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Past Actions

Action by Sorrel for Metallic Cycle

(Public Action, OOC Date: Nov. 28, 2018, 7:13 p.m.)

Sorrel has written seven songs that she wishes to spread far and wide to educate the public about the Metallics and remind them of their heroes from long ago. To this end, she's employing an army of bards to get the music out about Iron, Steel, Gold, Brass, Copper, Cobalt, and Silver. She's also trying to provide some historical context for her songs to those that are interested. Some songs are catchy, some are a little sad, some are a bit romantic, but they're all slightly different and designed to be memorable.

Please note that the text of the songs are contained in @theories 369-275, with a bonus track in 376 that will not be spread far and wide (even if Tyrval found it hilarious). There will be a relative slow roll-out of songs, to give people time to start singing them and learning about them, and the events for them are going to increase in magnitude as they go. The coordinating calendar listings are 2455 (Iron and Steel), 2579 (Brass and Gold), 2523 (Cobalt), 2524 (Copper), and 2525 (Silver). Songs will be hosted either in the Hall of Heroes or the Bard's College or another appropriate place for a musical party. Silver's song shall be hosted in the palace, per the king, as the grand finale.

Galen's going to be bankrolling the main tracks of this little would-be Metallic Opera with a substantial amount of resources.

Lisebet is going to help organize parties and she will use her social acumen and singing skill (which may not be bard quality, but it's not bad!) to help spread the songs. Hearing them over and over will definitely work in favour of this initiative.

Tikva will absolutely help Sorrel with this, and she'll do so by adding her songs to her performance repertoire and using them to entertain and educate at every available opportunity! Why not? Sorrel's lyrics are all better than hers anyway!

What's that about an army of bards? Gianna has one of those! Or at least the closest thing to. The College bards will be taught the songs, and Gianna will sing them herself as well, using her reputation, prestige, and social resources to help. If any College types are on their way through Arx going elsewhere, they'll be encouraged to spread those songs. Even other non-member bardic types will be encouraged. This is one of the reasons the College was founded, after all.

Y'know what would be a real boost to a show like this? Having one of the most prestigious people in the ding dang city jumping on board to tell people how very excited he is about it! Oh, wait a second! Niklas is one of the most prestigious people in the city! And he's willing to use that. I mean, when you're It then everyone wants to do the stuff you want to do, right? Might as well put that to good use.

Clover is not a singer, no. What she is, however? Is a very smart propagandist. And so that is what she is going to do. She is going to spread these songs far and wide. She is going to get everyone talking about them. She is going to mention to them to everyone she knows. She is going to get her people talking about them. And she's going to start creating little pamphlets with the verses of the songs, and spread those about the city as well!

Sparte is no singer, but he can tell a half decent story. Converting songs to taletelling, he'll try to inspire emotion not with the power of music but that of the listener's own imagination.

Sir Corban is not a bard. But he does sing. How is that? Well, on their morning "jog" around the Ward of the Crown, the King's Own must carry a cadence. And as First Captain, Corban often gets to call the tune. He will in particular promote the song of Silver, the founder of the King's Own. And as the King's Own's drills are often a matter of public spectacle, the songs will spread in that way.

Have you heard about Princess Sorrel and the Metallics opera she wrote? You haven't? Well, Sabella will tell everyone she meets ALL about it, enthusing at what amazing prose Princess Sorrel has come up with and also the music! She composed it all herself! And it tells such an important story. Oh, you have heard about it? Well, let's enthuse about it to everyone around us! She will be talking this up to EVERYONE, pointing out how important it is that these things be taught in many forms, especially ones with catchy tunes attached!

Sanya will use her charm and musical ability to help educate the public on music about metallics. She's hoping she can show her musical range through this job.

Eddard is a bard and is quite capable of putting voice to song. Comfortable clothes and no silks adorn him when he ventures down into the lower buroughs. People /probably/ know him, but nobody should raise their nose at him singing on street corners to anyone who will listen.

Giulio will help with those seeking to learn more of the songs, working to teach of their meanings and provide insights and details regarding those spoken of as necessary. Moreover, he will work to make certain that something akin to 'hymnals' on the subject are available for such.

Orelia is a much better singer than she is teacher or propaganda artist, so she'll take the songs out and go sing them for the public. Most of that will probably be in taverns, bars and pubs as well as other possibly less than savory places, but it may help the songs reach a new audience. She'll sing other places as well of course, more public places.

Sapphira is a bard, and loves to sing songs everywhere she goes. She will sing them to her family, to random strangers, or to the birds. The tunes will be shared and with her angelic voice as she explores the city.

Throughout the history of humanity, many have sacrificed everything for the Compact. Those heroes who stood alone against unbeatable odds. Those who stood in that moment when darkness would consume the world. Those who refused to give in, whose actions were more than could be expected of a mere mortal - who stood and fell as a guardian not just of a city or a fealty, but of ideals great enough to encompass all - those are enshrined in the Hall of Heroes. Many who travel to Arx only once in their lives spend at least a day touring the Hall, reading the stories. Looking at history.

And over time, these stories became allegories. Became morals. Became legends used to guide the next generation, and the generation after, and the generation after that. That is what enshrinement in the Hall of Heroes meant. But memories fade over time, and these legends were faded too - the statues worn in places with touches over the stone, the words carved into the pedestals not always legible. The thoughts more of the morals therein, the examples - and less on the people who sacrificed their lives in these ways.

But Princess Sorrel Thrax has changed that. With a series of concerts, researched well in Vellichor's Archives. With the blessing of the King, with support from Whispers and Bards, from people across the Compact, she has written songs about the Metallic Order. Of Iron and Steel, Gold and Brass, of Cobalt and Copper and Silver she sings. They're catchy songs all - some sad, some joyous, some heartrending. She sings them - and they spread so swiftly through the Compact.

Princess Tikva, Gianna Whisper - the Nightingale of the Bard's College herself - Lord Eddard, Lady Sanya, Lady Orelia, Lady Sapphira - all of them aid, either as fellow singers in her concert, or by singing the songs themselves, or both. Officer Sparte is no singer, but he tells the stories too, reciting them to inspire as he can. Sir Corban is no singer either, but he teaches the songs to the Hundred as a cadence - and now on the morning "jogs" of the Silver Swords, they're drilling while using the cadence of the Metallic Cycle - especially the song of Silver. They teach the songs, the stories to others. They encourage the songs to spread. And spread they do.

'Have you heard the Metallic Cycle yet?' It's a common question among the socialites too. Count Giulio, Princess Sabella, Prince Niklas, Lady Lisebet, Duchess Clover, and many other famed and famous people are encouraging everyone to learn, to hear, to sing. It's on everyone's lips - and Princess Sorrel is becoming the Singer of Heroes, even as everyone reminds themselves of the promise: "As Arx endures, we will remember."

Action by Gianna

(Public Action, OOC Date: Sept. 15, 2018, 10:02 a.m.)

For the past half year, the Bard's College has been under construction. Curiously, it was essentially the perfect building when Gianna first found it; the work has mostly been restoration and the construction of a stage suitable for putting on plays. Donations from various supporters has fueled rapid progress, and now the College is ready to open, fully functional. There will be an event. Gianna will perform at this event.

As the Voice of the Bard's College, Nik will be pulling all the strings he has to make certain that the grand opening of the Bard's College is seen as a momentous and defining cultural occasion in the history of Arx. The Black Rose what? The Empyrewho? It's all about the Bard's College. Your premiere source in the entire Compact for becoming the best performer, musician or singer possible and, for the party host, your source for the finest entertainers in the whole damn world. You heard me, Cardia! Your barbershop dragon quartets got NOTHIN' on the Bard's College! So he'll gladhand his fellow nobles and convince them that the grand opening of the Bard's College is easily the most incredible thing that's ever happened to them, even if they have beautiful children or fought in ugly wars, the Bard's College still comes in at #1! This could be THE moment of this era. Why would they not want to be part of it? And if they're going to be part of it, why wouldn't they want to donate so they can /really/ feel like they participated in a generational shift for Arvum? What's a few (thousand) silver if it means you can be a part of history? Legends come and go, people, but Nightingale Gianna is an ICON and ICONS ARE FOREVER. Be a part of her story! It'll only cost you your money.

Sabella will be going all out talking up the Bard's College opening to anyone that will listen! It's the first time something like this has opened in Arx and don't you want to be part of history?! Especially nobility--there's always a need for skilled musicians at parties and wouldn't you like the Whispers you hire to be able to mingle? Well, now they can because you'll have such wonderful, trained musicians to choose from thanks to the Bard's College! Why not show up for the opening and maybe make a donation!

Porter Kennex spends some time dragooning the more urbane ship captains, and the ones who were just inclined toward music in general, about the opening of the Bard's College. They should come. Bring your wives, they'll love you for it. Most especially, he provides a donation and starts a stipend to the Bard's College.

Aahana is using her charm and ways of conversation to mention EVERYONE who is ANYONE should attend the grand opening of the Bard's College. She provides social and economic writs in aide.

Who loves the arts? Elgana loves the arts! And nothing makes her heart soar more than the idea of assisting with the grand opening of the Bard's College. She knows how much love, blood, sweat, and tears (and maybe booze) that Gianna has poured into this, so Elgana will do her part, play her role, and ensure that it is the talk of the city, the Compact, for years to come for all the right reasons. Anyone who will give the Redrain princess a moment of their time will leave her presence knowing it is the place to throw their silver, their time, and the place to be seen if they want to be at the forefront of the social scene. Who doesn't love a good bard? And since she knows how much Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella love the arts she'll work with them as well to assist in spreading the love and the word to get those donations rolling in.

Given that Lucita is part of the bardic college, and Quenia is Lucita's protege, she wishes to see this organization thrive. She puts some of her social might behind it, as well as some of her economic might, and talks to all of her friends and allies about the organization, and how they teach others how to be the best performers they can be.

Wylla loves art! Of course she does. She wants others to love it too. She'll be providing a blessing at the opening of the Bard's College, and will be using her status as the Archlector of Jayus to throw some theological weight behind the college as well.

Eddard Clement takes to announcing himself as a member of the Bard's College everytime he performs at a low-key corner of a tavern or pub. Then reminding patrons of the soon upon them Grand Opening of the Bard's College! His time is well spent practicing songs of this sort or the other to ensure he is ready to *perform at the grand opening*.

Perronne does not necessarily LOVE art, but she likes art! And she likes the idea of the Bard's College, so she will go to her fellow merchants and speak with them about the economics of an organized group of bardic entertainers, who could potentially aid in the promotion of various goods and services, if well-payed and well-treated. She also points out the value of hiring bards on long caravans, and that bards trained and patroned by the College have a much lower possibility of being thieves or brigands in disguise. She donates significant of her own funds towards the opening and initial support of the college, and encourages her peers to do likewise.

The opening of the Bard College is a grand affair, hosted by - and hosting - many notables across the breadth of the city. The Nightingale herself performs - this is not a surprise, since the establishment of this has been her focus for years now. Prince Niklas handles publicity, organizing an army of people to talk about every facet of the upcoming event - Princess Sabella, Lord Porter, Lady Aahana, Princess Elgana, Marquessa Quenia, Archlector Wylla, Lord Eddard, and an adventurer named Perrone move through the city doing their best to make sure everyone knows what's coming.

And people show up from all across Arx, some even coming to the city for a visit with plans to see the College. The bardic tradition is important, and rumor has it that this old building, newly-refurbished, is quite beautiful indeed. And on the night of the grand opening, everything is stunningly perfect and polished within an inch of its life. The music is glorious, the company sublime, the acoustics absolutely amazing. And the mural? The mural on the floor is gorgeous, and no one can seem to agree on what they liked best about it.

In fact, upon closer examination the mural seems to shift depending on who's looking at it and when. Cleaned and restored, the night of the party people mention their favorite parts of the mural - a hooded figure with a lute, a woman with laughing green eyes and a sly smile opening her mouth to sing, a choir of figures singing in the woods, and sometimes it looks like the trunks of the trees have faces. It's a fascinating piece of art, and new details are seemingly noticed every day.

Action by Sabella

(Public Action, OOC Date: Sept. 4, 2018, 2:49 p.m.)

Since the weather has gotten good again it's time for the Second Annual Season of Free Children's Plays to start up in Nightingale Park the Lowers! Princess Sabella Grayson along with a host of others has pulled together some of the city's greats for one night a week while the weather holds to entertain the many orphans and poor families of the Lowers. Just a way to bring a little art and fun to the lives of those that need it! Light refreshments to be served at each performance with actors, painters, playwrights, musicians, and of course Princes and Princesses able and willing to talk to interested children about things after the show! The season will run until the cold of winter makes it prohibitive to sit outside. The current lineup looks to be:

The Seafoam Princess, The Fox and the Rooster, The Grumpy Gryphon, The Brothers Redrain, The Dragon and the Mouse, and The Reflection's Wish.

For the most part Niklas' participation is in writing the plays and helping Gianna write the songs. Otherwise, he goes where needed. Need an actor for a show? He's there. The Nightingale's got a cough? He'll sub in. Need a background painted? Well, it's not really his thing, but he can do it! Whatever it takes to make certain this series is a big success! He's also willing to hobnob so as to add his celebrity to bring more attention to the cause.

Tabitha will be happy to use her painting skills for set design and the creation of props, aiming to make them eye-catching and lovely in a way that will charm young minds. After each show she'll also be delighted to talk to the children for as long as they want, possibly doing some wax crayon drawing with them if seems like a fun and fitting idea.

Gianna leads the Bard's College's efforts to help the plays be a success. This means composition of music (themes for characters!) and possible involvement in Acting if there's a need for someone dignified and beautiful. No? Fine. Music, then. If Gianna has a soft spot, it's dealing with disadvantaged kids.

Who is that bubbly woman wearing a rooster hat and trilling out a merry cock-a-doodle-doo? Who is that laughing lady with the faux-fox tail pinned to the seat of her trousers chasing the children around before the play? Who is that spirited lass huffing and puffing dramatically in her dragon get-up for all to see? Why, it's Princess Caith! Every show, she shows up in some outfit (let's just tell it like it is: they're costumes .. ridiculously cute costumes) themed to whatever play is being performed. She plays games with the children as they wait for things to begin! She offers her lap to anyone who doesn't have a mommy or a daddy here with them (let's circle up and watch together!)! She hands out little stuffed toys (foxes! roosters! gryphons! dragons! meeses and mices! a princess doll with brushable hair!) after the shows and gives out hugs to any kid who wants or needs one! 'Wasn't this fun? Oh, I do hope to see you again at the next one! I will save you a spot beside me!'

But she's not just here for the fun of it (although it /is/ super fun). She's also representing the Heart in Hand charity! Caith has care packages for the parents, things that they will find useful in their daily lives. Bread and hard cheese for the tummies. Blankets for a good night's rest. Hats and mittens in the colder months to keep warm, lighter cloaks in the summer to keep off the rain. Things of that nature. And if they need something else, she lets them know: reach out to Heart in Hand because Heart in Hand can help!

Evonleigh will perform in the plays as an actress, happy to draw on her years of acting troupe performances to put on a show for the children of Arx. She will of course happily talk to the audience in the post-show talks as well.

As a child of the street, Jareth is looking forward to lending his name, aciting talent, and story to help those in the burroughs. Jareth the great, even in his own mind, being a great example of a way out of the slums and dangerous life of crime and poverty that ends so many lives prematurely. Also the fact the Princeess Sabella has asked if he would help, for one cannot say know to a patron of the arts like the princess!

Alessandro is here to help in any way he can! Be it ushering, looking lawyer-ly to discourage pickpocketing, or whatever Sabella needs on the day. He has also brought along his and Margret's new ward, Valarienne, one of the children rescued by Prince Ainsley, so that she can see the show and perhaps play with some of the other children.

When the question is asked, 'Won't somebody think of the children?' - inevitably Princess Sabella answers back, 'I'm on it!' And with this particular venture, The People's Princess arranges for the Second Annual Season of Free Children's Plays to start up in Nightingale Park the Lowers!

With the help of Lady Tabitha with set design, Gianna Whisper - the Nightingale Herself!, Lady Evonleigh performing, Jareth the Actor also performing, Prince Niklas filling in wherever needed, and Lord Alessandro making sure everything goes smoothly, the plays are put on exceptionally well. The Seafoam Princess, The Fox and the Rooster, The Grumpy Gryphon, The Brothers Redrain, The Dragon and the Mouse, and The Reflection's Wish - all wonderful children's stories the children of Arx know well - come to life on the stage.

And off the stage, Princess Caith is handing out smiles and stuffed animals to all the children who want so desperately to attend, paying special attention to children who seem like they might not have too many toys at home. All in all it's a grand, joyous affair, and the people of the city are happy to see Princess Sabella taking the lead in being so wonderful to the children.

Action by Sabella

(Public Action, OOC Date: July 24, 2018, 11:28 a.m.)

To introduce the newest Grayson Prince to their subjects, Princess Sabella and Prince Niklas will embark on a tour of the Crownlands taking with them family and friends that will help entertain the populace and make good impressions all around. This is not only to show people that Princess Sabella and Prince Niklas are amazing, but to introduce them to other family members (or in the case of Cassima should she join, future family members!) and remind those around Bastion that the Graysons truly do care about their people! There will be a parade, some charity work/donations, some free concerts, short one act plays, and maybe even a ball put on for commoners and nobility alike to attend! None Greater Than Grayson!

Is Niklas writing those one act plays? You bet your ass he is. Is Niklas occasionally singing with Gianna when she's okay with it? Uh, yeah. And, should Tikva decide to join them, is Niklas joining the Princess to banjo the living shit out of the good people of the Crownlands? Oh yes! But what Nik is really there for is gladhanding. He's there to let people know that as the new Prince of Grayson, and as the husband of Sabella, the People's Princess, he's there to be the People's Prince. As such he will be putting the majority of his effort into making friends with locals, especially the magistrates or mayors of the little towns and villages they visit along the way, as well as important commoners in Bastion itself. This isn't to say he's ignoring the Grayson family or their vassal lords at the steadfasts where they make their stops, but he wants to make certain the people know the story of Niklas and Sabella, the difficulties they faced and overcame in making their love match become a reality, and the happy ending that they're going to have. The two of them are the fairy tale so many commoners would like to believe the nobility live, and his job is to give each and every person he meets share in that magic.

Gianna is doing what she does best: singing. Singing and music, but she's always on about her best instrument being her voice, so really, she's just accompanying herself on the citole. May as well use that new instrument!

Delilah will gladly contribute to gathering stories, charming the populace, and listening to the various tales and concerns of the people. She's all about listening and showing a direct interest in the pulse of affairs in their home. After compiling all the information she can, she'll present a bound book of stories, legends, tales, and findings -- such as is appropriate, obviously any ribald love poetry or such gets a good scrubbing -- to the happy couple.

Roxana will be turning on the charm and accompanying Sabella on this diplomacy tour on behalf of her marriage and House Grayson. She'll subtly direct conversations towards the Princess' own virtues and good taste, as well as to the very successful history that Prince Niklas has as a playwright. Surely the Grayson vassals and common people can appreciate the arts, and how proud Grayson is to have such a famed talent now among their own. Roxana will use this opportunity to boost morale regarding House Grayson as a whole as well as the future of the Compact with Grayson at the helm.

Liara heard that someone might want a ball for Sabella and Niklas, and now there's going to be a ball, if she has anything to say about it. It will be hosted in Bastion, in the very biggest ballroom she can wrangle up. She's going to go ahead of the others to make sure it's all arranged to her liking. She plans on an extravagant affair, with abundant food and drink, music and dance, lots of floral decorations with pink peonies (their wedding flower, as she might explain to anyone asking) featuring strongly, and one big pelican-shaped cake.

Tabitha will naturally be talking up her wonderful patron, Princess Sabella, and the equally fabulous Prince Niklas, but she'll also provide her painting skills to add some artistry to their tour. Beautiful posters, invitations and cards will be made to advertise events as needed, and in addition she'll do whatever she can to provide decorations, props and other bits of loveliness to them. Yay! It'll be fun!

Princess Sabella and Prince Niklas are touring Grayson lands, and it seems Marquis Fairen was actually already planning a similar event, to have the Leary Family take the time to visit the citizens of Leaholdt together and show his people his care for them. While the tour goes on, Fairen makes it a point to visit with his people directly, speaking with the merchants and gentry of his Holdings to get a better, personalized understanding of the issues they face. Not to mention, he ensures to hold court, and resolve the issues he can in person, rather than through a messenger sent between Leaholdt and Arx. As for the Prince and Princess that are visiting, he welcomes them readily and hosts a dinner for them to honor not only their union, but the future Grayson Prince or Princess the pair of them have conceived. Additionally, for his own family, he encourages them to tag along, and expresses that they will get the opportunity to see the lovely Lady Valitina Leary II should they come along.

Using her incredibly commanding presence, okay not incredible but darn commanding darn it, Coraline will show her leadership capacity and help keep everything all organized and in military precision.

Kaldur will cut a fine and noble figure in the touring party, he and his fine, palomino warhorse Dumpling, a display of resplendent, martial gallantry. He'll turn on the charm, flash his dimples hither and yon, and polish his green griffins armor to a fare-the-well. The armor is a from none other than Princess Reese Grayson! Flying Seliki colors with the colors of the Great House to which he ultimately owes fealty. He'll also bring along Captain Hajo Xander and Cobalt, Commander of the Seliki Engineering Corps' cavalry to have the commander's face known.

Duke Bisland arranges a warm welcome for the new, happy couple when they visit Pridehall. Though he will not be there himself, being required in Arx, he does send word ahead to his family and Voice there, so that the strong relationship between Grayson and Bisland is put on display.

Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella, newly married and eager to settle in, make a tour of various Grayson lands. They start in Bastion with a parade, and performances by Gianna Whisper. Princess Roxana welcomes them too, showing family feeling and support and carrying the glad tidings of their arrival. Princess Liara throws them a party - she likes parties and it's clear she likes Sabella, and she does an excellent job of ensuring it goes off without a hitch.

They travel through Hawkhold with Lady Delilah singing their praises (metaphorically, she's not trying to compete with the Nightingale after all), and the people are clearly taken with the beautiful artwork Lady Tabitha makes for the goodwill tour. They travel through Leaholdt with Marquis Fairen, are welcomed in Pridehall by Duke Gabriel himself, and are made comfortable and at home by Lord Kaldur in the heart of Pearlspire.

Overall it's a joyous, occasionally raucous party made all the more safe with Princess Coraline providing some security for them, and keeping them all on schedule. At the end of the festivities, it's pretty clear that the new Prince Niklas has been welcomed into the fold, and that both he and Princess Sabella clearly believe there's None Greater Than Grayson.

Action by Niklas

(Public Action, OOC Date: July 1, 2018, 8:46 p.m.)

Let's put on a show!

After some dawdling, it is finally time for Niklas Kennex to have his debut at the Black Rose Theater featuring his comedy The Playwrights, a play about two (somewhat familiar) playwrights, and their growing rivalry during a royal playwright contest. The final synopsis of the play can be found in the The Playwrights - Final Version book (Other The Playwrights objects are of a draft and are owned by people who refuse to junk them because they are dust addicts, not that I'm talking about anyone in particular, Bastien.) and in a black journal to be posted 6/18/18. Niklas and his entourage will be working tirelessly to drum up excitement for his debut.

The following PC actors are being invited to participate in the action. (Most have been confirmed as participating. Other roles will be portrayed by NPC BRT actors.)

Lumen Whisper as Master Ashby Ravelin
Alejandro Rossetti as Lord Eduard Planchard
Yasmine Rovashani as Mistress Bailey
Jareth as Sir Miles Gloriosus

Direction by Bastien, set design by Mailys Corsetina (carpenter) and Lady Tabitha Whitehawk (painting), costume design by Aurora Thornburn, music by Nightingale Gianna and general hype by Princess Sabella Grayson and Rook Grayward.

And no, Lumen! Eduard and Ashby don't kiss!

Bastien is...grudgingly directing. But even though it was not his first choice of project to work on, he never works with anything less than total focus and dedication. The play is not his particular style, but he hones the comedy til it's sharp enough to cut -- if not in style, then at least in precision and timing. The actors likely get very tired of hearing "Pick up your cues!" but by the time the show opens, it has the pace it needs for the comedy to thrive.

Ashby and Eduard do /not/ kiss in the play. However, he will grudgingly allow the production to at least skim across a moderate amount of sexual tension. IF HE MUST.

Jareth looks forward to returning to the stage with the debut of a young protege playwright, Lord Niklas. An elder of the Black Rose Theatre, the lithe and charming actor will bring his usual flair and dedication to his craft in hopes of whooing the audience and holding them into the palm of his hand even when not the lead.

Yasmine Rovashani has made a name for herself by playing secondary characters in many of Arx's most popular productions. The Ravashari's natural comedic timing and, let's face it, ability and experience in working with Bastien, bring the character of Mistress Bailey to life in a way that makes the character relatable and yet does not detract from the performances of the leads. She'll also leverage her current popularity as a dancer and model to hype up the play and, hopefully, lure in the audience that it so richly deserves.

How does one do justice to a man as complicated and deeply, deeply, deeply feeling as Bastien--err... ASHBY. Lumen is bringing the brand of demure preciousness she's best known for to this all-around lovable grump! The whisper hides the tender, longing heart of Lord Eduard's best friend forever behind a protective armor of condescension, theatrical arm-crossing, and childlike pouting fits --- but not so thoroughly that the audience won't see the genuine man beneath, longing for others to reach out to him for unsolicited companionship!

...and then they kiss, right?

Aurora Thornburn, the prized tailor for the Mummers, creates each costume worn by the actors in the performance. She takes into consideration color, detail, and the importance of clothing in being able to portray the right feel within each scene. She wants the clothes to shine in their own right, creating emotions and bonds between stage and audience.

Almost any play is improved by having a good set and props. Therefore Tabitha will lend her skills as a painter to help out with the creation of both of these things, and maybe also with stage make-up should it be required. She'll also be mentioning the play whenever she can, talking up Niklas and the rest of the cast and crew; but really, her main task is to take care of the artistry. How fun!

It's Gianna's first time providing instrumental accompaniment for a play. Thankfully, she realizes she is providing support here and not trying to steal the show. Various musicians associated with the College will be helping her out.

Princess Sabella has been waiting her WHOLE LIFE to be able to talk up a protege like Niklas! And she will do so at every opportunity! Don't you want to be there for Lord-maybe-Prince-by-then Niklas' debut at the Black Rose? Have you seen any of his other plays? Well, this one is even better and incredibly hilarious! He's such a brilliant playwright and no party, tea party, quiet passing in the street or at the market will go without her brightly and cheerfully trying to ensure all of those seats are filled opening night and beyond!

Rook's a hype man, it's true, he can make a dozen well connected people get all very excited over one thing and obsess over it for weeks. In regards to Niklas' play, since Rook's own proteges are both acting in it and designing the costumes, it only makes sense that Rook is stirring up a craze here too! He's going to push the angle of two of the most prestigious commoners having a hand in the show; Mistress Aurora Thornburn is one of the most famous crafters within the city and Yasmine is known as one of the most well known models as well. The courtier's approach is going to focus on the upper echelon, clientele and investors he works with daily, hopefully to get some real money-movers and influencers in the house that evening.

Two of Calista's protege's are involved in the production of this play and this truly makes her one happy Duchess. She supports Alejandro and Jareth completely in all their endeavors. The Duchess of Roses adores the theater and as such offers additional 'hype' for Niklas' efforts as well as silver so that the newly crowned Prince playwright can pay his actors, stagehands, and crafters. Calista has a broad circle of influential people and she makes certain they all hear about the upcoming play.

Though acting is not his main strength, Alejandro has been recruited to take the role of Lord Eduard Planchard. He throws himself into studying the lines and the delivery of said lines, relying on his hard work and natural talent to help him perform as best he can. Being in front of a crowd like this will be new for him but he's not particular nervous. Just focused on getting it right.

In the long winter months, what is there to stop people from losing their minds with boredom? Why art, of course! And Playwright Niklas Kennex means to deliver! He takes his troop of Mummers out to the further ends of the Compact and starts debuting his play. At first, it is decently received, but as the troop gets more and more comfortable with their parts, and starts making each part their own, the audiences become more and more appreciative.

The closer they get to Arx, the greater the acclaim, until it seems all of Arx itself - or at least all those interested in the theater - are holding their breaths in anticipation of Opening Night at the Blackrose Theater. Direction by Master Bastien? Jareth not in the lead - but still playing a supporting role? Audiences do love him, and he's known for hamming it up. Yasmine, character actor and dancer? Lumen Whisper as a... man? Alejandro in a lead role?

Even the setup is amazing - Legendary seamstress Aurora making the costumes, music by Gianna, set and prop painting by Tabitha? This could be a changing point in the Black Rose history - or at least an exceptionally amusing play.

Certainly they're finding support from the haute monde, as it were. Lady Calista, Princess Sabella, and Rook all actively promoting their proteges and talking about the upcoming comedy. They plan to LAUGH and CRY and TALK ABOUT IT WHILE USING EXCITEMENT AND WILD GESTICULATIONS.

And as opening night approaches, the theater-philes of Arx are eagerly in line for tickets and ready to make it a night out on the town!

Action by Jeffeth

(Public Action, OOC Date: June 14, 2018, 12:53 p.m.)

We are going to Morning Mist Hill. A place lost to maps. A day or so northwest of the Twilight Court, heading towards the Mother river before it branches into the daughter. The mission is to find the ancient site of the orphanage and abbey that Sandrine fell at. We have the knowledge that Gray Forest Reavers, an abandoned Tribe, may have a shrine at this site, and they may be Teindpayers. Also Nox'alfar may be here? Unsure. Prince Tyrval has provided rough directions. A small team is going with Jeffeth Bayweather on this expedition as a scouting operation. The intent here is to get a look at what's going on and how possible setting up a future orphanage and abbey would be, setting up a holy site for pilgriamage.

Sir Jeffeth Bayweather will be ranging. His primary task will be making sure everyone survives to get to the location in question. The others will be brought around to make contact and BE NICE! We do not want to hurt or kill any Gray Forest Reavers here. If there is hostility, Sir Jeffeth is expecting the more social creatures in his crew to smoothe things over and make contact, learn about any potential paths forward. It also doesn't hurt that Jeffeth is bringing gifts (resources) to gift to the Abandoned tribe (or whoever they find), finely made things and treats that they may not be able to get all the way out here!

Bliss is not a diplomat. Nope. In fact, the Whisper loves nothing more, it seems, than riling up those around her - except, perhaps, attention. She can handle herself with her sword if need be, of course, but what she can really do is charm with song. Likely working with Niklas, she will use the universal language to soothe any worries or impress the Gray Forest Reavers.

But what she's really hoping for is an appearance from some members of her fan club. After all, that's why she's been asked along, isn't it? And if the Nox come out to meet their idol, she is just going to have the most wonderful time with them. She's even brought souvenirs - dolls of herself and the like. In a big box. Presumably dragged along by a mule. Someone is bringing a mule, right? Well, if not, there's Jeffeth.

Korka is coming along! She will assist in defending those going, and do her best to assist with smoothing any trouble over with the Abandoned (as she can). If they do make it to the orphanage/abbey, she'll scout it out and gather what info she can on who (and what) all might be using the ruins.

Princess Caith is here to FITE and be a BADASS!! Haha, no, don't be silly. Her role is to charm her little patoot off and soothe any hostilities that may arise. She is good at reading a room, figuring out the emotional wants and needs of a group in order to diffuse a situation. Plus? She's just delightful company! Stories, puns and laughter -- when appropriate. Always when /appropriate/. See: earlier 'reading the room' comment.

Niklas is going along with Jeffeth to act as the group's diplomat just in case any diplomatic crises break out. And to play the banjo just in case people need the morale boost! But mostly the diplomacy thing. While hiding behind Jeffeth for the most part.

Off Jeffeth goes, and he takes a merry band to travel to Morning Mist Hill, the place where Sandrine once met her end in the protection of children. They travel through the day, north and west of the Twilight Court, following the exceptionally vague directions Prince Tyrval gave and hoping they don't get accidentally caught in a Folly and killed. Though perhaps a few of them are privately thinking it would be nice to be caught in a Folly and survive (never tell them the odds).

And then Korka notices something in the trees. They're being followed. No one else notices it, mind - but she does, and when she points out the movement, an extremely aggravated and marginally embarrassed Nox'alfar shows himself. "Humans," says Norever, with a roll of his eyes and a heavy sigh. Even the sight of Bliss isn't quite enough to cheer him.

"You're running into Reaver territory," he says to them. "And if you get into a fight with them I'm going to help them win. Don't kill the Tiendpayers." He glares at them but then as they start to turn away to continue on, he blurts out as though the words are torn from him, "Can I have your autograph?" He hands Bliss a paper and pen and then slices his wrist open, offering it to her to use for ink. Not until she has signed are they allowed to proceed.%
Duly warned they move forward with caution. Jeffeth's size alone intimidates the people who come at last to meet them. But with Caith and Niklas doing more of the diplomatic talking, punctuated occasionally by very earnest comments about Sandrine and the children on the part of Jeffeth, they finally explain their purpose. The Reavers think about this for a long while.

"Alright," they say at last. "But we want a treaty with the Compact to leave our lands alone. We leave the orphanage alone and let pilgrims pass, and you leave our lands alone." Their main diplomat is man who speaks impeccable Arvani. "And don't think you can just agree here - you have to have a signed agreement from the King and the High Lords or we won't agree."

And then the Reavers leave the group with their hefty demands and an elf who crossly encourages them on toward home and away from the Gray Forest Reavers.