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Impromptu Getting Drunk

We're getting drunk at the casino. You can too.


June 10, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

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Paige(RIP) Tessa(RIP) Theo



Arx - Upper Boroughs - Crossroads Casino - Main Room

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

2 House Velenosa Guards, Renault, the mustachioed Lycene arrive, following Theo.

Booze everywhere. A huge liquor cabinet is front and center. It is stocked full of booze and a giant sign that says "HELP YOURSELF". Somewhere near there, Duarte is inverted on the couch, his head just inches above the floor and a bottle of bourbon nearby.

Theo strides into the Casino, a look of supreme annoyance on his face. The liquor cabinet draws his attention first, followed shortly aftewards by the Count. Theo arches a brow, but crouches down to select a bottle of brandy nonetheless. "Count Duarte," he says, rising up.

"Your heightness!" Duarte says with a wave. The motion of his hand being just enough to slide him off the couch unexpectantly and toppling his feet over his head. He scrambles up! And brushes at his shirt - nevermind the knocked over bottle of bourbon. "Hello!"

Theo passes the brandy off to his servant, who quickly finds a corkscrew to open the bottle. He finds and fills a glass, then passes it off to the Prince, who is currently smiling at Duarte. "You look as though you're having a good time, Count Duarte."

Quill, the grunty little porcupine arrives, following Paige.

"Oh I am!" Duarte says as he misses placing a hand on the liquor cabinet and stumbles over a few steps. He spins and brings that palm up to brush through his hair - so smooth.

Theo stands before a staggering Count Duarte, nursing a glass of brandy as he watches him with an arched brow. "Do you need some help back onto the couch, my friend? I would hate to see you hurt yourself." There's something about that faint smirk on his lips that suggests his words might not have been entirely truthful.

Paige strolls on into the casino, the first time she's actually been here! Looking around, she lets out a low whistle and nods at the surroundings, moving forward. "Hello? I heard there was some sort of drinking going on tonight. Where is everyone?"

"Everyone is everywhere!" Duarte says in a very sage announcement full of propriety. He waves off Theo and takes a couple of confident, yet staggering, steps to the couch, turns, and collapses on it.

"My dear, I'm right here." Theo's voice is honeyed silk as he looks up from the Count and lifts his glass in the new arrival's direction. "I was just marvelling here at Count Duarte's ability to hold his liquour." He looks back to the Count, smiling. It's a very thin smile.

Lifting a brow at the Count's appearance and collapse onto a couch, she looks to Theo instead and cants her head. "Are you sure he's holding it? Looks like he's going to lose it soon..." Paige shrugs and steps forward with an easygoing smile, "Paige Fieldstone. And you are.... hmm. The clothes suggest minor nobility... but the sword..." She sweeps into a bow, "Your Highness."

"It hasn't gone anywhere yet." Duarte calls up from on the couch.

Theo checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

"Oh, but you don't know how much he's drank, Miss Fieldstone." He runs his hand over his linens, brows arching slightly. The smile does not leave his face. "Not every occassion calls for foppery." His tone is friendly enough, though these is a certain ice to it. "Prince Theo Velenosa, my dear. Charmed."

"Yet being the operative word, my lord?" Paige calls back with a grin. Looking back to Theo, she shrugs and smiles, "You would think so... but then I just ran into a noblewoman wearing seasilk in the forest while climbing trees and spying on people." Laughing lightly, she shakes her head, "You're not charmed and you needn't put on a show for me. I'm nobody that needs to be impressed, just a commoner under fealty to a County." Moving to the liquor cabinet, she peers inside, "Someone likes the Corsetinas..." And then she plucks out the bottle of bourbon, grabbing a glass and looking for somewhere to settle in.

"Are you going to drink that or fondle it like a tit?" Duarte asks with half-lidded yet studious eyes on the prince. "And get the Flinstone a drink!" He hiccups.

Theo settles down on a couch across from Duarte, the Prince leaning back languidly as he draws his glass up for another sip. "I am quite fond of fondling, and of tits, Count Duarte, thank you very much. Besides, I have a meeting later I'd prefer to be..." He trails off, looking at the Count with a hint of distaste in the way he curls his lips. "... well, able to walk to it."

"As the sole tit-bearer in the room, I feel I should warn you both that I'm training with Dame Ida Ferron..." Paige offers with a glance between the men before finding her own seat and uncorking the bottle. "That's okay, Count, I got myself a drink. And its Fieldstone. Or Paige." She pauses, sighs, "Or 'Hair'. For some reason that became a thing."

Duarte lifts his chin and says, "ooooohh....." as if what Theo shared was deeply profound and brought upon him a sense of understanding. He looks to Paige and motions, "Yes! Both of you! Feel free to drink the tits and booze the bears." He slumps down into the couch further, a pleasant smile plastered across his face. "Ready for winter?"

Theo glances over to Paige with a faint smile. "Worry not on my count, Miss Fieldstone. There is but one lady that draws my attentions these days." He glances over to Duarte. "And I think you can handle this one." He takes another small drink. "If by 'ready', Count Duarte, you mean 'considering returning Lenosia until Spring', then yes."

"I'm an Oathlander, my lord. I'm always ready for winter." Paige responds evenly to Duarte, pouring a few fingers of bourbon into the glass, then corking it again. Lifting it, she smiles to Theo and nods, "Good. Its good to have someone." And drink.

"Oaflander! Valardium!" Duarte cheers with a raise of his bottle.

"... indeed, Count Duarte." Theo offers Paige an apologetic look as he draws himself up from the couch, placing his brandy down on a nearby table. "Alas, I fear I must begin that walk if I'm going to get to my meeting on time."

"Its quite alright, Your Highness. I won't be long myself... the Lowers isn't a great place to be caught these nights. But I couldn't resist at least one free drink," Paige offers with a smile and a lift of her glass to Theo. Looking to Duarte, she just chuckles and shakes her head, "Keatons, actually. The Valardins are much higher up the chain."

2 House Velenosa Guards, Renault, the mustachioed Lycene leave, following Theo.

"Nooooooooooooo....... They are..." Duarte blinks. He shakes his head. "What?" He looks around and sees Tessa, "MOORE IS MORE!" He lifts both arms, one holding a bottle in to the air. He is slumped on the couch and looks like he's been making merry for some time now.

Duarte also sage nods " We are in the uppers! No bloodsnifters here!"

Tessa arrives, free of puppies for this evening. She smiles BRIGHTLY hearing Duarte's yell and bounces that way. "It IS more. I heard there was drinking. Are we celebrating something particular?"

Receiving a messenger, Paige opens it, frowns, then sighs. Standing, she leaves the glass untouched on the table and offers Tessa an apologetic smile, "I'm afraid I must leave you with the Count, Lady Tessa. I have an.. issue to deal with." Not one she looks happy about either.

Quill, the grunty little porcupine leaves, following Paige.

Duarte pfffts as Paige leaves. "I don't think Mistress Flinstone really had to leave." he shout-whispers with an open palm beside his mouth and a wink for Tessa. "We are celebrating....." he blinks. "The discovery of the mummdirehhak..." the last word or words intentionally muffled because cleary he has no clue.

Tessa watches Paige and the prince depart and then flops down beside Duarte and reaches for the bottle, "Oh maybe she thinks that you and I should spend time alone." She rolls her eyes with a giggle and drinks what ever he's drinking. "TO the mumdirehhak!"

Duarte frowns and gives a bit of resistence to the bourbon being taken from his hand but ultimately relents. "Alone? I don't know if we can drink all that by ourselves." He gazes over to the large liquor cabinet.

Tessa looks over the cabinate before she takes another swig from the bourbon before she offers it back to him. "I accept your challenge." She winks and eyes him. "All of that.... well I don't have to be any where tomorrow."

"No you can't do it!" Duarte laughs, turning to reach over and snatch the bourbon away. He takes a swif.

Tessa wriggles her toes, kicking off her slippers and pulls her feet up on the couch. "So really, what are we getting drunk about, good things or bad things?"

Duarte gazes over to Tessa and narrows his eyes. "Wouldn't YOU like to know...." he presses the bottle to the side of his mouth and takes a side swig, then grins and thrusts the booze forward.

Tessa turns to plant her back against the arm of the couch and stretches her foot out to poke his thigh. "I would, that's why I asked." Her mouth pulls up at the corner.

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