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Crafters Guild Showcase: Patrons

The crafters guild hosts a monthly theme for it's members to participate in either for items in their shop or as a showcase of their skills and inspiration from Jayus. This months (July) theme is 'patrons' in honour of patronsday. Join us for a display of works, pieces, clothing and the like, inspired by the word in it's many facets.


July 27, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

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Nurie Lora



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Jayus

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Comments and Log

Wendy the little brown wren arrives, following Lora.

5Glass cases have been placed within the confines of Jayus shrine, servings as a temporary display for the night for pieces that are being exhibited by the Crafters Guild and their members. A sign is placed near them, with indication that the theme of the exhibit is 'Patrons'.

Wine and other drinks that suit most tastes are in circulation as people gather here and there, looking at the pieces and if the creator is present, asking them questions. A few have even had offers to procure their pieces. Bards College members stroll about to provide background music and the shrine is alive with people today.

Josephine is near the case with her own very small, -very- small offering for the exhibition and around her shoulders, draped over one shoulder despite the heat and pinned carefully into place is a seatouched wool shawl with flowers and Wrens flitting about on it.

Nurie slips into the shrine without fanfare, and unaccompanied, though she is dressed finely in a drape-sleeved gown of ivory and sea-green, emeralds glittering at her throat. The young woman accepts a glass of wine with a soft and grateful smile, though otherwise seems content to drift amongst the exhibits, stopping to admire one here and there and speak quietly the creator. Her usual cheerful nature is somewhat subdued, her eyes shadowed, but it allows a certain elegance to make itself known in both step and demeanor.

It's not much later that Lora arrives; enough time let pass maybe for the party to really pick up, for the first round of wine to go out, for the musicians to strike up their melodies. She's quick to procure a glass, something to have and to hold as she begins navigating the offerings, a little wren on her shoulder far brighter and more animated than any made up in silk. There're a few waves, a few words exchanged with crafters she's familiar with, but no hurry to see everything on display all at once.

'Goodwoman Nurie. Good, you have a drink." The woman looks like she might need one. "Will you be participating in the next exhibit? I'd be interested to see what would come from your mind and inspiration you would draw from Jayus. Here is a bird Josephine knows and the human companion of such and she lifts a hand to wave to her Patron. "Have you met Lady Lora Fidante and Wendy the Wren?"

"I hope to," Nurie says gently to Josephine, after offering a simple curtsy. "Things of late have been quite the whirl of tides and turns, though I was able to honor my patron more privately," There's a ghost of a smile on her lips as she speaks. "But I will eagerly await the next topic that is chosen." She turns to Lora and offers a deeper curtsy. "It is possible that we have met in passing, my lady, though usually I am attending my Countess at larger gatherings." The little wren draws out a stronger smile, and the young woman takes a small sip of the wine. "I would have brought Valor, my pigeon, but I was worried that there might be some outfits here and...well. He rather likes shoes, a little too much, to be taken into public very often."

Indeed it really isn't very long before Lora is upon them, glass in hand and the faintest glimmer of a smile in evidence. There's a bow of her head though, by way of introduction. "Goodwoman Nurie. I do not believe we have met. Not formally. I have heard of your shop, however; your reputation does proceed you, at least." Faint as her expression might be there is warmth in, it, evidenced even more as one corner creeps up subtly higher than the other, rendering it a bit crooked. The wren on her shoulder fluffs slightly at the mention of a pigeon. Or maybe it is shoes. Perhaps she recognizes what that means, whereas the Fidante appears temporarily confused. "I see," she says. "Wendy refuses to stay home. Especially if we might be going to see Josephine."

"There's something other than the birdseed that she seems to enjoy and that is well and fine. Demetria's only allergic to cats and dogs. Not birds. So she is always welcome. There's even a small willow now in the shop for her to perch on. And Goodwoman Nurie, your pigeon is always welcome too. I hae butter and jam, but they reside within my home and never out of it." There's a shuffle to the side and a gesture to the bead on it's velvet bed. "This, Lady Lora, do you recognize?"

"I will keep that in mind." Nurie hides a smile for Josephine. "He does quite like display cases too, though I think it's largely because then he gets to preen and dance for his own reflection." She bows her head to Lora. "It is very pleasant to have a good companion, of the feathered kind or otherwise," she observes, gently. Though at Josephine's indication of the bead, she too turns to look.

Mention of a willow merits a chirp from Wendy. Lora shakes her head, just a little, but her amusement is very clear none the less. "It is," she agrees with Nurie. "I'm fond of cats, as well, but there is nothing quite like a bird to keep company with." Then attention is called to the case. To the bead. And she has to drift a little bit closer so that she too can peer in. Just for a moment. Clearly the little shape is very recognizable, and upon such she laughs aloud. "Only barely; you must've worked some of your particular mastery on it because it didn't look anything like that the last time I saw it."

"The others are tucked away, ready for sale. But this is the original. The one that you worked on. I assure you though, most of that is your doing." Josephine looks to Nurie. "I am teaching Lady Lora a little bit about smithing and she joined me in making this particular one. Choosing the stones and helping to carve and polish. This one becomes hers when the exhibit is complete. But I thought, that a collaboration between patron and proege might be appropriate to show." Josephine smiles. "Now, Goodwoman Nurie. The next two months, what do you think our inspiration should be? I'm taking suggestions on what should be our muse for the next exhibit."

"A lovely endeavor," Nurie smiles at both of the other women. "It is wonderful to collaborate with someone close to you, isn't it? To some degree the experience and skill need not matter so much as the inspiration drawn between you and given shape." She falls silent for a long moment, as if considering things quite seriously. "Though I am certain it is an expected topic, to be honest it is the late summer and early harvest that is one of my very favorite times of the year, when we see the seeds planted at the turn of spring and nutured through the heat of summer finally ripe and ready. The fruits of our labors, be it of the field or of the mind or of the heart." The last softens her tone and her features, noticeably. "That last burst of life, before the true autumn colors begin and everything makes ready for winter. It is hard to believe that harvest time will come in just a couple of months."

Wendy the little brown wren have been dismissed.

"The last burst of life...." Josephine nods her head a little. "Or Fruits of labor?" Josephine seeks clarification.

"Fruits of our labor, I think," Nurie says after a little more consideration. "Since it isn't as if life stops after the harvest begins. And it can involve so many things as well." She tucks a slipping tendril of dark hair behind one ear as it finally escapes its hairpin cage.

"Fruits of our labor. I like that Goodwoman Nurie." Lora's off to look at other pieces and Josephine offers her arm to Nurie. "Lets go see what else was created. See if we can discern the aspects of thier inspiration."

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