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Bard's College Fundraiser

This event is a fundraiser for the forming organization for singers and musicians, the Bard's College. All are welcome, as one goal of this event is to raise awareness for the College and hopefully draw new members. Expect a performance or two!


June 6, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Gianna Lucita Sabella


Ryhalt Coraline Luis Itzal Waldemai Ariella Arik Porter Karadoc Quenia Barric(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Music Chamber

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Comments and Log

2 Grayson Guardsmen, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Behold, the Bard's College Fundraiser, courtesy of Baroness Lucita Saik, Princess Sabella Grayson, and Gianna... Whisper? Gianna is making the rounds, a glass of wine in her hand, smiling and greeting people as they filter in.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering arrive, following Coraline.

Barric has been present for some time, lounging out of the way so that things can be done and put into their proper place for the fundraiser. When it comes time for guests to start arriving and the like Barric makes his way over towards Lucita and smiles down at the Baroness. He straightens and then offers first a glass of wine to the woman, and then his arm, so that he can be the arm candy his friend requires.

Lucita is standing near the entry, a smile on her lips and trying to make each person feel welcome as they arrive. "Mead is what I found, Master Waldemai, the twins started with a fussy spell so I wound up running out of time to order it. I hope the mead will do as a substitute!" She gives a curtsy on spotting the Princesses arrive and gives a warm greeting.

Itzal does not sneak in, does not appear from whatever shadow might be found within. No, the man walks in, smiling from ear to ear, his black coat clean and decorated with the golden symbol of the Bard's College, and his lute strapped to his back. "What a day to be alive!" he exclaims happily. "Hello, apprentice Whisper Gianna! You are a sight to rob all others! But I beseech you, please leave my eyes alone." he bows with a far too elaborate bow, clearly having great fun doing so. "And Baroness Lucita, hello!" he waves towards Lucita.

Cora makes her way in looking about for a good out of the way place to settle. She waves to those she knows, smiling in particular at a few before finding a good spot.

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Waldemai samples from his cup and lifts it to Lady Lucita. "It's excellent, very smooth. Is it also from the Saik wineries?"

Besides admiring everything in the room, which she is doing since she's never been here, Sabella is smiling at everyone that enters and she absolutely beams at Itzal when he comes in, "Master Itzal! It looks like I've found you! Not in the stacks, but we'll have to try that next time. And Princess Coraline, I swear I just saw you a few moments ago!" She grins at the other Princess.

The Duke of Westrock Reach, Ryhalt Farshaw is present, greeting people he knows and with his charming smile in place. He does not seem to be focusing upon any one person or such as he wanders about, looking for a good place to observe what is about to happen.

Serrano, doughty Quartermaster of the Red Bargain arrives, following Ariella.

Gianna inclines her head to Barric as she passes him and Lucita. Itzal is given a faint smile. "I'll leave your eyes where they are, I assure you." She inclines her head to Coraline as well, still moving through the growing crowd.

Dressed in a an exquisite winter white and blue silk gown and wearing an elegant pair of steel hairpins tipped with pale aquamarine snowflakes in neatly coifed hair, Marquessa Quenia Igniseri makes her way into the music chamber of Saik tower. Her dark-eyed gaze immediately seeks out her cousin, and then fall satisfyingly on Lucita. A warm smile comes to her lips as she walks over to the Saik Baroness, and when a moment presents itself, she assaults each of Lucita's cheeks with a delicate kiss in greeting. "Cousin," she says warmly.

Grinning Sabella's way Cora nods, "Oh I am had the exact same feeling, how very odd." Gianna gets a wave and a smile at the silent greeting.

Lucita shakes her head in reply to Waldemai, "Just some Lord Karadoc found in Mistress Petal's I think, he said it was good though. She sees some of her family arriving and gives Quenia a big hug. "You got here! I am so glad you came. And Love the dress, it is beautiful."

"Only because I wished to be found! Really, if people expect me to be invisible all the time, then clearly I've made the wrong career choice." Itzal answers happily to Sabella, grinning at the princess. "Thank you, dear soon-to-be-a-Whisper!" Another bow is offered to Gianna, before he starts wandering all over the place. It is highly doubtful the man can stand still in one place for too long.

"Well that sounds like entirely less fun than I would have hoped Whisper Gianna," Barric tells her with a soft chuckle, "I would have hoped them to be nearly walking out of my head in desire to see everything." He nods politely to Waldemai, and Ryhalt, and Quenia, the Grayson Prince having a brief but quiet conversation with Lucita before he nods, "If you will excuse me." He asks of both Quenia and Lucita before he offers a bow to both, "It is a beautiful dress." He opines and then slips away over towards Sabella and Coraline, "Cousin." He says with a smile at Sabella, "Always a pleasure, I am glad you could make it." And then he is bowing towards Coraline, "Princess Thrax, it has been to long."

Gianna offers a faint smile to Waldemai as she passes him by. She raises her glass in salute to Sabella; a nod for Ryhalt, and another for Quenia. "I'm less concerned with eyes than ears," Gianna tells Barric, since she's near there again.

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Lucita nods to Itzal. "Good to have you here. We added a few things over the last few months. It's almost done now." She gestures to the room. "Finally it is getting some use and being shared with others!" A smile of greeting to Ryhalt is given.

Quenia smiles again at Lucita. "Indeed, I made it. I decided it just would not do for me to miss an event my very own protege was hosting. Much less, my cousin." She winks in Lucita's direction, then turns to look around the room. "You've outdone yourself." She nods after Barric absently as he moves away, then grins as she spies Ariella. "And speaking of cousins, it seems your sister has arrived too."

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Barric has joined the a forest green bocade couch.

Sabella looks at Barric with some amusement, "Of course I was going to make it, I'm co-hostess! Co-co-hostess?" She tries, then laughs, "I wasn't going to miss my own party! But it is good to see you and I am glad that you were able to come. You as well, Princess Coraline." She watches Itzal for a moment or two as if to make sure he won't vanish into thin air, then nods with a smile to Gianna as she turns to wave to some others who have arrived.

Coral, a dour formal thrall arrives, following Karadoc.

Dressed in a completely bananas set of form fitting black leathers decorated with flames and phoenixes in the most gauche way imaginable, Captain Ariella Igniseri walks in Marquessa Quenia Igniseri's wake, stepping lightly so as to not actually attract her cousin's attention. Then once in the room she walks around Quenia, waits for her to be finished greeting Lucita and then, oh, spotted, "Hello, cousin!" She still zips over to give Lucita a quick hug, "Lucy!" Then she's looking around the room. "You've done a lot with the space, Lucy. It's very you."

"I see! I really do need to come by more often than I have." Itzal remarks to Lucita as he comes by to stand close to the Baroness. He nods and smiles, before looking around anew, watching the people arrive, quite happy with the turnout.

Eyes going to Barric, Cora grins, "Wasn't it only the other day? Not that it isn't always a pleasure to see you Prince Barric. Although my company is truly a wonderful thing, I can see why one might count the seconds until seeing me again." Amusement underlay her voice as she says this, clearly it is not her real opinion.

Clad in shimmering gold, Gianna inclines her head toward Ariella. She glances toward the entrance, lips pursing together for a moment.

Slinking in from the upstairs rooms and into the music chamber, Karadoc almost looks surprised to notice that there is a fund-raising event going on that he -- he squints, trying to recall -- no, no. He remembers. He offers a deep bow to the others in the room with a flourish, "Good evening." Afterward, he sources himself a glass of wine and a place to settle.

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Lucita gives her twin a big hug and takes her by the arm to spin her around. "Oh, so this is what you finally had made, It is certainly you, Rella!" She teases her twin a bit. "You know everyone here? If you don't, just introduce yourself around, we're being rather casual tonight!"

"Stranger things have happened to be sure." Barric tells Sabella with an amused chuckle and a wry smile before he nods towards her, "Go Co-Co-Host then Cousin, I hope it is very successful." Smiling towards Coraline he asks, "Doesn't everyone?" Sounding surprised, "Counting seconds is the only way to make the time pass at all until those next blessed moments." He smiles playfully at Coraline before he moves to find a place to sit down and relax. On his way to the sofa of choice he offers a friendly wave towards Ariella and Karadoc.

Gianna, dressed in gold with her gold treble clef pin prominently displayed, steps to the front, the skirt of her gown swishing, and pings a fork against her glass of wine to get attention before setting the drink down. "Welcome, all, to the first fundraiser for the newly-formed Bard's College," she calls out, her voice cutting through conversation and the general din. "My name is Gianna, and I am head of the new College. I'd like to thank Baroness Lucita Saik for providing us with this beautiful space tonight. The Baroness has been generous with her support as I have worked to found this organization. Let's applaud her for this lovely evening." Gianna raises her hands to begin the applause, inclining her head in Lucita's direction. "If the Baroness would care to say a few words?"

Quenia steps out of the way so Ariella can properly greet her sister, and wanders over to the green couch and takes a seat. "I'm not sure how long I can stay, Lucita. But, I'm here for now," she calls after her cousin as she settles herself down and smoothes out her clothing.

Ariella is overheard praising Gianna for: Bard host!

Porter is as unobtrusive as someone his height and build can possibly be, having come in just as Gianna makes her introduction. His applause, however, is quite loud.

A grin goes to Sabella, "I couldn't miss it after you told me about it." Barric gets a shaken head and an amused look, "I dunno if I would call them blessed but moments they certainly are." She settles near Barric and turns her attention to Gianna and the speeches begun.

Waldemai applauds for Lady Lucita, as directed, not that he needed much prompting. "Terrific layout, my lady," he calls, hoisting his mead.

Sabella applauds for Lucita with a huge smile, giving a wave to Ariella when she sees her and beaming at the people gathered.

Lucita says, "Welcome everyone to Saik tower. As you can tell I love music, it is my passion, and my husband Estaban had this area built for me. Lord Karadoc will tell you he had it made so the rest of the family could get a good night's sleep with I was up all hours composing a song or practicing. Please help yourselves to the refreshments as the servants circulate with them, and enjoy the evening." She smiles and gestures toward Sabella. "Have you anything to add before Mistress Gianna takes back over?"

Ariella gives Lucita a nod and takes a step to the side. She calls out a greeting to Karadoc, "Oi, Karadoc!" Then looks around the rest of the room. "Princess Sabella has been following me around all week. She seems to be quite the fan of my ship." Barric gets a return wave. "I don't know who that is, but he always says hello, so he's polite." Porter also gets a wave when he enters, but when she sees Itzal she says to Lucy, "Ah, I see someone very pretty. You go make your speech. I'm going to go, y'know, whatever."

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Sabella waves a hand at Lucita with a grin, "I'll let Mistress Gianna say her piece before I decide to talk everyone's ear off about what a great idea this is!" She replies smoothly, with a look to Gianna.

"Ariella, honestly, you're clothes are speaking louder than your greeting to me," Karadoc drawls as he swirls the contents of his wineglass idly. He offers Barric a casual upnod, a crooked grin, before he turns that back onto Ariella -- and the rest of the room, nodding sagely. "It's true. Otherwise, she would have kept the household up with her wonderful music."

Gianna purses her lips for a moment, but her expression eases almost immediately after. "Thank you, Princess Sabella." She calls out, "It is my pleasure to promote music, song, and storytelling with this new organization. Music unites us; it is an incredible thing we all have in common. One need not know the words to a song to think it beautiful; a song need not even have words to stir emotion. Music speaks to the soul; it uplifts us, it is both solace and redemption. Music has power. Music has its own magic." She arches a brow and stage-asides to Sabella, "Go ahead and talk their ears off now, if you like."

At the mention of Ariella's name, Itzal's gaze turns to the lady, and he smiles. "Aha, I recall your name from the Whites, milady. A pleasure to meet you. Itzal Culler, bard, at your service. Apologies in advance if you end up rhyming for the rest of the night, I assure you it is quite unintended." he says cheerfully. Yet his attention is split, paying honest attention to the speeches being made by his fellow bards and musical enthusiasts.

Quenia grins over at Karadoc as she accepts a glass of Saiklands wine from a servant. Is it allowed for an Igniseri to drink Saik wine? Very likely! "It's a tradition for people in our family to have some sort of phoenix made something or another. Prince Aurelian has commissioned no less than two dresses all dressing me in imagined finery. One is to be used as my wedding dress." She lifts a glass in a toast over at Karadoc, and then for a moment there's a sadness that touches her eyes before it disappears.

" I promise I won't hold up the festivities for too long," Sabella says with a laugh, beaming at the room, " Thank you everyone for coming! You cannot know how it delighted I am to see so many turn out for this worthwhile endeavor of Mistress Gianna's. From my earliest memory I can remember singing and dancing and acting up a storm back in Bastion and I am absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to support members of our community here in Arx who want to come and learn from the truly inspirational group that Mistress Gianna has managed to assemble. I cannot stress how important it is, in these times when we sometimes do not know what tomorrow might bring, that we all take moments out of our day to indulge in the arts! A song can bring us to tears or conjure happy memories, move us through emotions that we had bottled away and forgotten. A well told story, enacted by a master storyteller or mummer can help us to experience scenarios we never imaged we could be a part of?a captain on the high seas or a knight facing down her fiendish foe on the battlefield! All from the comfort of the house seats. Your support and donations will help the Bard's College inspire and train generations of new entertainers to help keep the spirits of the people of Arx high for the next several decades! Thank you for your interest and please enjoy the brilliant lineup of musical performances that Mistress Gianna has planned for you!"

Waldemai knew that was coming and he has a pouch of silver coins. "It's not what some of these nobles can afford, but it's what I have," he says and sends it over.

Porter puts book in a frogged broad black leather belt.

Porter puts Gentleman's beard and mustache pomeade in a frogged broad black leather belt.

Gianna diligently applauds, her chin raised as she casts her gaze about the room. She seems content to lead in clapping for the moment.

Porter applauds once again and slips in further to take refreshment as the opening ceremonies continues. Such passion and praise for song and dance brings a smile to his big bearded face.

Cora appluads both Gianna and Sabella at the appropriate moments

Quenia quirks a brow ever so slightly when Gianna mentions that music has magic, and then looks over at Lucita. She rises from her seat and perhaps stands a bit closer to her cousin; a touch protectively, perhaps. She leans in to whisper something to Lucita.

Gianna claps her hands for attention, and if that doesn't work, then her voice ringing out certainly does. "It is my pleasure to introduce one of the College's esteemed members, Itzal Culler. He is going to perform a song for us now. Master Culler, if you will?"

Karadoc offers the same slanted, too-clever grin at Quenia as she explains their Igniseri family custom. Lifting his glass to mirror the toast, he pauses, then he drinks up.

Itzal checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Waldemai signals for some more mead.

Bottles clank and rattle in the refreshment center as Porter lifts bottle after bottle until he finds a dark red wine. "Well, what have we here?" Porter has made himself quite at home, and generously fills a glass. This, he lifts in a salute to Master Culler in advance of his performance. More concert than party, he finds a place on a comfortable green couch and occupies more than his fair share of the furniture.

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Sabella moves over to sit on the edge of the couch by Porter, "This should be a real treat, he's amazing," she confides to those seated there. And also nearby. She's not very quiet about it.

Sabella has joined the a sage green brocade couch.

Thus called, the bard takes his leave of his current company and steps over to perform, lute in hand. Itzal looks over the assembled guests, strumming the strings of his lute idly before he truly begins to play. The music, though undeniably beautiful, is sad, heralding a rather different song from what the bard's previous happiness might have implied. Indeed, as he begins to sing, his features change. From the easy smile, his face grows somber, his gaze serious as he looks anew upon the gathered crowd.

"Lilah Shay was a Metallic.

Of her the bards still sadly sing,

Champion of a realm fair and free,

Between the winter and the sea."

It is not mere sadness, but a lament, a longing for the hero that was, peerless even among the legends of the Metallics.

"Aglow but one of many names.

Yet all saw her faith burn like flames,

Its warmth a shield for the bereft,

The rallying call of the blessed.

Her sword was long, her lance was keen.

Her slaying of Galrigor seen,

By all those beneath heaven's field,

Protected by bright Silver's shield."

And there, the Bard's voice darkens, a growing darkness threatening to devour the heroic vision his words inspired moments before.

"But long ago she flew away,

And where she dwells now none can say,

For into darkness fell her star,

In Eurus where the shadows are."

And so ends Silver's Lament, with the full weight of the hero's fall, the last notes lingering, before fading completely in the silence that follows. Itzal himself does not smile again, even with the end of his performance, instead looking once more upon those gathered here tonight.

"There can be no joy without sadness, and it is a bard's calling and duty to keep both alive. Do not let grief and despair overwhelm you, but do not ignore their existence. Every tale has its share of sorrow, be it in its beginnings, its middle, or its end." He smiles softly and adds, his tenor voice bearing the same quality, "I leave it now to my fellows to raise your spirits anew, and show you the full breadth of song and music." And with that, the young man returns back to the crowd.

Waldemai lifts his fresh mug toward the bard. "A sad story, but well told, well told!"

Gianna takes up her glass of wine to listen, since Itzal's performance allows her some time to not be speaking. She has a long sip, watching the other bard over the rim of her glass. As the song goes on, Gianna sways gently, moved by the music. A pleased look settles over her features, her smile slightly sharp.

Barric claps after the performance as he rests at the sofa he's claimed for Grayson, and himself apparently. He nods towards Lucita and then donates a bag of silver of his own to the college. Settling in comfortably to await the rest of the performances he acquires himself a glass of wine and lounges in relative silence.

Porter applauds the song as it comes to its end, soul full of the lament and taking its toll upon his face.

Lucita listens to Itzal singing and claps for him. "That is another one I had not heard. You have quite a range of music to share, Master Itzal!"

Gianna puts her wine glass down to applaud Itzal once the song is over. "Well done!" she calls. She places two fingers to her mouth and wolf whistles, because even if you're wearing a golden gown, you can still whistle if you like.

Arik is led in by a servant and rather commoner looking Halfshav Sword snags a drink from a passing servant. Looks like a tankard of mead.

Quenia seems satisfied with Lucita's answer, then steps back a bit so it doesn't seem like she's being too over protective of her cousin. She wiggles fingers in Porter's direction, recognizing the Kennex cousin of Wash's, and brother of Ian's, then looks over to Itzal as he starts his performance. She listens intently, then claps politely when he is done.

Sabella puts a hand to her chest and her eyes are suddenly very bright, but she smiles and applauds loudly at the end of the song, "Masterfully done!" She calls out, smiling brightly at Itzal.

Sabella is overheard praising Itzal for: A masterful performance, as always!

Lucita says, "Mistress Gianna, you have shown how bards can share, music is improtant to so many. Master Waldemai, I know you do not sing but would you like to clap rhythm and speak the Smith's lines for the Song of the Forge Duet?" She springs a surprise on the skillful armorsmith quietly drinking mead at the cluster of tables."

Gianna is overheard praising Itzal for: A wonderfully performed song. A true talent. We are honoured to have him in the Bard's College.

Karadoc applauds, idly, for the bard's masterful set. Although he seems to be drinking with much more enthusiasm.

Porter is overheard praising Itzal for: Quite the masterful lament.

Waldemai looks startled at that. "I still have your scroll on display in my shop, my lady, but you know..." He can't read it. This is common knowledge. "I've got my hammer, though, and I can certainly turn this table into a drum and play along for anyone who'd care to sing it."

Lucita chuckles softly and says. "Just clap will do instead of hammer to the table, please. Master Itzal, can you do the other vocals, we did it together before a few times."

"Of course!" Itzal answers Lucita, chipper once more. He goes back to stand beside her, waiting for her cue to begin.

Arik has joined the tables with comfortable chairs.

Waldemai puts the hammer aside as requested. It's okay. His large hands can make plenty of noise.

Lucita pauses a moment as performers do then says. " This is called audience participation, join in clapping if you wish!" She gives a smile and as Waldemai begins to clap, sings one part of the song she has practiced with Itzal in the past, the two voices alternating.

Gianna looks momentarily horrified when Waldemai takes out his hammer, her eyes widening. She eases when the smith sets the hammer aside. Making her way toward the green brocade couch, she leans down to murmur something to Barric.

Porter joins in with the rhythmic clapping, and big hands make big percussive claps to the beat.

Sabella also starts clapping, laughing as others start getting into it. "See how music brings us together?"

Arik manages to clapping along, has to give up the tankard of mead onto a tabletop to do it though.

Finishing his drink, Karadoc carelessly sets the empty aside and rises to fetch a full bottle from the selection of beverages. He secures one -- brightens a smile -- and offers his condolences to the room as he exits. Stage left. Not pursued by a bear.

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Coral, a dour formal thrall leaves, following Karadoc.

Itzal sings, and is quite cheerful doing so, exhibiting the same skill he showed previously with the lament. The alternate singing comes smoothly, the exchange practiced and eased with experience. He grins through it all, and by the end, bows to Lucita with happy laughter. "A pleasure, as always, dear Baroness."

Gianna exchanges a few words with Barric and straightens up to clap along with the song, her delicate earrings shivering with every clap. When the song finishes, she bursts into applause again.

Porter applauds, which is more of the same clapping but delivered with enthusiasm instead of musically determined restraint.

Barric smiles at Gianna and shares a few quiet words, but claps along with the song as well from where he sits. A small smile touches his face as he listens to the singing though, applauding more enthusiastically when it is done and speaks to Gianna again quietly.

Ryhalt Farshaw offers his own form of acknowledgement of the skillfully crafted peace in the form of applause. The Duke of Westrock seems to have a more calculated look in his rich eyes the go along with his thoughtful expression. It looks as if he is evaluating who is peforming what.

Itzal is overheard praising Lucita for: A pleasure as always!

Waldemai had no trouble keeping time. "It's the rhythm of a smith," he explains. "I have trouble with teh words, but I find myself humming it as I work."

Sabella grins at Porter, "I thought about doing one of the songs about Wash's ship, but if it ever got back to him I wasn't sure what he'd think and I just didn't have time to approach him about it before the event. Do you Kennexes sing on your ships? Or is that not a Thraxian thing?"

Lucita gives a thank you to Waldemai, a refill of his mead, and a clap of the hand on the shoulder. "Thanks for the lead rhythm, you did well, as did all of you. That was fun!" She moves to get a glass of wine and take a seat, nodding to Gianna and Sabella.

Lucita is overheard praising Itzal for: Fine singer!

Lucita is overheard praising Waldemai for: He sets a nice rhythm for one to use in singing.

Cora listens with rapt attention to the performances and applauds as appropriate, true skill should be appreciated!

Gianna inclines her head to Barric, murmuring, "Of course." Then she's raising her voice again. "Thank you, Baroness, Master Itzal, and helpful smith!" That would be Waldemai. "Now that your spirits have been lifted... I'll share with you a final song. When Baroness Saik opened her collection to me, I came across a song written by the late Brother Driskell in his white journal. I sent a messenger to him to ask his permission to add it to my repertoire, and he kindly consented and encouraged me in my endeavour. This was not long before he passed away." Got carried off by bugs? " This is the Prelate's Psalm." Gianna announces.

Quenia takes a moment to applaud those who are participating, and maybe tries to clap along, but her rhythym is just all WRONG. There is no performance fu in this one. Lucita got it all in the family! She glances curiously over at Porter and Sabella when they mention Wash. "How is Wash these days? It's been sometime since I've seen him out at the Golden Hart. Of course, it's been some time since I've gone," she reflects.

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Waldemai ahs. "Driskell. Had a good chat with that fellow just the other day. Sorry to see him gone."

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Gianna before departing.

"We most definitely sing aboard our ships. It helps keep the pace for rowing, when necessary, and it keeps our spirits aloft when doing work," Porter confides in Sabella. "It's a matter of timing as much as it is entertainment. You could do the one about Wash's ship. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. And if he did, I'll tell Aethan to toss him off the roof again." Porter winks playfully.

Sabella pales just a bit at the mention of Driskell, glances away quickly to recompose herself and then smiles at Quenia, "He's busy with the new baby, I suspect! But from everything I'd seen and heard of him says he's well. Always on his ship, though, so I don't quite see him so often. Unfortunately I am not a boat person." Porter gets a laugh, "Maybe next time," she assures him, "Or at the next Kennex pool party."

Gianna, the singer in gold, raises up both arms and begins to sing, her voice powerful and pure. "Great children flew above the skies, true lords without peer or equal; rebelled did they against their fate, twin banner created upheaval; where sun and moon joined together, a third lay purposefully hidden; a covenant broken for power was gained, terrible truth to them was forbidden. Sun and moon crashed and warred, sun in revenge did smite the great children; moon eclipsed the sun and peace was won, skulls danced as they were bidden; a city of jet formed deep down, as moon crashed to the west; a bloody queen whose rage did burn, a choice freed all the rest; sun and moon flew to the north, where winter does not die, and slowly stokes the fire of wrath, as sun plots against former ally." Gianna takes a breath before continuing. The song has several more verses, and she sings it out loud and clear.

Itzal is overheard praising Gianna for: Wonderfully done!

Another round of applause another missed opportunity to enjoy that tankard of mean. Arik leans back in his seat while clapping and seems to be giving Gianna an assessive look before the clapping is done, he sits up a bit straighter and finally tips back the tankard for a moment.

Porter is overheard praising Gianna for: Beautiful lyrical poetry is haunting with such a dark and lovely voice!

Lucita is overheard praising Gianna for: Lovely songs

Lucita is overheard praising Sabella for: Charming co-hostess

Itzal is overheard praising Sabella for: Hooray for the co-hostess!

Quenia perks up lightly at Sabella's comments. "Wash has a new baby to play with? I really do need to get out more often." Rather than be sequestered away as she has these last few months, more or less!

Sabella listens with rapt attention to Gianna's singing and once the last note fades she bursts into applause, beaming at the other woman, "And that is the sort of talent that shall help teach and inspire the next generation of performers!" She tells the crowd. "Excellent work, Mistress Gianna, and thank you for including all of us in your vision." She then turns to nod to Quenia, "Yes, he does. A boy this time!"

Itzal? Oh he's clapping by the end of it. "Wonderful! A fine omen for the College, assuredly!" he grins, quite happy with the result. He otherwise does little more, watching and listening, but otherwise not talking much.

Barric offers towards Quenia, "Lady Catalana gave birth a month or more ago now." He supplies to reinforce Sabella's comment with a smile, "There's been so many baby's born of late that does make it tricky trying to keep up at times." He chuckles softly afterwards, taking a drink from his wine afterwards.

Porter applauds with enthusiasm, setting down his empty glass of wine just in time to do so. "I suspect that the live performances in Arx are about to get much more lively," he says. "Of course, most of the songs I know aren't ones for such... esteemed company as this." Sailors, of course, have quite the bawdy arsenal and always have.

Gianna tilts her chin up, eyes half-lidded. The applause and praise are pleasing to her, and she actually smiles, a real smile, with warmth. "Thank you all for coming. I hope you enjoyed your evening. The Bard's College appreciates your patronage; we hope to entertain for decades to come. The formal performances are now over, but there's no need to go home just yet. Linger, mingle, and enjoy each other's company. In song, we are united."

Quenia claps in regard for Gianna's work, then looks over at Barric. "I only knew Lucita gave birth because she messaged me. Her children are both darling." If only because Quenia can be the lovely auntie who gives them gifts and run away, for now!

Waldemai isn't going anywhere, not until he's finished his mead, at least. "That was really dark, the sun and the moon plotting against each other. You want a big fire burning when you sing that at night."

Gianna is overheard praising Tikva for: A generous donation to the College!

Ryhalt finishes clapping then decides he had enough of what he had wanted to see this evening, always another angle to things, the cagy merchant he is. He makes his fareweelss to those he was beside and turns to leave in a discrete manner as possible, not wishing to spoil the mood in the air.

Cora stands and says something quietly to Barric before she tries to inconspicuously wave before slipping out.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering leave, following Coraline.

Sabella grins at Porter, "I know a few of those songs and I daresay so do Master Itzal and Mistress Gianna, but you'll get find its easier to get them to sing those than I. Maybe some night at the Kay when I'm certain my Voices won't hear of it." She nods then to Waldemai, "I enjoy that one although it leaves me wondering about what everything stands for. It's clearly a song with many layered meanings."

Gianna finds herself another glass of wine and has a long sip, her expression smug. She smiles with warmth at Sabella and makes her way toward Lucita.

Porter hums that catchy clover song and grins at Sabella. "Maybe. But this is fancy, I'll not nudge them in that direction."

Itzal? Itzal is going to get himself a drink, and indeed, in record time he has a glass of wine in hand, and is mingling! Not so well as to completely fade from view, mind, don't worry Sabella. Though speaking of the latter. "Perhaps if you supply the dear Princess with enough wine and assorted berevages, she will lose all inhibitions and regale us with song!" he remarks in her direction, grinning.

Arik stops a passing servant and murmurs a few things to them. In short order a folded envelop is handed off and the servants dutifully but discreetly carries it to Gianna. The man continues into his tankard of mead then.

"They are quite adorable." Barric says to Quenia with a chuckle, nodding towards Coraline briefly when she makes her way out but his attention doesn't linger there overmuch instead turning back towards the gathering. He watches the social interactions quietly from 'afar' as the case may be.

"If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go make a donation before I depart for the evening. Do please enjoy yourselves," Quenia tells Sabella, Barric, and Porter before she makes her way over to Gianna. She has a few papers in her hand and she hands them over. "I am Marquessa Quenia Igniseri, Baroness Lucita's cousin and patron. I'm only to happy to help support the college, as I know Lucita will very much enjoy having a group of singers to help hone her craft further." And with that she hands over a small sum of economic writs.

"You'll notice my hands are empty for exactly that reason, Master Itzal!" Sabella replies with a laugh, spreading said empty hands to show that she's not hiding any glasses of mead anywhere, "I've sung such songs in the company of a crowd only twice: once for High Lord Victus' birthday and another during the Deepwood bar crawl when there was a lot of crawling going on. That one was in front of the King and I think a couple of horses? I honestly can't remember, which means it all went very well because no one else does either." She beams at Quenia, "It was lovely to speak to you!"

Gianna is given the envelope from Arik, and she isn't so crass as to open it right there. She asks a quiet question of the servant, then turns a smile in Arik's direction. And Quenia approaches with an envelope of her own, which Gianna is very happy to accept. Also without peeking. "Thank you for your generosity, Marquessa. My compliments on your gown. May I ask who made it?"

Lucita moves over to Quenia and gives her a smile and a hug. "Thank you for coming. I always am glad to see you. The twins are upstairs with the nanny if you want to peek in on them but they likely are asleep by now.

Quenia glances down at her gown, then back up to Gianna. "Oh. Mistress Petal. I get most things from her ship, if I can help it. Though, I hear that Mistress Aurora is a very fine tailor as well. Or so Princess-Consort Alarissa tells me," she says with a faint smile.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard, Tamsin arrive, following Luis.

"Oh, well in that case." And with suspicious swiftness, Itzal appears by Sabella's side, and has put a glass of wine in her hand. "Drink up! We wouldn't want your throat to feel parched after so much socializing! A hostess should not leave it all to her guests to drink, that's just unhealthy for them." he assures.

"She is indeed," Gianna tells Quenia. "Her work was recently featured in a fashion show. Quite lovely. Again, thank you so much."

Quenia has just handed off some writs with Gianna in donation, and is chatting congenially with her. "You are most welcome," she replies, and then turns to make her way over to Lucita. "It was a lovely event, cousin. I look forward to more in the future. I hope to see you tomorrow night at the fealty dinner, if you are available to come. You are, of course, considered among friends." She kisses her cheeks again as she prepares to make her departure.

Arriving through the main door, likely the only obvious door, is Luis, oiled curls flouncing just so. He pauses a moment to be introduced, recognize familiar faces through sight alone and then slowly moves further into the room, catching snippets of conversations while resting his hands upon his hips. A glance to Lucita after nodding to the rest of his family and he will join the former for a brief hug before drawing away, "Ah, sorry I am late, dear sister, I imagine all things were splendid and amazing as usual? You do realize that if you keep doing things so well, it's going to become the norm and everyone's just going to expect it to be perfect everytime."

Sabella laughs and raises her newly acquired glass to salute Itzal, "Master Voss could certainly learn a thing or three from you, Master Itzal. This isn't Foolsbane, is it? It's been such a lovely evening." But since it doesn't appear to be eating through the glass and she's not from the Lyceum, she takes a sip. "I'd say this has been quite a success! You really are talented, you know. That's not just false praise from a Princess that flatters everyone. It's true praise and I'd tell you that even if there were not a crowd of donors here to overhear me. I truly believe Jayus has granted you a great gift and I've known it ever since the night I saw you first play at the masq after the opera. I'm glad you'll finally be able to share it with more people."

Lucita says, "If I can I will certainly be there." She replies to Quenia and then gives a beguiling smile. "Luis! Hou got here. Oh you did miss some splended singing. Come meet the others! Or do you know them all already? Perhaps best to keep it informal and simple. "Everyone, this is my charming rascal of a brother, Lord Luis Igniseri. Please let him know who you are if he does not already.""

Gianna inclines her head to Luis, glass of wine in hand. "Good evening, Lord Luis. I'm Gianna, head of the Bard's College." She tosses her head a bit, sending her earrings shimmering. "A pleasure."

And thus, Quenia leaves Luis to be gushed over by Lucita regaling him of the evening's tidings.

Quenia has left the a sage green brocade couch.

Once Luis walks in and begins speaking he seems to peak Arik's attention and after a hearty gulp to finish off the tankard of mead. He rises up from the table and makes his way over towards the flouncing and coifed man. Waiting for the general introduction the Halfshav Lord is right there with an easy grin, "Lord Luis, I am Arik Halfshav the sword of whitehold. I think we have met in passing once or twice but finally formally." he offers a hand to the man, rough hewn and calloused. Doesn't look fun to shake.

Barric finishes his wine and stands up from his seat on the couch, he offers a polite nod to those he knows and a wave to the hostesses before he starts to make his way for the exit.

"Who do you take me for, a savage?" Itzal asks Sabella with mock offense. "Or a poisoner? No, nothing but the finest vintage for you, Your Highness." He bows elaborately, though keeping his own glass of wine upright to ensure no spillage occurs. "Though I assume it's the finest. It was from one of the bottles here anyway." As to her praise, Itzla grins. "Why thank you. I don't know about divine blessings, but I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy sharing it with others. I also enjoy being paid for the previous two, so really, I quite enjoy my life." he declares. "I quite agree, quite a successful evening. To many more!" he says, raising his glass in toast.

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"Cousin!" Luis calls out to Quenia as she makes signs of leaving, "You're not allowed to go just yet, I have arrived! No?" he asks of her, but the smile clearly shows that he is teasing, but it is too late, she runs off, perhaps on purpose, his voice loud enough to have been heard clearly. "Well there you have it, she's clearly still sore about someone drinking all her expensive alcohol... someone..." a shrug of a shoulder and his attention returns to Lucita, "I think I've met most of the people here..." he admits, but turns to regard the others, nodding to those whom he knows, and to the ones he has yet to meet, he waits casually for someone to make introductions. "Ah, the Bard's have a college! This is excellent, Lucita, you can finally learn how to play!" he admits to his sister, winking at Gianna all the while wearing a smile, "A pleasure to meet you as well Gianna, head of the Bard's College." A pause as Arik is another new face and Luis greets the man with a small smirk, "Formally? Wait this was supposed to be a formal gathering? Damn it all..." he looks down at his armor and swords that don his person, "Here I thought I was just coming for free drinks... but it is good to meet you Lord Arik, Lucita has told me much about you." He extends his arm ready to clasp wrists in a soldier's greeting.

To Barric, Luis gives a small wave, "Scared off another Grayson Prince... they always are leaving when I come around... someone told them I was on the prowl," he growl-purrs playfully.

Arik happily claspes Luis' forearm in lieu of the handshake the grin growing wider. "Oh aye?" and with a firm squeeze he breaks the hold and adds, "Formal as anything I've been to in the city yet. Nobility, drinks, and plenty of singing. No?" he asks with a brief glance to some of the faces nearby as if seeking an opinion.

"To many more!" Sabella chimes in echo of Itzal with a big smile. She then has an indulgent sip, giving Luis a wave, "Princess Sabella Grayson, I don't think we've ever officially met. And the more formal part of this evening is over, so feel free to have as much of your sister's stores as you want!" She offers generously of alcohol that more belongs to him than her. Then it's back to Itzal, "I'm glad to hear you enjoy what you do, it shows since you do it so well. Would that more people had that sort of happiness to turn to--though I suppose if they don't you can just inspire them to it!"

Gianna pauses to rest her hand briefly on Arik's forearm, though the light touch would be very easy to escape if he so desired. She says something quietly to him.

"Tsk, if more people did then I'd stop being special." Itzal remarks, though he grins, a jest. "But yes, too often this kind of happy contentment is ignored, forgotten. Yet it does good to the soul to being reminded every now and then." He glances at Sabella. "You do remember, yes? You best, or I'll be singing about it until it's stuck in your head and you can't sleep without singing through it a couple of times in the hopes of exorcising the lyrics." he threatens, as only bards can.

Arik exchanges a quiet word with Gianna and chuckles low and deep from the chest before turning his frosted gaze back onto Luis.

"Nobility, drinks and plenty of singing... sounds like a night at the Igniseri Domus... well that was then... then Luci had to go and get herself married off... though now that you mention it, it's been a lot quieter in the evenings since then... actually that explains why I feel so much more well rested these days..." he tilts his head, considering the situation presented and then nods approvingly, "Ah, such a marvelous chamber of music, dear sister, it is good that you sing here..." a wink for his sister, playing along. "Ah, your highness, you wound me, though I thank you for your permission to raid my sister's stores as you say... if you could just have a scribe present a formal writ, sealed by your own hand, that would be just perfect... I thank you in advance, your highness," Luis shares with Sabella, bowing so formally at the waist and so elegantly, that it appears as though he is well rehearsed in such mannerisms.

Gianna inclines her head to Arik and moves away, pausing by one of the couches to lean down and murmur something to Porter.

Sabella holds up her hands as if to ward off the bard's curse, "Of course I remember! Who could forget such a jaunty tune like he answers your questions, he answers your questions, he then reads a letter and answers your questions..." She replies in a sing-song voice with a big smile, "Oh, were you talking about something else?" Luis gets a laugh, "I like you Igniseri's, you're very fun! I do believe it's impossible for me not to run into your sister when I'm out and about these days. And even if I tried I'd never fail to spot her across the city in that armor of hers."

Itzal checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

Sabella's question to Itzal is never given answer, for by the time she might glance where the man had been standing moments before, he's gone. As is one of the bottles of wine that had been on display. Probably not connected, of course.

Lucita says, "You mean his other sister." She laughs softly. "Ariella and I are twins." She then glances toward Porter. "Have not gotten a chance to say more than hello to you. Am glad to see you here."

Porter rests a hand lightly on Gianna's elbow and whispers something in exchange, then pulls back and flashes a brilliant white smile at her.

"Baroness," Porter says to Lucita, flourishing a bow with heel clicking boots and all. "I'm so glad to hear that you, and others, were interested in the Bard's College. I think it's a fantastic venture, and tonight has but proved it. Quite the event."

Gianna murmurs, "Of course," to Porter as she straightens up. "He was so helpful pointing people toward me for this," she tells Lucita.

Lucita winks at Proter as she says to Gianna. "He is quite a dancer, too, taught Lord Wash a few nice steps." She teases without elaboration.

"Answers your questions... reads a letter... answers your questions... runs through the courtyard naked... reads a letter... answers your questions..." Luis humms along, adding a random line to Sabella's comments, and winks again. "Oh you've a twin, Luci? Where is that rascal? I've yet to see her in some time. I was teaching her how to keep from getting hit just recently, I think she learned a few things... after some bruises... but bruises are better than bloodshed when it comes to learning..." Luis admits, he sighs and looks around, nodding to Arik, "All that business of being a sword and the like, it carries far too much weight, if you ask me... fight for me, champion our house's honor, etcetera. Whatever happened to a good punch in the face to settle these things?" Luis is clearly teasing, as he finds himself a proper cup of something to drink and he downs it in one go, waiting impatiently for a refill. "Waldemai! You masterful smith, a pleasure to see you too!" he shouts across the room in a voice far louder than is needed, "I should see you at the Hart one of these days, were it not for having to do all those crazy things that Voices have to do when their more effective counterparts wander off to pop out babies..."

Waldemai lifts his mug (still mead) to Lord Luis. "There's another fight coming up, my lord. I hope to see you there," he calls across the room.

Sabella turns back to say something else to Itzal but he's GONE! She blinks once, starts to look around then seems to realize that's not going to be at all helpful and shrugs. She finishes her glass of wine and looks over to Lucita, "Wash knows how to dance?" She asks with some surprise before she laughs, "He will regret that you told me that, especially since there will be many opportunities for me to rope him onto the dance floor in the near future!"

"Oh we still do that," Arik muses in an easy manner and then makes a vague gesture with his hand indicating someones face. Porter's face. "No one ever said the champions or Swords had to be called when a good brawl can solve it just as easily. Although that is the charm of Arx, everyone is so proper. Except when they aren

"Oh we still do that," Arik muses in an easy manner and then makes a vague gesture with his hand indicating someones face. Porter's face. "No one ever said the champions or Swords had to be called when a good brawl can solve it just as easily. Although that is the charm of Arx, everyone is so proper. Except when they aren't."

Lucita says, "No brawls here, if you please. Training ring is just a few steps outside if you want to brawl or anything.""

"I was hoping Lord Wash might show," Gianna admits, sipping her wine. "He seems quite enthused about music and was such a gentleman at the Sailor's Ball." She glances down at her hand, the one with the gold ring set with a pearl.

Porter's smile is almost a smirk of pure delight, and he can't help but aim it at Gianna just a little when Lucita praises his dancing ability. "I can dance properly. It's one of the great joys in life, especially if one finds the right partner. The lovely Baroness is too kind, though. Surely I trod your feet once too many times."

Luis pauses a moment as Lucita leans over and whispers something to him and his eyes widen as he looks directly at Arik, "Oh... is that so..." he muses quietly, his tone all serious now. There's a longer pause and then the smile returns at the mention of Wash dancing, whatever had captured his mood a moment earlier having just as quickly skipped away. "Dear sister, you wound me. You know, just as well as I, that there's nothing so sweet as the sound of a dulcimer bouncing off the head of one's opponent." Finding his cup refilled he nurses this one more appropriately. To Porter, Luis adds, "And hello there sir, I don't think we've yet met either, though if we have, well I'm often terrible with faces... I apologize in advance."

"Porter Kennex, captain of the Damsel's Heart," Porter says, ignoring his honorific and salutation and electing to use his rank instead. That says a lot about the man there. "Did I hear you say 'sister'?"

Porter wishes he knew where Wash was but that was but a fleeting thought across his face in the form of a line of worry betwixt the eyebrows.

Lucita says, "Oh, you never trod on my feet. Not a single time. And it was not cause of lifting me off my feet to whirl around or a close foot-to-the-floor shuffle." She teases a bit more. "Lord Wash showed me some of the steps you taught him, though only the ones less intimate to dance." She explains and then to Luis she says. " I don't have any dulcimers left except that big one in the cabinet after the last time..." She lets the words trail off."

Arik tilts his head for a moment with a mildly lupine aspeect to the action but then Luis is away and the Halfshav Lord takes a few steps to Gianna, "So one of many fundraisers or your only one? Mayhap a bass clef pin for supporters." he says with a shocking knowledge of something musical.

"Which damsel's heart do you captain?" Luis asks of Porter, smiling at the idea, "And how does one go about captaining a woman's heart... capturing... maybe I heard you wrong... no I merely play, that is wonderful to hear, Ariella would love you, she's the Captain of the Red Bargain if you do not know already, and she and her twin, Lucita are indeed my sisters. Though they're far...farrrr," he rolls his 'r' and stretches out the word for dramatic effect, "older than myself, of course." A nod, a sip of his drink, and then back to Lucita, "Well that and cause you couldn't convince anyone to help you carry the other ones in here after we got the first in... and to think this was the smallest..."

Luis also adds to Waldemai, "I will attempt to be there good sir! It feels as though I have been far too occupied as of late!"

"That's an idea," Gianna tells Arik, lips curving in a faint smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. It seems the warm smiles have worn off. "There are already treble clef pins, after all." She briefly rests two fingertips on the pin at her shoulder. "But they're difficult to earn."

Lucita starts to reply then hears the nanny calling her. "Oh oh, seems I need to go check on something. Please make yourself at home here and continue to enjoy." And she turns to leave.

Waldemai drains the mug. "Hope to see you, my lord," he says to Luis before calling to the room, "To the future of the Bard's College!" He's pretty clearly snockered. Good thing it's only a short stagger across the square.

Waldemai has left the tables with comfortable chairs.

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Sabella laughs at Luis' joke to Porter about the Damsel's heart, then stands to make her way to Gianna, "I hope you are happy with how the night went, I am pretty thrilled at the turnout! It should only grow as word of your great idea spreads and the hall is finished. You should be quite proud of yourself, Mistress Gianna. This is a fine thing you are doing and a great accomplishment."

"If it were easy it would be cheap no?" Arik quips without missing a beat to Gianna and then adds, "I look forward to seeing the crowd you manage to pull at the Spirits next time. Let me know when you've a mind to do the next performance and mayhap a longer term contract."

"That's so kind of you, Princess Sabella. Thank you for all your help!" She lifts her chin and glances about. "Well," she says. "I think this was a success."

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