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Eswynd Feast - Grotto Edition

Join House Eswynd for an outdoor feast held in our lovely courtyard! We welcome you to enjoy our spring-fed stone grotto, and eat and drink your fill. All are welcome!


Jan. 13, 2021, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Medeia Norah


Ciro Haakon Calla Ian Thea Lore Drake Yuri Savio Giorgio Oskar Tatyana Dio Reese Kiera Merek Zakhar Scylla Fortescue



Walled Courtyard

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

The courtyard is host to the evening's feast. Small braziers have been set out to add extra light and warmth as the sun sets and temperatures cool. Tables and benches have been arranged for those who wish to eat before (or instead of) enjoying the grotto. Near the tables, another long table has been laid with platters of food, drinks, plates, cups, and utensils. The smells of smoke from a cooking fire, a whole pig roasting slowly on a spit, mint and apple and pear from from the orchard, fill the air.A basket of robes has been set out for guests. Servants circulate to refill drinks, clear plates, and bring towels as needed.

Medeia is currently standing under a high branch of an apple tree, clad in a silk, Eswynd purple robe embroidered with the house sigil in white, some jewelry, and a black honeysilk garter holding a rubicund stiletto on her right thigh. Up in the tree? Her large cat, Fluffy, thinking that she has found a good hiding spot. "I'm not getting you down from there." The lady finally moves away from the tree and has a servant bring her a glass of wine from inside the hall as guests are arriving. "Hello! Come in! THe grotto is beyond the orchard, the food is over there, get a drink, relax, enjoy."

The invitation had been received and naturally a chance to party and see Medeia was too good to turn down for Ciro, the man arriving in the courtyard with Calla on his right arm. The pair talking in hushed tones only to have Ciro fall silent when he sees the courtyard and private grotto, His eyes widening briefly before his brow furrows. The Seraceni Lord leaning in close murmuring in that honeyed lycene accent of his "It appears 'Deia has been holding out on us. Did you know this was here?" The man asking curiously before he spots Medeia. Ciro moving off in her direction guiding Calla along with him, "Where was this hiding the last dinner I came to?"

Norah has joined the large stone grotto.

Haakon is already settled into the warm waters of the spring, reclines back on the unfinished stones, submerged up to his chest, with head and arms rested back, eyes closed. He might be asleep. A harpoon stands out of the ground behind him, and a dark bruise covers half his torso.

Calla is smiling softly at something being said in hushed tones with the Seraceni lord upon their arrival, her hand on his arm demurely as they wander into the area. "No, I didn't. It's certainly a lovely spot. Gives me ideas for things I want to do with the Estate here." She hums as wide eyes wander around her as she's led closer to the hostess. "Medeia! So wonderful to see you, and what a fantastic place to host a party." She offers the woman a smile when they are in speaking range.

Wrapped in an Eswynd-purple silk robe, Norah sits on a wooden bench beside the grotto. It takes effort to do things like move. Breathe. Actually get /into/ the grotto. Give her time. She looks up at Ciro with a small grin. "It was through the same door you just used. Not our fault you didn't snoop around, Lord Ciro," she says playfully. "I haven't met your lovely companion," she says, gesturing to Calla. "Introduce us?"

Ian keeps an eye on his own feet as he paces with care into the courtyard, cane in hand.

Thea makes her way inside, dressed in a gown easy to shimmy out of. She hears Ciroband grins. "Of course I knew. They must have been weary of you,"before waving over to tbe Eswynds. There's a nod and slight smile to the others as well as she goes to grab a drink, heading directly to the grotto.

Thea has joined the large stone grotto.

Lore received an invitation and arrives in a seasilk dress that is very much NOT of Arvani design. She's forgone the jewelry tonight, keeping things simple as she enters the courtyard. There's a look swept around the area before she alights on a singular known figure. Ian Kennex. Smiling broadly, she sidles up beside him and leans in to murmur something quietly to him. There's a brief grin flashed his way before she continues to look for someone specific.

Drake had a direct invitation, but it's not that he really needed an excuse to stop by. When he arrives, he sees people are undressing, and being handed robes... so, when in Eswyndol...

Drake takes a robe, but then as he has to change out of his regular pants, finds a spot to do it before heading into the party itself. He has his all important steelsilk armor on, however, so he's not precisely naked underneath as of yet. Perhaps this is Oathlander modesty, though Drake is possibly one of the least modest Oathlanders. He looks around for familiar people and something to drink, but fortunately plenty of those things are on offer.

Yuri peeled up from the wooden bench as he meandered over to the table that had been artfully set for a scrumptious roast and supper. The lord started collecting a few bits of food on his plate, clearly not dressed for the proper reveling soak as he was outfit in his leather and umbra of black; purple robe draped over his shoulder. Bartolomeo nudged the lord with a smile, nodding as he motioned to the food. Yuri gave a gentle nod, starting to pick along at it as he took a place back at one of the tables to eat.

Ian looks up at Lore when she gets close enough to talk. He quirks half a smile, and nods to her, before replying in a low tone.

A wave is given to Ciro and Calla as they approach, a soft laugh spilling past her lips at the man's question. "It was out here. Where it should be." She offers both of them a hug, then offers the requested introduction. "Marquessa Norah Eswynd, Baroness Calla Vaevici." She winks at Thea. "How'd you guess? Very weary of him... Good evening, Lord Ian." Lore and Drake get waves.

Joy, the advisor of roses have been dismissed.

There was an invitation! Hot springs! Grotto! Clothes optional! Savio is HERE FOR IT. He is wearing a robe already, a blue silk garment with huge big sleeves and patterned liberally with flowers climbing upward from the hem and the edge of the sleeves. It was probably made for a woman. Is that stopping him, no it is not. A slight limp to his step suggests a mild injury, but nothing major, as Savio is stepping over to greet Medeia and Norah, the lovely hostesses, with a warm, "Hello hello hellooooo!"

Seeing the robes being offered out near Medeia there is a slight altering of Ciro's course, the Seraceni taking up a robe for himself and another for Calla before he is looking to Norah hearing her response. A soft chuckle leaving Ciro as he nods, "A fair point but it would have been rude after being invited to dinner." The words echoed by Medeia moments later have him grinning, Ciro returning that hug telling Medeia. "It's lovely Deia." When the introduction is handled by Medeia. A look is given to Thea and he teases back, "And that right there is why your not gonna get to taste the new rum." The tone playful showing he likely didn't mean it. Ciro for his part remains close to Calla.

As he came in not long after Ian, Drake gives the man a nod when Medeia greets him, and then waves at Medeia. "You've been throwing a lot of good events lately. I may have to get some party organization tips from you." The scent of the pig is overwhelming, but there's also plenty of liquor to go around. Drake ends up with a glass of rum without even really realizing it. He ambles toward the grotto, but not at high speed.

Calla curtseys when she's introduced to the Norah after returning Medeia's hug. "A pleasure to meet you, Marquessa Eswynd. This is my first visit to your home, and I have to say, it's beautiful." Nostrils flae a bit as she inhales. "And I look forward to sampling the food, it smells delicious." A familiar voice has her turning her head as she smiles in Savio's direction. "Savio! How nice to bump into you here." She Then smiles as she shoots Ciro a look when he talks about the rum. "Oh be nice. Medeia's got impecable taste when it comes to drinks, you'd do well to get her opinion." Then to the Eswynd Lady, she smiles. "Thank you so much for the invite. We'll leave you to your hostess duties."

Lifting a hand back in the direction one was sent to her, Lore offers a quick smile before finally spotting her prey. "Ah! There he is.." tsking lightly, she moves across the courtyard to intercept Yuri with a smile. Dipping a slight bow, she murmurs, "My lord. Thank you for agreeing to come tonight. Are you doing alright so far?"

Arriving long enough after Savio that the two likely did not see each other in their different approaches to the Eswynd manor, Giorgio enters into the courtyard in a fine silk robe, dyed blue and with gold threading worked along the seams. His smile is wide as he looks over those who have already arrived, then moves to greet the hosts for the event.... only to hear a familiar voice. Spying Savio, Giorgio frowns and moves close to his brother and mutters something to him before saying to Medeia and Norah, "Greetings! What a lovely affair you have planned this evening!"

Thea gives a dramatic gasp a Ciro. Seemingly wounded. "Beware your next package,"she responds with a wink. Seeing Drake, Thea gives him a wave too. "Baroness Calla, Lord Ian, good evening."

"Baroness Calla, a pleasure," Norah says with a polite nod. "Thank you, my dear. Make yourself at home, please." She beams when Ciro compliments the yard. "Thank you, Lord Ciro. I designed the courtyard myself after arriving in the city. It's my favorite part of our home here," she says proudly. She smiles at Giorgio. "The courtyard might be my work, but the party is all Lady Medeia's."

Savio mutters, "There is no preventing you from looking stupid. ... ... born that way."

Haakon cracks an eye open as he hears someone else enter to water. Finding Thea, he mutters, "Oh, it's *you*," with deadpan distaste. The eye closes again.

Ian nods a solemn greeting to Medeia, before going in search of a place to sit. He's not in any kind of clothing that makes hanging out in the water reasonable. Hell, he's not in clothing that's all that reasonable for summer. "Lady Thea." He greets Thea once he's gotten wherever he's going.

Yuri rose again from the bench, having put down a good bit of food before he turned to Bartolomeo, shaking his head. The portly man shook his head, patting the lord's arm before he shoved him along rather haphazardly. Yuri sighed heavily, placing a plate on a nearby table to be collected. Barto spied Lore Artiglio coming a mile away, offering her a gentle wink before scurrying off to wherever the peerage's loyal attendants went to mingle. Yuri stopped in his tracks, a glimmer of a smile on his face, "Signora..." He stepped forward to give an earnest Lycene greeting, lingering along at Lore's cheeks for a moment or two before settling nearest her, "As best I can be. I did not want to be overly rude in rebuffing both invitations; from Lady Medeia or yourself."

A little late to the party, Oskar moves into the area dressed into the same robe as Medeia and Norah. The Marquis stops by the entrance for a couple seconds, taking a good look at all that are gathered there before stepping further and closer to his wife. "Glad you had everything under control." He tells her, flashing her a smile before taking a glass from a servant and actually getting inside the water.

Oh, Giorgio is here, SUPER, Savio is already rolling his eyes before Giorgio even starts talking! Giorgio is telling him something, not to do something, blah blah, and he mutters back a comment that he's probably not sober enough to REALLY manage into a real whisper. Sorrrryyy 'bout it Giorgio.

Back to people who are more FUN, he bows to Ciro and Calla, "It's always so nice to see you!" Lore and Ian are spotted a ways away, and he waves at them as well. Half the room just heard him sassing Giorgio but he's not bothered. No ragrets.

Dismissing a helpful servant with a waved hand, Tatyana slips into the courtyard dressed in a black gown just barely made dour rather outright funereal by the addition of a pair of rose gold earrings. Spotting the hostesses, she makes through the crowd to give her regards. "Marquessa, my thanks for the invitation and my complements to your household," she says with a polite curtsy, "And Lady Medeia, a pleasure to, ah, re-make your acquaintance under less trying circumstances."

"Not joining us in the water?" Drake asks Ian, who doesn't seem dressed for it, certainly. Though the situation does give Drake pause as well. "Can I take roast pig into the water? Seems like I should do one and then the other but the staff does seem flexible."

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

"Well I am sure that she appreciates it as much as I do, my lord," Lore returns the greeting before pulling back with a smile. "If you haven't greeted the hostess yet, my lord, would you escort me so that we can offer her greetings together?" Offering him her arm with a smile before lifting her free hand towards Savio with a bright grin. Yes, she heard it, yes, she's trying not to laugh.

Medeia keeps an eye on Yuri for a few moments before seeing Savio's splendid self. "Savio! That robe is /gorgeous/ and you look amazing." A low 'mm' vibrates in her throat at Ciro's comment. "It is lovely. A fantastic little hiding spot... That I'm for some reason sharing with all of you." When Drake mentions party tips she laughs and shakes her head. Is that a no? It might be. Her expression is hard to read - amusement, mischief, cunning. Turning to Calla, she says, "Please, make yourself comfortable! Ah," A refreshed smile for Giorgio. "Good to see you again, and both of you in the same place." Her hand motions to Savio. When Tatyana arrives, she smiles and dips her chin. "Indeed. Welcome, and hopefully find this far more relaxing than the isle." Medeia grabs a glass of whiskey and moves toward the grotto, setting herself on the stones beside Haakon and dangling her feet in the water before handing him the glass.

Thea just smirks over in Haakon's direction. "Awww. Hello Lord Haakon! Long time no see,"sinking deeper into the water. She herself smiles over at Medeia. And Norah. "This is a great idea."

"Likewise. Enjoy the party." The Baroness replies to Savio. Gently guiding Ciro off after a dip of her head to both Norah and Medeia, Calla grabs a robe from the basket provided and moves towards the grotto. Finally dropping his arm, she moves off to find a place to change. When she returns, she's wearing a two piece swim suit with the robe over her arm before she finds a spot to put it. Once done, she moves to slip into the water with a soft sigh. "Oh this is delightful." She says to the bathers already gathered, smiling as she finalyl spots Thea. "Lady Thea! How nice to see you. I hop you are well."

Ian shakes his head to Drake. "Not today." He has tracked down a drink somewhere, and has settled back to enjoy the cooler weather. He didn't really have to go to a party to do that, but you can't beat the ambiance.

"Not as amazing as you look, my lady. You are serving us BEAUTY you are serving us GRACE you are serving us BRILLIANT HOSTESS and we are here for it," Savio replies to Medeia, before wiggling his fingers at her in a little goodbye wave so she can go attend to many guests all seeking to share her attention! He seems to be angling toward the grotto, but it's more of a 'get there eventually' pace and not a beeline.

Giorgio smiles to Norah and to Medeia for their greetings and is just about to open his mouth when he hears Savio 'whisper' something back to him. He stalls and can only turn his head to look at his brother with a frown that it would now be easy for pretty much everyone at the party to assume has been directed at his brother many times throughout their lives. "That one will hit your coin purse," he threatens in a low voice before his brother moves off to greet other party goers.

When Giorgio turns back to Medeia and Norah, he is all smiles as if nothing at all embarrassing had just happened. "Well, regardless of who did the work on the party and who the courtyard, it is truly a beautiful affair. Thank you for hosting it," he says before sliding off to let the two hosts do their thang. Spying Lord Ian, Giorgio moves in his direction and says, "I'll pay you to beat the shit out of my brother. Soon. And often. What's your price?"

6 Grayson House Guards, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier arrive, following Reese.

Owen, a meticulous Seraceni scholar, Reese arrive, following Dio.

Yuri did not take much time in offering his answer, a gentle nod being a favored response to Lore as he came alongside the woman to close his arm around her offered one. "I would be happy to, Lore." His eyes trekked along in the sea of guests to spot out Medeia treating with the guests. He offered back to Lore with a smile, nodding as he came in lockstep to come upon what throng or line there was to see the Lady.

Savio gasps at Giorgio's comments to Ian, "RUDE?!"

Norah rs

Drake looks at Giorgio, and lets out a little huff, a sound of surprise. "That sounds like the work for a Champion. What's the occasion?" When Savio speaks up, Drake laughs aloud. "...Are you the brother?"

Calla has joined the large stone grotto.

Oskar has joined the large stone grotto.

Medeia has joined the large stone grotto.

"YES," Savio answers Drake, "And my dignity has been QUITE injured!" He lifts both hands to clutch his pearls, if he had any, which he does not. Just a fancy robe with too much chest being shown.

Haakon eyes the garter on Medeia's leg as she sits beside and above him. A word of thanks for the offered cup, and he mutters to Thea, "You missed out. We ate a false God." Offering no further context, his ear perks toward Savio, whom the reaver acknowledges as, "The funny fucker is here."

Smiling at Yuri, Lore dips a nod towards him and moves towards the grotto to greet the hostess. Along the way, however, she looks to Ian with a grin, "Sounds like the excuse we needed. I'll champion Savio if you're taking his brother's offer. The yard is just over there!"

Norah waves Oskar over. "Come have a dip. I'd say I'd help you in, but that might be a comedy of errors," she huffs and she hauls herself to her feet and hands her robe off to an attendant. She makes her way over to the grotto, figuring out how best to achieve any of this. She looks at Haakon, then Thea. "A false god that nearly ate my husband, as I've been told," she adds.

Ian looks up slowly at Giorgio and raises his eyebrows. "I can give you directions to the Crimson Blades headquarters, if you're looking to hire a mercenary," he suggests. There's a slight edge to his flat voice, a very gentle rebuke. He takes a sip of his drink and shakes his head to Lore. "Can't be bought for this. He's already killed pirates with me."

Calla giggles at Savio and Giorgio's exchange as she settles into the water, finding a spot to sit and relaxes. "Savio is certainly good for a laugh, always fun company." She replies to Haakon.

The mention of a false god gets Oskar lips curling, "It was hungry, we were hungry, but I slept through the meal." He gives his own version of the facts. "I feel new again, though." He tells Norah, shifting in the water to give her more space as she prepares to join, "Guess a few days of extra sleep was just what I needed."

There's a moment where Medeia looks from Savio to Giorgio to Savio to Ian to Drake to Savio to Giorgio to Lore. It's... a lot of looking. "Well, no one can say there isn't a medic on hand if need be. Though, I planned a sparring feast for another time." She grins and gestures toward the yard across the orchard anyway, as if to say, 'if you must.' The mention of the false god draws a laugh from her. "And my part of the meal was a bit late. Still, delicious." Her free hand settles on Haakon's shoulder as she drinks from the wine glass in the other hand.

Savio apparently is not in need of a champion after all, but he smiles at Lore nonetheless. Look at her, that champion, ready to stand up for him, a known idiot! Savio is pleased. "You're my favorite kind of person, Lore," he grins at her, before he looks at Giorgio, raising his brows and bouncing them up and down in a look that says, SO. THERE.

"Well, nice to meet you," Drake says to Savio, as he appears to be the brother in question. "I'm Drake." People are continuing to discuss throwing hands, but Drake just shakes his head. "I didn't bring my sword, personally," he says, which is actually just an excuse to be lazy and not get involved, but... it's a party. He winces again at Ian's comment. "Ah, well, that must be a story."

Smirking as he hears Savio's typical outcry of rudeness, Giorgio shakes his head before offering a smile of greeting toward Drake. "That's my brother. I know... it's unfortunate. You don't have to say it," he says with a grin. Looking back toward Ian, Giorgio says to both men, "I don't really want him injured. I've got to much money invested in him. Just... you know, roughed up a little." He grins toward Lore before he says, "How about this... five thousand silver a piece to all /three/ of you if you just tie him up in that robe he's in and hang him from something really high for a while, eh?" Giorgio even looks about as if to find something suitable high to dangle Savio from.

It isn't long before Ciro is easing himself down into the water beside Calla after shedding his clothes, the robe he had snatched up left within reach as he moves to join those in the warm waters. The man leaning back slightly as he gives a little relaxed sigh.

Ciro has joined the large stone grotto.

Yuri offered mild chuckles at the jesting and spoken word of challenge, though most of it did not reach his eyes. Upon reaching where Medeia had been holding court, he bowed his head gently with a reverential nod. He kept his voice low as to not let it gain too much volume in his greeting, "Deia." He cleared his throat shortly after, raspy a bit before he corrected himself, "Lady Eswynd, very good to see you. Thank you for the tea. It hel--it has been helping."

"False.God,"Thea asks Haakon, Norah, and Oskar with a tilt of her head. "Taste like beef? What was it?" Her gold-flecked green eyes flash to Savio. Then Giorgio. "Which is funnier, "shes asks already. Not that it matters.

Dio arrives in the walled courtyard with Reese. He is dressed an imperious robe of fine umbra, beneath which lie the lean muscle and tanned skin of sailor. The pair form a stark contrast - the dark hair and features of the marquis beside the golden princess, as if darkness stood side by side with radiant light.

Dio's eyes pass over the area, searching for Medeia. When he sees her, he smiles, and says to Reese, "May I introduce you to Lady Medeia?"

"Savio Pontelaeus," The Brother introduces himself to Drake with a smile. To Giorgio and his threats, he tsks! "Don't make me start singing songs about you, Giorgio. I can and I will. There will be no heights from which you can escape them." Both hands spread, broadly. "Do what you must, for I have already won!"

"Pity. Though good on him for killing pirates with you. He's apparently multi-talented!" Lore responds with Ian with a grin that states she was hardly serious in the first place before turning her attention to Giorgio with a chuckle. "Sorry, but five thousand silver isn't even enough to get me out of bed, let alone actually -work-. I can make that with the turn of a hand." Offering a wink towards the man, she shifts her gaze towards Savio and smiles, "Hello again! I love your robe, you'll have to tell me where it came from so I can try to find something that suits me half so well as that one suits you!"

Haakon waves dismissively toward Norah. "It didn't nearly *eat* him." Oskar's interjection earns a sharp grunt of humor. "See? Good as new." Calla gets a wry curl of his lip and a short nod of agreement. Thea is regarded plainly. "Don't be daft. *Beef*?" A snort. "More like.. roast buttered shellfish."

Drake chuckles at the back and forth, and gives Savio another nod. "Well met." Drake suddenly looks up as he overhears Reese is here, and nods to her from across the way. Then he smiles at Lore as she walks up, as well.

Oskar turns to Haakon and Medeia, gesturing to the couple with his head. "They were the ones that actually got to enjoy the meal." He says, "Though I can tell you that it was big, probably the village is still feasting on its meat."

Reese arrives along with Dio. The princess is dressed in her pink and ivory as she normally is. Ribbons adorn her hair. The girl has her blades, but they are peace tied and put away. She looks over to Dio at his words, giving him a dimpled smile that touches her blue Grayson eyes. "I have met her before, but.." She then trails off. "It has been a while since I have seen her and I wouuld very much like to talk to the Lady again. She murmurs, peeking around and looking for Medeia. She then has a smile for Drake, Haakon and Ian whom she seems to know.

Ian shakes his head again to Giorgio. Kill pirates with a Kennex, and that's like a sacred bond, apparently. He looks up when Dio and Reese come in. His bright blue eyes skim past Dio without any real reaction and land on Reese, and his expression betrays a little bit of surprise. "Princess Reese. It's been a while. I didn't know you were still in town."

Calla smiles as Ciro joins her in the water, shifting a bit to give him room. Her eyes drift over the gathering for any other familiar faces.

Kiera enters the party with an easy grace and heads towards her brother and ian with an easy grace nodding toward media first "Thank you for hosting this lovely event. How is everyone this evening

Giorgio offers a wink toward Lore for her words before he says, "I was hoping that you would be on board for the fun of it as much as the money." Then to both Lore and Drake, Giorgio dips into a bow as well before saying, "Giorgio Pontelaeus. Minister of Economic Development for Tremorus." He stalls then for just a moment and it might seem that Savio's threats of songs truly has gotten to the elder Pontelaeus for just a moment before he threatens, "You do it and you'll return home to find all manner of tiny sharks in your bed."

Medeia still just sits on the edge of the grotto, feet in the water, hand on Haakon's shoulder, stiletto strapped to her thigh as if she might need to stab someone soon (probably Haakon, that's why Ember gave the blade to her, after all). She looks up at Yuri with a gentle smile, "Yuri, I'm really glad you made it, and I'm happy to have been able to offer something to help." She adds something quietly, before lifting her hand to greet Dio and Reese. "Marquis Dio, Princess Reese! Please, make yourselves comfortable! THere's food and drink and relaxing."

"Hey. I wasn't there, but Ill take your word,"Thea amusedly tells Haakon. Hearing Reese, she is quick to lift her hand in greeting. "Princess Pink. Long time no see,"a smile apoearing.

"Oh, my mistake. Getting flung around by a giant crab isn't the same as nearly getting eaten by one. I suppose details matter," Norah says, sounding like that is a perfectly reasonable correction. She's been in Eswynd too long.

Zakhar takes cotton robe dyed Eswynd purple from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

"That doesn't surprise me," says Dio laughingly to Reese. "I'm certain I'm the last to have met her." He passes through the courtyard towards the Lady of House Eswynd, stopping when Ian address Reese to acquire some rum. He raises it to Ciro, when he sees his cousin take to the water.

At Medeia's words, Dio smiles. "Thank you for the invitation, My Lady. Your courtyard is beautiful." His eyes pass to see what, if anything, Medeia might be drinking out of.

Savio has found a drink. Where did it come from? Who knows! They just appear in his hands wherever he goes, it's a thing. It is sipped with amusement as she compliments The Robe, fearsome be-flowered thing that it is, and he grins. "The Setarcan Bazaar, that one tucked away in the Pravus ward, hey? I couldn't resist." Giorgio's threats are met with again, laughter, but at least some of that laughter is self deprecating this time. "Why are you so awful," he replies, then makes a simpler introduction. "Lore. Giorgio. Giorgio. Lore. He's no fun at parties, but he's got a good head for business. No business talk tonight though! I won't stand for it. This is a party."

Yuri smiled lightly as Medeia rose, bowing his head; a look cast to Lore, "Seemed you both managed to fight a battle on two fronts. Here in due part to you two." Icy eyes gazed back from Medeia to Lore and back again before Lady Eswynd shared a few words to him and he reciprocated, giving a nod as he looked in the direction of where Medeia had pointed out. "Okay."

"I didn't even get to see if that creature had teeth." Oskar tells Norah with a shrug. "But from what I hear, Baroness Ember smashed whatever it had on its head to pieces." His eyes turn to the new arrivals, lifting his glass in a silent greeting to them.

Reese looks to Ian, giving him one of her dimpled smiles. "I am still here, Lord Ian, just have been much much more quietly here. Isolating in my tower of many books and memories." She then looks over to Medeia. "Lady Medeia, it is a real pleasure to see you again. You are the host of this gathering?" She murmurs before noticing Thea and having a warm smile for her as well. "The Marquis convinced me to get out for a night at least." She then turns to Dio, giving him a nod. "She probably meets people very easily." She says in his direction. "I am glad you asked me to come."

Merek wears dark attire like he often does, though this time it's the kind which he uses for nightwear, the baggy pants adjusted about him with the shirt that he wears along his features. There's a look around to see who all was about, then he waves to Reese!

As faces familiar and not so much filter in and join the festivities Ciro watches, The lift of the drink from Dio has Ciro lifting his left hand upgiving a wave to the man before his hand lowers back down once more. A glance moments later is given to Haakon and Ciro can't help but ask, "What happened there? Upset Deia?" The man motioning to the bruising along the Eswynd's chest.

Zakhar smiles and nods lightly to Haakon and Medeia as he enters the courtyard. There's a few others that he nods to, though for the most part he enters and then stands at the edge of the courtyard for a moment.

"Lore Artiglio," its offered in return to Giorgio with a grin. "Troublemaker, merchant, and cartographer when I get the opportunity." Looking back towards Yuri and Medeia, she offers a warmer smile and dips her head, "I was pleased to help bully Lord Yuri out of the villa to be my escort this evening." She looks back to Savio with a grin, "We'll go shopping soon then! I must find something stunning and decadent and salacious!"

Haakon acknowledges Reese as, "The Pink Grayson. Fair met." Norah is corrected again, "And it weren't a giant crab." Zakhar is greeted idly as, "Whitebeard."

Somewhere, Bartolomeo was offering his prayers to any who would listen. Yuri chuckled a bit, warmly, as he shook his head to look at Medeia, "As if she had to bully me at all." His stony gaze sifted over to Giorgio as he had been in proximity, bowing his head softly, "Lord Yuri Tessere; greetings and good evening to you."

Following Ciro's wave in Dio's direction, Calla offers her own for the Seraceni Marquis before Ciro's words catch her attention and she also glances at Haakon to see what he's talking about.

"Princess Reese, have you been out to the new Wyvernheart house yet? I think you missed my little mostly-family gathering recently," Drake says to the princess, "But of course you're welcome any time. I'm basically finished with the garden," he says. He gestures. "Need to get one of these grotto baths, though, I think." He finally makes preparations to get into it, but first he gets a refill.

Tatyana gets to the important business of hunting down a piece of good pork and a glass of something suitably warming. This done, she stakes out a spot at a bench just out of gown ruining range of the water and tucks in to her meal, keeping an appreciative ear and eye on the group of bathers. Giant crab or merely remarkably large shrimp, there are some conversations you don't want to miss, even for good food.

Ian finishes his drink and, looking towards Lore, he nods in the direction of the training yard. "Still want to have a go before I leave?"

"Mm, Marquis Oskar and Marquessa Norah Eswynd," Medeia says, partly to get their attention and partly to introduce them to unfamiliar arrivals, "Might I introduce you to Princess Reese Grayson and Marquis Dio Seraceni?" A nod to Reese. "I'm thrilled to see you again, your highness! Welcome, and yes, I am the hostess." She lifts her hand again to wave to Merek and Zakhar. Looking up to Lore, her expression turns grateful. "You have my thanks for that." Now that she's done some hostessing, she sets her glass down carefully and undoes the garter and her robe, setting them aside before slipping int the water next to Haakon.

Rolling his eyes at Savio's description of him, Giorgio says, "Don't listen to him, Lore. He can't help it he's so stupid. We tried to do better by him." He is smiling fondly though, clearly for all of the teasing and bickering between the brothers, Giorgio does like Savio.... somewhere deep, deep down. "My brother did write to me regarding you, however. And I would be more than happy to meet with you sometime to discuss business when we are not attending such a lovely party."

When Yuri introduces himself, Giorgio offers a dip of his head to the Tessere Lord before saying, "A pleasure. I am Giorgio Pontelaeus."

Zakhar drops cotton robe dyed Eswynd purple.

Norah gives Haakon an annoyed look. "Then what was it, o slayer of false gods?" Her attention is drawn over to Reese. The Marquessa is sitting in the grotto, enjoying the waters. "A pleasure, your highness," she says.

Tatyana has joined the intricately carved wooden benches.

"Believe me, the pleasure's mine," says Dio to Reese. He takes a sip of rum, and says to Medeia after noticing her glass of wine, "I'd half expected it to be a skull." The marquis waves to Calla.

At Medeia's introduction, Dio bows. "I have met Marquessa Norah - thank you for hosting us, My Lady. And it is good to meet you, Marquis Oskar."

Zakhar has joined the intricately carved wooden benches.

Savio shakes his head at Giorgio's RUDE again. "That's it. You've done it. You've earned a song." He stops, to contemplate one up!

Zakhar looks at the robe and puts it back, muttering something about frilly, plush, and over use of decadence.

Reese has a smile for Merek as well. She then peeks over to Lore, waving in her direction. She turns to Haakon a moment later. "It is good to see you again, Lord Haakon. I am impressed with Lady Medeia's taste in guests." She then looks over to Drake. "I haven't been there. I would like to come and well I wish I made the gathering. I am not quite family, but might have still tried to come. I would dress in disquise and pretended to be family." She teases. She then looks back to Medeia as she makes the introductions. "Very good to meet you, Marquis and Marquessa." She smiles to Dio and then the princess gathers up a glass of rose colored wine. "I like the baths here, like a private grotto."

Oskar sets the glass aside for the moment in order to give both Dio and Reese a more polite greeting, "A pleasure and honor to meet you both, Your Highness, my lord." He tells them, lowering his head in a bow, "I hope you'll feel welcome and indulge into a bit of Eswynd hospitality while here."

Giving Yuri's arm a small squeeze, Lore smiles up at him and gives a few whispered words before letting him go so he can get changed for the grotto. She turns towards Ian and gives a nod, heading over, "I wouldn't miss the opportunity for the world. You are still my best pupil, my lord and I look forward to getting my ass handed to me." Passing Giorgio, she chuckles, "Yes he told me he would. Feel free to look me up anytime, I'm easy to find." Reese gets a smile and a wave as well before motioning for Ian to precede her, "I've been waiting for this for awhile now."

Haakon is being contrary on purpose at this point. If not a crab, what was it? "It were a false God, thought you'd heard." An arm loosely circles Medeia's back as she slips ihyk the water beside him, witna few quiet words offered. To Reese, he quips, "Aye, fine folk for the greater part. As for those who aren't? We'll,she didn't invite me, bug I came any how."

Yuri glanced to Lore for a moment, giving her a nod before he allowed the woman to untangle from his side. He bowed his head gently in Giorgio's direction, "Likewise, messere Pontelaus. Do give me a moment, I would like to change out of this dreary garb and maybe actually revel." He offered a timid smile before bowing his head and excusing himself for just the moment.

Kiera smiles"I'd be anxious for you to come by princess Reese, I still need plenty of help filling out our ibraary" She waves to Zakhar a wave as she notes him

Ian takes a moment to remove his coat before moving in the direction of the training yard with Lore, clearly incapable of lasting through a social situation more than five minutes without fighting. "I'll try not to disappoint. I was never great at pinning you down."

"Come by whenever you aren't busy." Drake nods when Kiera mentions that library. "It's improved, but it's a work in progress. We have a nice enclosed garden area too." Drake smiles at Reese's comment about a disguise. "Just wear blue. No one would recognize you. They'd think you were your own evil twin." Drake raises a brow as it seems like a fight is about to start. "Oh now this could be interesting." He wonders, though, if he can see it from the tempting water. Probably.

Savio threatened his brother with a song and so it is, after a moment he's got it.

"The Merchant Prince is a fancy boy
You'd think I'd know not to annoy
Or vex, or trouble, exasperate
What if I fell from Giorgio's grace?

I'd be cut off, and without funds!
Not one coin, disgrace, regretting tons!
I could have been like him, heeded the warning
But I'd rather be broke than

Savio sips his drink.

Ian has joined the training yard.

"Ahhhhhhh, that was years back when you were still fresh from learning! You've had time to hone your skills while I'm afraid most of my time has gone to... other endeavors. Staying alive. And unchained. Mostly the latter." Lore waves it off with a grin as she follows him to the training yard. This is one of the few times she actually gets to scrap with someone, its not being passed over!

Lore has joined the training yard.

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Haakon rumbles a chuckle to Medeia's quiet words, before turning eye and ear toward Savio's impromptu song. His free hand lifts a cup, and he calls, "Hear! Better dead than dreary!"

At Savio's impromptu song, Calla turns in her seat to clap lightly, chuckling softly. "A catchy tune if I've ever heard one." She calls out with a wink in Savio's direction.

"Ah, no, /he/ came with the house," Medeia says to Reese, following up on Haakon's comment about not being invited. She settles against the arm Haakon circled around her, smiling brightly. "Savio, if Giorgio ever does kick you out of Tremorous, I'm sure we could find a use for your sass here."

Bartolomeo, protege of Signora Lauretta Tessere arrives, following Yuri.

Yuri has joined the large stone grotto.

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Giorgio can only look on in mild annoyance as Savio makes good on his promise, seeming to spin up a song on the fly. He would almost be impressed, if the song wasn't about him. He does offer a quiet clap for his brother's performance before he holds up four fingers. "It was a good song. But it'll cost you. Four weeks," he says with a smile before he turns to watch Ian and Lore's spar.

When Reese mentions the grotto, Dio nods. "They seem the perfect place to relax after a long voyage." Turning then Oskar and Norah, Dio says, "I am very grateful for your hospitality. The food smells excellent, and the rum is superb. I'm afraid I must again sing the praises of Lady Medeia. Her methods of diplomacy are versatile, and she was a great help to my cousin and I in the Saffron Chain." Medeia's comment to Savio, causes Dio to laugh.

Reese looks over to Oskar and Norah. "I would be honored to vist one day. I admit that I know little about Eswynd, but I would like to know more." She then looks to Haakon, smiling at this words. "Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission." She teases. Reese turns to Kiera a moment later. "I would be happy to have you visit sometimes. I have books upon books upon books." She then looks to Drake. "That is probably a good idea. would be a good cover." She falls silent for a moment to listen to Savio's song. She then turns to Dio. "Can I ask who your cousin is? I admire the Saffron chain and am part Pravus." The girl adds.

Yuri meandered back in with the purple robe thrust around his body, finding that it was a bit short on his frame. He padded over to the grotto, panning his gaze to those familiar and unfamiliar with a polite smile as he unceremoniously removed the robe, folding it along in a place he could get to it afterward before sliding into a stone seat at the grotto.

Ciro's eyes lift looking to Savio as he sings that song, A soft chuckle spilling from the lips of the Seraceni. His head giving a little shake as he murmurs, "My sister would flay me if I sang something like that about her."

Thea starts to hop out from the water, wrapping the robe around her. "I should be off,"she confesses. "But thank you for this,"Thea declares with a grin. Her eyes do drift over to the fight that broke out. "Hmmmm..."

Savio bows to Haakon, then Calla, then Medeia, in a totally theatrical fashion. Can you imagine being related to a bard? Ya gotta feel for Giorgio here. "Worth itttt," he singsongs at Giorgio himself, followed by a big bright grin. "Come on, you know you love a spotlight, no matter how you got there."

Lore checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Lore is successful.

Lore remains capable of fighting.

Drake looks at Thea as she gets up. "Ah, so soon? I was just about to join you." Drake walks over and leans into her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. It causes him to miss a bit of the fight. But he does have priorities.

Lifting a brow at Savio, Giorgio says, "And no more steelsilk."

Lore checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Lore is marginally successful.

Lore remains capable of fighting.

"I'd never be able to come up with something so clever myself, though my siblings were so dour, they probably wouldn't have gotten the humour anyway." Calla replies as she leans briefly against Ciro to whisper something in his ear.

Griffin, a gray falcon arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

Savio clutches his pearls again at Giorgio's newest threat. "But what if I DIE," he replies, "Who would write famous tunes about you then? You'll miss it!"

Dio smiles at Reese's question. "Of course, Your Highness. He is there." the marquis points to Ciro, and amusement gleams in his dark eyes as he says, "and he is your cousin as well, I believe."

"Ciro!" calls Dio from the edge of the grotto's pool.

It does not do for ladies of status to laugh at a gentleman's expense, nor to get in the middle of other families' squabbles, which is why Tatyana's quickly swallowing to avoid spitting whiskey down her front is, her glare at anyone who catches her makes clear, quite unrelated to the musical interlude.

"That she is, I think I should tag along her sometimes in order to learn a bit more about diplomacy and negotiations." Oskar tells Dio with a nod, retrieving the glass once again and going for a sip. "My near brother, Lord Haakon, also fought in the Saffron Chain. Have you met him already, my lord?" He turns to Reese, smiling as he gets to talk a bit about Eswynd Rock. "Our home is a place completely devoid of trees, they were all turned into ships and buildings generations before I was born. Though, our very geography provided us the defenses we needed through most of our history. It's truly a unique place in the Compact."

Kiera hms "I admire both wit and seriousness each in it's turn They make a good balance. The Ponteleas brothers will make a formidable team i'm certain"

Giorgio doesn't even look at Savio this time, simply ignoring his brother in favor of watching the fight other than to say with relish, "Guess you can try and sell some witty tunes to pay for what you need."

Reese peeks over to Savio. "Sometime all attention is good, but sometimes not so much." She muses, holding the glass of wine in one gloved hand. She peeks over to the fight in progress, seemingly curious. She then turns to Dio, nodding to him. "He is.." She asks and looks to Ciro with a smile. She blushes just a bit. "I sometimes can't track of who I am all related. Are we related at all? If so probably distantly."

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Savio offers a bow toward Reese, having heard her comment about attention. "I wish I was smart enough to learn that. Not yet though, hey!" He sounds fresh off the boat from the Chain, a weird lilting accent from some far away Island. Giorgio not so much, but he's the more refined of the two! And Savio looks back to him, with a beaming smile. "What if I write a really NICE song about you next though? Like a song about how all the ladies find you irresistible. I'll put it in the Whites. Everything will be all better. You'll loooo-ooove it."

When his voice is suddenly called out loudly from the edge of the grotto by Dio there is a brief look of surprise from Ciro before he composes himself, A glance is given to Calla giving her a small smile. "Back in a second Calla.." The man offering her a warm smile before he is raising up to stand moving forward through the water to stop just short of the edge infront of Dio and Reese. Hearing the words from the woman he smiles softly, "It's possible, Likely through my mother and her father..or was it grandfather." The man chewing his lip a moment before offering his hand up to the Princess, "Lord Ciro Seraceni, A pleasure Princess."

Drake gets a message delivered just as Thea is leaving. He looks down at it for a second, and shakes his head. "Ah, duty calls. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't get in the water yet." He looks out to the spar again for a moment.

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

Dio nods to Oskar. "Indeed, I have. Lord Haakon and I spoke some regarding the war, and I have great confidence that he and his reavers will fare as well as any against the Skal'dajans." A grim look falls like a pall over the Pirate Lord's face at the mention of the war, but the exchange between Reese and Ciro restores a smile.

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Lore remains capable of fighting.

"Marquis Dio, once again, you're too kind and complimentary..." Medeia says from her spot in the grotto. "I merely did what was required. /Do/ what is required." She grins at him, "The skulls were a nice touch." She waves good bye to Thea and Drake as they depart before leaning in to whisper something to Haakon.

Yuri leaned backward into his singular stone seat, having grasped a glass of wine as he strode in to take a place within the grotto. He was content to sip along at the red whilst glancing along at the patrons and guests within and without.

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Lore is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

"I will be here." Calla replies with a smile for Ciro when he's called off by his Marquis. She follows him with her gaze briefly, before settling back into the warm water with a happy sigh.

Reese looks to Savio with a smile. "I mean all attention increases one's power in a way, good attention and bad attention. Although..sometimes bad attention is still well very bad." She murmurs, rambling on a bit. She then turns to Ciro, having a warm smile for him. "Very good to meet you. I think we are first cousins actually and well always good to meet a cousin. I like having so many cousins." She murmurs before looking to Dio with a smile. She tries to lead him toward the grotto if he doesnt't stop such, it is a gentle gesture though, like maybe she just wants to check out the water.

Kiera smiles to her brother "You always seem to be in high demand but I may be the one that needs to sip off first"

Giorgio is smiling now, clearly pleased with the leverage he has for the moment. Looking to Savio, Giorgio pretends to be interested in that offer before he says, "No... I think this is a good opportunity for you, brother. Independence. Making it on your own wiles and /hard work!/ Good luck with your music career. Maybe it will pay off soon!" With that he chuckles to himself, knowing Savio's aversion to work, before turning and making his way toward the exit. He pauses long enough along the way to thank Norah and Medeia for the lovely evening before he heads out.

Dio grins at Medeia. "Thank you, My Lady. Your play on the pageantry was magnificent. It would have all been for naught had Lady Tatyana not show the brilliance of Grimhall scholarship." Reese's touch commands Dio's attention, and he moves with her towards the grotto, very happy to swim if the princess should wish it.

"I'm sorry, what, I wasn't listening," Savio replies to Giorgio. "I think my Giorgio and the Ladies song might be a little too bawdy. But it has promise, real prom-- Where are you goooooing? Giorgio!" But alas, he is going. Savio watches him for a moment, then waves after him, calling out so as to win back his favor, "You're my favorite brother! Watch the white journals!"

The words from Reese have Ciro dipping his head, "Good to meet you as well, We will have to meet and talk sometime. And I will certainly remember to send a bottle of the new rums along." The man's own honeyed tone brimming with warmth. When she leads Dio away he turns slipping through the water to retake his seat beside Calla, Easing back down into the warm water with a little sigh.

The fight between Ian and Lore is short and sweet, and it looks like it's Ian's preternatural ability to dodge that saves it for him. He evades her grabs and strikes by sidestepping, swaying out of the way, or just not being where he's supposed to be until he gives him an opening that allows him to bring her down to the dirt. A few seconds later, he's got her pinned, and rolls away once she taps out. He's got dirt all over his shirt now. And some on his face. Good fight.

"Really? Well, I'll race you, ah, where-ever you're going," Drake teases Kiera. Well, no, that probably won't work, but it made sense for a second. Drake hands off his empty glass, going to give Medeia a nod. He watches Reese and Dio slip by for a second, but doesn't interrupt, going to get his shirt again.

Reese sits down near the grotto and then she pulls of her expensive pink slippers. She starts to roll up the ivory leggings next and the slips her feet into the water. She peeks over to Dio with a smile. "The water is nice. I figured it would be. Lady Medeia would make sure of that." She says, before turning to Cirno. "I do like rum."

Calla pipes up as she follows the conversation between Ciro and Reese, her smile growing at the mention of rum. "His newest concoctions are absolutely divine and worth a taste." She adds when he comes back to settle next to her, her smile brightening considerably.

Lore is covered in dirt and couldn't look happier for it. She might have a few bruises come tomorrow, but well worth it. Rolling up to her feet, she holds out a hand to Ian with a smile, "Give me a few months to work my way back up and we'll try this again, hm? I look forward to being the one to test myself against -you-, now."

Calluna, A Highhill Puppy leaves, following Drake.

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Savio has lost his brother back to the boring world of whatever Giorgo does when he's not at parties, and drifts instead over to where Lore and Ian have just finished a fight! "That looked fun," he grins at them both. "Sorry bout it, Lore." It is the respectful, knowing tone of one who's been beat up by Ian.

Savio has joined the training yard.

"Pageantry?" Medeia looks confused as she looks at Dio. "My dear Marquis Dio. I spoke true. Have a look at the altar on your way out." The sweetest smile she can muster is sent his way. She says something else quietly to Haakon, her expression softening as she settles to watch all the guests mingle.

Yuri blinked rather abruptly at the departures, the two brothers yelling after one another as his head trailed after one, then the other. His eye sought out Medeia with a smile, "The hog was lovely, by the way. Your cooks have some fine spices in those kitchens. But those spices from Iriscal would touch it up -just- right, I feel. I do need to send you some, Deia." He raised his glass with a smile toward Medeia.

Reese hmms softly. "I can trade rum for Grayson wine, but the wine I have is a bit sour, green apple wine. I should get some of our sweeter pink apple wine. That would be good. I will try to find some." She says before turning to Oskar. "A defensiveable land is very good. I struggle to guard the great stretches for forests that Grayson claims."

Ian snorts. "That part, I'm already doing," he comments to Lore in what's probably the tail end of a conversation while he collects his cane again. "She's the one who taught me a lot of those moves," he explains to Savio.

Lore flashes a grin towards Savio and shakes her head, "I'm not sorry at all! I just got beaten by my star pupil, I'm proud as a Queen!" Rolling her shoulder lightly, she nods to Ian, "Then I'll see about showing up ther emore often and see if I can't scare up some interest."

"Believe me, I will," replies Dio to Medeia. He slips off his boots and robe beside Reese. The back of the marquis is covered in thin, raised scars, in addition to those that testify to hard years at sea. He chuckles and nods to Reese when she speaks of Medeia. "Truly, everything she touches seems better for it." As the princess puts her feet in the water, Dio slips into the water up to his waist, requiring his drink. "Do you plan to swim, Your Highness?" asks Dio sliding a little deeper into the water.

There is a nod from Ciro hearing he words from Reese on liking rum, "I am sure you will find something to enjoy in both blends." The man telling her with confidence before he is looking to Calla. Her words on the rums have the man grinning more broadly, "Far too kind Calla. Far too kind." When he hears the words from Medeia and then Dio backing them up there is a nod from Ciro in clear agreement as he looks back to Reese once more. "Lady Eswynd if full of surprises and good with finding solutions to such trouble as a missing wine."

"Oh?" Savio turns his attention from Ian back to Lore, turning his bright grin to her now. "That's terrifying. If you ever want to throw me around a training arena, I would appreciate anything I can learn. I could stand to get out of the way a little faster." That bit does carry some chagrin, and a glance to Ian, something a little like actual regret and less his over-the-top-ness. "Didn't do so great on that pirate cog, did I? I'm still too reckless. Lucky that cut wasn't worse."

Dio has joined the large stone grotto.

Reese looks upon Dio, sucking in a soft breath of subtle concern as she notices the scars, but she doesn't comment. She then nods in response to his words. "It is a gift and a talent both to be able to host well. When I hosted in the past, I am like come over for.. free books and free stuff. Free stuff got guests." She says. "But I didn't have pink wine and a warm grotto." She says her cheeks still touched with a faint pink warmth. "I think I will." She then looks to Ciro. "One day, we will trade drinks." Reese starts to remove her clothing, but not all her clothing. She leaves on a white linen camisole and a pair of white linen shorts. Simple items beneath the expensive pink. She looks quite a bit more normal now. She then slips into the grotto.

Ian collects his coat again, and puts it in. "There are a few brawlers who turn up there from time to time. Someone named Sydney's pretty proud of it, I think." He doesn't really talk about her like he knows her very well, though. He shrugs to Savio. "I meant what I said about it being different, fighting in a spar and fighting on a battlefield. Especially a dark one like that ship. It's a whole different set of skills. People who're fighting to kill attack differently than people who aren't. Anyway, you'll pick it up. Important thing is that you didn't freeze."

"And I meant every word." Calla replies with a grin in response to Ciro's words. "I can't wait for the rum competition so that everyone can taste them as well." She adds nudging Ciro's shoulder a bit with her own. She nods in agreement on the compliment for Medeia. "A woman far more talented than most."

Medeia bats her lashes at Calla playfully. "Baroness, please, not in front of my husband." She laughs, shaking her head gently. "It's a good thing I have humility or else all your compliments would make me unbearable."

"Owen would never leave your tower if you let him," replies Dio to Reese when she speaks of books, "and to bestow wisdom as well as good memories on your guest? I hope you will consider hosting again sometime."

At Calla's words, Dio turns to her and says, "I was lucky enough to taste some of Ciro's rum for the competition," says Dio to Calla. "I think his chances are -" Dio's attention falls unwaveringly on Reese as she disrobes and slips into the grotto.

"Didn't freeze, didn't drown, didn't die, didn't run the cog into the caravel." Savio is at heart an optimist, and he seems cheered by the thoroughly Ianlike encouragement of his teacher! "I should tell Lord Haakon I didn't completely fuck up sailing that storm. He'll grunt a monosyllable that I know, in my heart, is pride. It could have been so much worse! But if you have any tips about keeping Raven focused on Raven and not focused on me... I probably need that advice, as well, hah."

Reese looks over to Medeia. "I didn't realize you were married, Lady. I need to pay more attention sometimes." She murmurs. She then turns to Dio. "He is welcomed over when he wants and maybe I will again. She then adds. "Oh and don't wear armor that is tooo heavy, although maybe that is not so much an issue. I think was the late Duke of the seas, Harald, who told me that well if you fall of the shift you are probably doomed no matter the armor type." She relaxes into the water and even dunks down to get her golden locks wet. They are still tangled up with ribbons and look a bit messy now. She has a dimpled smile for Dio.

"He's right," Lore says of Ian, to Savio. "A life or death fight is going to go very differently than a friendly spar. But you'll learn. You've got fast feet, fast hands, and a quick mind." She loosk to Ian and sweeps into a short bow, "My lord, it is always a pleasure but tonight especially so. Thank you for the tip, I'll keep an eye out and swing by the training center more often." Looking back to Savio, she smiles, "Well now. I could stand to take a dip in that grotto, care to join me? You can leave the robe on if you like, though I don't plan on keeping mine on."'

"It's because of your humility that we can get away with complimenting you so." Calla retorts with a giggle in Medeia's direction. Then to Dio, she looks expectantly to finish his prediction of Ciro's chances, but then gets distracted. "Well I think his chances are quite good. But then I might be biased." She adds with a sidelong smirk in Ciro's direction.

Haakon snorts flatly at Medeia's quip to Calla. A short nod to Reese. "Wisdom, that. If a body falls into the sea during a battle, most oft they're already dying of a blow they wish they had armor to turn aside."

When Dio falls silent mid review to watch Reese disrobe Ciro lifts a hand and snaps his fingers a few times, "Fooocuus." The man drawing out the word as he looks upon Dio with a look of pure amusement before his head gives a little shake. The man looking to Calla leaning in against her side. "It will be a good competition, Just hope what Lost and Found has is good enough for the judges and the people who go." The man's words spoken with a faint hint of concern before he shakes it off.

Tatyana takes cotton robe dyed Eswynd purple from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

"Sailing through a storm with a couple of people trying to stab each other at the helm with you isn't a small thing," Ian assures Savio. Then he shrugs. "Damned if I know. Some people are like that. I never know what to do about it." He seems content to peel off and let Lore and Savio go take a dip in the grotto together. He's probably on his way out.

Scylla enters the enclosed courtyard donning naught but a comfortable white undershirt with billowing sleeves, charcoal leather pants, and fitted polished boots. Her long umber hair flows loose and untidy down her back. Silvery irises scan the room upon pausing in the entryway, taking in the spectacle, observing the faces of those lounging in the grotto, conversing freely. A few familiar faces, but most strangers, and yet it does not stop her from drawing a robe from the drawstring pouch and withdrawing from the immediate area to change into it.

Scylla takes cotton robe dyed Eswynd purple from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Yuri flagged down another roaming attendant if there had been any, grasping another wine glass. Or, to which his hand immediate rose was Bartolomeo hot on heels to come and whisk off a drink for the lord. He blinked rather quickly, canting his head with a judgmental brow, "...Barto, little kick in your step there.." The portly man smiled and bowed before retreating, giving a cordial nod of the head to Admiral Scylla as she entered.

"Ah," Medeia looks to Reese, amused. "Much has happened since we last saw each other." She lifts an eyebrow and points at Haakon. The talk of the contest has her biting her lip. "I think I need to tell Princess Lustry I am unable to be a judge." Then she looks up and notes Scylla's entrance. "Hello, Admiral! Welcome."

A flush of color rises to Dio's cheeks. He nods to Reese, before Ciro snaps and tells him to focus. He laughs a little, perhaps at himself, and takes a drink of rum. "If he doesn't win, he'll certainly place," replies Dio to Calla and Ciro. His eyes wander back to Reese and he asks, "You knew Duke Harald? Have you spent much time at sea?"

Savio grins broadly at Ian. "Ah, that fight was a beautiful thing though." He seems to mean one Ian was fighting... not one he was fighting! He's stepping to follow Lore, but notes to the Kennex lord, "I need to find you later this week! Me and Giorgio both. We'll send word!"

To Lore, of course, a grin. "Who needs robes? You lead, I'll follow!"

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Ian nods a goodbye to Savio and Lore and then starts for the exit, once again keeping an eye on his own footsteps and walking with his odd, mechanical gait.

"I'm very excited to attend myself." Calla pipes up after giggling at the way Ciro snaps Dio out of it. She nods her head in the latter's direction when he addresses her. "I have a good feeling about his chances, yes." Then to Medeia, she looks askance. "For what reason? Scheduling conflict?" She asks curiously.

Scylla glides across the courtyard, her hand raising to wag digits passively to the crowd. However, it is to Lady Medeia she regards most eagerly, rasped voice carrying to her position with a warm smile to pair. "Lady Medeia, thank you. Room for one more?" she inquires coyly, all the while direct footsteps carry her to Lord Yuri's side as he relaxes against the edge of the pool. "My lord," she says, eyes laced with concern as they list downward to rest upon his face. "How are you?" Fingers tug idly at the sash wound about her waist, as though she's contemplating the decision to remove it, but not committed just yet.

Meal done, drink downed, refilled, and downed again, Tatyana turns her attention fully to the grotto. Whether driven by the chill of the air, the warmth of said drinks, or the natural desire not to be left out of a crowd, she heaves herself up from the bench. Ducking out of sight trip off her stockings and throw an oversized man's robe offered by a helpful, and clever, servant over her gown. Thus armoured, she makes her way to the edge of the pool and carefully slips her feet into the water.

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"To the grotto then! We can't let the nobility have -all- the fun, after all!" Lore flashes a grin towards Savio and heads back across the courtyard towards the grotto where the party seems to have converged. She asides something in low tones to Savio as they approach and smiles up at him, "Truly though, we should go shopping soon. I am in -desperate- need of new clothing. And its always more fun with someone along to shop with!"

Approaching the grotto, Lore sweeps into a bow, "My lords and ladies, a pleasure to see or meet you all!" With little fanfare she tugs here and there at the seasilk, hidden ties that seem to work some magic on the barely there dress to have it dropping away. She catches the garment as it drifts downward and steps free, tossing it towards a bench before stepping from her sandals and unpinning her hair to better enjoy the warm waters.

When Medeia mentions maybe having to stand down as a judge there is a small subtle nod of the man's head before he suggests, "What about your husband or your patron perhaps?" The man suggesting before he is looking to Calla telling her softly, "Think might be due to being my partner in the distillery. Would look bad if we won and she was a judge." The man suggesting before looking to Media once more as if to make sure that was the reason. Dio's words on placing have Ciro nodding, "Thanks for thinking so cousin, I like our chances."

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To Calla, Medeia sighs. "Well. I'm half owner of the distillery the rum Ciro is enteriing is labeled under. And, this particular batch? Was made by my Saikland distillers for him to infuse... I couldn't be seen as impartial if all the contestants knew such." Her eyes flick up to Scylla. "Always, please," she says with a smile and a welcoming hand gesture. When Ciro provides alternatives, she shakes her head. "Haakon would eat a shoe before tasting rums... and he /named/ the distillery. Thea... I don't know that she's discerning enough to pick a favorite. Nor be viewed as impartial either, given her connection to me and thus the distillery."

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Yuri turned a moment at Medeia's words, peering back to take a look at Scylla, whom had donned the regal purple robe. He offered a gentle nod and a smile before she had settled along nearest the lip of the pool he had lowered himself in. The lord nodded solemnly, raising the hand not nursing a full glass of wine around his immediate vicinity, "Okay, I think. For now. A few concerned voices made fit to see me wrested from my hole. So..." He enacted a light shrug with a chuckle that suited his lips, but little to the eyes, "And you? How are you?" Lore's words had him maintain the smile for a moment longer as his eyes focused back to Scylla.

Fortescue seems to have mostly blended himself in with the other servants and visitors, keeping a rather quiet vigil as he seems to frown at something from time to time lost in thought but puts his hand to his chest and bows when he's noticed and seems to angle himself just to listen to various conversations.

"Of course!" Calla says with a look of realization as soon as Ciro explains. "That would make things a little difficult to be impartial, indeed. I see your predicament there. Hopefully a suitable replacement will be found." She adds with a little bob of her head in Medeia's direction.

Reese looks over to Medeia, nodding ot her. "May I ask who you married? I am very curious. They are a very blesesd and lucky man." She murmurs while still in the grotto. The princess turns her attenton to Dio next, brushing wet locks behind her ears. "I did know him. He taught me about combat at sea and sailing. We fought in a battle together.." She says and then trails off, sounding troubled. "It was a terrifying battle. We didn't all make it back, but the Duke did and well I did of course."

Savio moseys over toward the grotto with Lore, and does the same, disrobing that big sleeved, flower-patterned silk robe at the edge of the pool, stepping out of it as Lore sheds her dress and sandals. "Any time. ANY time," he promises Lore, seeming as down for shopping as he is getting the teeth knocked out of his head in some arena. Either is an appealing thought. He's easygoing. "I'll warn you though, I will tell you if you are trying to buy something that doesn't suit you. I will not hold back."

Once in the pool, Savio sends a grin toward Haakon, a student to a teacher. "I sailed a storm, didn't die, /and/ nobody else died. It could be said that I knew what the fuck to do on a ship! Mastery? No. Elegance? No. Will I be writing any poems about it? NO. But it was alright, my lord, I did alright."

Reese looks over to Savio, seemingly amused and her dimples briefly appear. "Having survived the sea is more than many who been on the sea can claim or actually I take that back. If they didn't make it they are not around to tell us about it, but I think we loose so many to the sea's embrace."

Turning a sly grin towards Savio, she offers, "I'd be disappointed if you didn't. But I am very well aware of what suits me, both in cut and palette. Which is one reason you will -never- see me in steelsilk. Very unflattering for me. I do much better in something... warmer." Lore steps into the pool and settles in near Yuri, offering him a smile and murmuring, "Have you been enjoying yourself, my lord? Its good to see you smiling."

Since no one else is going to do it, Calla introduces herself with a smile towards Reese. "Forgive me your highness, I caught your name but I don't think we've been formally introduced. I'm Baroness Calla Vaevici, from the Saffron Chain."

Haakon ta see a brow to Savio, the small motion his only deviation from utter stoneface. "*Alright*?* he echoes, before snorting.

If anything else mattered at the moment, it stopped the moment Medeia noticed Fortescue hiding among the crowd. "For! Where /have/ you been? I have been looking for you. Come, meet people, oh, Savio! Savio, meet my long time personal assistant and friend, who is no longer my personal assistant and I miss him dearly, Fortescue. Fortescue, meet Savio Pontelaeus. He's hilarious and fun and sings." She scan the grotto quickly, pointing out others. "This is Admiral Scylla, she's attached to House Blackshore and I hear quite the impressive sailor. This is Lord Yuri Tessere, you've met, haven't you? And... Lore Artiglio who makes losing a fight look fabulous, and Lord Ciro Seraceni and his cousin Marquis Dio Seraceni, both of whom are very good at getting me into trouble, and I'm sure you remember Princess Reese from before..." And then she looks at Reese again, smiling. She mouths something silently across the grotto.

"I've still not heard a full account of you two ended up with the distillery," says Dio to Ciro, and he allows his body to sink into the water till his beard touches its surface. "But the results have been superb."

When Tatyana arrives at the grotto, Dio rises out to the water to his full height, smiling warmly. "My Lady," he says, gliding to the water to stand before her. "I did not think you came. I apologize for the rough weather on the voyage back. I had hoped for smoothing sailing after all you've done for us." He is silent a moment and then adds. "Thank you, truly for all your help. I read what you wrote in the Whites, and I believe you have the truth of it."

When Reese speaks of Harald, Dio gazes at her in admiration, though as she speaks of the battle, his expression darkens. "I am sorry to bring up those memories in this place, yet your words are testament to your skill and bravery. It is hard not to feel a wild hope in your presence."

Reese seems to be enjoying the water and even pushes her hands against such as if playing a bit. There is just a tiny splash and it in Dio's direction. She then looks over to Calla, giving the woman a thoughtful study followed by a gentle and dimpled smile. "I don't think we have been either. It is very good to meet you, Baroness." She murmurs before looking over to Dio. She sucks in a soft breath and then gives him a smile that seems almost far away for a moment. "It is okay. It is good to..I mean.." She says, struggling to find the right words. "I have a lot of heavy memories, but sometimes it is good to speak of them."

"It was the most brilliant Alright though, it genuinely was. You love to see it," Savio shamelessly assures Haakon, with a full on chef's kiss before he grins at Reese and her comment about the sea. "You seem to have a lot of wisdom about you, don't you? I could listen to you all night."

"What do you like instead?" Savio is asking Lore curiously about her no-steelsilk policy, before Medeia is introducing him to someone! Fortescue! "Ohh my lady is exaggerating, but I'm vain enough to let her," Savio grins. "What a pleasure it is to meet you!" He seems to mean that, but has a short attention span, having caught the name of Admiral Scylla. He turns to look at her with sudden recognition and delight. "We exchanged messengers! About the sea shanty I wrote!"

"And me!" Calla adds with a smile and a little wave to Fortescue.

Sheepishly, Medeia adds, "Yes, And Baroness Calla."

Haakon peers at Savio, eyes narrowed in either confusion, displeasure, or confused displeasure. "There no such fucking thing as a *brilliant* 'alright'. Alright is the reverse of bloody brilliance. And why the fuck did you just kiss your own fingers?"

Savio tsks! "Because I'm a snack." Haakon won't get that either. "Don't worry about it!"

"Don't even worry about it, Medeia," Calla replies with a giggle at the woman's sheepishness. "Hosting a party is hard work."

Ciro checks charm and performance at normal. Ciro is marginally successful.

Curving a slow smile towards Savio, Lore leans in and murmurs something to him direcly before leaning back to relax into the water.

Ciro leans in and whispers something to Calla, the man grinning wickedly as he whispers to the Baroness. Moments later he is giving a near chittering little whistle with the way the notes rise and fall. Moments later a rampaging misschief dashes from under one of the tables to the man giving loud chittering sounds in response as if someone had lit a fire under her ass. Ciro leans in and nods along seeming thouroughly invested and interested in the protest from the small silvery marmoset before he gasps, "No, they didn't. Well that won't stand.." The man quickly raising up to draw the robe around his form as he looks to Calla, "Come we must go, the grapes have revolted and cherries are begining to plot against the rest of the fruit back in the vestibilum." The man seeming almost serious as he tells that to the baroness before looking around. "Sorry fruit and marmoset emergency."

Yuri canted his torso in such a way to accommodate Lore joining as he maintained visuals with Scylla as his arm snaked along to settle on the lip of the pool now. His brow pursed somewhat, nodding to Lore with that same smile, "Mm, a few glasses of wine never felt so warm. Or, maybe it's the grotto with its comfort." At Medeia's introductions, he bowed along to Fortescue whom he had shared words with, a raise of his glass punctuated with a soft smile and nod, "We had, yes." He relaxed a tad more, canting his head fully to Scylla as she entered, giving a solemn nod, "Thank you, Scylla. I had not in a properly decent state, so...all the better you see me here than anywhere else. Barto found you alright? I had tasked him with an undertaking that has...well. Placed him into some very good graces." With Lore settled nearest him as well, Yuri settled back so he could gesture, "Scylla, this is a fine associate and partner of the family as well as an esteemed cartographer. Signora Artiglio, this is Admiral Scylla of house Blackshore. And as Lady Medeia mentioned, one of the finest Admiral's the Blackshore fleet has. As I hear it."

Fortescue clears his throat and blinks as he looks over at Medeia and a flush settles on his features and he dips his head again, "A bit of family trouble, my Lady, but things are well and settled now, my apologies for the difficulties it might have caused." He gentles his expression just a touch to ask, "And yourself?" he pontificates and says, "Can an idea be both brilliant but with poor execution, perhaps my Lord?" offering his best attempt at the proposed 'brilliant alright'.

Savio murmurs something to Lore in response to her whisper, accompanied by the usual grin, then looks back to Scylla with what seems like delight. He's an easily delighted person. "It's alright, it's so lovely just to put a face with the name! I'm flattered you took notice of it at all, and we'll have to meet another time to set the notes. I insist!"

Haakon doesn't get it. "Fucking fine. I'll know which of us the sharks will eat first." He paused, before adding, "They'll always eat me last. Too salty." He glares while saying it, as if deadly serious. Fortescue draws his eye, and a brief dip of his head in greeting. "No. No it can't."

Dio grins as Reese splashes him, and he lowers his body into the water, gliding towards the princess like a ray. Reese's words and expression however stop him from whatever revenge he'd planned. Ciro and Misschief cause the marquis to laugh, and he says to Calla, "Fruit and marmoset emergency, huh? Sounds serious."

Tatyana hastens to ensure her hem is still safely out of range of any water displaced by Dio, but returns his smile with equal warmth. Sitting as far forward as she days, she quietly replies "Stop, stop, I won't have you apologising for the wind now. That said," she pauses for effect "I have been here this whole time, and you should know I did hear Lady Mediea mention 'skulls' and /do/ expect the full..." She cuts out mid demand, startled by Ciro's antics "small monkey?"

The appearance of the little marmoset brings a curious lift of Calla's brows, her amusement playing at the curve of her lips as she watches Ciro interact with the little animal. When the lord turns back to her, she tries to maintain a straight face, though she has to pinch her lips together to keep from giggling. "Oh dear. A most vexing situation indeed." To Dio, she offers a grin. "Serious enough to tear us away from the excellent company gathered here I'm afraid." To the eswynd hosts, she offers a respectful dip of her head. "Thank you so much for your hospitality and this wonderful evening. I hope you all enjoy the rest of it." And then the Baroness is moving to climb out of the grotto to fetch her things and head out promptly.

Reese looks to Savio and the princess seems flattered. "I will try not to disappoint then. I sometimes say some not very wise things too." She admits. She then peeks over to Fortescue with a dimpled smile. She then then looks over to Dio as he swims closer. "You are used to the water and can swim?" She asks. "I had a cousin with a pet monkey named Max for the Count of Darkwater."

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Scylla tilts her head respectfully toward Lore who has settled alongside Yuri's other side. "Yes, I believe we met at the last wonderful party Lady Medeia threw," she murmurs conversationally, a smile curling at one corner of her mouth. "We had planned to meet up, drink and talk business, but it seems we always find each other at parties, instead. Perhaps it is a sign we ought to forego the business part and simply drink." When Savio's enthusiasm descends upon her more reserved and guarded person, Scylla turns to entertain it, her smile broadening ever more out of that playful twist she had reserved for the previous conversation. "I promise to do so. It seems I have a great many appointments to keep that I'm struggling to juggle, what with war preparations consuming most of my time. But, I'm sure you've written at least a hundred more shanties and songs since that deserve some musical accompaniment?"

Medeia nods to Fortescue. "No, no, not any trouble for /me/, but Luc and I were worried of course. And I hope the family is well...?" She gestures to everything. "Settle in." Then she's waving Ciro and Calla off.

"Yes," Savio confirms for Scylla with a sage nod, "Sadly, ninety-eight of them were garbage and have been burned in the Brazier of Shame. But we will meet up for that one from the Whites, we will, it'll be lovely."

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