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Fashion Night Out I

While the various fealties in the compact may have their own styles, it's the city where all these styles come together. And it's in the city where those who wish to strut, can strut and be seen, with the latest fashions left wagging on the tongue of the citizens who live there. So the Princess Consort declares another Fashion Night Out, where everyone of all walks of life within the city can descend upon the judgement green and... well... be judged! So wear your newest! Wear your finest and prove that just because the cold weather has set upon us, doesn't mean we hide behind drab cloaks and pale furs. Come show off what you got.


Nov. 21, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

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Lisebet Gianna Amari Cesare Melody



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Judgment Green

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Lyric, an aspiring vocalist arrives, following Melody.

Every season it seems, the Princess Consort of THrax like to throw a night to get dressed in ones finery and come out to show what that seasons fashion is to be. Sure there's snow. Sure, it's maybe a little strong. But there are tents spread out for people to mingle back and forth and brazier that burn strong and provide warmth to offset the cold. Snow lays in drifts and sets a white backdrop for everyone in attendance.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrives, following Amari.

Leo, a Ravenseye Warrior, Runa, a large Northern Raven arrive, following Aella.

Lisebet doesn't always make it to these events but she is perfectly happy to do so. She's just arriving, finding a warmer spot to remove her cloak and hand it off to the ever so thriled Bigsby. And thus, she is ready to go, promptly acquiring a drink to hold in one hand.

Fashion? The Nightingale of the Bard's College is there. Gianna is in basic black, a dark cloak with a fur mantle keeping her warm. Warmer? In any case, she's daintily eating a delicious little bacon-adorned treat.

Amari arrives, apparently having decided that white was her color. White, silver and wintergreen. The two Keaton huntsmen trailing after her have themselves stuck with green and they don't look particularly thrilled to be trudging through snow in the name of fashion. She is though, all smiles and warmly attired in coat and fur trimmed aeterna cloak. When she spots other fashionistas who have to be far more excited about all this than her guards, she heads for them. "Your Highness! Lady Lisebet! Gianna!" She calls her greetings, adding polite nods to those she's not very familiar with.

Cesare arrived, in attendance not to admire the fashions as much as he is arriving to be seen. Although, the finery eventually draws his eye and he stares from person to person with a kind of wide-eyed wonder, but he hesitates upon making eye contact and seems content not to smile. He is perched beside a brazier, a cup of mulled cider in his hand. If he's aloof -- it's clearly because he is listening to the music.

Dolce, a collared dove have been dismissed.

Dolente, a mourning dove have been dismissed.

'Lady Amari!" Alarissa's making round, warm and trailing quite a bit of dress, pinky frothy layers of sheer seasilk. "The snow shall not stop us." She laughs softly, every strand of blonde hair tucked up just so. "Lady Lisebet and... indeed, we have a few whispers from the looks of it. Come, come, this brazier is warmer, but not too close. Don't want to worry our dressmakers." A gesture for everyone to come.

Gianna's dark brows arch as she turns toward Amari and looks upon her outfit. "My goodness," she murmurs, striding closer to the Keaton woman. "Who did you go to for all of that? You look stunning." Gianna is, in particular, eyeing the jewelry with the sort of calculating look that, in the Lowers, would probably mean a mugging. Not up here, though! Here, people don't rob each other for their shiny moonstones and diamonds.

Lisebet smiles, offering a bow Alarissa's way, amusement dancing in her blue eyes. "Your Highness, any excuse to be out and enjoy the good company of many friends and acquaintances," she says with a light laugh. "Lady Amari! How nice to see you. And may I say you both look absolutely beautiful." She said it, whether or not they're giving her permission. In her case, the interesting thing she's wearing is a ring - that definitely bears looking at. "Gianna Whisper, it is also good to see you once again. You also look stunning as usual." Cesare gets a smile and a nod, but Lisebet hasn't met him as yet.

"Lady Lisebet, hello," Gianna says, regarding the ring. Her lips curve into a smile. "I see you've been to the Velvet Box. Such a darling ring. Look, I have a dragonfly one." Gianna holds up her hand to display the iridescite, dragonfly-adorned ring. A nimble little press of her fingertip makes the wings shiver up and down. "Princess Alarissa, hello. And there's Cesare. Have you all met Cesare Whisper? He's the newest member of the Bard's College." Gianna raises her hand and makes a beckoning gesture toward the other Whisper.

He slips away from the warmth of one brazier, clearly dressed just so that he does not outshine any of the nobles or true models present this evening, "Good evening, Nightingale Gianna." Cesare's speaking voice is smoother than silks, warmer than the burning fires, and richer than the spiced wine in his cup. He offers a bow, low and reverent to anyone that's included in the introduction. "Cesare Whisper, the pleasure of meeting you all is mine."

Leo, a Ravenseye Warrior, Runa, a large Northern Raven leave, following Aella.

"Everyone looks so wonderful." Amari enthuses after taking no pains to conceal her curious once overs of everyone who gets anywhere close to her. She's impressed, to be sure. At Alarissa's invitation she moves a bit closer to the brazier, but not too close, she wouldn't want to melt. The rings of Gianna's and Lisebet's are looked at more closely, and a 'ooh' emitted. "Those are beautiful. I have nearly all my jewelry crafted there as well." And she might have said more, but she pivots neatly to greet Cesare instead, "It's so nice to meet you, I'm Lady Amari Keaton."

"I love these nights. I love to see what everyone is wearing. Too much, too little, it's so breathtaking." Cesare is introduced and Alarissa regards the man before dipping her head to him. "I cannot say that I have ever had the pleasure no. Welcome! You do look lovely." The rings are looked to as well with a wider smile. "So beautiful. Star iron. Some day I'll own some of that."

Lisebet laughs softly, and moves to make the bumblebee wings shiver, after Gianna shows off hers. "That is lovely," she says admiringly. "These rings are incredible works of art - I am quite thrilled to be able to show one off." Her attention turns to Cesare as he approaches, inclining her head briefly. "I have not as yet met Cesare Whisper, not until this moment," Lisebet says with a bright smile his way. "Good evening to you. I am Lisebet Farshaw." There's a grin at Amari and Alarissa, before she says, "The Velvet Box does incredible work, that is certain. I hope to be able to get quite a bit of jewellery as time goes on. I am quite certain I do not have enough currently."

"Milady Amari," Cesare repeats, surely committing the name to his memory. He offers a nod, and there's warmth in his dark eyes that's enough to /suggest/ a smile. "Princess-Consort Alarissa." He murmurs, "Milady Lisebet. Unspeakably lovely, all of the finery on display. Certainly, everyone here tonight will be the talk of the city in the days to come. I shall do my part to make this so."

"Oh I am sure they will be speaking about your scent" Alarissa lifts a hand to waft. "What is it?" She inquires of Cesare.

Arriving a touch late, Melody finds her way under the safety of one of the many tents. Though her breath is a visible fog in the cold winter weather, the prodigal wears a smile -- likely due to the fact that she's more than adequately dressed. Not only is she dressed warm in alluring fox furs, but she's clearly come to set trends: aeterna, star iron, gems of all kinds. Even alaricite! "Another bard?" she calls out to Cesare as she approaches the others, "Welcome to the fold; the Bards are all rather lovely, you're in good hands." And, at the mention of the Velvet Box, Melody notes to Lisebet, "There's quite a few things up for sale right now. It's got some of the best designs. In fact, I've been outfitted by Mistress Josephine herself!"

Gianna reaches up to run her hand through her hair - her other hand, the one with the star iron and iridescite ring. It twinkles and flashes in the firelight, and it's clear she did that absolutely on purpose. Let no one ever say Gianna doesn't have a flair for performance. "Cesare is wonderfully talented. I was quite impressed. I'm hoping he'll help with Princess Sorrel's Metallics opera, since I believe he's a bit late to be cast in the Good Duke of Gemecitta. Ah, there's Melody. Cesare, Melody, also a member of the College." Gianna can't help but play with the dragonfly ring, wiggling the wings. A pleased little smile tugs at the corners of her lips. Maybe even smug.

"And no expense was spared, clearly." Amari says upon Melody's arrival, after she's taken a moment to take in all the finery she's wearing. Fox fur, too! "It's nice to meet you. I'm Lady Amari Keaton." Wiggle fingers. "Princess Sorrel's Metallic Order songs are amazing. I've been trying to learn them well enough to perform." But it sounds like she doesn't think she's there yet.

"One of messere Lottie's scents, purchased from the Tangled Skein. Herbal, your Highness, and with a crispness that reminds me of spring. Still slumbering, but, sure to bloom once more from the snows." Cesare responds to Alarissa, then turns about gracefully toward Melody's calling out. "Ah, yes - another bard. Thank you for the enthusiastic welcome, messere." He offers a mild, close-lipped smile in reference to the praise. "I would like to be a part of that production, yes. Between that and needing to respond to a potential patron, I have been busy since returning from the South."

Melody's expression brightens and she shares a lopsided smile with Cesare. "Nice to meet you! I haven't had the opportunity to check out Mistress Lorna's collection but I think I'll do just that tomorrow." That smile widens into one showing teeth and dimples alike at Amari's remark, and the prodigal dips a head in a minor curtsy. "Oh, I love those colors, you've got an eye for brilliant outfits. It's also nice to meet you as well."

"I thought she just baked." There's surprise from Alarissa and she turns to look to Melody as she comes. "Hello, Oh my aren't we surrounded by whispers in this tent." Laughing softly. "It is a lovely scent none the less. I do like the more citrus scents but it does remind me of the coming spring. Which cannot come soon enough." She mournfully states.

Lisebet inclines her head, acknowledging Melody's words. "It is a sign of Mistress Arcuri's skill - to see all of us with such wonderful items from her shop. And also, all the other crafters as well. This definitely allows us to all show off our styles and our fashion preferences, indeed."

Gianna peers at the alaricite on Melody's bodice. Her eyes narrow slightly, and her lips press together. She leans closer. "Is that... alaricite?" she inquires, arching a brow.

"Lottie," he repeats. "No, no. Lorna. Messere Lorna." He clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth, "A foolish mistake, forgive me." Cesare smiles gently, and inclines his head. "Ah, yes. I also have a cirtus scent that I bought at the same time."

Well, since the point is to show off, Amari unbuttons her coat and shrugs it back from her shoulders to fully reveal her aeterna gown with the elaborate crystal beadwork that sparkles and gleams with each motion, no matter how insignificant. "I went for shiny." She admits, giving a spin before pulling a coat sleeve back to reveal the decorative vambrace she's wearing on that arm with its inset moonstone near her wrist. "Nothing so grand as alaricite!"

Slender fingers curl and press to Melody's lower lip, partially masking her smile. "I'm no longer working alongside the Whisper House, but we're on good terms. I don't really know if they'd allow a prodigal within their ranks," she notes a touch ruefully. Lisebet's remark earns another smile from the prodigal, and Gianna's comment brings out a soft laughter. "It is! Mistress Josephine went all out."

"I don't think hat I've heard of her before. I'll have to send Ovelia to scout it out for me. Mistress MIrari has not had some new perfumes for some time and my vanity is quite lonely." Amari's showing off now and Alarissa smiles. "Oh, you are showing of the season well Amari dearest. As for jeweler, I am more than passing fond of Joseclin from the Aterlier. I can find no compare to her." Wait, Alaricite? Alarissa's looking to Meldory and then to the woman. "That must be so... cold."

Gianna touches her fingertips to her lips and takes in all the dawnstones and diamonds on Alarissa's gown. She turns her hand to regard the little dragonfly ring, tilts her head to the side, and then turns to seek out a drink. Or two. One is for Amari.

Lisebet too has to look at the alaricite, and the rest of the outfit. "It is spectacular," she agrees, as she looks at everyone. "I think I am seeing stars, with all the shiny jewels and the beauty and handsomeness." She finishes her drink, and then looks to nab a small appetizer and a second drink.

"My word," Cesare breathes out, blinking for a moment until he's cleared his gaze from being dazzled so by the fashions on parade. His cheeks flush mildly, he lowers his eyes to consider the contents of his wine-cup, and he drinks from it. "Rather overwhelming, isn't it." He comments, drawing back toward a brazier for the warmth. "Such fine - expensive things to find one so surrounded by."

As Melody unclips the trio of bearded irises from her coat, her cheeks redden a shade at all the compliments. Even if the compliments are for the alaricite. "It would be cold if it weren't for all the layers -- and I /am/ a woman of the woods. I can handle a bit of the cold," she says with a wink to princess-consort. Taking a half-step up to Amari, Melody presented the irises and suggested, "How about another hint of color?"

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Petal.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 3 Iron Guardsmen leave, following Petal.

A drink suits Amari just fine, after she's got the full measure of Melody's amazing, no, legendary outfit, she stands there gawking. Thankfully, she's mannered enough to keep her mouth firmly shut, rather than gape like a complete rube, but she probably fought the urge to. "Amazing." Is all she manages to say, and she means it. She's amazed. The question, about another hint of color just has her raise an eyebrow until she cottons on, "That's very generous, I mean you needn't...."

"If she doesn't take it," Gianna tells Melody as she hands Amari a drink, "I certainly will."

Cecily, a coy secretary arrives, following Agostino.

Cecily, a coy secretary leaves, following Agostino.

"The only Alaricite I have is ingots for Victus for a breastplate. I have this picture of him in my mind of how he should be, should he ever need to gather the Mourning Onslaught again and it's with an alaricite breastplate. But now, now you make me want to do something like that for myself..." Jealousy, your name is Alarissa. Gianna's off in search of a drink and she looks concerned at that. "You are well set yourself." Alarissa points out. "Your shirt is quite lovely and you can never go wrong with seasilk."

Lisebet is quite pleased with all the sights and scents, truly. She looks over at Melody and then back to Amari, curiously and watching as the fashion switch goes on. "I think I end up with so many ideas at events like this - it is amazing. Everyone looks spectacular. This warms my heart, even with the winter's cold."

"She's taking it," Melody says aside to Gianna as she clips the irises onto Amari's coat. "It's a gift for a new friend," the prodigal adds before sharing a honeysweet smile at the Keaton noble. "Looks great on you!" As she stepped away, she tilted her chin in consideration for Alarissa. So I take it that alaricite gowns are going to take off and become the next big thing, then?"

"Maybe. It's costly. That's three hundred children." Alarissa murmurs, a hand smoothing across all those silken hydrangea's on her dress. "There's much here that I want to take influence from." Even the blue of the Whispers stones here." A gesture to Cesare's ring. "Whtie and blues."

"Also from this shop, the Velvet Box, Princess-Consort. Made to match the earring from the jeweler Sameera, and they are cousins to one another now." Cesare speaks in his honey-sweet voice, offering Alarissa a genteel bow of his head. "That, now, I must thank you for the compliment."

"I like to call the blue of the College's banner 'bard blue'," Gianna says loftily. It is also the same shade as her eyes, because she is that arrogant. She has a sip of her drink, eyeing the irises clipped to Amari's garments.

"Nightingale's blue," Cesare adds with a sly wink and the hint of a smile.

"Thank you, it's gorgeous." Amari says as she lifts her coat back up onto her shoulders to better cover her otherwise very bare and quickly chilling back. Her cloak is straightened absently so it's not bunched up at her shoulders, and the irises clipped touched as if she's half worried it might be illusory or liable to fall off into the snow. There's a genuine little smile for Melody and a grin at Gianna as she accepts her drink too. "I think we've witnessed history tonight." And she has a token to remember it by, and a new friend. She's glowing. "Bard- Nightingale blue. That might be fun to design around."

There was a skyward roll of Melody's eyes as Cesare and Gianna discussed the bard blues, though another smile blossomed regardless. "Is that what it is, now?" Having stepped away from Amari, the prodigal responded with a warm, "You're welcome! And I'd probably go for the three hundred children," Melody advises Alarissa. Despite wearing the alaricite outfit.

'Alarissa's looking thoughtful at Melody, chewing for a moment on her lower lip in an un ladylike fashion as wheels turn before she looks to Gianna. "There is a production I am told? Prince Niklas' latest?"

Lisebet chuckles, raising her glass in a salute. "I believe you are correct, Lady Amari." There is a definite smile to Lisebet's face, certainly. She's letting her contentment and joy show on her face as she listens to everyone talking.

Gianna's left eyebrow arches ever so slightly when Melody rolls her eyes, but then she's distracted by Alarissa and swings right into promotion mode. "There is - The Good Duke of Gemecitta. It's a musical play with singing, swordfighting, and witty dialogue. Prince Niklas and I wrote the songs together. The Bard's College will be putting it on. We made sure to make the performance hall accommodating for stage productions as well. It's sure to be quite popular." She has another sip of wine and adds, "The Playwrights, for example, received momentous acclaim. This will be even better."

Once his wine's gone, as the musicians transition from one piece to another, Cesare takes the opportunity to make a quiet - unobtrusive exit.

Ugarte arrives, following Fortunato.

Ugarte leaves, following Fortunato.

"The Playwrights was entertaining. I liked when one of them fell out the window when the rivalry really heated up in the later acts." Amari says with a cartwheeling motion of her finger to illustrate how said character took a tumble. "If the Good Duke is anything like that one, it'll sure to be a hit." She sounds certain of that. Her attention wanders a bit after that, perhaps noticing the unobtrusive disappearance of Cesare as she does look over her shoulder as if wondering where he's gone. As she's looking back, she flashes a quick smile to Lisebet then moves on to Alarissa, with a question, "Were you planning on holding these.. semi regularly? I thought it was a wonderful idea."

"Once a season at least. So that we may all see what everyone else in the city has chosen as the height of fashion. Next one will be when spring is here." Alarissa offers in answer, Cesare gone and then offers her arm to Gianna. 'Come, lets speak. I'm helping to drop the name of the production and the benefits are going to Thursdays child. We should strive work with one another."

Gianna inclines her head to Alarissa; she nods to the others before slipping her arm through the Princess-Consort's, a black bird on the arm of dawnstone and pink glory.

"I look forward to it; I'm sure it'll be a huge success as the last was." Now it's Melody's turn to pull her coat over her shoulders, evidently not immune to the cold. As Cesare makes his quiet exit, Melody turns her darkly irises eastward in consideration. And then, after turning a gentle smile to the others, the prodigal begins to make her own unobtrusive exit as well.

Amari agrees with the sentiment with a smile and polite bow of her head to Alarissa. She waves after Melody and Gianna before they can escape, then turns to Lisebet, "Back to the ward of Valardin, Lady Lisebet?"

Lyric, an aspiring vocalist leaves, following Melody.

Lisebet nods, as she sets her glass down. "I am in agreement as well. I look forward to the next. And certainly, Lady Amari."

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen leaves, following Amari.

Lisebet is overheard praising Alarissa: Great Fashion Night out!

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