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Iron Guard: Patrol Stories

The Iron Guard is the peacekeeping force in Arx. They're responsible for keeping the streets sane or well, as sane as can be reasonably managed. These PRPs are are for members of the Iron Guard to get some RP in breaking up fights, doing street patrols and in general, getting a chance to work together and bond. Though anyone that would like to come and spectate and RP in the room are also welcome. :)


Feb. 16, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Mae Violet Kenna Fairen Merek Ainsley Estaban(RIP) Reese Lou



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Traders Tavern

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The city of Arx is alive with tension, it's as if there's an electric current running through everyone and everything. News of the the Darkwater spreading once again, announcements of yet /another/ military meeting of one of the great houses and endless conversation of who will go where in the upcoming battles, just some of the chatter that dominates the Traders Tavern tonight. It's packed to the brim, as are many other local hangouts. And this kind of energy is usually accompanied by at least a /little/ trouble. So the Iron Guard patrols have been increased with the added suggestion to stop in at taverns, bars and other places of business. Say hello to the owner or person in charge, get the local gossip and stop any trouble before it can start.

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka arrive, following Merek.

2 Grayson Guardsmen, Alejandra, a snowy white hound, Planchet, a young valet, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Ainsley.

Merek had come to patrol, and has on his black belted leathers, while he looks around once he walks into the place. He has his usual two blades as well as a crossbow on his back, as he decides to scan around a bit, then moves to buy some whiskey, because why not!

Willen arrives, following Lou.

"Aw, geez..." says the small voice of Mae, as she tries to push through the crowd, toward the bulletin board. There's an old flyer there to collect! "Excuse-... Excuse-... GET OUT OF THE WAY!" she yells, then delivers a hard elbow into the small of some man's back. When he turns to look, she just glares at him. All this noise, you can't even hear the jingle, jingle of her bells!

Reese arrives in the tavern while adorned in lots of pink and toting lots of weapon. She is subtle about her presence, subtle like a brick to the head. She peeks over the tavern and smiles. A wave is given over to Merek. She then looks over to Mae and her blue eyes widen. "Mae!" She says when she notices her elbowing someone.

Lou slips into the tavern, waving a bit at those people she knows. Of everyone, Reese gets a big, bright smile. She spies that the table by the fire is free, and make a beeline for it. Bzzt!

Lou has joined the Table by the Fire.

Kenna is totally bringing her charm to this rather than ~any~ skill at arms. A touch here, a word there, and Kenna works her way through the tavern. She brings a particular glow with her that can USUALLY make people smile. She's careful who she interacts with, but her genuine interest in the person she happens to be speaking through shows and MOST people give her the time of day when she inquires.

Estaban comes walking into the tavern on patrol dressed in his red and black IG leathers (I swear) his blue eyes darting over the crowed. "Oh this should be interesting Gunther." he tells the large dog at his side as he moves in further spottuing Merek and Reese waving to them.

There's a brief silence when Mae yells and elbows some man. Some other people turn to stare but then they get on with their night, apparently deciding better of trying to fight someone who's just trying to get through the room. Or maybe they're afraid of Mae's bells! Near the bar there's a man holding a loud and boisterous conversation with the bartender. "Those damn Nox! I bet- I bet that they're gonna take this city over after it's deserted! I heard the King is running away to go hide out in some ruins until this whole mess is done and then I hear the Kings Own is gonna go with him AND THEN I heard that the Iron Guard are planning on heading to Crovane. Just gonna be us commoners to hold this place down! No one gives a /shit/ what happens here!" The poor bartender looks mildly alarmed and is leaning /away/ from the very clearly drunk man.

Merek looks over to the drunk man, then he lifts his whiskey up, "And I heard that drunken old men ramble a lot," he tells him, while he takes a drink, and looks to the bartender with a shrug, "There's over ten-thousand men at arms in this city, you have nothing to worry about on anything."

Mae reaches her destination and tears down the old Murder of Crows flyer, then turns as she hears her name. Blink, blink. "Oh! Reese!" she says, with a bright smile. "Hi," she says, her voice loud enough to carry. She does hear the conversation, but it would see (should anyone be watching her keenly) that she's decided to ignore it. Actively /not/ looking that way! But then another voice is calling back, and Mae looks that way. Merek. She frowns. Then starts over toward Reese. "Never once in the history of talking," Mae says, to Reese, in a voice that won't carry, "has 'don't worry' ever stopped someone from worrying."

Kenna glances towards the drunk man and ponders for a moment before breaking off her conversation with a quick smile and, "I hope it //does// go well for you Dame..." and slipping off. She makes no straight lines across the room and could easily be lost in the crowd as she makes her way to Merek's FAR side from the man. Gracefully, "It's a scary time." Going for empathy!

Reese looks over to Estaban, giving him a somber smile that touches her blue eyes. She then listens to the drunk man's words and sighs softly, a long suffering sort of sigh. Reese turns to Merek, nodding to him. "He is totally right." She says. Mae is starting toward them and Reese has a warm smile for the warm brunette. "I don't know about that. I don't worry when you tell me not to." She really doesn't, but...Reese tries to pull that off. She smiles over to Kenna next.

Not long after Lou arrives, does Willen come in after her. He's never far from her side when she's out in public, as they usually have Society of Explorers things to discuss. Lou takes a moment to order them a couple of drinks, and once her order is placed she turns a curious eye to the possibly drunk man who is calling out potential conspiracy theories. She frowns faintly, though the frown is mitigated a bit by the arrival of Estaban. She nods in his direction, but turns her attention back to the would-be rabble rouser with curiosity.

Estaban heads over in Reese direction, "Princess Reese, MAe." he nods to them spotting Lou he smiles waving to her as well but then the loud voice gets his attention and a brow raises up on h is forehead.

"You callin' me an /old/ drunk?" The man asks Merek, looking flabbergasted. He's older than Merek, but not decrepit. He's also rather large and muscular. He squints his eyes real hard at him. "LOOK HERE! This IRON GUARD just insulted me and told me 'not to worry'." He sneers and knocks back his shot of whiskey. The bartender looks alarmed and reaches forward cautiously to take the glass back, clearly with every intention of /not/ filling it again. The drunk snatches a paper that's been passed around the bar. It's an incredibly lewd song and he'll just start to sing bars of it: "DOWN HE CAME THE WATER SPOUT, SPIDER!" Something, something, something. He's a terrible singer. "OH BEAUTIFUL KING! SEXY RADIANT EYES!" Occasionally messing the lyrics up. Something, something. "SOFT-SKINNED EL- Yeah that's right. VERY SOFT."

Calaudrin GM Roll checked charm(1) + perfomance(1) at difficulty 30, rolling 23 lower.

Merek squints at the drunk man, and then shakes his head a small bit, turning back to his whiskey to sip at it. "This is a good drink bartender, is he always like this?" he asks, nodding at the other man, but crowds are often full of drunks. No reason to bother with this situation. It's not the Iron Guard's job to tell people not to sing. Besides, he finds it amusing. "Any card games or such going on?" he asks someone else nearby.

Kenna raises a hand to Reese when she looks over, the smile only growing as the man starts to sing the very lewd and disrespectful song. That waved hand comes back down to cover her mouth less he take offense at the mirth she'll take from his song. To Merek and the bartender, "I don't know, there's just something wonderful~ to hear a new ditty, don't you think?"

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Having been dealing with some of the new recruits getting in a little fight over ... something outside, Ainsley finally makes his way inside. A slow blink of his eyes is given when he hears the

"You're a terrible liar," Mae says, to Reese, with a little sigh. "You worry about everything. Like if I'm going to notice you're wearing that knife again," Mae says, lifting a brow at the blonde princess. Then she turns to look over at someone else saying that name. "Baron," she says, respectfully. Then Mae watches the yelling, and she shows a silly smile on her lips. She takes a step closer to Reese, but seems more than content to just watch... for a minute. "Oy! Edric!" Mae calls. "You take singing lessons from one of the pigs you stuck?!" calls Mae, across the tavern. That's helping, right?

Calaudrin GM Roll checked composure(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Reese seems to have no idea who to handle this. She is good at smashing evil things, but she is lacking in talent when it comes to diffusing tensions. She keeps her hand aways from her blades though, she knows that much! Reese seems relieved when Kenna speaks. Yay, someone is trying to handle this. "Always nice to hear a new song." She says, taking the lead from her. She then looks to Ainsley, giving him a smile. Reese then blushes as Mae mentions the knife she wears, but she does give her a smile. She then winces at Mae's words. "I don't think that is going to help." She whispers.

The song goes on with the drunk picking out dirtier and dirtier verses. Much to the aggravation of the rest of the patrons. They start to boo and shout back things like, "Be quiet you great big idiot!" To which our friend will call back, "DID YOU CALL ME A GREAT BIG IDIOT?" - "Yes, I did. And you're ugly. SO SHUT UP." When Mae calls across to him from the bar, he sucks in a deep breath and stares at her with wide eyes. What comes out is near a whisper, "Are you insulting my singing, Mae Culler?" But at least he's not /throwing/ anything? He's standing at the bar, dangerously close to Merek who he already seems to not like.

Merek looks over to the drunken man, "She's not insulting you, and I think you've had enough to drink for today," he tells the guy, while he shakes his head a bit, "You should go home and sober up," he tells him, while he pats the bar beside him, then looks to the tender, "No more drinks for him please, I think he's had enough."

Estaban raises a brow and looks to those he is standing near then up to the drunk man who is standing close to Merek and watching. He seems to think this just may not go down so well and turns to face the bar ready to move if he needs too.

Calaudrin GM Roll checked composure(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

"Am I s'pose to be helping?" Mae asks Reese, with a sweet smile. Then she steps away from the princess, and toward the big man. "That's right I am, Edric Conners!" Mae exclaims. "I hear the toms in the allery caterwaul better than you sing!" she says. But she's grinning, all the while. "It's a good thing you're good lookin'," she says. "Makes up for that singing voice," she tells him, ever so sweetly. Aside, to Merek, she adds, "You're not great at dealin' with folks out for some fun, are ya...?"

Mae checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Kenna will make choose the better part of valor and move herself away from Merek and the loud drunk with a half apologetic glance at the bartender. It's probably better if she isn't in the way if the man gets super angry. Drifting through the crowd she instead moves towards those who are calling out to the large man with that bright smile of hers. "Never know what'll come out of someone's mouth, right?"

Ainsley eyes the man and how close he is to Merek. A grunt is given and the Lieutenant starts making his way across the bar, trying to hurry without _looking_ like he is hurrying.

Reese looks over to Mae, giving him a nod in response to her words. "You are supposed to be." She murmurs. Reese watches as Mae turns on the charm and she seems taken in at the very least. Her expression even seems to gentle as she listens to her. "I'm not really good at that either." She says softly as Mae speaks to Merek. Reese doesn't seem to realize that Ainsley is hurrying and she gives her cousin another smile.

Unsurprisingly, the sage advice to go home and sober up is met with a frowny face from Edric. He was briefly mollified during that short exchange with Mae (for whatever reason, he's wasted, things don't need to be logical for him). He turns to look at the man. "So the Iron Guard that calls me an old drunk thinks that he gets to tell me what to do, huh?" He reaches across the bar and roughly takes the drink out of another man's hand and pours it over Merek head's. But hey, hey, is that Mae talking to him again? He turns and sees that big sweet smile and- did he just dump booze on Merek? He's clearly forgotten already. He takes ANOTHER patron's drink and starts to enjoy it. "Yeah? You think so? Better looking than that Grayhope you're married to?" At least he likes her?

Merek just watches while the drink is poured on his head, and then he lets out a small sigh, "Lovely," before he takes his own casually and starts to sip it. If he's bothered, he's not showing it. Amazingly passive about it all. He continues to just fiddle with his drink and look around to see if anyone's playing cards. His tactical mullet is now drenched, as is part of his attire.

Mae checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

"It's probably best we're over here by the fire," Lou says to Willen. "I'd get really grumpy if someone tired to steal my whiskey like that." She hrmphs softly, giving the drunken man a look of obvious disapproval. Willen frowns at Edric's behavior, and mentions to Lou. "Probably best we didn't bring any papers to discuss. Though we do have a handful of expeditions we need to review, before you put them before the leadership." Lou nods. "I know. But, I'm taking a few days off. I've also got to see to better armor and perhaps better weapons still before war." She furrows her brow a bit as she says this.

Mae's eyes go wide as the drink is poured right over Merek's head. She stares for a moment, and then abruptly snorts and breaks into giggles. Which last for just a short while before she can suck in a breath, and attempt to compose herself. "Oh, Gods, Edric!" Mae finally exclaims. "If this were my bar, you'd have two black eyes and a trouble remembering how many stairs you feel down!" she says. Then her eyes flick to Merek, then back to Edric. "You better apologize," she advises the man.

Estaban looks over at Ainsley as the man dumps the drink over Mereks head, he blinks looking back over a frown comes to his lips as he stands next to Reese his hand resting on his dogs back.

Calaudrin GM Roll checked composure(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

"Aaah, Edric." says Ainsley as he makes his way over to the bar, too late to keep Merek from getting doused with booze. A shake of his head is given and he says, "Officer Black, I suggest you go get cleaned up." Then his gray eyes settle onto Edric and he wonders, "Now, Edric, why're you trying to antagonize my men into a fight? You can get beat up plenty down in the lowers at the Crooked Nail, or did you get banned after peeing on the bar?"

Making her way across the bar finds Kenna stopping by Lou and Willen in time to hear the end. "Is there a shop you're looking at in particular?" This is asked to the pair as she stops moving forwards and stands by the fire for a good moment.

Reese winces when then drink is poured over Merek's head. She then turns her focus to Lou, giving her sister a somber smile. Finally she looks over to Mae and sucks in a soft breath. Reese is starting to look a bit nervous. She also seems confused about what should be done. Ainsley is talking! Reese seems content with that.

"Now now, it is no big deal, this is my fault, I come here for a drink all the time, isn't the first time it's happened," Merek tells the others, as he chuckles a bit, and then reaches for some towelette he keeps with him, and wipes it from his hair, and face, before he takes another drink and sighs.

Violet walks in looking a little tired but with an easy smile on her face. This has become her go-to stop in the evenings when she can. Tonight is no different. But the tension in the tavern is something she hasn't encountered before. There is an edge to the voice and she moves to stands to the side of the door instead of approaching the bar. Wait and watch. Then maybe a different place for a bite and drink.

Lou looks up at Kenna when she addresses Lou an Willen. She smiles at the Grayson woman, and shakes her head. "I was thinking of Dame Ida for a weapon upgrade. She's who made my crossbow," she reaches her arm over her back and pats the top of the crossbow she wears nearly constantly. Right now, it's unstrung as she hasn't any intention of using it. "But, admittedly, I think the armor I'm wearing is a gift, and I'm not sure where the talents lie in those regards, and I'm trying to decide between exotic leather or rubicund armor," she says with a faint grimace, though keeps a steady eye on the drunken man causing a ruckus.

Ainsley checked charm + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

"I will not apologize to this LUNK HEAD, Iron 'Guard' Mae Culler." With air quotation marks around the word guard. Edric glares at Mae now and crosses his big thick arms over his chest. "That's right, it /is/ your fault." He says to Merek. When Ainsley arrives on the scene, he frowns at him. "Pee on the bar? PEE ON THE BAR? I'LL SHOW YOU PEEING ON THE BAR." This is plenty enough for the bartender working at the Trader's Tavern tonight. There will be NO PEEING in his establishment. "Okay, Edric. That is /quite/ enough. Now why don't you listen to this nice Prince fellow and the young woman." That combined with Ainsley's calm demeanor and Mae's scolding has Edric frowning but not whipping out his privates in the middle of the tavern. For now. He seems uncertain.

"Ohh, I've heard wonderful things about Dame Ida, I'm sure you'll be in good hands there. As for armor.." Kenna taps a finger against her chin thoughtfully as she things about the armor. "I'm not sure. Merek," a nod towards the guard doused in alcohol, "might know. Maybe..." and she flashes a smile at Lou, "not tonight though. Another time when he's, you know, less wet."

Merek takes his time to continue drinking his nice whiskey. He relaxes a bit as he takes his time to do so, and then shakes his head a little bit while he tries not to escalate, since he's not bothered by free alcohol.

Mae looks more than ready to /demand/ that apology. Maybe. Not that she's glaring but she's surely still staring. But then Merek is saying it's no issue, and Ainsley is here, and the bartender is cutting him off, and Edric seems to be backing down, so Mae just shrugs. "You can go start a fight down at the Murder," she offers up.

Violet eyes the angry man a moment more with pursed lips. But as he seems to settle down she moves towards the bar, keeping a side-eye on him. "Whatever the special is, please, and some cider," She orders before sliding her rump onto a stool. Subtly she makes sure her body, and attention, is faced in the direction of the spat.

Ainsley just stands there for now, a steady expression on his face. Standing near to Edric, but not too close. A wall of muscle and plate armor in case the man gets any ideas...

Violet has joined the Bar.

"The /Murder?/" Edric asks with a huff. "I'm not going to waste my time fighting down at the Murder! Place is stuffed to the brim with nobles these days. You Culler-Grayhope-whatever-Ulbrans can't fool ME. You want to be just like one of them."

Ainsley has rolled a critical success!
Ainsley checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Ainsley tilts his head toward Mae and tries to get a message across with his facial expression. That expression is: Please don't hit him, Mae.

Lou glances over at Merek with a considering gaze. She nods to Kenna's words. "Yes, I think another time would be more prudent. He also might be in better spirits and happier to share information than he might be right now," she says, a small grimace coming to her lips. She shakes her head, "That man certainly does seem rather stuck on causing trouble this evening, doesn't he?" she asks.

"Oh, is that right?!" Mae blurts back at the man, and takes a step forward. "Let me tell you, Edric-..!" she starts, then looks aside, to Ainsley. She catches that look, and she huffs, and looks back to Edric. "...I think..." she starts again. "You just don't like the Murder cause you hit on Acacia /again/ and she turned you down /again/," Mae declares. See, Ainsley! Didn't hit him!

"I think he's always a little dour, but that's not actually a //bad// thing." With a sigh Kenna leans against the wall near the fireplace her arms tucked against her chest. "Things are tense in the city right now. Everyone is a little heated. I'm sure Lieutenant Ainsley has it quite under control."

Calaudrin GM Roll checked composure(2) at difficulty 25, rolling 15 lower.

Gasp. GASP. Edric sucks in a deep breath when Mae mentions Acacia's name. And the word again and AGAIN. He lunges forward from the bar, planning on grappling the much smaller Mae Culler. But she's small and fast, right?

Estaban puts a hand on Reeses shoulder them moves to make his way over to stand with Ainsley watching between this Edric fellow and Mae, his dog at his side.

Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms arrives, following Fairen.

Violet checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Mae checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 43 higher.

Violet takes up her cider as the mug is placed on the bar, nodding and sliding her silver across to pay. She takes a thoughtful sip as her eyes go from Ainsley's group to the angry man. As she listens she tries to figure out what has caused the ruckus. But it seems to come down to a cast of 'really bad 'tude'. Violet makes a slight face as she sets her drink back down. Beyond him she sees a familiar face or two, but only gives a polite and respectful nod if she is seen in turn. Tonight was supposed to be quiet, taking it easy, and visiting a friend later. But something doesn't sit right in her stomach. A moment before Edric is moving she is on her feet. Being at the bar she can move fast and reaches to try and grab the man as he begins to move, but her hands passes through the air just behind him.

Soon as the man starts for her, Mae feints back, as if she was never there at all. A ghost! "Stay back!" Mae says, sharply. "It's okay!" she insists. Then she looks back at Edric. "I'm going back home /right now/, going to tell Acacia that you were here drunk and crying about her!" Mae says, starting to giggle. "Oh, woe is Edric! Won't ever get that first kiss, no matter how big his muscles are!" she teases... and as she teases she continues back, toward the door. There's a quick look to Merek or Ainsley - whichever guard is looking at her - and then a dip of her head back toward the door.

Mae checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Lou nods to Kenna, then offers, "Lou Grayson. This here is Willen, the Senior Archivist the Society of Explorers, where I'm the leader... or Pathfinder is the more appropriate tit-" Lou breaks off her introduction to Kenna when the bar erupts into madness.

Reese seems shocked by what is going on and she looks quite concerned when the man goes for Mae. She seems hesitant about getting into the the fight though. Maybe she is every aware of her weapons, name and etc. Maybe she doesn't know how to bar brawl very well. Maybe it is both. She hears Mae crying out and nods in response to her words. She does seems pretty concerned when Mae starts to leave. "I hope he doesn't follow her, it might not be safe!" She says to those near her, trying to keep her voice soft.

"You know, you always //hope// they'll do the smart thing. Ah well." Kenna's introduction will have to wait. Instead she'll raise her voice to the totally-out-of-the-way patrons around her. "This is probably where all of you who aren't looking for a rough night should get out. Before it spreads!"

Kenna checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Ainsley smiles toward Mae and gives a small nod. He shifts, moving so that he's in easy range to follow after Mae and Edric. Should the man take the bait and head for the doors.

"Hey, come on sir, let's not go breaking things!" Violet says as she stands, hands on hips, eyeing Edric. "How will that make you look, hmm?" A finger is pointed at him as she subconsciously pulls the lieutenant mein about herself. Tall, authoritative, but with a touch of understanding in her stance she moves to step between him and Mae. Emotions -are- high. "You want to spar, go to the Training Center or The Hollow. A bar at dinner? Poor taste. Do you want to be known as a man of poor taste and poorer judgement?"

Arriving just in time to witness the kerfuffle and ongoing violence, Fairen steps into the tavern clad in forest colored silks, just passing Mae as she seems to be leaving. Following the Marquis is a guardsmen wearing the Leary colors, who instinctively steps up in front of Fairen as the chaos erupts. As the guardsmen places himself between Fairen and the potential danger, he reaches for his blade, placing a hand on the hilt but not quite drawing the weapon just yet.

Gunther, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Violet checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

If the goal was to make Edric /more/ upset, it certainly works. When he misses Mae, he goes crashing to the tavern floor. He takes several chairs down with him, along with the people sitting on them. They're upset. Drinks go everywhere. The bartender goes muttering things at the ceiling and shouting at Edric to calm down. Instead, he starts scrambling from the floor and atempting to chase after her. The people in room however, respond to Kenna's attempts to get them to move out of the bar. The bartender looks vaguely frustrated at that. "COME GET DRINKS IT'LL BE OKAY!" Some stay, some go. But they do move /away/ from Edric. He's beelining it towards the door when Violet starts to talk to him, he stops in his tracks looking around at the other people suspiciously. "And who the fuck are you?"

Lou seems content enough with where she's sitting that she's not going to be in the middle of the fray. She and Willen stay where they are. She continues to eye the incident with some modicum of curiosity, but doesn't move to interfere. There are guards here to do their job. Her attention goes to Reese, and she waves her sister over. "Reese, want to come sit with me for a bit? Get out of the line of fire?" she suggests.

"C'mon, Edric! You're so /slow/!" Mae teases, until Violet steps in her way. "Wh-... What are you doing, woman?! Get the darn heck out of the way!" she shouts. And then she looks to the Iron Guard trying to get people to leave the bar, and Mae just looks bewildered, and looks to Ainsley, both her hands (one holding a dog, mind) going up in an elaborate shrug, with a matching 'what the darn heck?' face.

Ainsley looks toward Violet and says, mildly, "If I have to brain him, and carry him out because you interrupted..." It's said in an idle tone, but there's a hint of steel to it.

Kenna has moved back through the bar and is closer to the trouble now. When the bartender shouts out to keep people from leaving she frowns, her first of the night. "Rude," gets muttered under her breath and she goes to hop the bar. Sweet as honey with a smile on her face she'll slide up next to him. "Think about it this way," Kenna leans closer, "The //fewer// people here, the less your place will be all banged up if our friend here can't seem to keep his wits about him. Which would you rather? A few silvers now for drink, or a nice //not// destroyed bar when a fight breaks out? We can even spread word of how much you care about your patrons, that you'd rather keep them safe than earn money. They'll //flock// to your door in these distressed times."

Kenna checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Violet keeps her arms ready and at her sides, stands very casual. She even gives the drunk man a tight smile. "Someone who just wants things to calm down. You want to have a sit with me? I'll listen and if you still want to beat something up, we'll go spar after. Yeah?" A hand is gestured to the bar where her mug awaits. But Mae seems upset by her interference and she turns to look at her in surprise. Not -quite- turning her back on the angry man. Then she puts her hands up and takes a step back with a shrug...that is unless Edric decides to try a sucker punch when she's turned. Which she is expecting.

Reese winces as she watches Edric go crashing. She then looks over to Lou, taking a step in her direction, but Reese stops herself and shakes her head. She turns her focus to Mae a moment later and sucks in this soft breath. Finally she turns to Edric. Reese still seems confused about what she should do!

Mae checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 44 higher.

There are enough Iron Guards to preform their role in taking down the crook, and aside from keeping the Marquis safe, this is somewhat outside of the Leary Guardsmen's jurisdiction to actually interfere. Instead, both Fairen and the Guardsmen begin moving in tandem away from the conflict, always with the Guardsmen between Fairen and Edric, and always with a hand on the hilt of his weapon. Fairen doesn't seem particularly upset by the drama, and instead inclines his head at Reese with a polite smile. "Your Highness..."

Violet checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Ainsley checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 24 higher.

Lou shrugs at Willen when Reese decides not to join then, then turns her attention back to the crew trying to cajole? entice? manipulate? the drunken man out the door. Her eyes first go to Violet, then Mae, then Kenna, and she sits back in her seat to see who is going to get the best of him. Occasionally, she even looks in Ainsley's direction.

Merek takes his time to look at the whole matter of chaos, then he decides to just take his time to get another drink while he tries to keep some patrons calm, "Hey, maybe uh... Rounds on me for everyone,

Merek takes his time to look at the whole matter of chaos, then he decides to just take his time to get another drink while he tries to keep some patrons calm, "Hey, maybe uh... Rounds on me for everyone," he seems to have not noticed what's going on much, he's trying to keep people safe!

"C'mon, Edric! Slow and fat and I was /lying/ about you not being ugly!" Mae calls, trying to remained focused on the man and the door, now that Violet is out of the way. "Reese, get the door!" she calls.

Reese reaches for the door. She can do that! She gets the door and pulls it open.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fairen before departing.

Ainsley is right there behind the man, and after Mae calls him slow, fat, and ugly... He waits for the right moment, and then grabs a hold of the man's arm right when he lunges for Mae. Timing it with Reese's pulling the door open. And with a move that is like something out of a Lycene play, he spins himself and the man around and /flings him/ in a whirling spin right out the door.

The bartender stares at Kenna and then just throws up his arms. He's not going to fight with her. He leans on the counter and watches the scene unfold as the remaining patrons sort of stand to the side and watch Edric grow increasingly more confused. For whatever reason, he takes extreme offense at something Violet says and takes a half-hearted swing in her direction. It WOULD be the most successful greatest sucker punch of all time if only Ainsley didn't go spinning him around wildly. He's a large, totally drunk man that's now flailing his arms around wildly. Cursing, INCREDIBLY ANGRY and being flung out the door. Once he's outside, he starts preparing to charge back in.

Reese tries to slam the door shut before he can charge back in.

Edric stands out there for like FIFTEEN STRAIGHT MINUTES pounding on the door. But eventually he goes away. But not after throwing a rock at the Trader's Tavern and breaking a small window. He sucks.

Violet knew it. She sort of just leans away from him, turning with a glare, and ready to defend herself. But then she just gets a front seat view of the most magnificently choreographed bit of bar fighting she has seen. She looks impressed and settles back onto her stool. As the man pounds and yells on the door she turns to the bartender, "I need whiskey."

"Probably get your looks for your mom!" Mae calls, and then her eyes flash wide as Ainsley grabs him. She quickly jumps to the side, before she whirls back around. Before she can say peep, Reese is slamming the door, so she flashes a bright smile to the blonde. Then Mae steps forward, to lean against the door, next to Reese. "We're closed! Come back later!" Mae calls at the man on the other side of the door.

In the midset of all the chaos, a messenger slides into the tavern and sneaks around the mess, then heads for Fairen and the Guardsmen. Delivering the missive, the messenger takes off, returning to his duties. Fairen on the otherhand reads the missive, nods his head and pockets the sheet of paper. When finally the angry drunk man has abandoned the door, Grandt seems to relax. Then Fairen starts moving towards now threat free door, giving Reese a nod. "I'll catch you later, your Highness."

Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms leaves, following Fairen.

Merek looks over to Violet and nods his head, then to Reese and the others and nods, while he takes a drink from his whiskey, "Well, that was interesting."

Ainsley says mildly, "I should probably go make sure he isn't breaking other windows." A shake of his head is given as he heads for the door, muttering, "Damned Edric."

Reese stands by the door for a bit, like she thinks she is being the shield of the Tavern for the moment. She gives Mae a grin, looking all proud that she helped. She then turns to Ainsley. "Okay, that sounds good Ainsley." She says, seemingly happy he is on it. She even will open the door for him.

Mae, too, steps aside, when Ainsley says he wants to go out. "Good luck, Deputy Commander," Mae says, flashing him a sweet smile. Then she turns and starts back over toward Merek. Along the way, she glances over to Lou and Kenna. "Thanks!" she says. Then, to Merek, "Hey, Merek... did you know you're sorta drippy?" she asks the man.

Kenna doesn't //actually// kiss the bartender but she does blow one at the man as she ambles her way out from behind the bar and goes to take up next to Lou where she was before. Nothing to see here folks! "Lou Grayson, yes? Princess?" Just making sure she's got the title right. "Kenna Whitehawk, sorry about that," and she makes a little handwave towards the spat of trouble.

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