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Lord Jayden Ravenseye

If you listen just right, you might hear voices on the wind; if you look close enough, you might see dancing in the grain.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Noble Luthier
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Ravenseye
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 3/23
Religion: Shamanism; Jayus
Vocation: Luthier
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: grey
Skintone: light

Description: Jayden is tall, standing somewhere near six feet; he has a slender but lithe build that seems whip-quick at times though quiet and motionless at a moment's notice. His hair is the black of a raven's wings, and his eyes a smokey grey that seems to sit the impossible place precisely between brown, blue and green. His hair has natural small curls that he lets grow to about his shoulders, keeping it in a sort of messy-neat state that seems effortless yet purposeful all at once. He generally keeps a light light beard well trimmed to the point it more hints at a beard then is a true one. When he is serious, his face can easily take on a completely cool, black look with ease -- but when he smiles it lights the whole of his face up.

Personality: Jayden is not the typical scion of the North, being a somewhat quiet and introspective young man; but it isn't that he's shy, for he will open up easily. He simply likes to observe the world around him, especially the people and signs of the spirits. He's easy to smile and easy to laugh, but hard to anger. For Jayden, anger burns cold and hard. When he makes a friend, he's loyal to them, but if betrayed he does not forgive easily.

Background: A Ravenseye cousin, Jayden grew up in Stormheart as a quiet, content and attentive child. He was an imaginative young man, often just staring at the cold wind as it rustled through the winter trees around the, lost in something that mesmerized him. His father taught him when he was old enough to hold a knife steady how to carve and widdle, intending it to just improve his reflexes and the strength of his hands, but little did the man know but he was dedicating his son to a future of art and beauty.

That's not exactly typical for the his house. Sailors and the like for the most part, the life never suited Jayden. As he grew older, he became fascinated with the idea of instruments-- wood and wind, his favored spirits-- and turning his creative talents into making them.

He came to Arx a couple years ago, and has made a name for himself for the quality of his instruments that he makes, names, and then gifts to those who are of need or worthy.

Name Summary
Caspian A noble who crafts? Interesting! And musical intrusments as well! I'd love to see some of his work some time.
Gianna He makes very good instruments and the College is lucky to have him.
Melody A talented and friendly luthier -- There's very few folk like him in the city that tend to stick out, but he was absolutely wonderful to drink with and he even knows his way around /other/ instruments, like pianos.
Petal He seems like a thoughtful and talented man.
Reese He makes instrument and knows the spirits. Seems to be an interesting and artistic guy.
Zoey An outspoken man from a tribe of new additions to the Compact. He is opinionated and passionate, but he is not crude or brash in his manners. I appreciate a good philosophical conversation, and he supplies.