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Mounted Game Hunt

Join Princess Katarina Valardin for what is sure to be a successful hunting outing of the summer. The quarry has been specially chosen for the occasion. Riders are encourage to remain mounted during the games, though are more than welcome to bring along their choice of weapons to flaunt their game-hunting prowess. The finest of Valardin horses will be provided for participants without a steed of their own.

(OOC: Coded weapons and armor are not required. The @checks system will be used for the hunt!)


May 25, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By



Paige(RIP) Genevieve



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Gray Forest Outskirts

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

The afternoon is warm, though it is not without a cool autumn breeze sweeping across the open plains. Stewards garbed in Valardin garb bustle about, tending to the horses tethered here. Young squires scurry to adjust saddles, while freshly sliced carrots and apple slices are passed to those in attendance to allow a moment of bonding between their mounts before the commencement of the event.

Cages of sturdy wooden construct contains what can clearly be seen as the prizes for the hunt, a beautifully fattened boar with beady eyes and yellowed tusks gleaming in the sun sharpened to lethal points. Young noble children, not yet of age to participate in the hunt itself, test and goad each other to prove their courage and valor with tempting the boar to charge this way and that, to the shrieking delight of tiny young ones to encourage them to do it again.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Paige arrives to the woods quietly and without fanfare, the ranger slipping free of the shadows coming from the deeper woods as she draws closer. A smile is spared for the children at their play, even sa sharp, sky blue eyes pick out a potential disaster and quick hands gently turn one of the very young back towards the grouped parents before the toddler can reach the area where the older children play. Shifting away from the families and the prize, she moves towards the mounts instead, drawing one glove off her hand to let the horses have a chance to catch her scent, looking to see which one will pick her.

There's a frown on Genevieve's face as she leads her mount into the scene, autumn leaves crunching gently beneath the leather soles of her boots. Sharp grey eyes have noted the shrieking kids goading those caged boars, and it does not sit well with her. A little chuff from her mount mirrors the sentiment, although that's more to do with the slight tension of her arm on the reins more than anything else. Nonetheless, she takes a few slices of carrot in her leather-gloved hands, and holds them up the snuffling predations of the borrowed horse, who chomps down on the veggies with much eagerness. Looking around afterwards, the sellsword notes Paige and sends a small nod her way. There's a smile quirking at her lips, then she says, "Hello Paige." And that's it. No wordsmith, she.

"Careful, now," comes the soft call of warning from Katarina as she observes the young noble boys' daring game alongside the boar's pen. Attendants are quick to send the children scattering with high-pitched giggles as they ward them away. The Valardin gives a humored smile before turning to her horse as people begin to arrive, lending her hand to a steward to help her saddle up smoothly upon her steed, a mottled gray mare with roses braided into her white mane. "Goodwoman Paige, Genevieve, I'm glad you both could join. Mount up!"

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering arrive, following Coraline.

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