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A Primer on Healing Herbs Pt. 7

Another installment of an introductory course on healing herbs. This session will include information on the use of skullcap and winterbloom.

(OOC: A teaching and RP event! Medeia will have Teaching 5 trains available for relevant stats, skills, and abilities. Others are welcome to come and share their trains if desired. Teaching or training is not required to attend the event.)


Sept. 12, 2021, 7 p.m.

Hosted By



Carissa Merek


Apothecary College Mercy Physicians


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Tor Apothecary College

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Comments and Log

Stefano, a studious man, 1 Malespero Guard arrive, following Carissa.

Attendants at the Apothecary College of Tor are on hand to show those who are not regular students to the classroom that is being used for today's primer on healing herbs. The room has been set up comfortably, more of a lecture hall than a workspace, which is perfect for today's purposes. Medeia stands at the front of the room. "Hello! Welcome, everyone! Find a seat, get comfortable, we have some exciting things to talk about today." As a few unfamiliar faces enter, she adds, "If you are not already a student enrolled in the college, I'd be delighted to speak with you about joining after the lesson."

Thankfully, despite not being here often, Carissa is already enrolled! She moves to sit, hopefully near the front but not too far front. She pays attention closely, smiling to Medeia encouragingly.

Merek walks along and will find a place to relax and settle in, "I would like to enroll, though aye. After the class," the man takes the time to watch the place from the hood which he wears, beltcape about the waist while he takes a tome with him to begin writing in it.

"Carissa!" Medeia is pleased to see her cousin as she enters, giving the woman a bright and welcoming smile. "I'm so happy to see you here. And also in general." Then she looks to Merek. "Of course, Messere Merek. How wonderful!" There are a couple of large drawings hung on the front wall, with dried plant samples sitting on a table beside her. "Well, it looks like everyone is settled, so let's go ahead and get started. Today I will be talking about the plants skullcap and winterbloom. Both are quite helpful, but perhaps more limited in use than some of the others I've talked about so far. We'll start with skullcap." She makes a motion to one drawing of a tall plant that has rows of small, skinny flowers in pale purple coming off the central stem.

Giving Medeia a large smile, Carissa says, "Cousin, I hope things are well!" And then she falls silent, pulling a tome out of a messenger bag and taking notes, herself. Her red hair has a curl loose, and it drops over her shoulder as she writes before she flicks it away carefully so as not to smudge her ink.

Merek will nod a little bit, while he begins to write on what's mentioned. It looks like he is pretty focused upon the task, "Of course," he offers, nodding to Medeia, and to Carissa, and anyone else that came about.

A small tray is taken around the clasroom by an attendant. It contains a full branch of the flowers, as well as small piles of the petals and leaves separated out. "This is Skullcap. It grows in a fairly wide variety of places, but it is especially common throughout the Crownlands and Oathlands. Some gardeners include it ornamentally in their gardens." As the students look, she begins to list a few of the ways the herb can be used. "Most commonly, this will be used to make a tea for treating ailments. The petals, leaves, and stems may be used. It can be dried and crushed, administerd in a powdered form, but tea seems to be more effective."

Carissa listens, scribbling notes. She also attempts, poorly, to sketch the flower. Her notes would be more effective later, because she lists everything out as well as humanly possible. Truly a Scholar.

Merek will take the time to write while he watches and nods along to Medeia, "Ah, interesting." The man begins to note these things, and will write it in a cross-reference to other things that he knows, writing details along.

Merek checks intellect and alchemy at normal. Merek is successful.

Merek checks intellect and agriculture at normal. Merek is successful.

"As I said, it is not quite as able to be broadly applied as say, sunbride." Medeia explains as she continues the lesson. "This plant is mostly going to be a soothing one. So for patients who are not having restful sleep, who are plagued by worries, or whose body is tensed. It can help reduce pains, and is sometimes effective at easing the cries of an infant or child whose teeth are emerging."

Carissa hesitates for a moment before writing quickly. She may have a question or two brewing, but nothing serious yet.

"Well, that seems true. Although, it is all the same useful," Merek will begin to write along, and nods a bit to Medeia, and looks then to Carissa, perhaps debating if he should copy off her work to take extra notes.

Medeia watches as everyone takes their notes, looking around to see if any expressions betray lurking questions. "It is important to avoid giving this to pregnant patients. So, while they may wish to get some better sleep, we are better off giving them mint and lavender teas." She smiles, softening a bit from the Serious Teacher face. "Any questions?"

Shaking her head, Carissa finishes her notes on Skullcap. And she notes Merek. "trade notes after class?" she murmurs to him, smiling.

The tray of skullcap has finally made it back to the front table by Medeia, and the attendant picks up the other tray and waits as questions are asked and answered. "Alright, if anyone wants to know anything else about skullcap, you can always ask me after class or send me a note sometime. We'll move on to winterbloom." The attendant begins to circulate again, breaing the tray that holds a slim branch with spider-like clusters of petals. other petals are arranged around as well, in an array of colors from lemon yellow to pumpkin orange to peony pink.

Carissa scribbles as she observes winterbloom, considering her notes, and draws another poor rendition of the flower. But her notes are super extensive on the bloom.

Merek looks to the tray, and of course, eventually he will take the time to think about it, he does nod along to Carissa, "Sure."

"I want to be sure to point out that the /bark/ and leaves are actually what we need from the plant, not the flowers." The clarification from Medeia seems important. "I supplied the different colors of flowers so you would know that there may be some nearby based on the flora, without relying on looking for just one color. It is also important to take note that this plant's benefits are /external/. The oils from the bark and leaves can be added to salves, turned into a tincture, or used in other topical remedies."

Carissa smiles to Merek, nodding once, before looking back to Medeia and her notes, trying to keep an eye on her cousin. She jots down 'BARK and LEAVES' and underlines a few times, then adds a quick 'not flowers' to her notes. She doesn't write in code, just in short, quick bursts of information. It'll be information for her to understand later, anyway. Then, she adds information about how it's external.

Merek will begin to write about the bark and leaves of the flora and flowers, taking the time to take notes, seeming to be content to listen and watch.

Medeia looks around again, then continues the lesson. "This plant is going to be very useful for treating conditions of the skin, especially ones that are - as some might consider them - purely cosmetic." She gives a wry smile, clearly not believing that anything is purely cosmetic when it comes to treating the skin. "Cuts, burns, bug bites, swelling and itching from other causes... These are all concerns that can be adressed with an application of winterbloom. Clearing facial blemishes and reducing puffy skin around the eyes are other benefits."

Carissa nods as she listens, listing each thing that winterbloom can heal in her notes.

Merek nods a little bit while he listens and watches Medeia, then a look to Carissa, and anyone else. He seems to be content to take notes.

Medeia gives the class a smile as the attendant comes back to the front and deposits the tray on the table. "If anyone has any questions? I've covered the absolute basics. If you'd like to know more about any herb, I'm always happy to schedule private tutoring."

Carissa raises a hand, and once called upon, she asks, "How does one request private tutoring, Medeia? Shall I send a missive when I'm free?"

Merek nods a little bit along to Medeia and to Carissa, while he listens. The man then will take the tome and place it into a pack.

"That would work perfectly," Medeia assures Carissa, visibly perking up at the idea of getting to spend more time with her cousin. "With spring coming, son, I should be able to start holding classes and tutoring out in the gardens again. That will be nice." Her eyes scan the room again, not seeing any further questions. "Well then, if that's all? I hope to see everyone at the next primer. Messere Merek? We can discuss your enrollment in the college, if you like."

Carissa smiles at Medeia. "I'll message you soon, so we both remember." She stands, and nods to Messere Merek. "Shall we meet soon as well? I need to do some transcription of my scribbles."

Merek nods a little bit along to Medeia, "Of course," then to Carissa. "Ah, that'd work fine! You be well." The man stands up while he takes a moment to relax.

Carissa is overheard praising Medeia: A good teacher, with sincere interest for her subject. I'm glad to learn from her!

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