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PRP: Boglands Search

A group of Crimson Blades and others go on a search in the Boglands of Saikland Greens.


Sept. 27, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Harlex Violet Bianca Lucita Rosalie



Outside Arx - Saikland Greens - Boglands

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Comments and Log

The news that came from Saikland Greens was not promising. Hired by Lord Karadoc Saik on behalf of Baroness Lucita Saik, the Crimson Blades had taken a days journey to arrive in the small village outside of the Boglands. A hunting party had been sent out a few days ago, and none of them had returned.

Rumors of the remnants of the Gyre's forces still in the Boglands, it was up to the Crimson Blades to seek out and determine if there were still those of the damned still in the area - and if so, report on the size of them and engage them if the numbers favored the Blades.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Violet before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bianca before departing.

The news that came from Saikland Greens was not promising. Hired by Lord Karadoc Saik on behalf of Baroness Lucita Saik, the Crimson Blades had taken a days journey to arrive in the small village outside of the Boglands. A hunting party had been sent out a few days ago, and none of them had returned.

Rumors of the remnants of the Gyre's forces still in the Boglands, it was up to the Crimson Blades to seek out and determine if there were still those of the damned still in the area - and if so, report on the size of them and engage them if the numbers favored the Blades.

Small rowboats and a guide were provided to help the group get through the swamp. Currently as they row, the sounds of the swamp hang heavy in the air. Chirps and croaks, the song of the bog calls out in it's heavy way, the humidity and constant buzz of insects as they come about, trying to find small exposed areas of skin to land upon and take a bite of.

Harlex never did like the South. It's women, maybe. But it always felt a little treacherous. Even so near to the grand vineyards of the Green. He wears a black leather jacket, a sleeveless linen shirt, with trousers and boots. His wide sword-belt carrying the burden of his fiendish weapon and his knife. The medallion of the Blades dancing against his brawny chest. He hasn't come alone, of course, or with just ANY old soldiers but--calling in a few favors--finds their party grown with the likes of Lady Rosalie and Legate Bianca. Boy, he sure does keep interesting company. The sellsword defers all Leadership business to the Commandant, of course. He's the strong-arm. He does have some Privates lugging his other gear along with them. In the event it's needed. Otherwise, being himself, he joins the row-team as the boats move gently through the humid bog.

Violet was looking dour as she rises to another day with no report. So she had put out the call to move out and see what they could find. Everyone was on high alert as they moved through the bogs on the small boats. Violet herself had her bow out, strung, and the quiver at her hip open. A daring bug among the rest dares the nasty smell she exudes, heavy with mint and tea tree and citronella. It was...not unpleasant, but pungent. And the bugs at least hated it. She snatches it from the air by her ear and the rubs her hand on her leathers. "Ugh...hate swamps," She can be heard to mutter, making Jin smirk slightly.

It was a surprise to her guard that Bianca had decided to join the party, but with mere mention of Gyre remnants how could she not confirm or disprove such a rumor? Either for position or personal reasons. Her cloak's hood was drawn up and over her head, most skin covered by leather other than her face. The humidity, though... that humidity was killing her. She too had prepared as Violet had, a salve crafted by the apothecaries of Blancbier granted it was most likely not as effective as the brew Violet bore. She as well had bow in hand, even if she was more prepared as a healer. "I am... not fond, myself." She murmured.

Harlex comments as he pushes the oar and reels it in with a grunt in a forward, circular motion. "Reckon I did," grunt, "Say," grunt, "It was a /bogland/." He calls to Bianca.

Lucita sits in the boat being rowed, her expression somber. Her hand stays on the hilt of her dagger absently as she looks around, beads of prespiration speckle her brow. "First time I have seen this area of Saikland. It was marked on the maps prepared by the Society of Explorers when we expanded and initially swept through by the military backed up by Templars but nothing dangerous was noted then, well, other than the usual dangers of the bogs."

Bianca checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Harlex checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

Lucita checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Rosalie has rolled a critical success!
Rosalie checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 32 higher.

Oddly enough, during the voyage over, Rosalie did beautifully. No seasickness, no 'getting her sea legs', almost as if she'd been on the sea all her life... instead of it being her third time on a ship. She even offers the occasional helpful weather tip to steer them around, or weather through, inclement weather. She also seems delighted that Bianca is along. She too has prepared a concoction that is smeared across her skin, a small pot that gets offered out to anyone else that might want it as well. No archer she, instead she is dressed in simple skirts and blouses, though for the swamp, it seems she's borrowed trousers and high boots from someone to wear under the skirts, tying up the skirts out of the way of everything else. "Oh I don't mind the bog, it has its own sort of beauty to it..."

Violet checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

The bugs are an annoyance, that much is easily confirmed by those in the boats. As the group is spread out, the guide and a couple of hunters from the village are in the lead boat. The three boats enter what could be considered a small delta - there's a freshwater source that is mixing in with the boglands. It has carved out a small pair of islands and a stretch of blue water. At the edge of one of the islands, the remains of a dock can be seen.

Harlex can't see anything through his constant spitting bug swatting. He does remove his jacket, wearing it around his waist, leather sure is gross in humidity. He keeps on oaring. Focused, staying in loop with his fellow rowers. It's almost peaceful. The approach of the delta, however, does at least catch his interest for that moment they enter it and then he leaves it to the scouts to keep their eyes open.

Bianca squinted toward the distant dock and the islands ahead, but blessedly remain seated rather than rock the boat she inhabited. A hand lifted from time to time to swat away the onslaught of tiny terrors which swarmed about them as she watched on and more or less remained focused on following the lead of the Crimson Blades. She was a guest, after all, and hindering them was the last thing she wanted to do.

Violet holds up her fist suddenly and her shoulders pull back. In a moment there is an arrow knocked and her eyes scan their surroundings. Softly she clucks her tongue against her teeth. "Be on alert," She says, her voice low. A moment later her lip curls and her green eyes rivet on the remains on the dock and she shifts from one foot to another in the boat. "Mmmm...something's here," This is said quietly, so Harlex and the others in their boat can hear. Sergeant Jin had already begun signaling the other Crimson Blades with hand gestures. Alert. Danger.

"Did anyone else notice that everything just got REALLY quiet?" Rosalie frowns softly, glancing around the swamp as if trying to find a frog or bird or bug. She gives a nod to Violet and murmurs, "I concur. Something is here..." Not someONE, someTHING. She huddles a bit closer towards Harlex and looks to Bianca, "I know this is strange and dangerous, but I still really have fun on these things..." Shrugging, she flashes a brief grin, then peers ahead and offers, "Oh, hey! That looks like there's a keep or manor or something beyond the dock!"

Lucita gladly accepts the little pot of bug repellant. "My brother found a group of the Gyre had taken refuge in part of Granato and rooted most of them out. One escaped, he thought to the hills, maybe some of the caves there. I hope they did not wind up here." She stiffens on hearing Violet's comment, uncertainty making her gaze slip from person to person in her boat in question and then to the dock and the stance and gestures of the Crimson Blades. She does not understand those but the arrow being readied is cue enough that she finds and readies knives in addition to her dagger.

Lucita gets a skinning knife from the Lodge from a feminine carryall in shades of green lake ripples at dusk.

Violet wields DarkFell.

Harlex relays the signal to the others. He falls quiet and looks briefly to Rosalie and then follows her pointing finger. But he's on alert. There's a coldness to his radiant stare and he settles the oar into the water and passes it off toward another Blade private. He barely cracks leather on Acrimonious; but he's a fast draw. When it counts. A hand is used to signal for steadiness, quietness, he listens with the others. He tries to make contact, eye-contact, with Violet to signal toward the landing at the dock. They were in a trespass if they stayed in the delta like this any longer. A look is given to Lucita at the mention of escapee Gyre. That doesn't sound good.

Harlex wields Acrimonious, a fiendish longsword.

Rosalie wields gleaming Diamondplate scalpel.

Bianca's soft smile drifted toward Rosalie with her confession about the love of expedition from her little boat. It was catching sight of Violet notching her bow that she did the same, drawing an arrow from it's hip-ridden quiver to prepare herself. Surrounding her, the three templar also readied their weapons and tried not to tip the boat over as they were all giant galuts of metal and faith. She remained silent at this point, eyes drawn to the direction Rosalie pointed.

Bianca wields a simple bow.

With the attention on the docks, the others in the lead boat are paying attention and starting to turn their boat in that direction. The Privates in the boat are looking towards Harlex and Violet for direction, and preparing their weapons.

When suddenly the water beneath them broils and a large figure, easily the size of a large horse smashes through the wood of the boat, destroying it utterly, and there's barely a chance to scream as one of the men is dragged under. The other men fall into the water where the privates find themselves in danger of swimming in their armors, while one of the hunters is starting to head towards the island docks.

"Get us to the shore, now!" Violet commands as she trains her arrows on the shadow in the water. But she does something a little odd. Her eyes narrow so they almost seem closed. Her lip curls on one side in distaste as she seems to try and track the thing in the water. "Baroness, get out of the boat as soon as you can please?"

Lucita's eyes widen and distress fills her eyes as one of her tiny army being trained with the hunters and Crimson Blades. Her lips press together sealing any comments within as she scans the water trying to see what sort of being is attacking, its color, if it has a bunch of eyes or tentacles or just what is happening. A quick glance toward the others in the water and she murmurs. 'Can we help them get to the island, too?" She nods, accepting Violet's orders. "I will."

Bianca rose slowly. A rather composed individual by nature, her movements lacked the frantic effects of surprise (even if she most certainly had been!). The eldest of her Templar guard lifted his hand to steady the woman as she broadened stance on the boat, one foot resting on the edge as she sought a point to aim arrow at this new incursion of potential enemy. The other two idiot Templars began to shift and further draw swords only for Alren to bark a sharp, 'Ready, but still yourselves! Calm!' their way. No need for another capsize if it could be prevented, not to mention no doubt the Blades in their boat would be displeased!

"You heard the Commandant," Harlex growls and shoves the other Blades. So encouraging. "For the shore!" /Dread/ Wolf, right. He swings his sword in the direction they need to venture and he stays half-crouched and near to their guests who maybe need a little more protection. "Soldiers, abandon the armor. Swim for the shore." He calls to the men who were sent flying into the delta by the crash. Water from the cascade has sprayed all over him. He grits his teeth, briefly watching Violet and--like a good Lieutenant--trusts her judgement on that shot. He busies with the motivation.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 19 higher.

Rosalieis neither a leader nor a soldier, so she simply minimizes the space she takes up, huddling in and trying to stay out of the way until they can reach the shore. Looking to Lucita, she offers, "Perhaps its best if we try to help those that get closer to shore. More of us in the water is just more targets. If they can get closer to shore then we can at least help them up onto the dock."

Thorley GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(5) at difficulty 34, rolling 20 higher.

Thorley GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(2) at difficulty 34, rolling 4 lower.

Violet's shot is true. Splashing into the water, the arrow /thunks/ into the shadow and it rolls in the water in anger - but releases it's prize. The man comes back up to the surface for a moment, gasping and screaming, his left arm torn off at the shoulder - he's obviously beyond help. He cries and screams to the Archlector, for Mercy, for anyone or anything to save him.

The creature itself goes deeper into the water, it's shadow disappearing for a moment, allowing the boats a chance to make it to the docks while whatever it is regroups. There are still some men swimming in the water, the Blades ditching their leathers as the screams of the wounded man turn into quiet moans.

Lucita gives a simple brusk nod. "It is what planned. Will have to be careful around some of the mud that looks like around part the island. If the dock will support us, likely better to help them up there than risking getting stuck trying to wade ashore." She watches Violet's shot. Her color becomes pale as she watches the man and she whispers a prayer for him. She checks the course of the boat to see if they will draw close enough to offer the man the mercy of a quicker, cleaner death, be it by her hand or one of the others. She has toughened up after some of her experiences.

It was within the span of a few passing seconds that Bianca assessed the the rising flail and desperate screams of the injured man. Arm gone, bleeding out which will take time and even more time should the others actually be able to pull him from the water without further harm to any of the party. So Bianca made a decision. She notched and aimed her bow, "Blessed be you in the Light of the Gods, let this arrow bring you to the open arms of the Queen in peace and honor."

Bianca checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Harlex stands for a moment and watches the man resurface after the Commandant's incredible shot. If only it were cause for celebration. The way his blood pools about the surface of the water on the delta and he knows--having seen such wounds--that he is doomed. He only regards him thus and then his attentions turn away, coldly, toward what must be done. They had the living to concern themselves with and he hurries the Blades on to make landfall and disembark. "This is what we do soldiers, we carry on." He says, quietly, when those screams turn to moans. When he hears what may or may not be a thunk of an arrow being loosened from it's string and those last, final prayers from the Baroness and then the Legate herself.

Violet is intent on the water as others move about. "Come on, out of the water! To the shore..." She remains calm. When the man screams her face becomes drawn and for a moment glances towards Bianca. Taking a breath she whispers something under her breath, returning her eyes to the water. Once at the shore she quietly and with slow, deliberacy steps from the boat, arrow still trained on the water. "That thing is not natural, whatever it is. If the dock can hold then we'll use it. But people need to get out of the water fast. And we need to take care of whatever it is...Lieutenant, spears readied. We'll probably need them."

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet arrives, delivering a message to Harlex before departing.

Rosalie weeps openly for the dying man, but her voice is steady as she murmurs, "Gods grant you peace..." She watches Bianca's shot, possibly feeling it part of her duty to bear witness (to record, one might say) the man's final moments. "When we reach shore, those men in the water need to be checked for leeches. If -anything- can be tainted, I wouldn't trust even the lowliest bloodsucking parasite to present a threat. We can burn them off to make things quicker."

*THUNK* The first kill of the night goes to Bianca with a team kill. The Crimson Blade private takes the arrow through the head and he barely has time to gasp before the life is taken from him and he sinks beneath the surface, the armor he was wearing water-logged enough to pull him down for good.

In the meantime, the first of the boats arrives as the docks. Now at the edge of the island, it is indeed a former outpost. It has been abandoned for generations, probably built when the boglands allowed for clearer shipping. It is partially collapsed, but the walls of the side of it still stand and even from here, the path that once led from the docks to the outpost are clear, the metal twisted of the arches that once carried vine-plants to provide shade from the dock to the front doors of the keep.

Violet steps out of the boat after a moment and she certainly doesn't look please. Lips a thin line and brows drawn into a frown she glances around at the others. "Everyone who hit the water, strip and look for parasites," She doesn't look from the water as she speaks. Still ready to defend as the last people make their way out. Despite this she edges slightly so her back doesn't fully face the keep. In fact glancing very quickly over her shoulder at it. Nose wrinkling briefly she says to Bianca, "What do you suggest for possibly tainted leeches?

Lucita scrambles out of the boat and positions herself where she can first help others out of the water while the others stand guard and then moves so she is out of the way of the archers and spear weilders and those checking for leeches but still where she can help keep watch. The water is not the only place from which danger might come so she keeps her gaze directed where she can partially watch the water and partially keep an eye on the land and any overhanging growth. "I wonder if it Will it feed on the dead one or be angry enough to come after us?" And want to know who he was so can send condolences to his family."

Sir Alren was helping Bianca out of their boat (assuming they made it to the dock!) as she replied to Violet. "Rosalie is correct, fire. Burn them. I'd like to save the stipend of holy water I brought if possible." She nodded to Violet once she found her footing, consoling and/or apology would need to wait until the danger was cleared.

Violet says quietly, "Private Farden Meadows."

It's a perfect chance, as they reach the shore, for him to disembark and get to work. "Spearmen, to the docks. Stand at the ready. I'll join you fellas shortly. We'll pay 'em back for Meadows." He does, however, briefly give Bianca a squeeze on the shoulder and a nod. Steadily. It goes without saying why, but there is a sympathy and fondness momentarily shown. Harlex takes a pair of the rowers with him and in short order, he is dressed in his black-attire. The swing of his cloak seen as he rejoins the group afterward. The outpost is surveyed.

Harlex wields Acrimonious, a fiendish longsword.

Rosalie alights from the boat under her own power and quickly moves aside so others can reach the dock as well. She tosses a quick smile over her shoulder to Bianca, then moves along towards the path that will lead to the old outpost. "I can scout ahead if you like? Find out if there's anything to worry about at the outpost?" Rosalie glances first to Violet, then to Harlex, then back to Violet. At least she's asking? Normally the young woman just... disappears. Perhaps she's learning about not worrying people!

"Farden Meadows, may you be at peace." Bianca murmured softly, looking out to the water with bow still ready. And then a subtle glow barely visible from beneath her cloak came alight. Her hand lifted, tucking her necklaces into the depths of her holy leathers after Harlex's squeeze to her shoulder. Pale gaze again went to Violet. "Commandant, I have a sense that there was potentially magic at play here."

While the spearmen are setting up, there's a noise that comes from within the island. Or rather - the keep itself. It's a groaning, angry sound - as if something made of rock as it scrapes and rumbles before going silent again.

There is a small glow that comes from Bianca - rather the coin around her neck.

Violet turns to look at Rosalie, then her knives, and nods once. "Take one of my scouts with you," Who happens to be wearing armor. "Signal whistles ready, something weird about the keep..." She eyes it again as people begin to move away from the water. "We'll see Meadows' family taken care of," She waits till she is a good ten feet from the water before turning away from the water. At Bianca's words she nods and says, "It's bad magic, then. I concur though. It's coming from the keep." The glowing coin has her looking at it and then up at the legate with one raised brow.

Lucita nods to Violet. "Good." She tries to put it from mind and simply murmurs. "When or if I can be of help, let me know. My skills are limited to small weapons and when lucky, singing, but that is unreliable, unpredictable."

Once her necklaces were tucked safely away, Bianca offered Violet a minor shake of her head as if to say 'another time' in regards to her lifted brow. "The Faith will be happy to help in seeing to the family as well," she confirmed, moving up the dock to land as gaze lifted toward the Keep beyond. Bow was sheathed and she turned to assess injury (or leeches) on those that remained.

Harlex draws on his helm but keeps the top-jaw raised for the moment. He looks to Rosalie, her escort, and he signals a pair of spearmen to join him. "We'll be nearby, signal if you get trouble." He says, /very/ seriously to the RedTyde girl. Very pointedly, too. "Don't be foolish."

Nodding to Violet first, then to Harlex, Rosalie smiles at the latter. "I promise I won't pick a fight without you there to kill whatever it is." Which is not exactly the right promise, but she's already nodding to the other scout and melting off into the bogland to scout up ahead without taking the road more travelled.

As tensions become a little less with everyone out of the water, Violet slides the arrow away. Yet her bow stays over one shoulder. As the men are assessed and Rosalie and her guards move away she says, "Don't go inside. Just scout the permimeter." Taking a canteen from her hip she takes a swallow and lets out a relieved sort of sigh after. "Someday we'll all learn to control these things better, eh?" A faint smile is shared with the Baroness before putting the canteen away.

Lucita says, "I have whiskey if you need it for cleaning any , and a pouch of herbs for pain, and a bit of trail rations and water if needed. They are in my pack. I'm not a healer but sometimes those things come in useful."

Bianca gets Bottle of Blancbier Healing Salve from Messenger Bag.

Bianca gets a swatch of sail clothe is embroidered with Mangata's wave from Messenger Bag.

Harlex moves in after Rosalie vanishes and he and his two comrades post up on the farther outskirts, only to observe the observers observing. He stands up right, tall, there's a bit of tension in the grip of his longsword. Those claws flexing against the shagreen handle. He looks very concerned.

"Those things are quite handy. I've much the same. Only smart, especially in a bog," Violet says with a nod to the baroness. Licking her lips she turns to examine the keep. As she does her expression changes subtley, the frown returning.

Bianca confirmed toward Lucita. "They most definitely do, Baroness. Thank you for the forethought." She echoed Violet's words, though the Commandant's douring expression has her turning gaze in follow. Brows lifting in unison.

Just as Harlex is starting to look very concerned, Rosalie appears out of the swampy foliage next to him, whispering, "Hi. Everything okay? You look a little stressed." She smiles and nduges him lightly, nodding back, "Lets get back to the others." Then she's off, along with her scouting buddy, back to the others! When they reach the group, Rosalie looks betwen Bianca and Violet as she states, "Okay, so the good news is there aren't any obvious enemies in the area. Some clothing remnants, but nothing living." Pausing, Rosalie sighs, "The other hand is that there's a summoning circle in the outpost. Definitely associated with the Gyre, but it was failed. Something broke the circle. In the middle there's a pool of black water, something churning inside. Might have been an altar at some point."

Lucita has an expression like the whiskey might be more welcome internally than externally on hearing the report. She looks into her pack and extracts something within, handing it over to Bianca. "I have just one of these left, if you think it will be of use here. I... brought it along just in case though you may be able to bless or make your own, I don't know."

Lucita gets half-sized bottle of water marked with Mangata's initial from a subtly textured sturdy yet lightweight trail pack.

Violet turns to look at Rosalie as soon as she appears. The casual gait means she retains her alert stance. As the information is laid out she looks very briefly annoyed. But she doesn't speak of it, the expression clearing quickly. "This may require an actual cleansing ritual..." She says worriedly. "But I'm wondering what that sound is. And if it could have failed and left something behind beyond that water...All right, we'll move in a diamond formation towards the fort then. Bianca and I should definitely get a look at the pool. Maybe between the three of us we can affect at least a temporary solution," She glances at Lucita, including her in on things.

Harlex isn't quite startled by her appearance but he does wrinkle his nose and he chews on a thought unexpressed until at last he grins, small, and says, "Everythin is just fine." And he and his men then follow her back to the others, but they maintain their vigilance. Even in that brief moment, he doesn't let his guard down. Something is not quite right.

Bianca murmured a short blessing over the bottle, offering it back to Lucita with a short nod after the prayer to Mangata. "I have faith the Azure Queen is with us." She offered with soft smile to Lucita. She nodded to Violet, moving to follow her lead, her guard fanning into a triangle about her.

Bianca puts a swatch of sail clothe is embroidered with Mangata's wave in Messenger Bag.

Bianca puts Bottle of Blancbier Healing Salve in Messenger Bag.

Bianca gets Vial of Holy Water of Mangata from Messenger Bag.

Thorley has rolled 1 4-sided dice: 4

While the group is conversing and making plans, something moves in the water. Rising out of the water where the dock pikemen were, the creature makes it's presence known. A massive salt-water crocodile makes it's presence known as it appears on the flank of where Bianca was preparing and the creature makes a sudden lunge to try to bite at the woman!

Thorley GM Roll checked strength(4) + athletics(2) at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Snap. Sparks. The helmet is shut with the pull of the small, hidden cord. Harlex lowers and darts forward faster than his fellow spearmen can keep up--he's rushing right toward the Legate to shove her clear to the ground. If he can reach her before her Templar guards do. Or, as it seems, that dire crocodile. The sellsword never did know when to assess a situation. In any case, he's making his way there!

Bianca checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 26, rolling 21 lower.

Thorley has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 4

4 inflicted and Bianca is unharmed.

Harlex checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 34 higher.

Thorley GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(2) at difficulty 49, rolling 4 lower.

Lucita checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Thorley GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(2) at difficulty 40, rolling 9 lower.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 39 higher.

Thorley GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(2) at difficulty 54, rolling 29 lower.

Violet whirls as the sound of the water behind can be heard. Despite the swell of her belly she turns smoothely and fires at the large beast. Though her eyes narrow slightly she otherwise is quite calm. The arrow is loosed and another is already being drawn by the time the first hits.

Lucita gasps but loses no time. Her lessons come in handy and her dagger slashes out aimed to puncture and destroy an eye of the croc. The icky fluid squirts out and coats the blade and drips down along the jaw as she hopes that hurt enough it does not have time to close the jaws in too hard a bite on Bianca. "If it can't see well, it can't attack as well! I hope... I pray."

It was of course Sir Alren quick on the uptake and spotting the opening maw of the dire creature as it breached the surface and made attempt at a meal of the Legate. Granted, like Harlex's plan he was not so gentle and send the sylph-like woman soaring aside and out of the way of the others quick to defend and MURDER the creature. Bianca tumbled unceremoniously, scuffed but not too injured though her armor bore deep scratches of a nearly lost leg. And then she got sprayed with bloody goo! Not a great night for the holy woman.

There is a sound that comes from behind the muffled, wolf-shaped visage. Like an otherworldly beast he jumps onto the back of the crocodile, a whirling dervish of that black-pelt cloak, with the plunging relentless hate of his diamondplated sword. He is the opposite of calm, on appearance. But it's already clear that whatever kind of darkness lurked in Harlex, he had control enough of it--and he knew just who to turn that violent impulse against. At present that was a giant crocodile whom he attacked with his signature fervor.

If there was time in the fray Violet would give the Baroness an encouraging nod. "Legate, are you all right?" She asks, her voice a little louder over the shouting. But still calm as she draws and shoots again. The previous arrow had sunk deep into the thing's neck.

The crocodile's eye is plunged into and the massive creature roars and thrashes. It's maw snaps out, trying to grab a hold of the Baroness and shake her violently. Violet's second arrow strikes hard and true in the thick hide of the creatures neck, injuring the flesh. But the creature continues to thrash, it's tail whipping at Bianca while it tries to shake Harlex loose from it, it's hisses and growls rising as blood drips from it's numerous wounds.

Thorley GM Roll checked strength(4) + athletics(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Thorley GM Roll checked strength(4) + athletics(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Thorley GM Roll checked strength(4) + athletics(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Bianca checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 22, rolling 13 lower.

Thorley has rolled 4 20-sided dice: 1, 1, 4, 18

Harlex checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 37, rolling 15 higher.

24 inflicted and Bianca is harmed for minor damage.

Lucita checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 41, rolling 10 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Harlex checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Lucita has rolled a critical success!
Lucita checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 65 higher.

Harlex checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

"Alive and without p--OOF!" Bianca called in reply once she'd managed to find her bearings and rise only to take a massive armored tail to the gut. This sent her reeling back again this time a good few feet. She impacted the ground with a pained grunt, this time rolling a bit end over end until skidding to a halt.

Thorley GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(2) at difficulty 72, rolling 28 lower.

Thorley GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(2) at difficulty 80, rolling 37 lower.

Thorley GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(2) at difficulty 54, rolling 13 lower.

As Bianca is attacked again, Violet is moving. Changing her angle with only the faintest twitch of her upper lips. "Shot," She warns the legate as she takes a more careful aim. This time the arrow sinks into the crocs other eye. As the beast seems to fall she moves closer to the legate, "Are you all right, Legate?" She is ready to shoot again...just in case. Those waters are murky and now there is blood in the air.

Lucita eyes that croc thrashing and turns pale at the sight of the teety as the jaws open and try to snap at her. She twists and leaps to the side and with a loud YELL, and boy can singers achieve some volume and project their voice! She aims for the same eye she hit before, driving the blade through the thinner skull and the gap for the eye nerves that are behind the squished eyeball and into the brain behind it. The dagger blade sticks, she is not the strongest and she has to wiggle it and yank to get it out. That likely had the unknowing and unplanned result of doing more damage.

He certainly is up there isn't he? Unshaken from the beast's back, Harlex keeps his sword firmly wedged into its scales as it thrashes about. He presses down, the sharp diamond blade cutting deep, before he's kneeling on its spine and leaping off the side to run his blade against the hide; slicing it. By the time he lands, Lucita has absolutely brained the creature dead. Masterfully. He lifts up his helm's wicked visor and his eyes dart to the Legate whom he runs over to attend. "Bianca," he says with a concern that isn't so steely or grim.

As the word 'shot' reached her ears, she didn't bother standing, remaining low and heaving her way further away on her elbows as her guard attempted to place themselves between her and the crocodile. Thankfully for them and all else, Lucita, Violet and Harlex made quick work of the beast. When Violet neared her side, she nodded and in turn accepted Harlex's aid to her feet. "I'm alright. What of Lucita. She was near it as well, last I saw.." And she was glancing over her shoulder in search of the woman.

The crocodile thrashes and tries one last time to turn towards Lucita - but between the arrow in the eye and the braining by Lucita, it hisses and then collapses, the over three meter long creature breathing it's last. Did you know that crocodile tastes kinda like chicken? Not that it matters at the moment - there is that keep off in the distance, and the news that Rosalie brought.

But that investigation will come at another time...

Thorley is overheard praising Lucita: The Croc Hunter!

Thorley is overheard praising Violet: The Croc Shooter!

Thorley is overheard praising Rosalie: The Sneaky scout!

Thorley is overheard praising Harlex: The Croc Rider!

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