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The First Annual Bovine Grand Prix

Bring your fanciest clothes and biggest hats to the First Annual Bovine Grand Prix just outside of Ashford Keep. There will be gambling and food and drinks and what else could be needed!


Aug. 29, 2020, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Harlan Lisebet


Kastelon Ryhalt Eirene Liara Sunaia Ysabel Michael Thea Medeia Kalani



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Ashford Keep - Ashford Keep

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Comments and Log


The Ashford's First Annual Bovine Grand Prix was as hilarious as I expected. Next time: children riders!

The event is starting soon, but for the moment, there are drinks, snacks, and people socializing. Lisebet is here, looking radiant and sweet, and totally not looking like she had a bad case of fitful dreams last night. She's flitting about, checking to make sure everything is ready to go, including whatever track that the cows are going to race on. Cows. Gods preserve us all. Cows.

Kastelon arrives with a large white and brown patched cow that he was gifted by Lady Thea Malvici, and a resolute bloodhound at his heels. The Keaton huntsman looks quite proud of his entry.

Ryhalt arrives at the grounds with a smile. He hasn't come with a cow, so makes his way to the general festivities to see about getting himself a snack before the race.

Eirene's here with a mildly skeptical look on her face. No cow. No fancy dress (But she is dressed in costly black leathers). She's here to pay witness to whatever this may end up being; triumph or tragedy.

Having arrived by carriage to Ashford Keep the day before, Liara shows up much refreshed from the hardships of travel (not many of those in her case) and well dressed. She does not have a cow - apparently she's just here to watch.

No cow - no hat - no service. Hopefully not. Bright eyed and just a little wry, Sunaia removes one of her leather gloves finger by finger. She tugs the glove off entirely, and she sets the leather accessory on her head just _so_. Skewed at the slightest of angles so that it almost looks like a hat. Or -- it simply looks like she has a glove on her head. Same, same.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Cows. So exciting. The Baroness of Caith, Ysabel, looks excited to be here for the Bovine Grand Prix and has been peering at all the competitors, a tall gentlemen of the Keaton persuasion having been at her side but now departed. She's nerly vibrating witih excitement, peering for familiar faces even at the point that she may bump into others.

It's a lovely dress, it really is. Perhaps the new store that just opened not so long ago might have something to do with it. Lisebet smils, as she spies others gathering outside as well. "Good day everyone. I'm glad you all came to Ashford Keep. Thank you for attending Duke Harlan's first ever Bovine - Grand Prix." She may have had to stop for a moment, trying to remember the name Harlan gave the event. "I'm sure my lord husband will be here momentarily. In the meantime, do please have something to drink, admire the cows, and watch your step."

Michael had taken a good amount of time before picking a spry younger calf in its teenage years. Dolores moves with purpose and follows after Michael as he leads her towards the 'start gates' or pen. Or whichever. A bell hangs from a loop at his belt and he thumped Dolores to get her walking into the waiting and admiration area.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

"That's some cow, Lord Bisland," Sunaia comments, pale eyebrows lifting high as she attempts to make some further assessment of Dolores, but she just shrugs. The glove on her head slides off her head when she tips it slightly, catching it. " -- Is it fair to call a cow pretty? Because it is. Do they have a name?"

Eirene fetches herself a drink because, well, why not. It's a light cider, though, and not the usual whiskey or bourbon her reputation claims her to drink. She grunts as a cow is led past her and she makes sure her leather boots don't step into anything squishy on the ground. "So is the loser dinner then," she asks casually, eyebrows peaked.

Kastelon assesses the competition, namely Michael's cow. He frowns contemplatively. "May the best cow win," he tells the Bisland lord in his deep Oathlander accent. Obviously he thinks the best cow is his cow.

"Well no. I did change from my leathers because well--I read the damn thing, sans the hat. I didn't have a stupid hat,"Thea says to Medeia as the enter the grounds. She tigthens her heavier cloak around herself though, making sure is flask is nearby as well. Seeing the cows, she lowly murmurs,"How does this any--"but pauses when she hears her aunt. Waving over to her, she grins. "Hey aunt Eirene,"as she turns to greet others. "Lord Kastelon, that's a nice cow you have. I'm glad she's been serving you well."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Lisebet nods to Michael as she spies him, but her answer is for Eirene. "Perhaps so. A feast for all of us who are here?" she offers, with some amusement. She eyes Sunaia briefly, and grins. "Cousin, you have a remarkable hat." Unlike Lisebet, who has as usual eschewed such fashion. She stays by a table, where others can see her, despite her petite stature.

Poor Kastelon has already given up then, it seems. Michael turns from the pen as Dolores goes to make friends and such. A nearly uniform brown and shaggy younger looking cow. He'll turn to find Kastelon and Sunaia and so many others gathered up to admire. "Highlands cow, Lady Ashford. Hardyand strong and true. Must more capable of handling harsh winters. Though, they're quite a bit louder than most."

"Yes, but..." Medeia is practically dragged along by Thea. She also doesn't have a hat. She looks around and sees a couple familiar faces, giving smiles and nods while staying by Thea's side. "Honestly, Thea, who gives someone a cow?"

'Which do you think will win?" This coming from Ysbael as she comes up being Sunaia, glancing between the closest two, the Highland cow and the Bisland cow.

"Having a cow means throwing a fit. Giving a cow means..." Eirene trails off, at a loss for what exactly the metaphor is here. "I guess it means giving enough fucks to do something about it but not seriously?" She jerks a hello of her chin to Medeia and Thea as they enter the grounds and lifts her cider in greeting. Lisbet's response is given a wicked smile. "I love a good steak," she announces in amusement.

Liara heads on over towards the cows, and while her interest is really very much in the people nearby rather than cattle, she at least keeps to the theme, inquiring of Michael, "Just how many cows do you own, my lord?" She gives a little flutter of her fingers to greet others nearby.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Ryhalt smiles to his sister as she greets them. He looks over the offering of food and selects some which can be easily carried so he can find a place to watch the race from.

Lisebet is clsoe enough to hear Medeia and Thea, and she has to laugh. "It's not the strangest thing I've heard given to someone," she puts in. "Good to see you both. I do hope you enjoy the food and drink at the very least." She waves her own fingers back at her Grace Liara, and then flashes her brother a huge smile.

Kastelon nods to Thea. "My thanks," he states. "I have been taking excellent care of her." He frowns at Michael's cow.

Sunaia waves with her glove-that-was-almost a hat but-is-still-definitely a glove at Lisebet, offering the Duchess a smile and a smart bow. "Cousin, your dress is way more striking than my poor excuse for a day, I promise. The color's utterly lovely. And --" she glances back to the Highlands cow, then Michael: "This cow and I have a lot in common. Good hair, full of spirit, and very loud. It's a trifecta for success." She responds to Ysabel, then offers her a bow and a small smile. "Baroness Gilden, it's a pleasure. Have we met before now?"

"If we have, I likley haven't remembered. But I have heard of you. Lady Sunaia." Ysbael practically beams with a smile. "I'm trying to figure out where to place my silver for betting." She rocks back and forth on her heels a little, pensivly looking at the highland cow.

Ashford Keep has been made up for the event! Both inside and outside the city. The city seems alive with the festivities. Bards are about singing. Artists selling cow paintings and sculptures for the kiddos. Vendors selling food, drinks being handed out by the hundreds by the Ashford house staff. A few hours before mid-day the town crier goes about announcing the start of the first race, and the crowd begins to make it's way to the site of the first race on the days agenda. It's a 5 or so minute walk from the gates of the keep, the course layed out and lined with flags. The crowds both noble and common begin to line the length of the track, although there is a place set up for the notables of Arx to gather. There is Duke Harlan as always finishing up things VERY LAST MINuTE. "Ah come come! Welcome to the Ashford Grand Prix! Those of you with cows to enter in the race speak to Relic over here and we will seen them to the starting line!"

Medeia nods in turn to Eirene, before turning to Lisebet. "Oh, Duchess Ashford? What a pleasure to meet you. I am Lady Medeia Saik. I had the honor of comfortng Emilie the other day. I hope the family is well." She notes Kastelon and Ryhalt among familiar faces, and sends a smile and wave towards Michael.

"Oh...Princess Liara. I'd need to think." And he does think, mentally counting as his eyes slide sideways. "Twelve cows, along with now too many peafowl that need to be sent back to Pridehall." There are probably others to greet and talk to, but he becomes distracted. How. Dare. She. Michael turns to find Medeia who asked such a silly question. "Why, Lady Saik. I do. I gifted Queen Symonesse a Highlands cow named Tulip."

Thea tells Medeia with a slight grin,"One that felt someone else needed a cow,"before looking to Lisebet. "Duchess, hello. And yes, I have too, I agree,"looking for the drink already. "And thank you. I most certainly will. Seeing Sunaia, the young Malvici offers her a wave as well,"Lady Sunaia, it's good to see you again. Have you been well?" There is a wink at Kastelon as he thanks her,"Your cow will do just fine.."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

"Not the only one, Baroness Gilden, because I have a horrible memory for names - sometimes faces, and, oh! I would bet it on the Highland moo." Sunaia's pale features brighten, lifting a hand in greeting toward Thea. Fingers wiggled in a casual way her way, she returns greeting: "Not terrible, Lady Thea. Hope you're also doing well!"

Ryhalt returns Medeia's smile before he turns his head to listen as Harlan speaks at last. He chuckles lightly, anticipating the spectacle of racing *cows* and takes a seat in the section set aside for notables to watch.

Eirene just blinks at Michael. "Tulip," she echoes in disbelief. "Knowing the Queen, she likely loved it." Said with no disrespect towards Symonesse, it's more amusement in her tone. She sips her cider and nods her head a little as she finds the taste agreeable. Then a nanny joins her with a pair of six year olds with dark hair. Both clutch stuffed cow dolls, although they are attacking one another with them. "Okay my monsters," Eirene says to the pair. "Race is ready to begin, let's sit down" But then they spy Thea and waves their cows at her. Eirene has to remind them it's time to sit and guides them to the stands where they can see a bit better.

Kastelon checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Thea grins a bit over at Eirene and seeing the twins, she offers them a wink. "I'll be stealing you both later, alright?" She nudges Medeia, telling her,"I'm the favorite aunt, see?"before going to go sit. Nodding over to Suanaia, Thea assures her,"I've been busy and well and tired. We'll ahve to catch up, yes?"making her way to sit.

"Perhaps you could train them to behave like turtles?" Liara suggests not-very-seriously to Michael. Following a look about, she remarks more generally, "Perhaps I should have brought a cow. I suppose I could still buy one here. Would it know to move, though?" Cows are obviously not the Grayson's strong suit.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Lisebet leaves the animals to her Ashford relatives, being as she's not all that good with four legged things. "I am Lisebet Ashford, yes," she says. "Pleased to meet you, m'Lady Medeia. The family is well, indeed, thank you. And thank you for helping out our little Lady Emilie. I know how much of a handful she and her brothers can be." She glances over at Harlan briefly, as he kicks off the event. To Sunaia, "Thank you, it's a lovely dress. Mistress Nina at Sirens in Silk has some simply amazing designs."

"The highland moo I shall, despite that I shoudl place a small bet on Xaviar's cow, lest I upset my husband." It's a cow, all reddish and white, and probably the greatest cow there. She gestures to the smaller Bovine. "He calls it's Gilden's Golden Moo!" She seems unbearingly and overly proud of it. Ahh youth.

Medeia quirks an eyebrow at Michael, but smiles easily, inclining her head. "Of course, Lord Bisland. A thoughtful and generous gift. No offense was intended." She eyes Thea. "You just never know with Thea." She hears the name 'Gilden' and turns, looking for the person it belongs to. Spotting Ysabel, Medeia approaches and nods in greeting. "Baroness Gilden, I recently made the acquaintance of your Minister of Income, Lord Vittorio. It is good to meet you."

"Animals are so much easier too -- " Sunaia considers the finest cow in all of Caith with a curious eye, nodding slowly. She lifts a finger, nodding. "It's a beaut."

Once the cows start being taken to the paddock so they can be lined up for the first circuit race. "Highness! Lords and Ladies. I am so glad you all could make it!" He grabs a drink from a passing servant, some form of whiskey and freshly grown Olivia brand Mint. He approaches his wife and greets her with a quick kiss on the cheek. "Duke Ryhalt, did you come for the fun or did our Lisebet convince you to come?" There is a bit of a grin as he offers his fellow Duke a bow. A smile and wave for Sunaia. "I see we have a good spread of people from different fealties here. No Thrax? Do they have cows on the islands?" He asks honestly.

Kastelon does not bet. He stands staunchly by his white and brown milk cow, patting her withers and murmuring a pep talk. He might be humming a canticle to Gloria.

Thea glances not so innocently at Medeia. And then smiles. Looking to Eirene, she murmurs loud enough for her to hear. "Ok, I know you said I better not do it, but I did it. I entered in a damn cow...."she looks at the twins too. And Medeia

Sunaia checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Ryhalt is content in the middle of his meal while waiting for the races to start when his assistant, Cotyar, runs up to him, looking rather harried. Ryhalt straightens up and follows with haste over to the area for entering cows. There, sure enough, he finds his daughter, Ivy, trying to enter a young cow with the assistance of an ill-advised attendant. How she had gotten the cow o all the way here by herself, well, never underestimate the Farshaw adventurous spirit! Damage already done, he gestured for the guilty looking assistant to continue with entering, but there would be *words* later. With a resigned smile he says to Harlan, "Apparently entering a cow."

Michael checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Thea checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Ryhalt checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Lisebet checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Eirene checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Sunaia's gone off to speak with the Baron-Consort of Caith, complimenting the surprise entry into the event. Then, smoothing her hands over her coat lapels, she strides toward the seats in order to watch. She's a very enthusiastic cheerleader, cheering the entire Pantheon to give Gilden's Golden Moo the mootivation it needs to steer above the herd.

Eirene's encouraged by the twins, who had a birthday JUST LAST MONTH as they keep reminding her, to go and pick out a cow for them to cheer on. So, looking tortured and yet amusesd, does so. She buys a cow from one of the cattleranchers and enters it. "What're we calling this one?" She checks with the twins and then announces, "This is Sprinkles." Said in a deadpan tone with a solemn expression. "We'll be entering her."

Money is slipping off, changing hands as Ysbael places two bets, equal in weight on the Caith cow, and on the Higland one. Then she retreats back to the viewing area, cheeks pink in the autumn air. 'Oh this is so exciting. I almost didn't come. I told Xavier I wanted to stay in Caith, but he convinced me." Who's she talking to? Anyone around her. The excitement is real with her.

Michael had spent time coaxing and petting his cow before moving towards the FAR end of the race course, his bell in hand to encourage his cow on this race in the manner in which he trained her. He'll give a momentary pause after the paddocks are opened to ensure the race has truly started before ringing that bell to start cow-ma-geddeon.

The cows are lined up in the starting gates. 'Dolores' any obvious blue ribbon winning bovine with Bisland livery. 'Pork' a rather ornery looking creature from the South, with Malvici logos. 'Gilden's Golden Moo' who is being attended by Sunaia it seems, with obviously Gilden styled barding. 'Sprinkles' another one of those Crownlands cows that could put the Oathlands breeds a run for their money (pun sorta accidental there). 'Chewie', the obvious best, given it is wearing Ashford colors. 'Tassel' Pride of the cow pride of Westrock, wearing Farshaw sigils. And last but not least, 'Bessie' another proud oathlands dairy cow, flying the colors of House Keaton. As the race is about to start horns are blown to quiet the crowd. The incessant ringing of a lot of triangles and the gates are open and the Cows are off! It's maybe not the fastest of races, but the Selki cabbage being dangled ever in front of the cows does get them running forward. After the first lap it appears the Keaton cow, is going to take the race without much challenge. Soon after though the Gilden cow is catching up by the midway of the second lap. Then we are on the third and final lap, and OUT OF NOWHERE, the Riven comes tearing from the back of the pack and it WOULD be a photo finish with 'Bessie' except there are no photos. So they are both awarded a split for first place. Followed by Sunaia's ward. The rest manage to fill out the pack... All accept the Malvici cow. It never moved.

Resolute bays loudly at Kastelon's side once the cows take off, the brown-and-white Bessie charging towards the front of the pack with cow-galloping gusto. Of course the hound wants to run, too, but he is a well-trained Keaton dog and stands his ground at the huntsman's side.

Harlan checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Sunaia's gloved hands brush the unraveling plait of fine silver-bright hair from her shoulder, focusing on the various cow-calling styles of the fellow competitors. No mucking about here -- Sunaia is attentive, shrewd-eyed, lips pulled thin. Then, by the next, exploding into applause - stamping the crowd as Gilden's Golden Moo plods (power walks? waddles?) with purpose just behind the ones in first and second position. "That was unexpected!"

Thea is you know--trying to cheer on Pork. But he's a stubborn mule! Alright, this COW may have a complex. She sighs, glancing at those on the benches,"I think that is most definitely a Southern cow. With an unknown attitude." Thea shakes her head and looks over to Medeia,"I don't suggest him for our little idea!"

Eirene is a loud and bossy woman. So yelling at Sprinkles is only second nature to her, much like yelling at her troops. Something about it ending up in a roast tonight along with some turnips and potatoes unless it moves its brown and black hide. Such motivational speaking is met with a burst of speed and Sprinkles goes racing down alongside the track to get away from her.

Despite the drama, Ryhalt returns to the section to watch, accompanied by his daughter. Ivy expects her cow to win, of course, but the competition is fierce. She pouts as her cow seems determined to stay right in the middle of the herd, like any sensible cow would do. Still, he claps loudly and encourages her to do so too.

Medeia shakes her head at Thea with an amused smile. "No, not that one." She excuses herself and finds a seat.

"At least none of them actively went backwards - a better outcome than when this was done with pigs," observes Liara, with some apparent amusement as she watches the race, and the stopped Malvici cow, though lessons of the past have her standing at a bit of a distance back from the course.

If one could read a cow's thought, or understand its lolling Moo. They would know. Michael's cow has only one thought. 'Crunchy Food Ball'.

Ysabel is leaping up out of her seat when Golden at least makes it to second, or third, depending on ones opinion and qithout warning, embraces Sunaia for a brief moment in unfettered jow. "THAT'S MY COW!" She bellows!

Lisebet cheers for the cows as they race, amused by the whole thing. "That was quite something," she says, raising her glass in a salute to the fun cows who are dealing well enough with the odd humans. She gives Liara a wry glance, and then waves a hand at Lady Ivy, her niece. "Emilie and Brennan will be glad to see you."

Harlan cheers loudly as the race gets underway. The twists and turns of the first heat causing the crowd to ooh and awe. "Well that was quite the run! Let us walk and talk as we head to the second track?" It is a grand prix after all. It can't all be done on one track. "Lord Keaton and Lady Riven. Your cows seem quite evenly matched! You have spent a lot of time with them? Lady Sunaia! Remind me to dock your pay for running someone elses cows!" There is a grin and a teasing tone there, he would never, nor why would she remind him to do that. "Lady Gilden, quite a bovine you have there yourself!" He pauses and looks around as they wander to the next track, about a ten minute walk away. It is set up much the same, seating and standing room for all around the track, which it's self contains new turns, and even features a stream the cattle must cross this time, and a section for the group of nobles to enjoy watching their animals run.

Kastelon checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 65 higher. Kastelon rolled a critical!

Thea checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

"Yes -- yes -- that is _your_ cow, Baroness Gilden. What a wonderful animal Golden is too. Let me go and tell them they're a good cow before the second turn starts." Sunaia slips off to wish said cow good luck.

Eirene checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Sunaia checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Lisebet checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Kastelon sees Medeia talking to Thea, and he squares his shoulders some. "Bessie," he says sternly. "This is for Gloria." He levels an arm towards the track, probably trying to strike a striking Keaton figure. "CHARGE!"

Michael checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Michael checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 14 higher.

"Freshly bought! For my husband. He chose the creature to ensure he had fresh milk in Caith. A good solid Oathlands breed, but I shall turn it's milk yet and make from it, proper Lycene... uhh... baby cows... Calves! Calves!" She exclaims to harlan before moving with the others to the new track and a nod to Sunaia.

Eirene takes both the kids by their hands and leads them to the next track. Their nanny follows behind carrying their toys. "That's not really ours. I just bought her. I've never laid eyes on the damn thing," she admits of Sprinkles. "But this is their big birthday gift, Iguess."

Ryhalt checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

"NOOO! DOLORES! What are you /doing/?!" Michael is shouting and ringing his dang bell in the air as Dolores gets distracted isntead with no friends. Her gait not facing forward and instead, turning sideways to break the herd and lead them towards....Flowers. Flowers on the track where her and several other cows get to monching.

Eirene's distracted as she explains to the children they'll have to take care of it and brush it and they lose interest rather quickly as it's not a puppy... but by then it's too late to yell at Sprinkles and the cow just moos and goes to join Dolores to enjoy the flowers.

The second race starts with the same fanfare as the first, this time however, something seems to have spurred the beast from Keaton in to a frenzy as it blows through the race, looking more like a horse on the track than a cow. Beyond that however, the Gilden and Ashford cows seem to be having quite a battle for second place in front of the rest of the pack. The rest seem to be content to stay in a herd behind those three. This time however. The Riven cow seems to be 'over it' for this run. At least 'Pork' made an appearance this time!

Going to join the others at the track, laughing! Yes, Thea is laughing! She watches at Pork just--finally starts to move. Taking his sweet ass time getting to where--ever it's going. Obviously he's not much of a joiner. Maybe he's more of a drinker. Like he's owner. "The stables are not going to have one lazy cow and a filly named Soxette. Calypso is going to--laugh at me."

"Perhaps the Keatons will allow you to breeed Pork with their cow and you can get one that moves at half speed?" Ysabel calls over to Thea.

Harlan laughs Deeply as the Bisland Beast (Not Michael this time) leads several of the cows on an adventure to eat food that isn't running away from them

"Getting my stipend cut -- pfft. Worth it. Golden's doing pretty well. It's no galloper, but, very steady." Sunaia's eyes roll toward cousin Harlan with amusement, offering a quirk of a close-lipped smile toward her fellow Ashfords before she cuts a bright side eye toward Ysabel. There's a hint of a grin, a flash of teeth, and she murmurs. "That was funny."

Ryhalt retains his relief that Ivy didn't chance upon a prize cow, so laughs at the antics of the cows as they race. This makes Ivy nudge his arm and pout for not taking her cow seriously. So he starts shouting advice to Tassel along the lines of 'go after the flowers like that one!' or 'look there's hay over there!', all of which the cow happily ignores anyway.

Kastelon walks over to Medeia as he proudly watches Bessie charge the finish line like a cow on a war mission. "That's my cow," he informs the lady, gruffly. Resolute gives a pleased woof, and shivers while holding back from charging too.

Thea laughs at calls back over to Ysabel,"Hey! I'm taking credit for this winning cow! I gifted her!" She's still laughing here. Really! "Maybe I should just stick to gifting and not you know--whatever the hell Pork is doing." Which is being a loner.

Medeia has pulled up a bit of the hood of her cloak to cover her mouth as she laughs quietly at the spectacle on the track. She's been enjoying just being a part of the crowd, until Kastelon approaches her. She lets the bit of hood go. One eyebrow rises and an amused smile curls up her lips. "That IS your cow. Though, I believe Thea is correct, she gets some credit for it."

And then it is time for the third and final race! The crier calls out and begins leading people... Back in to the city proper? Oh gods. It appears the last race is a city circuit. Let's hope nothing goes awry. At least there PROBABLY won't be flowers for Dolores to distract the other racers with. While everyone was out enjoying the festivites of the first two tracks, the city streets of Ashford Keep have been blocked off and stands erected to watch the spectacle. This one is a longer track with more laps. This race could change the fate of a cow or two! Dinner or Prized breeding beast? One will have to wait and see. "Oh this final race is going to be the most exciting.

Eirene checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Eirene checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Thea checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Lisebet checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Lisebet checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Thea checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

And then it is time for the third and final race! The crier calls out and begins leading people... Back in to the city proper? Oh gods. It appears the last race is a city circuit. Let's hope nothing goes awry. At least there PROBABLY won't be flowers for Dolores to distract the other racers with. While everyone was out enjoying the festivites of the first two tracks, the city streets of Ashford Keep have been blocked off and stands erected to watch the spectacle. This one is a longer track with more laps. This race could change the fate of a cow or two! Dinner or Prized breeding beast? One will have to wait and see. "Oh this final race is going to be the most exciting!" Duke Harlan explains to the group who have gathered. Wonder who will take the prize!

Kastelon nods graciously to Thea. "Indeed," he says. "I shall share this honor." Then he goes to collect Bessie and lead her back, whispering another pep talk into the bovine's soft ear.

Kastelon checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Kastelon checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Sunaia checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Sunaia checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Ryhalt checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Eirene seems vastly amused by the notion of running cows through a city, even if it's not a running-of-the-bulls style but a more leisurely saunter of a more gentle bovine type. She slaps Sprinkles on the flank and yells Hi-yaa much like one would a horse and it takes off running at a good pace throught the many twists and turns. Her children cheer excitedly.

Ryhalt checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Poor Bessie is tired from her early jaunt, and this time she isn't quite so fast, no matter how Kastelon might have been patting and cajoling her. Resolute watches dolefully.

Michael checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 120 higher. Michael rolled a critical!

Michael checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 32 higher.

Lisebet cheers on the cows, as they somehow manage to keep moving forward. Funny enough when they decide to move, they move, and it's definitely worth staying out of the way. She moves over to get a final drink for the moment, and then follows along to the third track. The Ashford cow quite smartly stays with the pack, as they stampede down the streets.

Thea is not even bothering to hurry her steps after Pork. Because Pork is obviously not hurrying his steps either. Well maybe a little. He found those flowers the other cows did. Then THEN, he trudges along. Taking his sweet time, even with Thea nudging him along. "Seriously, how are you so LAZY!" rolling her gold-flecked green eyes at him, shaking her head as he FINALLY crosses the finish line. DEAD LAST!

Pht he Golden Moo of Caith. See how that ginger and white bovine of Caith runs. Perhaps with being so recently and freshly transported from Oathlands to Lyceum, and thus having spent time in a city, she is more at ease, udders jangling about as when the race starts off, she is off to a quick pace. She knows her purpose. Or maybe it was the honeyed words that Sunaia whispered to her, but that cow can move. And she hoofs it. Barreling through and following that cabbage - and the inevitable dust of the Bisland milker. A few people might get a flicked tail as she goes, but boy does the oathlands import give a good s howing and comes in second.

As was bound to happen, the Farshaw cow, Tassel, decided it was tired of racing, so didn't even try this tie. He chuckles as Michael's cow completely wrecks the rest of the field.

Michael had taken up Dolores by the chin, talked smoothly and calmly to her as she fluttered those long cow lashes and lolled in response to Michael's words. Some rudeness, some kindness, a good deal authoritative. Only then does he leave the cow at the starting line of the last race. TO JANGLE HIS COW BELL AT THE FINISH LINE AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE! Dolores /believes/ Michael will provide cabbage. He must now. So it would be seen that Dolores found absolute willpower, her smaller stature makes moving through the herd far easier before pulling out in front and lolling its approach to the finish line.

Sunaia rolls on her bootheels, clapping lightly, as though she were watching an event unfolding that was as composed as theatre. Her eyes bright with humor, then, she covers her mouth to stifle a laugh as Dolores has her epiphany moment. She gasps - tenses - and waits with bated breath, all but yelling out: "GO GOLDY GO." The pride of Gilden is in second place. "An excellent standing. Also -- see. I was right about the Highland moo."

Harlan Cheer loudly as the race finishes up. Wiping what seems to be a tear of laughter from his eye as the event proceeds. Laughing harder and harder as the day goes on. Once the Final lap is completed and the results are tallied by the game master, a list is brought out to Harlan. He reads it over and has a bit of a look of surprise on his face at the standings after three races. "Well what a turn of events! We have a tie for first place and for second place! Seems Dolores over here upset the standings quite a bit with that last run! Tied for first place we have Lord Kastelon and The Baroness Gilden by-way-of Lady Sunaia! Both of you will be awarded thirty thousand silver, and a matching amount donated to a charity of your choice! Tied for second we have The Lord Bisland and Lady Riven doing the crownlands proud. Both will be awarded fifteen thousand silver and the same matching donations!" He claps loudly. Fun. And coins for a charity, hard to beat that. "Next we will have a best in show! Maybe they couldn't race, but perhaps they are prized in other ways? Milk production? War...time.... uses?" The last one seems a bit unsure.

Ysabel checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

"Fashion sense?" Liara wonders of Harlan, following the list of things cows might be prized for. "A few of them are a little dressed up, after all, although any moment now, one or another might try to eat the garb."

Michael checked charm + teaching at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

"The Faith is my charity of choice," Kastelon informs Harlan, patting Bessie proudly on the flank.

Ryhalt checked composure + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Eirene carries her daughter back to the starting lines as the nanny takes the little boy by the hand. Both little Malvici look tuckered out from cheering. Wait, though. They won? Eirene nudges Iris awake so they can join in the celebration. "Sprinkles took third? Second-and-a-half? She won." A rare smile lights up her face as she high-fives both her little ones. "And we'll have the charity portion donated to the Lowers Clinic and the Physicians Guild."

Kastelon checked wits + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Ysabel listens to the standings and then looks to Sunaia, eyes wide. "We won." she murmurs before rising and throwing her hands up in the air and giving a screech of joy and throwing her arms around Sunaia. "WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!"

Kastelon selects a milking pail and proceeds to steadily milk Bessie, setting up his excellently-full bucket nearby and standing tall and proud next to it. "Bessie is an excellent dairy cow," he proclaims. "We will be making cheese soon."

Dolores is the commandy, instructing and cajoling cow that lines up the other cows for judging. Loud moos, hipchecks and leading the way is how Dolores gets all the best of the cows to stand forward and be counted!

Harlan nods and smiles at Kastelon, "A worthy cause!" He says to the Keaton coiusin before settling in to see what people do for the talent show portion of the cow events for the day.

Ryhalt contains a fatherly sigh as Ivy all but begs him to allow her to enter Tassel into the best of show. He gestures to allow her to do so. That is how he ends up smiling, but completely horrified as his daughter gets her servant to help her stand on Tassels back and she proclaims to all that can hear that she is captain Ivy Farshaw of the mighty vessel (cow?) Tassel, the sailing cow! It seems the Duke will be in trouble when Ivy gets to age...

"We did --" she laughs, embracing Ysabel as she starts to laugh. It's infectious. "WE did! WE DID." Sunaia nods, "Duke? Cousin Harlan -- give my prize winnings to the Baroness. Let her donate it to a charity of her choosing. Or, the Liberators."

Both Eirene's children vastly approve of Ivy's sea-cow. They are cheering and jumping up and down on her behalf.

Medeia watches the Best In Show portion and applauds Ivy. She leans toward Ryhalt, saying, "Your girl reminds me of my sisters. They sail. She's got a bright, watery future."

'Oh, oh the liberators. Please. Lucene would have my head if I did not. Oh, can we note more than one? Is that possible? Split between the liberators and the faith. To help with their charitable endeavors. But if it's just one, then please, just the Liberators." Ysabel's overjoyed. But she's being gestured over and she comes to the side of Golden Moo, and as the judges come around, she starts in on an oratory rundown of the fine characteristics, attitude and standing of the Golden Moo of Caith, trying to verbally sell the cow to the judges.

Thea checked perception + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Ryhalt cannot help but chuckle at Medeia's comment. "Yes, all Farshaw end up sailing whether they like it or not... unless they never leave the island. But, what fun would *that* be? I anticipate there will be a day she'll ask me for a ship."

Thea exhales at Pork and ventures over to him,"Listen. Can you show them you're not just a LAZY cow,"meanwhile discreetly cutting her hand in an unknown place. one saw that!

Lisebet checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Lord Michael Bisland calls to Duke Harlan from amid cows and winners, "Nay, I say. Donate the entirety of Bisland's winnings to the Liberators in the name of your Duchess!"

Harlan cheers and claps for all the entrants to the 'talent' show. He stands up and makes a Ducal Proclamation, "Well Obviously we have a winner here. That would Be Lady Ivy Farshaw, with the F.S.S.(Farshaw Sailing Ship) Sprinkles! The prize for the noble niece of ours," With that he kisses Lisebet on the cheek again, "One of the proud and prized pets those that live here in Ashford Keep like to keep!" Relic, Harlan's aide, brings out a little baby squirrel and hands it over to Ivy. "People started taming these my lady. I hope you enjoy." And with that the Duke bows deeply to Lady Ivy Farshaw. As he rises, "Second place goes to Lord Bisland. We will double his prize from the Grand Prix as well as the donation made in his name." He smiles warmly

Lisebet had the twins help with picking the ashford cow. Her twins that is, Emilie and Brennan. The cow moos along, its Ashford colours nice and showy. Lisebet however is struck with laughter at Ivy's shenanigans. "That's my niece," she says, with a lot of pride. "Ryhalt, you're in trouble when she gets a little older." Yeah, is he ever.

Kastelon has retired to one side, drinking from his bucket of milk as he observes the rest of the competitive bovine festivities.

At Michael's shout out, Lisebet smiles brightly. "You honour me, m'Lord Bisland."

Kastelon gets A large and white and brown patched cow.

Ysabel's off, it seems to celebrate with her husband, likely a fresh glass of warm milk for him and soem wine for her. A win for Gilden. Even if it was a tie with Keaton.

Thea glances over at Harlan, a slight smile at him,"Lady Medeia has something to talk to you about. Me if I'm forced to,"taking a large drink of her cider. Looking at Pork, she murmurs,"You weren't AWFUL, but sheesh.."

Harlan looks between Thea and Medeia, "Talk to me about something? What have I done? Am I in trouble?"

Eirene grins at her own set of twins and encourages them to drink some milk too. She isn't participating in that particular part, though. "Okay, let's go tell Poppa Mihaly that Sprinkles won a prize, and that there's a new animal for the Riven stables..." She passes by Thea and claps a hand on the young Malvici's shoulder. "Come by later when you want to pick up the monsters for a play-date. They love spending time with you." The kids, true to her word, hug Thea's legs. "They had fun, and that's what matters," Eirene tells Harlan, looking at her kids. "Thank you for throwing this together."

Ryhalt is in trouble now as Harlan declares the winner of the prize cows. Laughing, he shakes his head, saying to Lisebet, "Definitely. Once she gets siblings, she's going to stage a revolt or something." Ivy, being only six squeals in utter delight at both winning *and* getting a pet squirrel. Let's face it, the pet squirrel is the more attractive. No stranger to animals, she accepts it and holds it to her with tender care. "I am going to need a menagerie addition to the house..."

Medeia shakes her head at Thea and smiles politely at Harlan. "Nothing, Duke Ashford. Thea had an idea brought about by our discussion of this event at the Fox. I've taken the initiative in bringing her idea to life. However," she looks around at the gathered guests, "I'll steal your attention at another time."

Thea looks down at the twins and grins a little, hugging each of their shoulders. "Play date. Okay, you two can come check out my new horse,"the younger Malvici promises. Thea nods to Eirene, telling her,"I love them too." Looking to Harlan, she lifts her eyebrow,"Trouble? Should you be--what did you do?"

Harlan smiles warmly at Eirene, "Thank you for joining us Lady Riven, I hope you all will come to next years! You have a title to defend after all!"

Harlan smirks at Thea, "What haven't I done!"

No one ever knows where any Seliki is, at any given time, it's part of the mystique. Or it could be that some of them (present company especially) have no sense of direction, this making it why she was totally horribly unforgivable late and only arrived in time to see the very END of the first ever bovine grand prix. All the same, Kalani looks absolutely delighted to have seen as much of it as she did, and the grin on her face says it all. Bovine - Grand - Prix.

Lisebet is overheard praising Harlan: bovine grand prix - that was so much fun!

Medeia steps away from the stands and collects a beverage now that the races are over and the mingling is happening.

Michael finally relinquishes a crunchy green ball to Dolores, holding it in his hand as the cow near gallops from where she was to push her head into his stomach and start to crunch into the head of cabbage held carefully in his hands. Because she isn't very good with not biting hands when she gets this hungry. An upnod towards Lady Kalani, who probably had to attend to a seasick Michael on the boat ride over.

Thea nods her head to Harlan, obviously in agreement,"Good point." She looks over to Medeia, murmurming,"Remind me I'm not an--animal person, yes?"before she goes off to mingle with more people.

Lisebet now heads over to offer Ryhalt and Ivy a hug, assuming they'll let her. She also settles to be able to say to the little Farshaw, "Do you have a name for your new friend yet?" She's curious to hear what the little six year old will say. Her own twins are not this big yet, but they're getting there. And Garrick is even younger. "We shall have to get together and let our younsters play together, I think." There's a pause and then, "I never quite realized how many youngersters there are, until I had my own." She shrugs delicately, and then looks to see where Harlan is. "I think this qualifies as a resounding success, yes?"

Harlan:grabs another Mint Julep from a passing drink passer-outer and raises his glass in a toast. "Thank you again for all coming out! We will do it again in a year! Give people plenty of time to train their prized pets up for another shot at the title!"

"You know, they're the most devoted herbivores," Kalani points out, wearing that broad grin, as she takes her hat off and walks over to give Dolores a good once-over look of post-race assessment. Ahem. Race. yes. "You looked as though you were having fun out there," maybe at some point she'll stop grinning. Maybe.

Harlan smiles at Lisebet, "I think so too!" Then he looks down to Ivy, himself curious as to what the little one will name the little squirrel.

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