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Kaine's Drifting Leaf Collection Auction

Kaine Algair is hosting a silent auction at his shop, Kaine's Captivating Crafts, on Merchant Road, to kick off the advent of his Drifting Leaf collection of autumn clothing designs. Four one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-made-again items will be up for auction, and his shop will also be restocked with the new goods.

To participate in the auction, go to his shop to see a slate where the top bids have been recorded and to see a case with the items (OOC: go to this link: for the top bids and for item previews in the workbook's different tabs) and submit a bid either in-person with Kaine, or send a messenger his way. Bids must be at least 250 silver higher than the top bid unless it is the starting bid. The slate (OOC: the spreadsheet!) will be updated regularly as Kaine receives bids, so check back regularly to see if you're still in the running. Bidding will close at (OOC: noon EST on the day of the event). In the instance where two bids on the same lot are equal, and are also the top bid, the top bidder will be the person who submitted their bid first.

The event will be used to distribute the lots to the winners, showcase the collection, let people meet the artisan behind the work, and generally have a good time. If you want to bid but can't make it to the event, you can do that! If you win, the lot will be delivered via messenger.


May 21, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Kaine Fairen


Lisebet Iliana Jayanthi Felix Josephine



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Kaine's Captivating Crafts

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

"Welcome to the Drifting Leaf Collection Auction," Kaine announces to the room from his place by the counter. "Please, everyone, partake in the food and drink available and enjoy yourselves! The bidding results will be announced shortly."

After Kaine is finished speaking, his small crew of helpers moves to stand ready to serve finger foods and drinks to those who are hungry and thirsty for them.

Iliana stands arm in arm with her husband, her eyes on the items for auction. "Quite a talent." She murmurs, a slight smile on her face. "Did you bid on anything?" She asks, giving Fairen a fond look as she reaches out to snag some finger food from a tray.

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard arrives, following Lisebet.

Felix steps in and brings with him the smell of the forge - coming from his shop not too far away. His apron, at least, put away and a brief pause looking around with a little smile before he steps further within. While he didn't bid, he was always one to support his fellows, even if he didn't know them directly. Stepping over to the provided food and drink, just to get something to nibble on before making his way over to the host. A short bow offered, and a grin to go with it. Master Algair? Felix Meadson, of Seaborn Weaponry." offering a hand to shake. "Just wanted to come by and see how everything has turned out for you so far."

Fairen happily has Iliana's arm in his, smiling contently as he listens to Kaine's little spill. As a passing server carrys a tray, he scoops up a glass of wine and takes a soft sip. "I did, actually." He says, indicating the cloak with his glass. "Sea-silk."

Kaine looks over to Felix and extends a hand to shake his. "Good to meet you," Kaine says. "Yes, everything's fine, and I have a lot of things to be grateful for - but I admit I had arranged catering for a fair bit more people than this." He looks over to Fairen and Iliana and offers them a faint smile and wave.

Lisebet arrives a bit late, as she has been busy. But here she is, just in time to hear Kaine's comment. "Perhaps they are just running a little late, as I am?" she suggests with a gentle smile. "At least, so I hope." It's a guess really. "I do hope I am not /too/ late?"

Where one crafter has an event, other crafters emerge and Josephine is not immune to this. Having made her way from Silk Row, there's a step in and then off to the side to look around before she heads for the auctioned items to get a look at them.

"It does take some time for any to gather, from all corners of the city. Some I have no doubt are finishing up their business that they might continue to here." Felix grins when Lisebet speaks up. "As I said. But I won't keep you, I know you have others to greet and an auction to announce. I will, however, gladly partake of what is provided."

Kaine wrings his hands and nods a couple of times to Felix and Lisebet. "Right. This is the first thing like this that I'm doing. And I was planning a surprise announcement after this, but..." Kaine looks around and gives a wave in greeting to Josephine. "Welcome! Enjoy the sights and the free food and drink."

With that, Fairen lifts his glass to Kaine, smiling pleasantly. Then Lisebet is arriving and he glances over at her, lifting his glass as well. "Lady Lisebet Farshaw! Good to see you again." He says plesantly, then looks back to Iliana, gesturing to Kaine. "We should go say hi, my love."

Iliana nods at Fairen and waits to follow him. "Well take me to introduce me to some of your friends then, Fairen." She teases, nudging him gently with her elbow. Her blue eyes take in each auction item one last time before she starts to look around and focus on the people instead.

Jayanthi enters the room, and greets everyone in the room. "Good evening!" She then takes some of the appetizers offered at the table.

Felix steps back off to the side to partake of both food and drinks, allowing others room and space to greet with the owner of the shop. Jayanthi gets a smile and a little wave. "Good evening, Mistress Hawkeye. I hope your bow is still serving you well?"

"I have no doubt that I will enjoy such. Such lovely pieces. You are clearly adored by Jayus." She states to Kaine. "It shall be interesting to see to whome is the lucky winner."

Fairen wrinkles his nose up at Iliana playfully, then turns back to Kaine and begins to walk forward, leading his wife towards his protege. When he arrives, he inclines his head at him politely. "Master Kaine! Good to see you again."

"Master Algair, a pleasure," Lisebet says, finding her way over to Kaine. She pauses to offre a wave to Jayanthi as she greets everyone. "And Marquis Fairen, good to see you again." She inclines her head politely as well to Felix, as she is not sure who he is exactly. But one of the things she likes about being out and about is meeting new people.

Kaine rubs the back of his neck. "Well, I think everyone who's coming is already here." He looks over to Josephine and offers a faint smile. "Well, thanks. I think you're in the minority there." He gives a light bow toward Fairen and Iliana. "Hello, Marquis. Marquessa. Thank you for honoring the event with your presence."

"Oh no no, you've a wonderful talent Master Kaine. If someone isn't here they're just silly." Iliana says, a bright smile on her face as she gazes at Kaine. "We're happy to be here to support your endeavors." She turns to smile at Lisbet when she approaches. "Good evening, you're Lady Farshaw, are you not?" She says to Lisebet, aiming a bright smile in her direction. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Of course. You've done some excellent work, and I'm an incredibly proud patron." Fairen says with a pleasant smile, inclining his head at Kaine. Then as Iliana turns to greet Lisebet, he turns to face her as well, partially because of the joining he has with his wife at the arm. "Ah, that's right. You've never had the chance to meet my wife, have you?" He asks Lisebet with a soft grin. "Lady Lisebet, this is my wife Marquessa Iliana. My love, this is Lady Lisebet Farshaw."

"If it really is a minority, then I fear for the tastes of the rest of the city." Josephine retreats to look at the other pieces as Kaine's needing to handle his Patron, meandering off in search of something to drink before slipping out the door.

Lisebet turns as she is greeted by name. "A pleasure," she says, smiling. "And it is good to finally meet you as well, Marquessa Iliana. Though now I do wonder what things the Marquis has been saying about me." She glances over at Kaine and says, "I admit I haven't spent much time previously looking over things, but I found I had some free time, so came by to hopefully be able to."

Kaine gives a nod in greeting to Lisebet. "Thank you for coming, my Lady." Then he heads back towards the counter. Clearing his throat, he says, "Thank you to all who came. I received a few bids from a few different people. Some of them are even here today." He pulls out a scroll and starts to read from it. "Lot number one, the wool coat, goes to Lord Karadoc Saik for ten thousand silver." He looks up, looks around, frowns faintly, and continues reading. "Lot number two, the silk gloves, goes to Lady Tesha Telmar for ten thousand silver." Another look around. "Lot number three, the silk scarf, goes to Jayanthi Hawkeye for fifteen thousand silver." He looks up and over to Jayanthi with a faint smile. "Lot four, the seasilk cloak, goes to Marquis Fairen Leary for eighteen thousand silver." He looks up and smiles toward Fairen. "If you are here, you may take your prizes from the display case now. We can arrange payment now or later."

Iliana grins over at Farien, patting him gently on the hand. "Look at that, you got the item you bid on." She leans in to kiss him on the cheek gently. "Congrats." She raises her voice slightly to call out to the crafter. "Master Kaine, will you be doing something for each season that comes upon us? Can we expect winter next?"

Felix does give some short applause when the names of those who are present are announced. "A very good array of items, and congradulations to those who have won their bids." making sure his mouth wasn't full before he began to speak.

As Iliana leans in to press a kiss to his cheek, Fairen happily moves his cheek in a touch to receive the gesture. "Thank you, love. It's a lovely cloak, isn't it?" He says as he peers over to the display case with his winnings. Though he looks back at Kaine as Iliana asks her question, his smile not fading from his expression.

Lisebet smiles in acknowledgement of Kaine's greeting. "This is truly lovely, Master Kaine. I regret that there are not more here to enjoy this moment." She claps along with Felix, as names are announced. "Congratulations to all the winners."

offers a smile to the small crowd. "Thank you, everyone. Yes, I plan on doing another auction for the winter, and once per season thereafter. And if you would like to see other pieces at smaller price points, the shop is stocked with such things right now. But that's not all." Kaine gently clears his throat. "I will be working on stocking my shop with an array of warm clothing. But this is not for me to profit for the winter. I will be giving these articles of clothing away to the poor and downtrodden who need it the most, to protect them against freezing in the cold weather. All who wish to contribute something to this effort, anything at all, are more than welcome to do so. The smallest bit helps."

"A good cause, I shall be doing what I can to assist you." Iliana speaks up, her eyes turning to her husband as a smile forms on her face. "Thank you for your hard work, and your elegant creations. The city is blessed for it." She reaches out to snag some more finger food before she grins up at Fairen, leaning in to murmur something quietly to him.

"A very ambitious project, and one well needed in many winter seasons. I'll see if there isn't something I can't also make up to contribute. Warming lanterns, perhaps. I fear a metal blanket might not serve as well as wool." Another grin from Felix goes with the words, and a nod of agreement for Iliana's. "Aye, as she says it."

"That is a most noble decision, Master Kaine." Fairen replies with a soft smile, inclining his head at the tradesmen. When Iliana speaks up he smiles and inclines his head in agreement. "You can expect as much support from House Leary as we can reasonably provide." Then there are the whispered words from his wife, and his smile grows, and he nods his head once, likely an agreement to something she said.

"Metal blankets might not work well at all, I agree," Lisebet says with a chuckle, "But I am certain I can put some resources into this endeavour. And I do look forward to seeing all the wonderful creations that we are able to purchase as time goes on."

Kaine looks around and his smile widens somewhat. "Thank you everyone. Marquis, and Jayanthi, don't forget to snag your lots. I will draw this to a close, but you're all welcome to stay and work on the food. Or take some with you."

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