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Subject Poster Date
Goods Trade Rymarr 05/24/19
Tailor needed for commissions AND rp Margot 05/24/19
Baker Needed Vincenzo 05/23/19
Muse Sought Narcissa 05/23/19
Commission Open Selene 05/23/19
A Horrible Book Brianna 05/22/19
Learning to Find what is Lost Marisol 05/22/19
In Need of Clothing Designs Mirella 05/21/19
Teach me to Pray Petal 05/21/19
Weaponsmith Needed! Miranda 05/21/19
Haggler Sought Brianna 05/21/19
Old Weapons Harlex 05/21/19
Dodge 4 Braith 05/21/19
A raffle to support the Mercies of Lagoma Danae 05/21/19
Tailor Trainer Jacali 05/21/19
Seeking a Haggler Raimon 05/20/19
Caravan Mercantile Candace 05/20/19
Wheeling Dealer Lilia 05/20/19
Survived Iseulet 05/20/19
Favors for Favors Belladonna 05/20/19
Training Sought Tescelina 05/20/19
Time on your hands? Josephine 05/19/19
Leadership Instruction Octavia 05/19/19
Knowledge of Economics Ishmael 05/19/19
LOOK OUT! Gawain 05/19/19
Prayers Wanted! Petal 05/18/19
Sellsword Available Henrick 05/18/19
Idiom Instructor Wanted Bonnie 05/18/19
Lottie's Place Lottie 05/17/19
Proprietor Needed Jaenelle 05/16/19
Merchant Needed! Olivia 05/16/19
In Search of a Rare Book Rysen 05/16/19
Sailing Instruction Tescelina 05/16/19
Sneaky and Quick Braith 05/15/19
Do you speak Eurusi? Thorn 05/14/19
Missing Wardrobe? Ilmia 05/14/19
Seeking Fellow Actors, Playwrights, Musicians, Bards, Artists, and other Creative Minds! Azolla 05/14/19
Bard and Captain for hire Evaristo 05/14/19
Sweet Talking Teacher Wanted Josephine 05/14/19
Rock Steady Ailith 05/14/19
Master Haggler Needed Zoey 05/14/19
Charities Needed Danae 05/13/19
Work for Oak Mercantile Seymour 05/13/19
Lottie's Place - Restock Lottie 05/13/19
Unique Fragrances Neviah 05/13/19
Market Expert Scythia 05/13/19
Endurance Training Tescelina 05/13/19
I will survive... Pharamond 05/13/19
House Available Draven 05/13/19
Saving Grace Hospital Jaenelle 05/11/19
Seeking Intellectual Tutors Alexio 04/16/19
Seeking Streetwise Knowledge Alexio 04/15/19
Smith Sought Lianne 12/08/17