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Lisebet in the Shrine of Petrichor

Lisebet is visiting the shrine of Petrichor to pray and learn more about Petrichor. Note - it is entirely likely that nothing of any note will happen, but if you are interested in Petrichor and/or a friend of Lisebet, feel free to join her there. This is not expected to be a big thing at all. No tests or prizes will be given out. (I'm just using these to track these visits as Lisebet has made a promise to go to ALL the shrines. :))


Feb. 22, 2020, 3 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Petrichor

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Lisebet comes into the shrine, pausing to look around before she heads to the altar. She stops to settle on one of the log benches, near the wooden stump altar, just for a bit. Quietly thinking on Petrichor as she regards the stump, and then pauses to look at the trees in the grove, the signs of nature here to be experienced.

Brigida appears from behind one of the trees, running her hand across it as she does so before noticing the presence of someone else. "I did not realise anyone else had come here at this time."

Lisebet smiles, inclining her head politely. "Blessed Brigida, it is a lovely day, is it not? I try to come by all the shrines from time to time. Today it is Petrichor who has my thoughts, so here I am." A little shrug and a gesture to the bench where she is seated. "Do you suppose that the gods get upset if we have favourites among them?"

Brigida snorts at that, "In that case there are twelve Gods that are very upset with me. I give them their dues but it is Petrichor that has my attention. Whether he likes it or not." She looks at the trees, "He is stuck with me until I shuffle off to the Wheel."

Lisebet chuckles briefly, her head tilting. "And I suppose that is the truth of it, isn't it?" Her lips are still quirking a bit, the smile tugging at them, as she adds, "I like Petrichor. I like the peace of the woods, and the view from a tree house. But there are many things I like, and sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate on just one."

Brigida chortles, "The woods are peaceful but also dangerous. Petrichor has given us a lot to be grateful for. Like this staff of mine."

Now Lisebet tilts her head, looking at the staff in question. "How so?" she asks, curiously. There's a genuine kindness on her face, and a real curiosity, not quite sure she's following. "It looks like it's a very solid and sturdy thing."

Brigida smiles, "Grateful for the acorn that grew the tree that shed this branch. It has been with me for decades now... and I am grateful how sturdy it is in helping me discipline those that need it."

Lisebet considers for a moment, and then she nods. "I can see both of those being good things," she murmurs softly. "Though it rather seems the first might be more in Petrichor's hands than the second?" It's a question, certainly, Lisebet's gaze going to the tree stump altar briefly as she asks it.

Brigida nods, "Oh the first definitely is. I am taking the responsibility of the second myself.'

"i suppose that's the only way it would work really," Lisebet observes quietly. "I was wondering, along with stopping by to pray, if there's anything about Petrichor that we should appreciate more? What do you think?"

Brigida chuckles, "What he has given us. Dominion over the lands.Without that... what would we truly have?"

Lisebet considers that, and then she inclines her head. "That is a great gift," she acknowledges. "Without dominion over the lands, I think we'd not have anything. Not food to eat, drink to quench our thirst, clothing to wear - shelter. Not much at all, truthfully." She sounds very thoughtful, her words coming slowly, almost reverently.

Brigida beams at that, "A lot of the other God's give us... ideas and thoughts and philosophies that enrich our lives. But Petrichor, And Mangata and Lagoma? They give us what we need. Physically. Without taking care of the physical you cannot take care of the spiritual."

Lisebet flashes a smile, briefly. A trio for the physical, one for the spiritual, one for creativity and one for the intelletual?" she asks. "Though I suppose there's a little bit of leeway in there as we consider the triads.

Lisebet flashes a smile, briefly. "A trio for the physical, one for the spiritual, one for creativity and one for the intelletual?" she asks. "Though I suppose there's a little bit of leeway in there as we consider the triads.

The crown of black roses on display in the palace throne room is gone. Poof! Gone! (Servants who are otherwise extremely attentive to palace property very much emphasize the /poof/ of it all.) In its place a little notecard has been left, scribed quite elegantly (actually, quite archaically, scholars are quick to note) with: Triscali the Blackrose, Breaker of Writs, Extinguisher of the Light of Dragons was here

Brigida handwaggles, "There is a lot of leeway. Except if you are an Orthodox Oathlander."

Lisebet grins. "Well, orthodoxy has its benefits, of course. Of course, I did move from the Valardin fealty to the Grayson when I married." There is a brief impish grin on her face. "Even still, I suspect I am not the most orthodox."

Brigida smirks, her face crinkling. "I joined the Faith rather than marry into the Oathlands. Laurent was so so dull back then.'

"Oh dear, the lengths to which we will go," Lisebet says with a bit of a laugh. "Laurent seems to me to be pretty calm, these days. Mind you, I am quite sure I do not hear the majority of the news, from anywhere. I shall have to keep working on that." She shrugs delicately, and then adds, "I think that you are perfect for the role you are in. I cannot imagine you anywhere else."

Brigida hmms, "I suppose I am where I am supposed to be. I have been in the Faith for most of my life and the last two dozen years as Archlector."

"It is probably good to feel that one is where they should be. I sometimes wonder if there is somewhere else I am supposed to be, honestly. Though I can't think where that would be, not really." Lisebet wrinkles her nose with that, and then she adds, "I was thinking to come to each of the shrines over time, to pray, to speak with those who know more about the gods than I do, and to see if there is an affinity for any of them, really. I - was thinking perhaps to join the discipleship of Vellichor, but I wanted to try to the best of my ability to make sure I was honoring the gods as best I can." She pauses and then adds, "I'm not sure that even makes sense."

Brigida steps closer and places a wrinkled hand on Lisebet's forehead, "It makes perfect sense my child. Perfect sense. However think carefully about not only where you would do the most good but where would be the most beneficial to you.".

Lisebet tilts her head up, petite as she is. (She's the petite one, and also the dark haired duchess, not to be confused with the tall redheaded one.) "I suspect I may be overthinking," she says a little ruefully. "Though I'm not sure exactly what you mean by beneficial to me? I think that joining any such discipleship will have benefits to go along with the responsibilities, won't it?"

Brigida murmurs a prayer to Petrichor, a blessing for Lisebet before she drops her hand and continues, "You must find a place that will enrich and nourish you as well. Culivate strong roots and branches."

Lisebet smiles briefly, then bows her head to accept the blessing murmured. "Strength in ourselves leads to strength over all, I think," she says. "Thank you, Blessed Brigida. I do appreciate you taking the time to speak with me." Lisebet takes a breath. "I should let you get about your business and stop asking inane questions." She gets to her feet, heading over to kneel by the altar for a few moments, to pray and to leave a chain of flowers there, as an offering for Petrichor. The plants she took them from are of course still alive and doing well. She then gets up and nods her head briefly.

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