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Tiye Moretti

All the world is a story, and all of life a song. Never let it fall silent.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Wandering Bard
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Moretti
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 7/7
Religion: Pantheon (?)
Vocation: Bard
Height: average height
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: golden
Skintone: deep brown

Description: Tiye Moretti a woman who seems made to draw attention; her smiles are warm and ready, her gestures are expansive, and it seems like nothing she does is done halfway. Her long jet-black hair is bound into countless tight locks and braided in place, with a sense that were it not it so restrained it might burst free with as much energy and life as Tiye herself. Her skin is a few shades lighter and warmer in tone than her hair, and her eyes are a surprisingly bright golden hue that seems to miss little. Everything about her presence seems almost deliberately honed to demand attention, as one might expect from a bard.

And yet, in those moments when she gets uncharacteristically quiet, she might almost vanish unnoticed among a crowd. Perhaps that's why she cultivates a persona that demands attention; if no one can ignore her, so too can no one overlook or forget her.

Personality: Tiye is a bundle of curiosity and anecdotes wrapped up in package and tied off with a bright and ready smile. She'll walk into an inn a stranger, and walk out knowing everyone who passed through. That merchant? She'll buy him a drink and listen to him talk about his family. The bartender? By the time she moves on she'll know which of his joints ache when the weather changes. The world is nothing but a collection of stories, and every story -- no matter how big or small -- is one worth hearing about. And all those little stories help her to know how best to deliver the news she has to share, to tailor her show to her audience. But then the wind blows her on to the next town, and the next set of stories, for Tiye seems to find it hard to sit entirely still.

Background: Tiye's full of tales she can repeat verbatim a countless number of times, and yet the one tale which always shifts between tellings is her own. She's the child of a star-crossed love betwixt noble and priest, born out of love but sent away as an orphan in shame. Her mother was a sailor caught in a terrible storm and swept across the seas to wind up, shipwrecked and half-dead, on the shores of Eurus where she met and fell in love with the merchant who saved her and nursed her back to health. She's the child of farmers who were displaced by terrible monsters who rampaged through the land. She's originally from some group of Ravashari and bent the knee, and that's why she's constantly moving along like a leaf blown in the wind. She's a disgraced runaway noblewoman, who fled a loveless and abusive marriage to some wretched old man, and that's why she can so perfectly put on courtly airs and manners if she chooses.

There's an endless number of stories, tailored to what she thinks her audience wants to hear, and many of them quite obviously fabrications. But then, what can one expect from a traveling bard if not a bit of showmanship?

And so she greets every question about herself with a warm smile and a ready -- and often ridiculous -- answer... but the actual truth of her past stays locked somewhere behind that sharp golden gaze. And whatever that truth might be, it seems unlikely that Tiye will ever let it out.

Now the wind's blown her into Arx, a city with so many new stories to learn. Who can say what she might find here? It's an adventure, and one Tiye's eager to undertake.

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