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Great Road PRP

A prp about the great road for those patrolling in the Crownlands. Preference goes to those who are part of faction Solace or Grayson. Anyone who joins should have an ic reason for joining such a patrol. I can take a max of 6. Healers and non-combat characters are welcome to.


Feb. 4, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Brady Zeriax



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Bastion - Bastian Great Road

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Comments and Log

The Great Road is being patrolled by Reese, Solace, The Grayson military and others. Zeriax and Brady were along for the patrol each for their own reasons. Zeriax was here as a scholar to document and watch the patrol. Reese also seems to have leaned on him for advice at varies points. There is a long ranging patrol and there are more short term patrols and this one is a shorter one. They are not far from the Grayson lands. Brady is here as well, maybe joining up as a sellsword. Reese is always eager to take help. A unit of the Grayson military is with them and Reese is a well, but there was a disturbance up ahead. Reese took the military with her to check things out, leaving Zeriax behidn with Brady to body guard him. Now Brady and Zeriax are alone on the great road, what could possibly go wrong!

Brady watches the military leave with pursed lips, before turning to give Zeriax a quick study. "Gods you're tall. You look more like a warrior, than a scholar." After the idle comment, his focus is on the sides of the road, trees, any good position for an ambush. His demeanor while on patrol is completely different than at home. "Eyes and ears... Eyes and ears."

It just so happened to be his lucky day. Zeriax had taken Reese up on her offer to visit her collection, and in doing so, was convinced to come along with the patrol of the Great Road. It wasn't that hard to convince him, really. Adventuring happened to be something of a passtime for him, and while the military company wasn't exactly his style, he'd still be able to make something out of the journey. There was always someone to share stories with, and in the case he was able to blaze some trails, all the better.

When the forces pulled ahead, Zeriax cracked his neck back and forth. "Fun stuff." He said, before he turned to Brady. "I get that a lot." He said with a chuckle. "I'm a...different brand of scholar. Let's just hope it doesn't come down to relying on my looks if something happens, yeah?" He replied, his head on a swivel. Amber eyes scanned the area, curious to see what might catch his eyes...or his nose.

To be continued!

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