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Artshall School of Agriculture: Public Discourse

An opportunity for those in the Laurent fealty chain (and other interested parties) to talk about the duke's big project, learn more, offer suggestions or objective points. There will be cheese platters.

(ooc: an opportunity to chat with people and ICly drum up events and PRPs)


Jan. 29, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

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Amari Kael Signe Reigna



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Gardens and Pool

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Vern, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Kael.

Kael drops Phase One Diagram of the College of Agriculture.

Some of the square tables have been drawn together, with a silk table cloth thrown over the top of them. There's an array of mismatched garden chairs situated around it. In the middle is a spread of foods, set up family style for guests to help themselves to. Crackers, cheese, grapes and other kinds of fruits. Along with a carafe of table wine. Servants usher any guests to where this public 'discourse' is about to happen, but currently it appears to mostly be Cristoph sitting at the head of the table. He's drinking wine and looking over a diagram that he totally got back from Kael earlier today.

Amari arrives looking ready and eager to learn of agriculture things. Her dogs less so, but they probably won't make much of a fuss. Any excuse to go new places and sniff new and exciting things. "Behave. Don't leave me sight." She tells them and they look at her like they have no idea what she's on about, then go back to sniffing. She then realizes there's the Duke, and some servants but no other guests as yet. Naturally then, she skips over and sits at the table after a curtsey. "Duke Cristoph. I have something cooking that I think will be very helpful. I'll let you know when it's ready because it's... something." Oh, crackers!

It is from the other direction that one Kael Keaton comes, albeit solo. He has neither wife nor bloodhound with him for a sad, sad day. Except from the look of it, the swift stride he is taking, he likely came forth from the Valardin Manor and is just momentarily free. He nods by way of gratitude to the servants when they gesture him in, and he nudges Amari with a shoulder, "Little cousin," he murmurs as he arrives. Then, quite a bit more audibly and properly, he dips into a low bow. "My Liege." That, to the host of Duke Laurent of course.

Tempest, Atila arrive, following Signe.

"Welcome, please. Come and sit at the table." While Kael might not have brought any of his dogs, several of the dogs in the garden seem to have originated from the Keaton Estate anyway. Echo at least wags her tail furiously when spotting the Marquis. "Something cooking? I'm intrigued! You'll have to tell me all about it." As others filter in, there's a big wave of his arm for them to join the table. He begins to speak and passes the diagram down. "So you're here to discuss the school! Being passed around you'll find a rough diagram of the initial layout. It's pretty bare bones. I'm planning the construction in phases, the first and most complex is actually going to be the location itself." There's also a general map of the Oathlands around Artshall available. "It's going to be large enough to need its own land without displacing the villages we already have. That would probably be counterproductive."

Amari nods a few times about the cooking, but nothing more is said about that as Cristoph directs everyone's attention to the diagram which she looks over quickly, before passing to Kael. "That would be. Will there be walls? Hedgerows? Guards?" She seems to be terribly worried about something attacking the school, or maybe that the students might escape somehow without preventative measures being taken. "Where do the animals stay?" She leans over to look at the diagram again, incase she didn't see the barns on the first look.

When the table is gestured toward, Kael is nodding his head and starting to move in that direction. It's just a few steps to take. He'll likely be pulling out a chair for Amari first of all before he takes his own place. "He has the barracks there," points out Kael helpfully with a tap of his fingers. "Then there are watch towers. I suspect that they might potentially be moved depending on the layout of the land that the college ends up on." This particular point has him chin toward Cristoph. Thereafter, please excuse the Marquis, for he's momentarily distracted by Echo. The bloodhound is grinned toward, perhaps pet once or twice, but other than that he is settling back to business.

Tempest have been dismissed.

"So not pictured is uh... actual farmland," Cristoph says to Amari with a laugh, one hand going up to rub the back of his head. "Imagine that spreads out around this clustering of buildings. And yes! There is a barracks. I think that while this is being built and after it's completed it may be a resource rich target. I thought of walls, but I don't know if it would be realistic to wall the whole of the farmland in. Maybe parts of it, creating a series of choke points. But with the housing, academic buildings, shrines, barracks and storage sheds kept central and well walled and protected." He reaches for his wine glass and tips his head from side to side, "This would probably be on par with designing a small city."

Someone outside of the Laurent house was interested in the school's early stages of planning. Nightgold's shaman, Signe, paused just at the garden's entrance after being lead towards the others. Light discussions poured over the sketched drawing of the future school.

"Watch towers and choke points?" Signe inquired with amused curiosity. Was this the correct place? The wild haired shaman took a few filthy steps further into the gardens, joining the other's conversation. Not too far behind her was a thick furred Atila, happily padding along her shadow. "Apologies, I'm Signe Nightgold. A little birdy said there would the discussion of a new school of agriculture?" She looked to all three equally, Amari, Kael and Cristoph.

4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, an ebony black Artshall destrier arrive, following Reigna.

Amari reaches for a cracker and nibbles at it as she's listening to the exchange, and her concerns about walls addressed, "It does seem to be. I think I imagined it more as a single hall built in Artshall proper, with perhaps the students quartering on farms for practical lessons and experience once the theoreticals had been taught." Not that she sounds disappointed that it's not, just explaining she hadn't expected the huge difference in scale. "I think definitely hedgerows." Getting back to the walls, again, if only in a murmur and with a soft laugh at Signe's input. She turns towards her, nodding, "This is the place. Join us! I'm Lady Amari Keaton. Nightgold? Oh, like Brogan Nightgold? He's great, but I haven't seen him in ages."

The small gathering is seated there at a table, looking over an initial diagram of the agricultural college. When Signe is speaking, Kael looks up from his place at the table, regarding the woman instead of that large bit of parchment. "A pleasure to meet you," he rumbles. "Marquis Kael Keaton," he offers forth for himself, an inclination of his head toward Cristoph before he ventures forth with, "My Liege, Duke Cristoph Laurent, Voice of Valardin," and thereafter a further look on to Amari. She's intruded herself, however, and so he just offers a rueful sort of smile. That, perhaps, with a little curious look at the mention of one Brogan Nightgold but no commentary.

Cristoph looks up from his study of the map to fix his eyes onto Signe, her words are heard and he dips his head in laughter. "Yes, I'm afraid so. I wouldn't want to put something this big out there if we weren't prepared to defend it should the worst happen. Not that I'm expecting it, but I've also erred on the side of being prepared. Well met, Lady Nightgold, a pleasure. Take a seat." When Amari mentions the scale he does that side to side motion with his head and says, one hand turning palm-side up, "I'm aiming to spend somewhere around ten thousand resources on it between building materials and training soldiers to fill the barracks. It's the project of a lifetime, really." He taps the paper again before continuing, "So we'll need land. A firm consideration of defenses and people that are willing to get this off the ground once we've secured it. Then we can bring students in, ideally I'd like them to come from commoner families first."

Arriving late is one Reigna Keaton. She's huffing and puffing and all but dragging her guards along, resisting their increasingly loud protests that she should slow down. Her cheeks are pink and there is a hint of a sheen along her hairline, her hair, as always, pulled back in a fiendishly tight bun. When she sees people in the place she's supposed to be, she slows down enough to almost get bumped by guards who don't anticipate the suddenly moderate pace. Still, the Marquessa is blessed with perception, wit and a modicum of grace required to deftly avoid an accident, despite the prominent curve at her midsection announcing yet another Keaton child is impending. She lifts a hand to fan at her red cheeks, trying to catch her breath as she approaches, "Kael. Husband. My liege. Duke." She holds up a hand, inhales a deep breath and tries again. "My apologizes for being late. There was an amputation that went long."

"Yes like Brogan but not quite as tall and brawny. He's my uncle and often traveling. Busy busy." Signe returned brightly to Amari before more introductions were made. "Well met your Grace and m'lord, though I am sure at one point of another we may have crossed paths."

"And thank you." Upon the invitation to do so signe joins the others at the table and pulls the fur pouch onto her lap. Atila flops his fluffy rear right beside her chair while sniffing at the table's surface. Signe leaned forward a touch, brows wrinkling in her sideways survey of the skeching. "I feel my impression of an agricultural school aligns with Lady Amari here. Land and simple constructions..." Reigna's arrival receives a smile as that's one Keaton she knows.

Ah, and with the arrival of Reigna, Kael's attention is thusly pulled in that direction. There should be not surprise that he is sliding out from his chair and he is moving to travel toward his wife, to escort her properly by the arm with those last few steps. Slowly, mind, even if it's a trio, with his gaze rather concerned upon her. "All is well," he murmurs to her, his voice a quiet thing. He assists her to the chair that he had recently abandoned, not moving to take another but rather just comfortably stays settled there near his wife.

"If you do see him, wish him my best." Amari smiles to the less tall and brawny Signe, reaching as she does for a glass of wine which she'll set before the Nightgold without a word before claiming another for herself. She's just having her first sip when Reigna arrives, and since her smile hasn't faded much she directs it to the Marquessa, amiably enough. "You should sit down." She encourages, almost as if she suspects she's run all the way here from the amputation. Then right, back to the agricultural school at hand. "Who will you have as instructors, Duke Cristoph?"

"Sure, in the typical sense. But there's more to farming than throwing potatoes into a hole in the ground and hoping for the best. You have generations of farmers that dedicate their lives to growing the perfect strain of potato. Animal husbandry for beasts of labor, there's the concept of fisheries. And then there's the topic of innovation in the equipment being used. So you see, it's not just for learning how to grow but learning /better/ ways to grow. Doing it on a large scale and if we do it right, the surplus can be used to support those who have less." Cristoph has feelings about farms, apparently. Happy feelings, he drops into his seat and casts a look down to Amari, "I suppose we'll put out a call for people who want jobs. Then interview, starting in the duchy and working our way outwards until the positions are filled." When Reigna enters, he lifts a hand. "Marquessa."

Reigna gratefully accepts Kael's support and gives him a kiss to the cheek when he sets her down at his previous chair. "Bless you, and thank you, Kael Keaton. You are a marvelous husband." She sighs softly, visibly relaxing as she takes a seat. "I too have been curious about this college of yours, Duke Cristoph. I would love a chance to learn more about how to properly husband our lands." She flashes a grin to Amari and winks to her cousin, "I think I shall, thank you, Lady Amari." SHe turns that bright smile on Signe and says, "Lady Nightgold! It has been an age, but it is so nice to see you again."

Signe pays close attention to Cristoph's aspiring vision of a grand school while gently stroking along the crown of Atila's head. "It is an impressive goal your Grace." She relays warmly before greeting the +finger reigna

Once Reigna is good and settled, Kael is pressing a kiss to her temple and sliding an arm around her. He does, however, focus back on the topic at hand. He listens and listens well to the aspirations of the Laurent Duke, nodding as he speaks, though there is a lift of his brows in a quick manner. "Fisheries?" he asks, unable to help interrupting here at this point. "I -- as in fish, fish?" His head tilts curiously and there is another look cast toward the diagram set before him. "Is such a thing possible, do you think?"

Amari looks much relieved when Reigna is sat down and happy, and not looking peaked. Her grin is returned in kind, but she's still curious about the instructors, so follows up with a question of Cristoph, "Do you suppose you'll work closely with the Faith? I noticed you have the shrines there, on the plan." Though, Kael's inquiries have her raise an eyebrow. "Fish fish? I thought he meant by fisheries, like how you'd fill the millpond with pike. That's sort of like fish... gardening. Isn't it?"

"Ah, yes. Fish, fish. The kind with the scales?" Cristoph is confused when he looks at Kael and then shakes it off before turning to Amari. "Yes, like that. Maybe it's possible to section off pieces of a river or stream to contain a breeding ground of them? But I don't know how well it work. But that's the whole point, to make a place where we figure it out. If we can make it better."

"Nets." Reigna says, once she's got her breath back. "String nets across the river to cordon off areas for specific fish. Make them high enough to be above the water and make sure they are rooted at the bottom. Should work." Reigna offers a smile to Cristoph and to Kael before she nods, "I like that idea. One of the only good things I took home with me from Stormwall was how there were so many healers from all over Arvum that we were able to do that. Mix and swap ideas."

Signe pays close attention to Cristoph's aspiring vision of a grand school while gently stroking along the crown of Atila's head. "It is an impressive goal your Grace." The shaman relayed warmly, her sights once again returns to the map detailing the future college's construction.

Reigna's greeting broadens the shaman's smile, "It has yes, though I am quite fond of this pattern of seeing you with child." A bit of laughter and then she'll resume participating in the conversation. "How much land do you suppose would be required for something of this magnitude?"

"Huh." That is Kael's sole contribution when it turns out that there are indeed fish gardening techniques out there. At least at first. Thereafter, with a shake of his head, he further adds the commentary of, "Fascinating." There's a glance across those settled there at a table, but nothing additional voiced. Maybe he's too busy frowning regarding the thought of Stormwall -- at least for a few moments. He glances curiously down toward Signe though when she mentions Reigna being with smile, and murmurs a, "At least *someone* thinks so," with a sidelong look to the Marquessa.

Amari is chewing on the idea of nets in a river, it seems, brow furrowed. A sip of wine relaxes that look of intense thought, a little, enough that she's able to smile and nod, agreeing with Signe. "It is impressive. There'll be a great many prodigals who may wish to attend, or should be encouraged to, I think. Many are not farmers, or much used to staying on the same land through all seasons. Will they be welcomed?"

"Ah, there we go. Nets! Thank you Marquessa Reigna, you're hired." Cristoph smiles brightly folds his hands onto the table. "I think I had an estimate on the number of miles here... quite a lot. I suspect there's going to some diplomatic and military missions in our future. That's going to be a time sink in and out of itself." He produces a paper with said estimates, passing it along. "Prodigals? If we can figure out a way to work them in, I'd rather cooperation on all levels than excluding groups with worthwhile knowledge."

"Thank you, Lady Signe!" Kael's commentary has her grinning and shaking her head, "There have been a surprising number of detractors towards this third babe of ours. But Kael and I are excited." Reigna rubs a hand over her belly, "I am hoping for a girl this time. But we have names picked out for either." She looks to Cristoph and laughs delightedly, "I think my husband would get that frown he gets if I accepted, my liege. I think he believes I am busy enough as it is."

"Any overbreeding of the fish can be utilized as fertilizer for the crops. Returning them to the soil if need be." Signe offered as the paper was passed around sharing details on the estimates. At the mention of military missions the shaman's brows perked, "I can see diplomatic travels for there are a great many regions that are in need of their lands cared for. A great many. Though military I am not sure. I work close in hand with those that tend to the lands our house and I can offer some guidance shall it be needed. To the actual farming it's self Duke Laurent."

Evidently Kael is going to take on Reigna's being hired in a most good natured sort of way, for he simply snorts and shakes his head. When Reigna adds that remark concerning him, he looks sidelong to his wife, nudges a hip lightly against her, but does not actually acknowledge such commentary vocally. No, he's back to regarding the diagram once more thoughtfully. Particular amounts of focus on where the watchtowers are set forth, of course.

"Excellent news, Lady Signe!" And if anyone was wondering? Cristoph is capable of talking farming, fish, dirt, soil and any number of related things for like three straight hours. Which is what he's prepared to do, at least until his guests start to look bored and then he'll reluctantly call the meeting to an end.

Amari nods and seems out of questions, momentarily, or distracted by the realization that she's not sure where her dogs are. When she moves her foot she finds Barf, lying under the table, but River is... somewhere else. "Oh good. I meant, in the case of a House like Ilarin, it would be very good... for." And she trails off, turning in her seat until she finally catches sight of her again. "Stay out of the flowers!"

Reigna snorts back at Kael and shakes her head at the bump, laughing as she watches him. She looks back to Cristoph, prepared to give her attention to her liege. Amari's difficulty with River sets Reigna off giggling again, before she looks back to Signe and winks to the Nightgold woman before she returns her attention to the discussion.

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