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Crafters Guild Open Office Hours

The Crafters Guild has open hours in the hall for citizens of the compact to come with requests, questions or concerns for the Guildmaster or the Assistants who may be present.


July 20, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of the Compact - Crafters Hall

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Comments and Log

The doors to the crafters hall are wide open, windows too and all in the name of letting air circulate. People coming and going, bring their desires and problems before the leadership of the guild. osephines emerged from her office for a break, standing and watching the people as her hand twists on the top of her cane with a slight bob of her head. As usual, there's some food and drink for people while they wait.

Aviana comes walking into the hall for the first time since she joined it, she had not known exactly where it was located. But now she is here looking around, spotting Josephine she heads in her direction. "Guild Mistress." she smiles.

"Goodwoman Aviana. How are you?" Josephine smiles at the sight of the much younger woman. "How are you dear? How is the day finding you?"

Aviana moves over to her, "It finds me well Guild Mistress and yourself?" she asks looking around then looking back to her, "This is my first time here at the Hall, it is a impressive place."

"It is, is it not?" Josephine looks to the generous sized tapestry of her predecessor. "Dame Morrighan made it. I confess I'm in awe of it and her skill. Let none who cross this threshold and strike up with the guild forget one of the greatest who rode point for thier rights." Yes indeed, a hand on her hip and a smile.

Aviana nods her head looking to the tapestry, "She was one of the first to greet me when I came into the City." she smiles, "I will not forget." she states softly then looks around again then back at Josephine, "Perhaps we can speak of idea?"

"Please, do. This is why these hours here exist. Do you wish to join me in the office or prefer out here?" A gesture to the door further in.

Aviana smiles, "The office is good." she waits for the woman to move in before following, her hands fold in front of her.

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