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3rd Annual Compact Crew Race

@cal/desc Gather out on the water and get your fealty teams together, it's time for the 3rd annual compact crew race! Where teams of four represent the fealty's of the compact. Faith! Grayson! Velenosa! Thrax! Crown! Valardin! Make sure to have your teams ready, lets see if someone can get the trophy out of Grayson finally. ooc: Rules can be found here. Same as last time! ooc:


Sept. 8, 2018, 2 p.m.

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Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Coraline.

Vald, an adorable spotted lynx kitten, Jacinthe leave, following Sina.

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