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Little Bit of !!! Impromptu !!! Blackjack

Come play a little bit of Blackjack at the Crossroads casino! Who knows, you might win big!


Jan. 11, 2021, 10:25 p.m.

Hosted By



Svana Kiera Braxas Zakhar Cecilia Savio



Arx - Upper Boroughs - Crossroads Casino - Main Room

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

A pack of fourteen or twenty kittens have been dismissed.

Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason arrives, following Svana.

Orland was having a /streak/ ... but it didn't necessarily mean a WINNING streak. That's how cards go! The dealer swept away his silver easily enough, though for Orland it looked like he'd lost his best friend, seeing that money go falling into a safe below the table. He simply rolled his eyes and bought in another round, a few more silvers piling up in front of his spot on the card table. He side glances to the commotion about the cats, gesturing to the server to leave off once he sees who it is, noting as the man nods to him, "You could leave them in the back room. They'll be fine back there." A suggestion, nothing further. He taps the table, "The min on this table is 25 silver. I think the max is, what's the max there Gee?" The dealer looks at him flatly, but then taps the sign, twisting it for both of them to read, "25,000." So Orland smiles and grins, "RIGHT, 25,000 silver per bet. I've not the silver for that." He does flick in another 100 silver on his own gambling spot. "How've you been?" His eyes fall toward Kiera, "Evening. Joining us for a game?"

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large long-haired sighthound arrive, following Cecilia.

Word has reached Svana about impromptu gambling, and she has dressed for the occasion; outfitted in a backless seasilk gown and decked out in a variety of fine jewelry, she looks the part of a distinguished casino-goer. She makes her way over to the blackjack table and takes in the action thus far, her earth-colored eyes not missing a single thing. "Good evening," she says to the others in a pleasant, husky voice that is heavily Northern accented. From the Bonespire, if one had to guess.

Kiera is busy coaxing a kitty from under the blackjack table with her hand in a comehere motin "C'mere, boy" she says. Then looks up "I don't think i brought enough for proper betting but i'd like to play

The dealer points to the sign for those rolling in. "25 silver min. 25,000 max." Then he states, "Dealer hits on Soft 17, soft 17 is a hand containing an ace and one or more other cards totaling six. Stands on hard 17. Players get two face up cards."
Commands For the Evening: +line/getinline. Dealer will take care of the rest. Game Cards are respective: 1= Ace, 11=Jack, 12=Queen, 13=King
The dealer grins, "Put your money on the table. Calling in bets." Meaning, if anyone else wants to join in, they have the chance too now.

Svana has joined the line.

Braxas heard word about a gathering here, and cards. Blackjack. Which happens to be a guilty pleasure of his he arrives with kitty Grim making a beeline for the game tables. Plopping down gracefully beside Orland he puts down 1000 silver. "I'll join. HI Orland!"

Kiera has joined the line.

Orland has joined the line.

Zakhar has joined the line.

Braxas has joined the line.

The old man looks under the table to the kitten that Kiera is trying to coax out and snickers a little, he then delicately checks the helmet for the rest of them. He turns to Kiera, "Ay 'all covers ye. Nome's Zeekher, dat one tis shersie." He then dangles a small piece of jerky down for the kitten to come and grab at. Zakhar looks back up to the table, nodding to the dealer and putting silver down.

Cecilia has joined the line.

Braxas has joined the a large green satin covered game table - Twenty-One.

Cecilia enters the casino. Her backless dress, very Lycene in fashion. She smiles warmly as she nonchalantly joins the others. "Hello." Her accent is that of the Southern Isles.

Orland watches the kitties going around with a deadpan voice, "Duarte will not be happy with cat hair on his tables." He side eyes Zakhar, "You're getting the cleaning bill." He replaces his deadpan grin with a faint laugh for Kiera chasing one, "Oh boy. Watch your head! Low ceiling." Hopefully there's no head injuries! As other people gather to the table, he waits cooly with his bet, nodding to Braxas, "Hello again,... Braxas!" He had a moment! But he recovered. The big bet is met with a lift of an eyebrow, "First bet and you're going big. I like it!" Orland himself is wearing a stunning new leather frock coat with a fancy ruffled cravat and an infamous Bravura feather hat, which hangs on the back of his chair for the sake that it was a little too hot to wear inside. "I'm Lord Orland, hi. For anyone I haven't met. The dealer? I call him Gee. He loves it."

The dealer clearly doesn't, as he ahem ahems and notes, "Gebhard. Pleasure to deal for you fine folks. You may place tips," he taps a can to the side, "or make bets for me instead." A waitress, seeing all the new comers, starts taking drink orders from everyone.

The Dealer Gebhard looks between them, "Last call for bets?" He eyes the new combers to the table, looking at Svana, Cecilia, and Kiera in particular.

Kiera looks to Zakhar "you get the silver if I win" she sas as she waits for the cards to be drawn

Svana looks at Braxas and smiles, winking in his direction. "Apprentice Whisper Braxas, it's a pleasure to see you again." She gives a brief nod to everyone at the table - though she seems far more interested in their clothing for a long moment. "A pleasure, Lord Orland. I'm Mistress Svana Grayhope, at your service. Master Tailor, jeweler, and alchemist. Most notably, a mother of four children under the age of two, I suppose," she says with a laugh. She has managed to squeeze into her gown rather succinctly, though. "I think I shall bet 2,000 silver, then. I feel daring." As the waitress swings by her way, Svana grins. "A mulled mead for me, darling. Thank you."

Turn in line: Svana

Braxas smiles a charming smile for Orland. "You remebered. How flattering." He winks. Looking to the dealer after ordering some cherry wine he grins. "I'll tip, if I win Gee. I share the love don't worry." He winks at Orland. The smiles to Svana. "Hi Mistress Svana. How are you?"

Zakhar looks deadpan at Orland. "dey'll be fin," then picks up the loan cat and plops it into the top of his chest armor, there's a small mew as the kitten is suddenly lifted by the back of its neck and then goes limp as it is placed into a possible pocket so that it can still pop its head out from the collar opening of the armor. He then adds more silver to the table, "fiddy." There's 500 silver on the table.

Dealer calls, "No more bets." Those who didn't get a bet down will have to wait until next game turn. He starts dealing cards.... Svana first.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 2

A 2 of hearts for Svana

Turn in line: Kiera

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 4

A four of clubs for Kiera.

Turn in line: Orland

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 8

An 8 of spades for Orland

Turn in line: Zakhar

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 3

A 3 of spades for Zakhar.

Turn in line: Braxas

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 8

A eight of diamonds for Braxas...

Turn in line: Cecilia

Turn in line: Svana

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 2

A two of spades for Svana. She has a total of 4 showing in front of her.

Turn in line: Kiera

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 6

Kiera gets a six of clubs, giving her a nice 10 to sit on.

Turn in line: Orland

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 9

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large long-haired sighthound leave, following Cecilia.

A nine of hearts. To add to the 8 of spades. A hard 17.

Turn in line: Zakhar

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 1

An ace of diamonds to add to the 3 of spades. A 4 or a 14.

Turn in line: Braxas

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 6

And finally a six of hearts for Braxas, giving him 14 in total.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 13

The dealer shows a KING.

Svana looks at her hand, making a face. This isn't poker, no need to be stoic. She sighs softly. "At least the two of hearts is a fortuitous card! For lovers. Unfortunately not worth much in this instance, but I take it as a good omen."

Turn in line: Svana

Gee, his eyes looking apologetic for the king in his hand showing, looks to Savan, "Hit, stay?"

"Hit me one more time, please," Svana says, tapping the table.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Savio before departing.

Zakhar taps his cards.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 2

Another TWO for Svana.

Braxas taps.

Orland watches the cards being dealt and looks over towrad Svana, wincing at the next two. "Go for it again!"
The Dealer stays with Svana, "Hit, Stay?"

A waitress sing songs, "Welcome to the Crossroad Casino!" To those rolling in, to those who are at the table, they'll be asked in light whispers if they wanted something to quench their thirst, especially if the luck isn't going their way.

Svana sighs softly, looking at the cards before she laughs. "Hit me again, please."

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 12

This time it flips up a Queen. She's sitting at 16.

Gee looks at Svana with a raised brow, waiting, tilted head. Does she want another card?

Svana looks more alright with losing, suddenly. "Stay!"

Turn in line: Kiera

Gee nods and moves on to Kiera, "Hit, Stay?"

Kiera hms "hit"

Orland murmurs, "You should double down!" But he might have to get Zakhar to explain that to her. He orders a rum! "Nice to meet you by the way Mistress Svana! Hope we can bust the dealer on this one!"

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 8

Gee deals Kiera a solid 8. She has 18 and he already assumes that she's going to stay on that. He might even give her a little wink as if to help her with that choice, seeing that he may have picked up on some of the earlier conversation.

Kiera says, "stay"

Turn in line: Orland

Orland waves off, "Staying."

Turn in line: Zakhar

Gee saw the earlier tap and looks to make sure he still wishes to confirm it.

Savio has joined the a large green satin covered game table - Twenty-One.

Kiera has left the a large green satin covered game table - Twenty-One.

Zak looks at the cards then back to Gee, tapping them again.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 10

A new face arrives! Savio just can't stay away from here today, he should have taken that offer to join this place in a more meaningful way. He's spotted the game in progress, a player leaving, and moves to take Cecilia's spot if he is not prevented from doing so! "Heard this was the place to be tonight," he greets Orland, Braxas, and Zakhar, whom he knows. The others receive a cheerful, Saffron accented, "Hello, friends," as though he is sure they're friends despite not having met. He's not interfering with the game yet, waiting for the next turn to bet!

Svana has joined the a large green satin covered game table - Twenty-One.

Ooo bad luck Zakhar! The ten drops, making his hand now a hard 14.

There's a silly grin under the beard as the man taps the cards again.

Gee waits to see what Zakhar wishes to do, the dealer nodding at Savio for the moment. Then deals another card to Zakhar.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 13

King. Zakhar hits a BUST. The dealer sweeps the cards and the money right out from underneath Zakhar's nose.

Turn in line: Braxas

Zakhar's grin doesn't fade he simply turns to the server asking for a refill of the ale.

One he's done, Gee looks to Braxas.

Braxas says, "Hit me please."

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 12

Savio shakes his head as Zakhar busts! "Oh, it's bad luck, hey? But I like your style, Zakhar!"

A flop of a Queen. BUST. Gee looks a little sad for Braxas, he had such nice eyes, but the silver is silver and the Dealer must collect on a bust. The king adds to the count and such is, the 1000 is swept away. The dealer tap taps on the table top, revealing his card.

Svana's mead has been delivered to her in the meantime and she contemplatively looks at everyone else's cards, sipping her drink.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 10

The dealer flips his card and shows a ten!!! The dealer rolls a twenty. EVERYONE LOSES. Don't you love gambling?

Zakhar turns to Savio, "Tis dey way widda de lady, ya?" He then grabs at one of the kittens that is trying to get onto the table slipping it into the top of his armor with the other one.

"Always," Savio agrees with Zakhar. "She's never been a lady that liked me much." He's withdrawing a coin purse! "You all ready to make some money?"

Savio has joined the line.

Orland in the meantime looks toward the familiar voice joining the table, "Hey Savio..." but as he's watching the busts and the hits, "SHIT. No. ..." And then when the ten is revealed and the Dealer RAKES in all the bets, he leans back with a grooooooan. "GEE. That was the WORST." He pivots to look at the others at the table.

Orland drops coins worth 100.0 silver.

Orland gets 100 silver.

Savio drops coins worth 2000.0 silver.

Savio takes 2000 silver.

Svana laughs as everyone loses, looking at Orland with a grin. "I thought that things were going to go your way. Sorry, Lord Orland." She nods to Savio, giving him a pleasant enough smile before she sips her mead. "Braxas, will you try again?" She asks the new Whisper Apprentice as she moves to a comfortable seat rather than standing. Crossing her legs, the Northerner tilts her head and sucks in a breath, getting cozy.

Braxas takes it in stride smiling a friendly smile for Gee as silver is taken. When the round ends he bets again. 1000 pluss 100 for Gee. "Well played Gee. Yes, I'm bribing you...." He admits. Savio earns a grin and a blown kiss. He gives Orland a smile too. "Shall we try and overcome Gee's skill together?"

Braxas drops coins worth 1000.0 silver.

Braxas drops coins worth 1000.0 silver.

Braxas drops coins worth 100.0 silver.

Orland gets 2100 silver.

Savio drops coins worth 2000.0 silver.

Orland gets 2000 silver.

Svana drops coins worth 2000.0 silver.

Braxas gets 2000 silver.

Savio is betting 2000 silver with the attitude of someone who's wealthy, bad with money, or both. "I don't believe we've met," he greets Svana. "It would be rude of me to remain a stranger while we all share a table, though! I'm Savio Pontelaeus. Friend of him and him," he gestures at Braxas and Zakhar, before there's a smile for Orland. "And him."

Braxas drops coins worth 2000.0 silver.

Savio drops coins worth 2000.0 silver.

Svana reaches her hand out, offering it to Savio. She's betting another two thousand silver like someone who has a babysitter for the night. "Charmed, Savio Pontelaeus. I'm Mistress Svana Grayhope, Master Tailor, jeweler, and alchemist, and mother of four children under the age of two." She bows her head and smiles to Savio. "This is my first time meeting everyone here except Braxas. I'm glad for the company this evening."

Orland rakes his hands through his hair, "I'm DOWN like a thousand sillllver.... Come on GEE. Be nice!" Yet he's still here playing. That's the hardship when it comes to gambling. He pivots a look to Svana, "You did everything you were supposed to do there. The table can't fault you." He grins, nodding at Braxas, "Yes. Let's bribe him until he's giving us better cards!" He looks to the 2000 that Savio puts down and only manages to put 100 silver in front of himself, "Being Grand over there Savio?"

Zakhar takes A fat rolled cigar that emits a blue haze when lit from Cross belt.

Zakhar takes Black Leather pouch smelling of ginger, papaya, and pomegranates from Cross belt.

Zakhar takes tinderbox and fire steel from Cross belt.

Gee smiles at all the bribery, nodding pleasantly to Braxas for the additional side bet. "All bets down?" He finishes shuffling and restacks the cards to deal.

Zakhar pulls a couple of items from his belt placing them on the edge of the table, then tosses another 100 silver onto the table. "cerds."

Braxas nods to Orland with a grin, sneaking a secret smile at Savio. Lowering his voice he leans in whispering to Savio softly eyes shining.

"I'm feeling lucky!" Savio replies to Orland, despite the fact that he is never, ever lucky. To Svana, he laughs and takes her hand, accepting and bowing over it (from a seated position it's more of a head nod and implication) before it's returned to her custody. "Tailor? Love. Jeweler and alchemeist? Beautiful. Mother of four children under the age of two? You are a force to be reckoned with, and I am filled with both awe and terror." He grins.

Savio smiles at whatever Braxas whispered and demurs, "You'd have to ask my lord Orland, later."

Turn in line: Svana

Gee looks to Svana, to see if she's in this round or not.

"Mmm, they run the house and the rest of us merely submit to their whims," Svana assures Savio with a laugh. "I'll bet another 2,000 for this hand, Gebhard. Lay it on me." She sips her mead again and watches with anticipation to see what the cards will bring her.

The combination of pouches in front of Zakhar has a pleasant fruit smell with hint of something strong, freshly trimmed maybe. He then rolls the combination into a leaf sealing it with a lick. Placing the smoke into his lips and striking the pivoting flint and steel near the end of the roll until a small rolling cloud of blue smoke draws out from his nose and lips. He watches the cards be dealt as he puts the pouch and tinderstrike back into his belt. Turning to Savio with a wink, then offering the smoke. "Eh?"

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 7, 8

Zakhar puts Black Leather pouch smelling of ginger, papaya, and pomegranates in Cross belt.

Zakhar puts tinderbox and fire steel in Cross belt.

Braxas sips his wine nodding to Savio with a sly smile. He whispers to Orland low next as well. Then waits for his cards.

Gee looks toward Svana and then moves on to the next deal.

Turn in line: Orland

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 5, 7

Turn in line: Zakhar

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 7, 7

Turn in line: Braxas

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 1, 13

TWENTY ONE!!!! Braxas gets a great deal!

Turn in line: Savio

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 3, 4

Turn in line: Svana

"Braxas, if you don't stop being so secretive, I'm going to have to punch you in the kidneys," Svana tells the bard. Then she looks between him and the other men seated, her eyes narrowing. She slips one of her crystal shoes off and scratches at the back of her calf with her foot. "I'm staying," she tells Gebhard.

As the cards lay out, it looks like Svana has a 15, Orland sits on a 12, Zakhar on a 14, Braxas hits a 21 and Savio sits on a 7!

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 11

The Dealer shows a Jack. Of course he does.

Turn in line: Orland

Orland considers the conversation being whispered in his ear, side glancing to Braxas, though it's what Svana says that has him snicker, "He's asking me to speak with him later. It's nothing secretive, just some privacy between old friends of the orphanage system in the Lowers." He side glances to Braxas, "Right?" He "Ohs" when Gee is stopping in front of him, "Yeah yeah, hit I guess. WHY Not."

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 10

BUST. Gee looks like he could pat Orland on the head. But he has all the joy of sweeping that money and cards away. He probably shouldn't look that happy, but there's an impish delight in it.

Turn in line: Zakhar

Zakhar pushes the cards separate from each other and taps both. "Splitsies. Hits dem." He then looks to Savio, who doesn't appear to be interested in the smoke and waves his hand back to his mouth to take another drag on the smoke. Nodding to Braxas, "Gud one ye." His drink then shows up, and the smoke is removed for a moment to take a long pull from the ale.

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 2, 12

Braxas nods to Svana. "I just wanted to make time to share horror stories with lord Orland. Maybe convince him to share back?" He eyes orland with a smile.

Calling for a split, leaves a 7 and a 2 pairing, and a 7 and a Queen.

Savio is eyeing his 3, 4 with some misgiving, but seems to be more thoughtful about it when the jack comes out. HMMM. He almost misses passing the smoke, though! "Wait! Wait, Zakhar, noooo hand me that! You're my favorite person," he laughs, like the praise is going to earn him haze. It might!

Gee looks to Zakhar to see if he wants another card for the 7 and 2 split pair.

There's a long gaze between Orland, Savio, and Braxas, Svana's lips curling into a bit of a grin. She sips from her mug of mead. "Don't worry, I wasn't /really/ going to punch you in the kidneys, Braxas. I would never do such a thing to a Whisper. Anisha would never forgive me, and I am not the punching type. I prefer throwing snakes at boys." She looks at everyone else's cards as they're revealed, biting her lower lip. "You played a good hand." Looking at Zakhar's hand, she murmurs, "If you want a horror story, I've got one for you. Sharkskin. Do you know how it smells before you treat it properly?"F

Orland puts his elbows on the edge of the table where his hands sink into them, hair sticking out between his fingers in little spikes as he seems to be gripping it tightly. How much has he lost?! Enough to know he could've bought a lot of things for the silver drained down Gee's magic hole. It's a black hole really, a sleeve that drops silver into a loot tray that once you flick the hatch, dumps it into the locked safe.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 10

Zakhar has now two hands, a 19 and a 17. Good choice to split!

Turn in line: Braxas

Dealer Gebhard looks politely at Braxas, giving him two and a half times his bet back, plus the side bet tip, which gets swept and placed into the can beside him, "Thank you sir." He offers with another kindly grin. Braxas is totally playing the table right.

Turn in line: Savio

"You prefer throwing snakes at boys?" Savio asks Svana. "I feel like there's a story there." To the dealer, "Hit!"

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 7

Gee looks to Savio, "14." A brow arched. Against a Jack, what are you going to do!

Savio ponders, then taps!

Orland looks over at Savio, with his losing streak, he cannot offer any advice.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 1

"Ace, 15 .." since otherwise would mean bust.

Savio taps again!

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 2

Gee answers, "17."

Savio won't risk it again! "Staying. Thank you."

Zakhar grins to Savio, then hands him the smoke. "Tek ya leng enouff." He then watches the cards drawn to his split. Though its Svana talking of sharkskin that catches his attention, "Ays, smells like spoiled put." A little grin is showing under his beard as he looks her over.

Gee looks and then moves to flip his face down card...

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 1

The Card flipped over is an ACE. Twenty-ONE. EVERYONE LOSES. AGAIN. Except Braxas, he knows how to play a dealer.

Svana laughs at what Zakhar says, nodding. "You've got that right, sir. Gods, it's awful. But it's so beautiful." She looks at Gee, biting her lip and trying not to laugh. Turning to Savio then she grins. "Most people would think there are no snakes in the Bonespire because it's frigid, but there are. And when boys are especially poncy... well, I used to throw snakes at them. Would serve me right that I grew up to marry a poncy boy the first time around."

Gee gives apologetic expressions as he sweeps up everyone's silver and then picks up all the cards, starting to shuffle them again.

Savio laughs, hands raising as he loses all his MONEY. "Nooooo," he boo's Gee. "I thought I was going to be lucky!" Svana receives a laugh as well for her story, and his lift to clutch his pearls, or would if he had some. He does not. "Poncy boys aren't all bad! Some of us quite like snakes!"

Braxas puts down 1500 plus an extra 500 for Gee. "Thank you Gee." He offers the dealer politely taking his winnings. Eyeing Svan he grins. "I like snakes. Used to protect them from the orphanage matron. Use them to scare the bullies and feed them in exchange."

Orland looks up toward Gee, his hands still in his hair, "Why do you have to be this way Gee?" He frowns, "This is my last round. You better let me win or I'm out!" He laughs, looking aside to the other players, "What's this about snakes in one's pants?"

Savio answers Orland, "Some boys find them frightening."

Svana eyeballs Orland and grins, opening her mouth to say something. "Oh, if you were not a member of the peerage and I were not trying to leave something of a good impression, the things I might say." She laughs. "Poncy boys like snakes? Well that rather defeats the purpose!" She tells Savio, winking at him. "A poncy boy who likes snake is welcome at my home any day. And... I like snakes too, Braxas. I'm not sure how my paramour or the rest of the girls I live with would feel about them though." She looks at Savio when he voices his comment to Orland, biting her lip to see how that plays out.

Zakhar looks deadpan to Savio. "Sikes in de pints, yar afraids of? Er justs sikes?"

Orland notes to Svana, "We're all friends here. Don't hold back, Grayhope, bring it on. I was raised Ulbran before the Peerage, so I'm suuuuure I can handle it." He informs her with a quick grin, "Poncy boys like pant snakes," he includes. Tease. Or not. Deadpan. Stoic expression.

Something about Orland deadpanning PANTSNAKES has Savio just undone, and he's laughing, helplessly. Maybe it's Zakhar's additional questions there, or the haze, but he's just dissolved into the absurdity of it, and having a lovely time.

Gee finishes his shuffling and letting the waitress get her drinks and drink tips in between, to see that everyone's refilled. "Calling all bets," he seems amused at the conversation, but doesn't add to it. He's a proper dealer.

Turn in line: Svana

"I no longer feel lucky," Savio

Braxas looks highly amused when snakes in pants are mentions he snickers. But does NOT say anything. Thank the gods.

"You will later..." Orland notes. Deadpan.

Orland puts 500 silver on the table, "I will win this time." He declares.

Zakhar tosses 500 silver up onto the table. "Ay ins."

Savio is only betting 200 now, because he does not feel lucky! "Here we go!"

Zakhar's comment makes tears prick at Svana's eyes, but she stares at Orland then and cracks up. "An Ulbran! Raymesin is my cousin... in... law... ish? He is my cousin-in-law's husband! He helped deliver my first set of twins! Love Raymesin." She pauses and tries to keep it together through Savio's laughter but she can't. She laughs until little tears run down her cheeks and then she puts a hand up. "I can't concentrate after that... you all go on. I forgot what I was going to say." Beat. "For the record, my first husband was quite poncy, and the only pants snake he liked was his own!"

Braxas has already bet and bribed gee well....

Turn in line: Orland

Gee calls then, "No more bets." And moves to start dealing the cards.

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 9, 10

Turn in line: Zakhar

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 6, 8

Turn in line: Braxas

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 3, 10

... but due to the bribe, 1 card may be changed out for another chance if successful at @check luck at normal .. or slip in your own card @check dexterity + legerdemain at hard

Braxas checks luck at easy. Botch! Braxas catastrophically fails.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 13

Clumsy Gee. He mixes up the wrong card. Replaces the ten with a king. It doesn't seem to change Braxas' hand at all.

Turn in line: Savio

Orland has rolled 2 13-sided dice: 4, 12

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 13

The cards flop on the table. Orland shows 19, Zakhar 14, Braxas 13, and Savio 14, with the Dealer showing a KING. Again.

Turn in line: Orland

Orland grunts, "Staying, but if you show another 21 Gee, I'm soooooooooo out of here."

Turn in line: Zakhar

Zakhar looks to the cards and holds his hand over them. "Ay. fux it. Hits dem." Then looks to Savio, this time a little lighter of a look reaching over to take what's left of the smoke back.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 11

The Jack shows up for Zakhar. It's like screaming at him a big fat 'ha-ha'. Or Gee is. He smiles and quietly sweeps away coin and cards.

Turn in line: Braxas

Savio hands Zakhar back his smoke. Don't bogart the haze, Savio, come on. Orland gets a grin, and that annoying optimism that is so opposite the Amadeo's general demeanor. "You've got it for sure, this time!"

Braxas speaks when its his turn. "Hit me Gee!"

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 1

An ace. That makes the hand 14, since otherwise would be bust!

Braxas speaks when its his turn. "Hit me again!"

Orland looks over at the force of that declaration, like Oooh my okay what, hit who?!

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 3

The old man watches the cards and coin disappear. Again. Taking the smoke back and drawing a long puff from it then picking up one of the kittens from the helmet, it might have looked like he was ready to drop the cat onto the table, but instead he hold the cat in his hand stroking its head.

A 17 for Braxas

Braxas says, "Stay."

Turn in line: Savio

Svana watches everyone with the cards, looking at the kitten that Zakhar produces from his helmet with a touch of amusement.

Savio smiles, "Hit!"

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 6

Gee nods, "Nice hit. that's a twenty."

Savio blows Orland a kiss and tells Gee, "Stay. Thank you. Love."

But you know Gee, he has the confidence of a King showing again.

Orland has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 11

Gee flips the card over and it shows the Jack. Not quite a black jack, but close enough. Everyone else LOSES again, but Savio at least retains his money with what's called a PUSH.

Orland flies up, "Alright. That's it. I'm done." He looks absolutely at a loss for the money down the drain.

Braxas says, "I am also done. Thank you everyone Well played Gee."

Gee taps the cards as he collects the silver, nodding to Braxas, "Thank you sir. We hope to see you again at the Crossroads. It was a pleasure." The tips certainly! Gee watches Orland go with a familiar affection, "The Count only hires the best, Lord Amadeo."

"Done! So done! Super, super done!" Savio didn't lose, but he didn't win! It was only 200 silver, but as he stands, the money is scooted back towards Gee to tip him at the game. It's only fair. He had to listen to them talk about pants-snakes.

"Yeah but Gee, you have to at least let us think we can win..." Orland tchs lightly, nodding to the bar, "Anyone up for a round?" Though his eyes linger on Braxas, "We can go talk in the back."

Savio has left the a large green satin covered game table - Twenty-One.

Svana has left the a large green satin covered game table - Twenty-One.

Standing from her seat, Svana puts a generous tip down on the table for Gee - because hey, he did have to listen to them pants-snakes. She bows to those gathered. "It was a pleasure to meet all of you - and to spend more time with you, Braxas. I hope you all have a good night. I should be getting back to my clutch now." She pauses. "Don't let the pants-snakes bite."

Savio presses both hands to his lips and then gestures them out toward Svana, mwah, mwah. "It was so wonderful to meet you! We'll meet again, I'm sure! All my love to your family!" Like he knows them. He doesn't. He's just that way, but he seems to mean it. To Orland's offer of a round, there is a grin, and an, "Of course. Always."

The line has been dismissed by Orland.

Svana is overheard praising Orland: Knows how to play Blackjack!

Gee is shuffling the deck and calls out to Orland, "Please my Lord, use Gebhard next time. I think it'll bring you and yoru friends much better luck." He smiles, winningly, but it would cut through glass.

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