highnesses, such a bright and radiant morning will shine all the more in our memories for all the care you've put into it," she smiles brightly as she stands up straight, "I don't think I've had the honour of making your acquaintance, I'm Theophania Desmarais, currently minister of coin for house Blanchard."

Cesare is perhaps not embodying the essence of spring in the way that Isabeau is, but who could?! She has just the coloring and the condition for it, after all; Cesare is in gold and crocus purple today, and taking the adages about stopping to smell the flowers to heart as he seems to be pausing every few steps to bury his face in a bouquet of blooms and inhale their ethereal scent. "You look just /marvelous/," he declares to the duchess. "Lord Grady, I am positive that if Duchess Isabeau finds herself in need of a chair, you will have to fight off several admirers for the honor."

"Prince Patrizio, I really think rules dictate you must leave, wait fifteen minutes and come back when you're late." That's Monique's entrance, the Greenmarch arriving with another Greenmarch in tow. "Have you met my cousin, Lady Neve Greenmarch? Duchess Isabeau, Lady Tesha. This is looking far too Valardin. I congratulate you both," she adds with a grin.

3 Seraceni Corsairs, 2 Ischian Mariner, Faizal, A Judgmental Bearded Vulture, Salvador arrive, following Avita.

Tesha's not going to be standing for a long time tonight given she's still healing from Grayhold's attack. Something had went wrong with the wound and we were months later. She gives everyone that is greeting Isabeau a nod of the head and a 'hello' in greeting. Lady Tesha was not the epitome of social butterflieness that Isabeau was and she was letting the Duchess do her thing.

A warm laugh slides from Patrizio at Monique's chiding, and there's a turn of a grin, that dashing little wink to her when he's clucking his tongue. "I think that if I did that, I'd have Bas jealous with me, I fear, my lady, " he says with mock horror, not that he's worried of such things. And the brief dip of his head. "I don't know that I've had the pleasure," says he to Neve, and there's a sketch of a bow. "Patrizio Pravus, not that your cousin hasn't given you clue to that already," offers he to the newly introduced Neve.

Grady looks at Cesare, genuinely distressed for a moment, and then exhales all of that out in a slow breath. He finds his usual smile again, and concedes: "You're right, of course. Please do me the kindness of taking myself away, yes, before I worry myself half to pieces. Or all the way to pieces. You may have come to late from saving me from being half-gone. Those colors are quite nice, by the way. Just enough purple, yes? So easy for a color like that to get to be, ah, a bit too much."

Neve's eyes have been wandering, taking in the various people, activities, foods, until she hears her cousin speak her name and is forced to pay attention to what is happening in the conversation. She nods to Patrizio and replies, "Your highness. I've been out of the city for some time. I'm still settling in."

Drake comes to the party along with Thea, eager to mingle a bit and shake off some of the winter blues. Games always get his attention, being a competetive sort that he is. But he also knows that it's rude to try to win at absolutely everything at an event like this. The most important thing is to first greet the hostess, so he walks up and gives Isabeau a slight bow in greeting. "Thank you for hosting tonight."

A smile is granted and bestowed upon Patrizio as Isabeau offers a slight curtsey, the expression oh-so-natural and brilliant on her romantically beautiful features. "Thank you for coming, your Highness. It's always a delight to see you." Her attention drifts very briefly to Grady as she scrunches her nose in a playful expression, "Dear Lord Grady, when I am ready to sit after greeting people, you will be the first I ask to help."

To Theophania, the duchess offers another smile, "Thank you, Theophania. I'm Duchess Isabeau Telmar, Valardin's mistress of coin - which rightly means, we will need to set up a meeting quite soon." And then there is Cesare whose delightful presence always draws forth shining warmth from the young lady, "Cesare, it's been much too long. Thank you - and you look perfect as you should too." Then to Monique, "I avoided the joust this time. Was the flower pole a bit much?" She raises a finger to indicate a pole off to the side, woven with flowers and ribbons all over.

Cesare takes Grady's elbow and links it through his own, giving him a little reassuring pat on the forearm. "What, like an entire outfit of the color purple?" He asks innocently, eyes wide. "I'd never be caught dead in such a thing. Imagine." Spotting the impossible-to-miss Monique, he gives a little wiggle of his fingers, the corner of his mouth twitching up. "Another new Greenmarch? How exciting. Lady Neve, I'm Cesare, Softest of Whisper House, and this is Lord Grady Deepwood."

Vasile arrives late, drawing through the courtyard's entrance at an easy pace. Those pale blue eyes shift over the gathered crowd, cold and observant, never lingering in one place for long. The southern warleader treats himself to a glass of red wine from a passing servant and takes up position on the sidelines, avoiding the hustle bustle of activity. From there, he watches and waits, the brim of that glass gracing his cracked lips as he accepts the first sip of the evening.

"I don't think I can stand to be around you if you win another thing,"Thea mutters to Drake, though her eyes appears amused. When they get to their destination, she smiles a moment at Isabeau. "Duchess. Thank you for hosting,"as her eyes take in the group. "Messere Theophania. You look rather nice today. Hello Prince Patrizio, Lord Grady, Whisper Cesare." Thea is trying to greet everyone, honest. "Lady Neve, it's been quite sometime,"she says with a slight smile. "Lady Tesha. How are you feeling?"

"You've missed much then," Patrizio says to Neve, as he's getting himself something to drink, the better to have his hands full to some extent while he converses, those jade eyes twinkling as he looks to Monique. "I'm sure that your cousin is doing quite a bit to ensure you're getting back up to speed with what you've not seen." His attention does briefly stray to Cesare, to whom he inclines his head with a warm smile, and the softest murmur of greetings to the Softest Whisper. "We do keep running into each other, Messere."

Thea's greeting gets another dip of his head. "My lady Wyvernheart, it's good to see you once again."

"Bas doesn't have a jealous bone in his body," Monique counters with an easy laugh. "But you'd have missed out on meeting my cousin and I'll agree that that would have been a travesty. It's a bit overwhelming, the City, when you're used to the forest." She has a sympathetic smile for Neve. "And she could use friendly faces around her. Which is why I brought her here, and oh! Softest Whisper! Lord Grady." Grady gets a green-eyed wink. "Save me a dance, my lord? We must make use of the Duchess' flower pole, which is not too much," she tells Isabeau with a grin, "but just enough and don't mind if I steal a few blooms from it as the night goes on?"

"I'm afraid I shall be naught but a pile of pieces by then." Grady has found his sense of humor about the situation somewhere by the time he turns back to smile at Isabeau. "Like one of those wooden picture puzzles, yes? The ones all in the clever little pieces that only lock together one way. One wonders how they make those to fit together so beautifully." And then Cesare is guiding him away. "Well, you could be wearing all jewel tone green. Ah! Lady Monique. You look nice. And Lady Neve!" He bows to Neve when introduced to her by Cesare, a very correct sort of bow that's not half as graceful as it really ought to be, given that Grady himself isn't half as graceful as he really ought to be. "So good to meet you." He bows to Thea, something a lot quicker since she's just passing by, as well.

Having introduced herself and set up a future meeting, Theophania nods politely to the two Wyvernhearts and steps away into the crowd, her sharp blue eyes scanning for particular face. After a few moments recognition dawns on her features and begins to make her way over to lady Monique. Curtseying again, she introduces herself, "Lady Monique Greenmarch, I believe? My name is Theophania Desmarais, the minister of coin for house Blanchard. I wouldn't want to spoil the mood with talk of economics, but I believe I would be an excellent fit for the merchant you have been searching for."

Naturally, the next person Isabeau goes to is the slightly bowing Drake. Perhaps it is her sensitive state or her patron rubbing off, but she goes in for a hug, "Cousin! Thank you for coming. I shall promise not to rope you into a dance, for I fear dancing might give Grady an apoplexy." She laughs in delight and goes in for a hug to Thea as well." She laughs, the sound sweet and musical in her warm contralto tones.

Grady mutters, "I ... to ... ... my thesaurus ... home. ... careless of me."

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"You're right," Drake says to Thea, and chuckles. "I'm a horrible ass about it. We should pick a game I'm rather bad at, like... liar's dice, or cards, or anything that involves counting." He smiles at Theophania, giving her a nod when Thea says hello to her. "Good to see you again." Then Isabeau comes in for a hug, and Drake takes the hug and returns it heartily, though not too roughly. "Happy spring, and early congratulations to you too." Just a slight downward nod but not much of one.

Salvador gets Spring Roses Necklace from Spring Roses Chest.

"She's certainly trying to, but it's a lot. I'm trying to keep up." Indeed, Neve's eyes drift over the gathering faces for a moment before she replies to Cesare. "Good to meet you Softest, Lord Grady," she says to the pair, nodding to each. "Lady Monique thought this would be a good way to get me back into the swing of things."

Now that people have started to gather into little clusters, Pasquale takes a moment to gather himself before raising back up to his feet. He claims a drink and then makes his way across to wherever Salvador is. "You must be as grateful for winter ending as I am."

It's an easy stride that carries Avita into the area, one gloved hand rested at the crook of Salvador's arm as she drags him along with her into the belly of the beast.
The faire.
Vivid golden eyes sweep about over those that have congregated here, a vague smile plastered on darkly painted lips, her expression the sort of bored pleasantry that one might expect from her. It's lazy, but gosh, it sure is nice to see.
Her head dips in a bow as they pass by Patrizio, a glance spared Grady's way with some measure of recognition settling in there without really amounting to much, her attentions too easily captured by one thing or another. "I do appreciate you coming along, my dear, I've no earthly idea where Ciaphas has gotten off to." She mutters to Salvador, still clinging to his arm. "Arriving without a gentleman on my arm, why ... it would be unthinkable, wouldn't it? Better to parade about a strapping fellow and stir scandalous rumour than to arrive alone and give others hope that I might've finally tossed him aside." She nods softly at that, her attentions drifting back to the 'party' with denied interest.

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Tesha gives a dip of her head to others before she steps back, greetings were over for the moment and that was fine! She gives a look to Thea, "Countess, I am feeling better. It is good to see everyone turn out for the faire." she states. She gives a look around to see if anyone she knows might be turning up and so far that is no one. She gives a look down to Atramentous and pats his head, "You and Cale can go running off in a moment." she whispers.

"Theophania Desmarais, it's a pleasure to meet you and I can assure you it's never a bad time to talk about money," Monique replies to Theophania with a teasing grin. "Especially from someone who already hails from a position that speaks volumes on their acumen. Tell me your story, how you came to be Minister? We can steal Neve away and have a seat somewhere quiet, or I can leave you to the good care of the Softest Whisper and Prince Pravus?"

Cesare shares a nearly-silent conversation, brief though it may be, with Grady and Monique, before his attention is drawn back to Neve. "I daresay the city can be overwhelming even for those who grew up in a city. I found it somewhat overwhelming when I first came here, too. Less so now, though I still have my moments."

"Says the overall winner of the Knight Games!" Isabeau says to Drake, smiling in answer, "Did you ever find a use for your prizes?" She asks. It is entirely worth noting that there is a trio of cats somewhere nearby and at hand, all three of them doing nothing more than watching the pretty blond. She has managed to do a great job of ignoring them at least. She quirks a smile at Grady as she supplies, "Incapacity of speech due to angry spluttering. It was a rather dramatic way of putting you'd be worried, I suppose."

"It seems as though we're the outliers, hmm?" Vasile murmurs, almost beneath his breath, though his husky voice manages to carry to Pasquale, who he steps up to linger a few steps from. "Shall we form a temporary alliance, my lord?" His lips, a touch too dry, manage to quirk at either corner as he considers the seated nobleman.

Salvador nods softly, "It is my pleasure to have been blessed with your company, I just hope Ciaphas doesn't get upset" pose chuckles in good humor.

"My lady. My lord. It's been forever since we've seen each other, and at least this time, things aren't trying to kill us from the jungles." Patrizio's laughing when he's noticing Avita and Ciaphas, and his smile for them is a thousand watts simply because it can be. "Though I know not what we should expect from the various things - I've yet to have actually wandered to this portion of the city." Vasile, who he recognizes as well, is given a meaningful nod of the head, and lift of that cup that he's holding to salute him.

Neve nods to Monique and gives her cousin a reassuring smile. "Yeah, let's find a place to sit, but..." She looks to the prince and the whisper. "I'll catch up with you later?"

Theophania returns a polite nervous smile that she quickly turns into something more genuine as she responds, "As you prefer my lady. Of those you mentioned I've only made the acquaintance of the Softest, and as for the story behind my position? I'm afraid it's relatively mundane. Chevalle is where I was born, and as one of most prominent merchants and economists in the city from Blanchard's realm... these things aligned relatively simply."

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"It's certainly a way to meet a lot of people at once," Grady says to Neve, after a brief, preturbed exchange with Cesare and Monique. "But speaking from recent experience, you're doing quite well if you remember half the names you learn. Still, at least the ice is broken, yes? Doubly so, since we're at a festival to mark the melting of winter's ice, and all that." He beams a beatific smile back towards Isabeau. "I do hope you're not hoping for a regrettable pun regarding the taking of tongues by cats, my lady, as I can assure you that I'm mountains above such things."

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Thea accepts Isabeau's hug, amused at Isabeau's words. "Perhaps you can just gift him with cards next time, yes?" Thea goes to find a drink, a smile to Monique as well. "Lady Monique, it's good to see you again as well. It's been quite sometime." Grabbing a drink as she goes to find a seat, she spies Pasquale. "Pasq. Lord---,"her gold-flecked green eyes looking to Vasile as she drags her words a bit. "How are you both?"

Ciaphas arrives. Not with fanfare, nor with a cheer, but with the sauntering swagger of someone who has definitely pre-gamed before arriving at the main event - a smile plastered over his lips. It continues up until he comes alongside Salvador and Avita, pausing as he comes up against Salvador's side - an arm draping across the man's shoulders as he offers a beaming smile. "Well," He starts. "I am here." He finishes. Pay no heed to the fact that he's leaning a bit on Salvador.

"Please, go and chat," Cesare says, waving his hand to Monique, Theophania, and Neve. "I'll be around. I am everywhere, as Prince Patrizio notes, and impossible to avoid, for those who are particularly unfortunate." He says all of this in such a matter-of-fact way it's nearly impossible to tell if he's joking or serious.

The Marquis of Greenhaven arrives with little in the way of announcement, having recently returned to the city from being away for quite some time. He's clad in what is usual for him, nicer doeskin leather pants with matching boots and a vest of greens and earth tones. He does move with an easy grace with a bit of pep to his steps. His emerald eyes dance about and offer a deep nod, half bow, and friendly smile where appropriate. Finally, he spots his family at a bench and makes his way in that direction. "Quite the gathering!" Marius says as he draws near to the heavy bench.

"Lady Thea," Monique greets as she leads Theophania and Neve toward a bench that she promptly stubs her toe on. "Ow," the Greenmarch mutters as she hops on one leg a moment, cursing under her breath. "That's a wicked bench. Should be outlawed!" She turns to Neve and Theophania. "Have you heard much about the Dream, Mistress Theophania?"

Salvador "Ah nice of you to join us Ciaphas! Seems like you have already had a bit of a party already." Offers Ciaphas another drink

Theophania cocks her head to one side, her piercing eyes weighing up Cesare. She smirks slightly and returns to the conversation.

Patrizio grins a little bit when Cesare's at least commenting on what he says, though there's a cluck of his tongue. "Hardly unfortunate. Just an interesting happenstance the gods permit now and again. Just means we have a common taste in company." He briefly considers Salvador, especially while Ciaphas is leaning on him, and there's a commiserating smile and the lift of his glass in salute.

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"If you like." Pasquale says to Vasile. "I'm Lord Pasquale Malespero. I doubt I will be competing though." he tilts his gaze towards the horseshoes. "Although Horseshoes might just about be possible." he looks back to Salvador and from there Ciaphas. "I don't recall meeting the two of you before."

Vasile returns Patrizio's salute with his own, rough chin dipping in a firm nod, along with a pleasant enough smirk that signals some amount of friendliness and familiarity. However, his attentive gaze is soon drawn to Thea - who he offers a polite nod: "Count Vasile Corvini. I hope you don't mind my attendance at your event, my lady."

There's a huffed scoff that's let out through her nose at Salvador's words, Avita's gaze momentarily cast his way, her lips curling in a smirk as her brows give a slow lift. Certainly, she's about to say something awful about Ciaphas and the upset that could be forthcoming, a breath taken in and hanging there as the former Eurusi Prince makes his appearance, and her expression sours into a scowl. It's possible the shipwright hasn't noticed the large man making his approach, but the Marquessa of Ischia certainly does.
She lets the held breath out in an audible sigh, eyes rolling just far enough to direct her attentions toward Patrizio. At his smile, hers blossoms new, appropos of a spring faire. "Dear Prince, it is splendid to see you when we both are clean, unbitten and unmolested by the jungle and its unsavory denizens. Why, I hardly recognised you, your hair unmussed, and me ... no longer screaming, nor being eaten. I daresay this is a far more pleasant occasion for conversation."
And then her attentions slide back to Ciaphas. "A shame, that." She dryly retorts, looking to Salvador, "There, see? He's not upset. He's just horrible."

Theophania says, "I might have my lady, but I'm afraid my mind is unfortunately barren of the clanging of bells."

Grady gives Monique a sympathetic smile after she's left hopping around. "They do that to punish the rest of us for not wearing the, ah. Hmm. The armored... foot things. What are those called? Frightfully handy when it comes to bashing ones feet on things, I'd expect."

"I'm Countess Thea Wyvernheart,"Thea introduces to Vasile with a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you." She takes a drink, telling him with a nod toward Isabeau,"This event is Duchess Isabeu's. Im not sure you'll ever find me as gracious host."

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Canting a look towards Isabeau at Thea's gesture, the Count gives a slight, understanding nod - those ruddy cheeks, bearing a slight warm from the wine, dimpled at her words. "The pleasure is mine, Countess. I find you hard to believe. But leave it to an Oathlander to be humble." He draws in another swig and wets his lips, watching those gathering for the game.

Lips pursed, Ciaphas dutifully takes the drink from Salvador. His gaze drifts momentarily towards Avita, and he arches his left eyebrow before letting it drop - then Patrizio is offering a salute. He raises his own drink in return, offering his own introduction. "I am..," A momentary pause, he has finished his salute and must take a drink - this is a custom that he does his best to be observant of. It goes a little beyond a sip, and stops before it becomes a gulp. He lowers the drink. "The Marquis Ciaphas Seraceni." He offers his best inclination of his head.

His arm around Salvador tightens, allowing him to straighten upright. "An absolute delight!" He offers this as some sort of overall greeting to those addressed, with a sidewards wink towards Avita. "I am always wounded so deeply by your words, my glorious Wife. More surely than any blade or barb." He states with a flourish to his heart with his drinking hand - a miracle he doesn't slosh it, but sometimes minor miracles happen.

When Isabeau asks Drake about prizes, he smiles a bit. "I found a use for some, yes," he says, but he's a little coy about it. He finally adds: "I had an anniversary as it turns out." He claps his hands together once, ready for whatever the next competition might be. "But I promise I don't win all the time."

Tesha gives a smile to others that are speaking before she whistles softly for the two dogs that have been patiently waiting at her side to wander off. She then looks about for the seat that one of her guards had prepared for her and she wanders that way. She was definitely not a party person, but had wanted to help with favors and other things for the Faire.

Isabeau clasps her hands together, smiling happily as she speaks up, "Oh, the horseshoe tournament thing is about to start! Everyone gets three tosses and the one who does the best gets a prize!" She glances around and reaches out to give Tesha an arm-pat as she wanders off, and a soft compliment, "You look glorious, cousin." Then she's bustling off to the horseshoes. She is much too dignified to have her gait called a waddle, but on another woman, it might have been a waddle.

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Thea winks at Vasile. "I was born a lycene. I was a Malvici before I married,"her eyes drifting toward Drake. She snorts when she hears him. "My husband is also a Champion and wins just about--everything. But thank you for the flattery." Thea looks to Salvador as well, her head nodding. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well.." But then she finds herself getting distracted at the mention of a new game.

Monique checks dexterity and legerdemain at hard. Monique is successful.

Monique checks dexterity and legerdemain at hard. Monique marginally fails.

Monique checks dexterity and legerdemain at hard. Monique is successful.

A smile when Patrizio's listening to Ciaphas introducing himself, though there's a brief shake of his head, turning his attention back to Isabeau and her instructions. "At least this is easier than some of the other things I've failed at, of late," can be heard to pass the lips of the prince-general and... sigh. He's contemplating those ahead of him, the better to see if there's a technique or the like that works.

Monique detaches herself from the bench, careful this time of its penchant for stubbing toes. To the field of horseshoe honor she goes, a look of excitement on her features. "I haven't played this in... oh, it's been far too long! Good idea, Duchess, Lady Tesha." And she'll take her turn, lining up the first shot to the further peg, clanging it nearly around. "Shouldn't be too hard to do that again!" But it is. There's a fiery invective as the second shot goes just shy. Determination makes the third shot ring true and the Greenmarch steps back looking mollified.

"Now now, I don't win EVERYTHING." Drake watches Monique, nodding. "Fairly successful there, for example. I'm not so good at handling small things as larger ones," he adds. Is this merely weapon chat or is it somehow innuendo? It's dry and guileless so maybe it's literally just weapon talk but you can't always tell with Drake.

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Vasile absently cradles his glass on wine, stance casual and relaxed as he watches on from the sidelines. To Patrizio, he offers over: "Take it easy on 'em, your highness." His lips quirk just a touch, content to observe and listen, and polish off the rest of his drink.

Marius watchs Monique as she goes to take her turn at the horseshoes, the first one draws a whispered "Yes," from this lips the second...Not so much, however, the third finds the Marquis bringing his hands together in applause, "Well done sister!" he calls out from the bench.

Theophania checks perception and small wpn at normal. Theophania is successful.

Obviously uncertain how to respond and noticeably out of place Salvador ponders on how to properly respond. Salvador is still getting used to this idea of proper society "Greetings! I am Salvador Costello, Ischia's Minister of Upkeep, and Master Shipwright. Pleasure to meet you"

Theophania checks perception and small wpn at hard. Botch! Theophania fails completely.

Theophania checks perception and small wpn at normal. Critical Success! Theophania is spectacularly successful.

In the meantime, Isabeau offers some of the new-comers one of her seraphically beautiful smiles and heads over to greet them. If Grady follows her, he might follow her, but she looks to Vasile and offers a small curtsey, "Hello my Lord, I do not think we have met. I am Duchess Isabeau Telmar. Welcome to my home."

A grin's offered for Vasile, before he's briefly draining his glass and passing it off to a server, since it's not going to help him to be playing with a hand encumbered. "The only real issue is that I do so much better with Arvum Fire than I do with fun projectiles," he says with a chuckle, as if that's not something that's been borne in mind for him.

Grady has learned his lesson (at least for today), and is neither hovering, nor fretting over Isabeau, although he looks her way pretty frequently as a substitute for said hovering and/or fretting. Just now, he's taking himself well away from the potential line of fire should someone tragically mis-toss a horseshoe.

As though to match Isabeau's curtsey, Vasile bows deeply at the waist - surprisingly curt and practiced despite being all muscle, scars and shadowmeld. "Count Vasile Corvini. Thank you for your hospitality, Duchess." He straightens and trades his emptied glass for a new one as another server passes by, content.

Marius looks about the table and the event, "I fear I would completely embarrass myself up there. Thankfully my sister has a mean arm with small metal objects," he muses, "There was this bowl when we were younger that she cracked me in the head with from across the room effortlessly." this is said to no one particular, though his eyes do flicker to Neve, "I am so happy you're back."

Theophania nods her head to her fellow benchgoers as she steps up to take her turn. With a canny flick of her wrist the first horseshoe lands on the central mark and gradually spirals it's way down to the ground. She smirks to herself and, emboldened, weighs up the distance to the furthest. Seemingly realising just how far away it is she gives the shoe a mighty throw, sending it spiralling off into the garden, only narrowly avoiding Grady as he steps back.
Momentarily mortified, she shakes her head, weighs up the distance again and, with a perfect flick lands the shoe dead-on the middle mark. She rights herself, offers an apologetic smile to the Grady and the attendants, and makes her way back to the bench. She only narrowly avoids a toe-drubbing.

Turn in line: Patrizio

Monique doesn't gainsay Marius' claim, and if anything, smiles all the wider for it.

Patrizio checks dexterity and legerdemain at hard. Patrizio is successful.

Patrizio checks dexterity and legerdemain at hard. Critical Success! Patrizio is spectacularly successful.

Patrizio checks dexterity and legerdemain at hard. Patrizio fails.

Grady's courage does not fail him, and he gives exactly zero high pitched screeches of alarm. Not one! He does backpedal pretty fast, though, and the smile he aims at Theophania is a little bit shaky.

Cesare, meanwhile, is halfway watching the contest of horseshoe-throwing, and halfway peering in vague recognition at the trio of Ischians. He tugs Grady's sleeve to see if thta direction interests him, but heads that way regardless of whether the Deepwood lord cares to accompany him. "I beg your pardon for interrupting," he offers, to Avita in particular. "I believe we spoke once via missive? I am Cesare, Softest of Whisper House. You must be Marquessa Avita Seraceni."

Tesha settles into a seat and there's a smile, "The Duchess is the one that thought of everything. I'm not going to take the credit for that." she offers to the others. She takes a drink of her juice and settles the glass down on the arm of the chair before she settles back in to people watch.

A breath - a profound one, truthfully - before Patrizio's lining himself up with the mark for the throwing. One might well get the impression of just how often he is in his armour, given the ease with which he moves, how he knows what the gear will permit and not, as his arm swings in imitation of those who went before him, the sailing through the air of the metal things as he's launching them towards the post that juts from the earth. The first goes easily enough, and the second gives him the sense that he knows what he's doing at this. "Perhaps this /is/ as easy as Arvum Fire, " comes the inevitable quip, and therefore - the gods not liking a braggart - the third one... falls like a proverbial lead weight to find the soil no where close to that post, before he seems to weigh the result.

"I could've done worse," he assesses. And with a bow, moves to find himself a drink.

Isabeau flashes an amused smile at Grady as he seems to stay away, though also seems to be watching her like a hawk, she smiles kindly to Vasile, "Lovely to meet you, my Lord. I hope you are enjoying the event." She watches the series of horseshoes flying, eyebrows raised and a gasp coming for the best of the throws, "Oh, that was a ringer there."

Turn in line: Thea

As long as Cesare is taking Grady AWAY from potentially getting dinged on the head with a horseshoe, he's game. "Ah, it's my storied dueling partner." He gives Avita a warm, broad smile. "So good to run into you here. Only... I regret to say, I seem to have left my thesaurus at home, terribly careless, I know, and I dearly hope that any failures in vocabulary will not impact my overall score, yes?"

Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Thea is successful.

Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Thea is successful.

Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Botch! Thea fails completely.

"If you don't mind me asking," Vasile drawls, taking on a conversational tone as he engages with Isabeau: "What was your inspiration for such an event?" Mouth obscured by his glass of wine for a few long moments, a swallow and flick of his gaze follow. Patrizio gets a short, amused purse of lips, "Aye, well done. Let's see if you get shown up, my friend."

Theophania grimaces at the last throw before offering Thea a sympathetic smile.

Drake watches Thea step up to the line. It looks good so far, he thinks, watching her hand carefully. He decides, for the sake of harmony at home, not to comment on the last throw. It could happen to anyone after all.

Thea looks over to Marius and chuckles. "You don't want to know what I did to my brothers when I was growing up....small metal objects were the least of their worries." As if to demonstrate, she starts to throw. It's not terrible, until the last one. Which practically slips from the moment she starts.

Turns to Avita and Ciaphas "This is a bit overwhelming to be honest, with so many people around and all the noise it becomes a bit hard to process my thoughts. Is this a common thing for these kind of folk? I cant imagine much work could be done."

Isabeau considers that for a time and then gives a gentle shrug, "In the Oathlands, there are often midspring fairs and I think they are quite charming, so I decided that I would throw something here - it is perhaps a little less rustic and jovial, but the idea came across well enough." She answers in time, her lips purse a little, clicking her tongue to the roof of her mouth, "And really, I spent most of the winner running the Knight games, so I wanted something lively where no one was hitting someone else."

Turn in line: Drake

Drake checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Drake fails.

Drake checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Drake is successful.

Drake checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Drake is successful.

Marius casts a sympathetic look to Thea on the last throw, "You did pretty well with that so I would hate to know what those brothers of yours had to endure! Well done by the way." he offers before lifting a drink that may have been Monique or Neve's, or perhaps one he snagged on his way to the table subtly. Now to Neve, "You will settle back in just fine! Just wait until I deliver these packages that Monique sent over for you."

Drake misses his first throw... the aim was simply off. He clears his throat, and decides ... that one was just a test. The next two are a bit nicer, hitting the target well. He wonders if he over-estimated his ability to hit a small target but it was a good attempt nonetheless. And now... now that it's not important for him to throw something steady, that is... he gets some wine. He leans over toward Thea on his way back. "I ...THINK we're tied."

Turn in line: Pasquale

There's a not so sneaky reach of Avita's hand to steal Ciaphas's prized drink, which she does, indeed, begin drinking for herself. She's halfway through a good draw of the beverage when Cesare approaches, taking the time to finish what she's doing before lowering the glass as her emberlike gaze settles upon him. She's silent for those scant studious moments as she considers him, filtering through her memory for the name. "I must be." Seems she's found something, her smile an easy thing, warm and not without charm, her head bobbing toward him in a nod of greeting. "A pleasure, Softest of Whispers, how fortunate that I might find you here." She lifts a hand to gesture toward Ciaphas, "And you've come just in time to meet my husband, Ciaphas," She uses the same hand to gesture toward Salvador, "And my escort, Minister Salvador Costello."
Grady, being more immediately fresh in her memory, draws her attention and finally recognition, "My dear, were I to reveal to you how it is that I keep score, you might well be able to cheat the system... and then I would not know when to so harshly judge you." A beat of a pause, "... Which would, of course, be as unforgivable as boring me." She moves to hand the empty cup back to Ciaphas.
She looks back toward Cesare then, "I must applaud your sense in fashion, I almost forgot to mention." She adds to the previous statements, pausing to listen to Salvador, shoulders jumping with a soft scoff. "Work!" She barks out the word as though it were a curse, "-Work-!" She repeats, exasperated. "Tsk, pff, work. Is that all you ever think of? Behold, libations! Behold, decadent indulgeance! Behold, fun, games, winning company ... go, Salvador, go and do something other than worry about work."

Pasquale gets up when his name is called and makes his way over to the playing area. He nods his thanks as he receives the shoes and quietly weighs them in his hands as he moves to the start line.

Pasquale checks perception and small wpn at normal. Pasquale is successful.

Pasquale checks perception and small wpn at normal. Pasquale is successful.

Pasquale checks perception and small wpn at normal. Botch! Pasquale fails completely.

Tesha is overheard praising Isabeau.

"Thank you,"Thea tells Marius with a grin. Looking to Drake, she sighs. "And to think I taught you all that. I'm not sure I could live with you if you won." She half teases. Sorta. Maybe. Watching Pasquale, she smiles at him as well.

Vasile has joined the line.

Pasquale seems a little surprised when his first couple of throws actually land where they were supposed to but little surprise at all at the final failure. He eyes the placement for a moment, gives Thea a little smile, and then goes back to the toe-wounding bench to continue his discussion there.

Turn in line: Vasile

There's a moment as Ciaphas mourns the loss of his drink - he remembers it fondly, the memories of it.. was it beer? Was it wine? Was.. Either way, he remembers it fondly. He rallies as Cesare comes to interrupt, smiling to the man with a dip of his head, before he then nudges Salvador forwards with himself before splitting away - with only the minor wobble of someone a tiny bit intoxicated. Only a tiny bit. "It's always busy. Now, do as my radiant Wife so humbly requests, and go have fun." His lips purse, and he's absently pacing off, in search of a fresh drink - abandoning Salvador entirely.

Salvador has joined the line.

Vasile checks strength and small wpn at hard. Botch! Vasile fails completely.

Vasile checks strength and small wpn at hard. Vasile is successful.

Vasile checks strength and small wpn at hard. Vasile is successful.

Patrizio smiles from being his glass, watching the others in their attempts as he's moving to get a better view of those still going after him. There's a grin offered up to something in Monique's glance at him, but then his attention shifts back to the game proper as he fortifies himself with another sip. "I think that there should be more of these games, honestly," he offers, to everyone and no one in particular. "I might get /good/ at this, given more chance to practice."

Isabeau takes a moment to look over at Patrizio, seeming to recollect something as she asks him, "Didn't we bob for apples at the same party once? And I choked on my hair? Mmm. I don't think any sort of practice would have made that better."

"It's only that the Whisper judge has already given me rather terrible marks," Grady laughs, with a sidelong look in Cesare's direction. "Another such failure, and I fear I may be fitted for a dunce cap, and I certainly have not the head to pull one of those off with anything resembling aplomb. Well! At the risk of being a bore, I do wish you would be so kind as to introduce us to the elegant and, ah, well-dressed gentleman who has just been so kind as to donate to you his drink?"

"I see," Vasile murmurs in response to Isabeau, ruminating over her response for several moments before he's struck by divine inspiration. "I suppose I'll try my hand at the game." And just like that, glass of wine in hand, he steps up and takes a horseshoe into one of his calloused mitts. The first toss goes way wide, nearly causing a few on-lookers to scatter, before he finds his range and manages to successfully land two. "Eh."

Turn in line: Salvador

Patrizio considers this when Isabeau addresses him. "I think it was at the opening of Lady Mabelle's Fire Bee," he agrees with the Duchess, and there's a chuckle as if remembering the event is enough joy for him on that. "Yeah, I don't think I want to practice /that/, but I can imagine this has proper applications."

Drake looks at Vasile, a person he hasn't spoken to yet, but who has a good hand too and some interesting armor. He raises his glass in a bit of greeting. "Looks like we're tied as well," he says cheerfully. He gives a glance-nod to the man's sword, being one who takes notice of such things.

Salvador checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Salvador is successful.

Salvador checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Salvador is successful.

Salvador checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Salvador fails.

Vasile raises his half-finished glass in response to Drake's greeting, "To good competition." Even as he's downing the rest of his wine, he follows the Count's gaze. "I came overdressed, eh?" There's the barest of smirks, which looks more like a twitch of his lips, before he takes up a position near Patrizio and relaxes his stance once more.

"Why thank you," Cesare says, pleased. His gaze darts between Grady and Avita, dark and curious as a raven's. "I would say it's nice to meet your husband and your escort, but it seems they've both run away to find more interesting substance than a Whisper." This last is echoed by the distinctly unmelodious sound of one of Salvador's horseshoes clanking metal-against-metal. "There are an awful lot of Lycenes at this Oathlands party," he acknowledges. "Just waiting for the decadent indulgence to begin, I imagine."

"I think it's a scary day when you hear in Valardin about a Velenosan being overdressed," comes Patrizio's quip in the whole spirit of fun, and a wicked smile that's hidden behind his glass as he takes another sip. He gives Vasile a respectful nod at the performance, and even shifts to playfully nudge the other man with an armoured elbow, as he's giving Drake a dip of his head. "My lord," he says in greeting, as he'd been neglectful yet to pay his respects.

"Well!" Grady grins to Cesare. "It wouldn't be very well like them to miss a chance at a good time, yes? Although I daresay that I see more, ah. Oh dear." His gaze shifts to Avita. "I have only recently learned this word and I'm afraid I'm absolutely criminal about mis-pronouncing it. It's not intended on a slight on your excellent fealty, only a deficiency on the part of a backwoods noble from some unknown deep wood within the gray forest. Ah. Where was I? Oh." He clears his throat, backtracks, and picks up, speaking to Cesare again: "I daresay that I see more Pravosi than Lycenes here. Still, I suppose a similar principle must hold, yes?"

Thea hears Patrizio, looks down at her clothes, and smirks. Can take the girl out of the Lyceum, but can't the Lyceum from the girl. "I'm afraid I have matters to attend to, but thank you having me,"she now tells Isabeau. "Keep my husband from growing a big head?" Thea finishes her drink in one large swallow before she goes to excuse herelf once more.

After the horseshoes have flown, Isabeau makes a point to look around and begin looking for a place for herself to sit. She tuts her tongue to the roof of her mouth, then begins her dignified waddle towards one of the benches on the outside of the hedge garden. She smiles a bit as Elaine begins to supply cushions for her royal-blooded rump, and Morgana heads over with a plate of desserts. She smiles beatifically as she settles down, bright blue eyes watching everything around.

Isabeau has joined the a garden surrounded by hedge rows.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

"Not me, darling, I'm here hoping for scandal." Avita provides to Cesare, her attentions resting on those that have taken to having fun with the horseshoes. "I had hoped for something deliciously tragic, but the only tragedy I've witnessed is that of both of my chaperones abandoning me to fiddle about with bits of metal." She heaves a sigh, looking over to Cesare with some terminally disappointed expression, lower lip protruding just a touch. "There's no accounting for some peoples' taste, is there?" A smile springs back to her lips, "But, it's their loss, isn't it? They've just made way for me to enjoy more interesting company." She gives a quick, easy wink, before looking over to Grady.
There's a long pause as she stares toward Grady during his meandering statement, his disclaimer before his words, the corners of her lips twitching upward. "Self depreciation and presumptive repudiation. How terribly dull. Come now, Deepwood Lord, care a little less about how your words might be taken, and concentrate instead on what you might take from those spoken by others. You'll have a much better time."

"Armor is always welcome at an Oathlands party," Drake says with a slight smile to the other Count. "Do you duel?" he asks. And then as the conversation moves toward that of swords, he gives his wife a nod... she may be willing to depart early but it isn't a terribly far walk home for her.

Salvador looks quite pleased with his first go at horseshoes, 2 out of 3 is a solid attempt. Salvador looks around and sees everyone all dressed up, proper, and speaking with each other. He takes this opportunity to sneak away and admire the architecture of the Telmar Tower.

The line has been dismissed by Isabeau.

A silent chuckle rises up from Vasile's armored chest, especially once he registers Patrizio's nudge. He can't help but agree, though his response is a low, casual murmur as he's wont to do: "These are scary days indeed, your highness." Then in return he gives the Pravus Prince a light slap on the back, glove against alaricite, "I think you outdid all of us, if I was paying attention. Not that I'm surprised." Having emptied a second glass, he discards it and folds those burly hands behind the small of his back. Drinkless, he takes the opportunity to converse with Drake, "It's been a long while. I have a knack for commanding men - at least that's what I'm told. I can handle a sword well enough, truth be told."

Monique mouths 'a bottle', both eyebrows arching up, at Marius. "I'm fairly certain that's a Lycene game. Come, Marius, you didn't even play this game. Give it a go with me? I want a second round for fun. Or maybe we make a side bet, hm?" she says to her brother, grinning widely and wickedly. "You too, Neve! It'll be fun. A second round with high stakes!"

"At least they're fiddling with metal and not wood," Cesare replies dryly to Avita. "Once one's husband starts fiddling with that, I've heard it can be difficult to regain his attention." He shakes his head, patting Grady's shoulder. "Pravosi and Lycenes were until recently the same thing - unless we're talking about the Pravus family, that is. I would say that Setarco was once the heart of the Lyceum, the most Lycene of all Lycene city-states, personally. Most people probably would, and they'd agree whether meaning it as compliment or insult."

Marius sighs and shakes his head at Neve, "When you get to be my age they're all kids!" his lips then quirk into a grin and a wink is given to Neve. He is not that old after all! "I think I heard some paperwork hit my desk that needs my attention dear sister. I am afraid I cannot risk harming my paper handling hand!" None the less he is standing from the bench and moving over toward Monique. "The wager shall be small if we must wager as you have the clear advantage over the both of us!" A gesture is made toward Neve, "She has just returned to the city and you're already trying to throw things at her!" he teases.

Isabeau calls out, after conversing with Elaine, who directs servants to Patrizio, then Monique, Drake, and Vasile in turn, each getting a box delivered. "Congratulations to Prince Patrizio Pravus, who is our winner. Count Drake and Countess thea, Lady Monique and Count Vasile are all in second place and have their own prizes too."

Something Cesare says catches the bright blue eyes of the duchess, a smile tugging at her lips as she questions, "Imagine having a house sword of wood. You've no idea how distracting that wood really is." She quirks a slight mischeivous smile at Tesha, winking a little at her as she settles back a little, hands folded atop her stomach.

"I shall choose to think of it as generosity on their parts," Grady declares to Avita in an expansive tone. "Yielding to Softest Ceasare and myself the coveted place within the brilliance of your company." And then, as she brings up the idea of him focusing more on what meaning to take from what other people say, his smile widens to a grin that has pretension towards innocence without being innocent to the least degree. "I'm sure I would never! Were I to do so, I should have to attach great significance to the issue of horseshoes being made of wood, and the associated use of the word 'bits'."

Receiving the deeplight coral, Monique bows her head deeply in the direction of the Duchess. "Mind if we make use of the game at least once more, Duchess?" she calls out. "I'm trying to convince my family to bet away their good booze against me blindfolded."

Salvador pulls out a notebook and begins to take note of all the details of the tower. He begins to sketch out the layout and slowly begins to map the area.

A blink, and Patrizio's at least having the decency to look a little but surprised about the matter of being the winner. There's a deep bow for Isabeau at the announcement, and then pleasure indeed at the presentation of the box, which he's just holding for some moments, as if he's not often received gifts of any kind. "Thank you for holding the game," he says to the duchess, followed by bows to those who also came in close, even if there's that grin for Monique when she's speaking of bets that involve alcohol. "I would admit that I wholly approve of this. Though mostly of /drinking/ the alcohol before doing such blindfolded."

Drake downs all of his glass, so that he can put it down, clap his hands a few times for Prince Patrizio... and then, after doing so smoothly, pick up another glass of wine to continue the drinking. He says to Vasile, "Ah, I was right about the tie. Well congratulations. And if you're rusty at all with the sword, no time like the spring to catch up with it. But the Telmar gauntlet, that's the best workout you'll get otherwise."

Grady hears Monique say 'horseshoes' and 'blindfolded' and attaches enough significance to THOSE words to make sure Cesare is between him and the game.

Pasquale lifts his attention from the discussion at his bench when Patrizio is announced as the winner. "Congratulations Patrizio."

"Care to join the wager, Prince Patrizio? Put thirteen bottles of Setarco Fire on the line and you're in," Monique replies with a wicked smile the Pravosi's way.

Theophania raises her brows at the mention of blindfolds and scans the crowd for Grady. Seeing he is, thankfully, further away from the field this time, she lets out a small and relieved sigh.

Marius checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Critical Success! Marius is spectacularly successful.

Marius checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Marius is successful.

Marius checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Marius is successful.

Vasile joins in the applause for Patrizio, lips pursed in a mildly amused line. To Drake, he gives a slight nod and wonders aloud, "The Telmar gauntlet? Perhaps I'll have to join you for it one day, my lord." A pause, drawing in a slow breath as he considers the crowd, "It's always well to meet a potential ally."

Isabeau gives a gentle gesture of her hand to Monique as she remains comfortably settled, though by herself. "Please go ahead, " she assures them. She smiles aside at Vasile and raises her eyebrows, "Oh, the Gauntlet is great fun. I love watching it. It's been an age since I ran it with Alarissa though."

Patrizio blinks a moment. "That's quite the steep buy-in," he voices to Monique, with an appreciative whistle. "Though I'd wager that at the end of it all, the winner would have quite the stock to start a bar. Perhaps a different time," he says, and that's still with a wickedly amused smile of his own.

Though his attention shifts to Salvador and his sketching and, with an apologetic smile to the others, he does draw over to briefly peek over the man's shoulder, his voice soft. "You've a gift for sketching," he says, in a tone meant in his own head to not perhaps startle.

Marius sighs and feigns a look of defeat while turning his eyes toward Isabeau, "Duchess, my apologies for what may happen. And thank you for your hospitality, I do hope to return the favor in the near future." Now Marius makes his way over to the horseshoes. His emerald orbs dance over them carefully for a moment as if he is assessing all sorts of things he knows nothing about. "Here goes, I beg everyone's forgiveness!" he announces before lifting the small metal objects and hurling them at the second pin. The first one is a dead ringer, "Beginners luck!" then another hits, "Or maybe I am a horseshoe master," and finally the third rings true, "Well, cousin, sister," he gestures toward the field with his hand while offering a half bow. "The field is yours."

"It's a bit like being given the exclusive rightsto bask in the sunrise." Avita agrees with Grady, her smile a subtle, cheeky little thing as her gaze casts downward almost coyly. "Perish the thought, good Lord, and heavens forfend ... 'bits'. How positively vulgar."
To Cesare, the Marquessa provides, "I'm quite certain my dear husband fiddles with it all, my dear, he's a bit like that sometimes. His curiosity piqued, he investigates with his hands rather than his eyes. It's why I typically don't allow him to mingle with civilised company, my goodness, the kindness I provide without so much as a whisper of thanks from the community at large."

Salvador does not notice Patrizio's approach, nor does he hear him speak to Salvador, he is too engrossed in his drawing and appreciation of the buildings. Ferviously drawing and taking notes Salvador is almost in a trance like state, completely oblivious to his surroundings

Patrizio is quiet for some time, watching how Salvador is drawing and... his head shifts slightly, those jade eyes looking to watch how the stylus moves over the paper, and he smiles. A glance over his shoulder to the others, before he voices softly, "I feel like I should introduce this one to Bas. Or the Princess Denica... or perhaps Lady Mabelle. Someone who has an appreciation for art."

Sensing the focus of the bench has shifted for the moment, Theophania lifts herself off of it Having successfully avoided a stubbing so far, she has let down her guard and the bench imparts to her toes a painful reminder.
Gracefully resisting the urge to cradle her wounded foot, she makes her way over to Grady, Cesare, and Company. Careful to keep herself between Grady and the game, as well as one eye on the field, she curtseys, "My lord and lady, I'm Theophania Desmarais, an honour to meet you. And, thankfully, avoid striking you with an errant shoe. Wonderful whisper, I'm genuinely delighted to see you again, for what little I know of you."

Isabeau is overheard praising Tesha: An exceptional co-host!

Theophania has left the a heavy, gilded Oathlands bench, the kind you stub your toes on.

Looking mildly amused, Vasile offers a soft nod at Isabeau's remark: "I suppose it'd be difficult these days." Only briefly, he ticks a look towards her midsection before accepting a drink from a passing servant. The third.

"I've been trying to keep in shape. Wyvernheart is a small, fairly new County so we want to be sure we have military readiness at all angles. Plus my wife, Thea, she comes from a military family herself... and so she insists." Drake sighs slightly. "I like the action too much, but I should be more of a commander now that I run the house."

"Action is what keeps all of us sharp, truth be told, in the times in which we live," Patrizio says, as he's returning from the side of the sketching artist, and he shakes his head ruefully. "And these are times where we do ned to be sharp. Command grows over time, my lord," he offers to Drake, even as he's considering the passing of the party about them. This time, though, he's actually foregoing another drink as the servants wander by...

"I can sympathize." The southern warlord turns his attention to Drake now, slowly easing his cracked lips back and forth, trying his best to wet them as he gathers his thoughts. "I never expected myself to be the head of my House. Alas, fate can be funny in that way." Absently, he tips a bit of an agreeable nod at Patrizio's words and studies the man for just a moment.

Monique applauds Marius's shots avidly. "Well done, brother! I'm not entirely certain I've made a smart bet, all of a sudden." Her humor is still bright though, and she withdraws a slash of black fabric. "If you'll do the honors and tie this around my eyes?"

Theophania is overheard praising Isabeau: A wonderful gathering, and a radiant hostess

Pasquale gives a soft chuckle when he hears Monique talk about the bet before glancing to the nearby Neve. "Do you think it to late to make a bet of my own?"

Tesha gives a look to a messenger that approaches and there is a soft sigh as it is handed over to her. She takes the hand of one of her guards to stand and then she gives an apologetic look to those that are around. She gives a quiet whisper to Isabeau before she heads into the main gates of Telmar Tower and disappears insides.

Cesare muffles a laugh into a glass of wine he's mysteriously procured from somewhere - there's always wine at these things, and often servers flitting around providing it. As Theophania rises from the bench and approaches again, he offers her a small, brief smile. "You're too kind to say so, and you've already introduced yourself, thus leaving me only the duty of introducing /you/ to Marquessa Avita Seraceni and Lord Grady Deepwood. Two very different people from entirely different ends of the Compact, and yet, here we all are. Delightful. This city is a marvel. Like a big soup pot, full of all sorts of varied flavors. One only hopes not to get fish and strawberries in the same spoonful."

Marius dips his head toward his sister, "Monqiue it is never smart to bet against me even if you may still win," he says teasingly while sliding around behind her to assist with the blindfolding. As he ties it he leans forward to whisper something in her ear.

Tesha gets Spring Roses Necklace from Spring Roses Chest.

"Mistress Desmarais, so good to meet you." The near miss hasn't stolen from Grady any of his good feeling towards even the person who nearly hit him, and he gives Theophania an earnest smile. "You have come at just the right time. Or the wrong one, I suppose, depending on your, ah, your prolivities, yes? The conversation seems to have descended into talk of, ah, tactile experimentation that I'm sure cannot be salutary." He bows to her when Cesare introduces him.

Neve ponders an answer, when suddenly a messenger taps her shoulder. She reads the note handed to her, mumbles apologies to those near her, and heads out quietly.

Neve has left the a heavy, gilded Oathlands bench, the kind you stub your toes on.

Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup, Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound leave, following Tesha.

Monique checks dexterity and legerdemain at daunting. Monique fails.

Monique checks dexterity and legerdemain at daunting. Monique fails.

Monique checks dexterity and legerdemain at daunting. Monique is successful.

A brief tip of his head to Vasile as well, and then an apologetic sigh when Patrizio's noticing the way his men look at him, one of them brandishing his leather folio as if there's a threat implicit in the gesture and... he shakes his head. "I apologize, ladies, gentlemen, but duty calls," he says as solemnly as he can, before he's taking a step back. A smile, given to Isabeau in the wake of Tesha's departure, and a bow as well. "Thank you again for having me, my lady," he offers to the remaining hostess, before he's making his way towards the outside world.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields leave, following Patrizio.

The blindfold donner, Monique holds out a hand for the horseshoes and as she does, cocks her head to hear Marius' whisper. There's a soft laugh and a whisper back before Monique positions herself for the throws. Or, at least she thinks she's positioned. But the first throw disabuses her of the notion. The first horseshoe flies off into the crowd and the cries and shrieks has her adjusting her stance. "Hm. Too far." The next one flies and hits the other side of the gathering, causing the redhead to frown and re-adjust once more. This time, she's rewarded with the *clang* of the pole and a smile broad as anything claims her lips, satisfied.

Theophania checks perception and legerdemain at normal. Theophania is successful.

Theophania with a widening of her eyes Theophania successfully and narrowly sidesteps a flying horseshoe, her breath catching in her throat.

Drake is overheard praising Isabeau: Always hosts a terrific party.

"Well done sister," Marius admits with a pleased tone and a slow clap, "Without the blindfold you may have beaten me, however, you set the terms so I am afraid victory is mine." The Marquis of Greenhaven offers his sister a playful grin while folding his arms behind his back, "I am afraid I must return to the estate I actually do have some paperwork to tend to. I expect you'll deliver my prize by morning?" And Marius has lost his mind clearly as he has just given Monique permission to wake him up in the middle of the night to deliver liquor, or maybe...Maybe he hasn't lost his mind.

Isabeau remains quite comfortably ensconced on her bench, watching her company with a look of satisfaction, even as she digs into her desserts and smiles warmly at anyone who nears her or even looks her way.

Monique gets The Sweetest Whisper, a balanced alaricite dagger from the secret places on Monique's body where weapons hide.

Monique wields The Sweetest Whisper, a balanced alaricite dagger.

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