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Sister Constance Godsworn

Do not allow winter to end your growth.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Imperious Teacher
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Redrain
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 27
Birthday: 5/23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Pale

Description: Shoulder-length hair of dark chestnut brown pairs with snow-fair skin, glacial blue eyes, and blood-red lips to paint a portrait of this imperiously-featured woman. Despite her modest height, she carries herself with a regal, dignified, and perhaps even entitled aspect that makes its way into every curl of her sumptuous lips, arch of her dark brows, or narrowing of her long-lashed eyes. Her fine-boned features are more elegant than delicate, though one can be forgiven for confusing the two. Slim of body and limb, with artfully shaped collarbones raised to slender prominence, she lives long from anything athletic in build. Still, neither sticks or twigs shape her silhouette, and soft contours assert a sort of wintry sensuality to her form, more suited to the comfort of a crackling fire than the woodsy outdoors.

Personality: Frigid, aloof, distant, and regarded as something of a disciplinarian, Constance shares many similarities to the character of her native northlands. However, while those are wild and free, she has cultivated a dignified and regal attitude toward the world. Despite her cold and sometimes inhospitable demeanor, she cultivates a garden of warm secrets that she keeps from all but her dearest and most trusted companions. One of her more open-secrets is a deep-seated fondness for encouraging personal growth, learning, and perfection, and a desire to find it in the most unlikely of places.

Background: Constance was born a noble of House Redrain and had a markedly rebellious youth that ended in her voluntarily shedding the family name. In her childhood she defied her tutors and enjoyed spurning their lessons more than taking them to heart. Often, she would go out of her way to learn so that she may foil their plans in the most troublesome way possible. Her teenage years consisted of a shift toward the natural world, and the people in it. Criminals, warriors, and all manner of violent or seedy sorts captivated her imagination, and she followed them throughout the north on their journeys, flouting social norms. By necessity, she learned something of medicine, and this curiosity flourished into a passion that lead her to the Mercies. She looked at her traveling companions with a new eye for their talents and strengths, and in her adulthood, she saw how these people might serve their fellow Arvani. It lead to her renouncing her faith in Shamanism in all but the most informal ways, and her own Redrain surname name in a rather dramatic devotion to the Godsworn.

Name Summary
Anisha Sister Constance Godsworn is like a glacier. Implacable, relentless... And once she thaws to you, providing the finest succor you will ever find. Hers is a mind of delightful tales and keen insights, and I am pleased to have found her as my companion. I am sure we shall have many exciting times together, and I am sure that the ice will continue to thaw and offer only the most refreshing waters to drink.
Arianna What a delectable little treat. I can't wait to get my hands on her. Wait, what?
Gabriella I know not many Godsworn beyond good Sir Jeffeth and the various members of Solace I have acquainted myself with, but Sister Constance makes a fascinating example of them. There is a sharpness to her, in her words, in her eyes, that I find deeply compelling. And apparently, we unknowingly share some opinions in common. As fine a mark of a fine woman as any.
Gaspar A priestess from the North with a smile able to melt hearts colder than the lands from which she hails. Beautiful beyond measure, intriguing beyond imagining. I eagerly wish to learn more about her.
Joaquin It's always about change with the Mercies, isn't it? But to be fair, speaking of flaws without the intent of changing them would be foolish even for me.
Lora A godsworn from the Northlands. Unusual enough, but I think she will fit right in.
Lucene I didn't get to interact with her much, but I liked what I saw and heard. Perhaps, in a less crowded setting, we could sit down and talk one day. It is always interesting to spend time with someone new to Arx - it has a way of making me feel less like I;m the ignorant one.
Rowenova A mercy medic who just returned from the Northern lands she says. An entertaining sort and good company who I would love to meet again sometime soon!
Rysen She seems kind and intelligent, with a good sense of humor. The Northlands is lucky to have her as a representative of The Faith.
Shard I don't honestly know who this person is. She wasn't happy though.