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# Status Crisis Participants Public?
2882 Resolved Norwood, Natalia, Faye, Cristoph, Amari and Cullen True
2454 Resolved Cristoph, Jael, Norwood and Nicia True
2421 Resolved Cristoph, Jael, Nicia, Margerie and Amanda True
2168 Resolved Thena, Orazio, Cristoph, Harper, Daemon(RIP), Jeffeth, Coraline and Brannen True
1898 Resolved Cristoph and Nicia True
1848 Resolved Cristoph, Calista, Bianca, Jael, Norwood, Eiran, Reigna, Klaus, Margerie and Thorley True
1620 Resolved Cristoph, Corban, Nicia, Reigna and Kael True
1584 Resolved Ailith, Edain, Aleksei, Bianca, Cristoph, Corban, Clover, Thena, Reigna, Margerie and Sorrel True
1383 Resolved Alis, Antonio, Fiachra, Cristoph and Edward True
1242 Resolved Cristoph True
1150 Resolved Cristoph True
360 Resolved Cristoph, Aislin, Niamh(RIP), Sigurd, Jael, Demura, Tikva and Isidora True
359 Resolved Cristoph True
186 Resolved Cristoph True
19 Resolved Cristoph True