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Snow Foxpaw

I saw them in the Valleys and summets, in the branches of the trees. They spoke to me, called me friend, held me fast, and loved and protected this wandering mountain child, I am more than Snow, because they called me beloved of the spirits.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Prodigal Healer and Shaman
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Foxpaw
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 19
Birthday: 11/23
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: average height
Hair Color: platinum blond
Eye Color: pale-blue
Skintone: pale skin

    Standing at a modest height of 5 feet four inches, this youthful looking male has the gaze of someone seeing beyond things rather than in the moment. With pale blue eyes reminiscent of the snows in the northern mountains, and platinum blond hair pale enough to be called white, his visage could easily be called ethereal.
    His hair is kept long, bound back to his mid back with a leather thong, decorated with beads made from animal bone. it reveals a face that is youthful and more angular, giving the boy an elfen appearance, with a pointed chin and soft lips that are full and prone to holding a thoughtful frown. Narrow shoulders and long skinny arms and legs give him a coltish look to his body, with hands that are delicate if a bit wide through the palms.
    His chest and stomach are flat and well toned, hips flaring out just slightly to give a bit of an androgenous hourglass shape to an otherwise masculine if soft figure.
    Thighs are on the wider side, though still muscled and well toned while his calves are chiseld showing most of his body strength to be in his lower half. Feet, are smaller as well, and callused if ever revealed showing that this youthful individual is used to walking barefoot.

    Snow is a quiet almost intense person who's presense is reserved and almost too serious upon initial reactions. He doesn't look at a person based on outward appearance but always wants to see the why of things, whether it's why they are hurting, why they are angry, and what spirituality has effected their life. he is aggressive and fiercely protective about who he considers family.
    He enjoys his healing work, and his work with perfumes and oils because it's personal it's helpful, but it also lets him see more of a person, whether it's through pain and the relieving of it, or creating something to help someone draw the attention of another. He is wanting to see that in his life how things work, how people work, and how the spirits help others, not just himself in daily life.a

    Born in the north, Snow was born in the mountains to a roaming tribe of hunters and gatherers who clung heavily to the old ways for generations after the compact was established. Though by the time he was five years old most of his tribe of people were dwindled away, from death, war and disease. He found most of his time as a child was spent on the chores or being alone to walk through the woods. And it was there, that he found his kindredness with the land around him, finding everything to be special in a way to him. This was improved by the elders of his tribe and soon he studied to be an herbalist, and healer, though when another shav tribe made a raid on their lands they destroyed everything leaving a young Snow to flee down into the valleys and hiding places. It was then that The spirits of the mountain he called home hid him, he claims, a blizzard rising up and blanketing the ground with ice though the day he insists had been clear.
    Since then he had communed and studied until He stumbled into a camp of Redrain soldiers , and in exchange for assistance in healing he was given food and a place to rest. From there he was brought back, and in exchange for lodging and work he was to swear fealty to Redrain and be accepted into the compact.

Name Summary
Aahana He is a bit quiet but I suspect he has quite the number of stories to tell as to why.
Aiden Never judge a book by it's cover. Snow is the epitome of this metaphorical phrase.
Aksel A shaman that is struggling with who he is. I bet the Spirits absolutely love that. Seems like a decent enough sort of fellow, though.
Alexis Quiet and... Am I allowed to say small when I'm smaller? Quiet and small. Seems gentle and kind, tho'. Soft Northern Boy. That's not an insult. Soft is nice.
Ann A delicate man with a mind (and nose) for perfumes. He doesn't seem to be lost within the city of Arx even though he seems to be a fish out of water. I know he's far from home but I hope he takes root here and finds what he is looking for.
Apollis Could be a cousin if you look at him.
Ariella Clearly new to the city. Soft of heart. That won't serve him here.
Caspian He feels a bit on the quite side, but he seems to be overall a good guy.
Clara I don't know what he said exactly... somethin' about my axe not being a war axe, I think... I was too busy bein' angry with Cullen.
Cullen Definitely knows his way around a mortar and pestle, the concoctions he was creating smelled absolutely delightful, and his personality showed a dry wit - always a good thing.
Darren Curious and eager, it seems. I hope he will embrace the ways of the Compact as expected, or his journey will be a difficult one.
Emmelline Seems to be a bit unfamiliar with the social courtesies, but then he is young. I'm sure he will learn quickly with a bit of help.
Harlex A friendly young man and a perfume maker, the good natured and the kind are abundant in Arx. Such people make clear why it must be protected.
Holt Some kind of shav. He talks funny, but I'm sure Caspian was glad he was here.
Ingrid A young northern lad who says that he creates perfume for the nobility and is also a healer. He seemed hesitant to mention that he was a shaman, especially with the shift in religious climate regarding shaminism. Still, he seems like a friendly sort.
Jarel A man who values Shamanism, and that's a solid in my book. I wonder ... Hm perhaps in due time.
Joscelin Beautiful voice, he smells of tinctures and essential oils. I mean to keep this one in my employ if I can.
Kenna We need more healers like snow, just all jonny-on-the-spot.
Leola A prodigal. Hmm. A hunter. Well, thats't to be expected. They remind me of someone - I wonder what path they'll choose here.
Lou I like his gumption, and his eagerness, especially when I offered to speak in his own language. He's got an explorer heart, and will very likely be a good fit. Plus, we can /always/ /always/ use more healers. Always.
Magnus A Shaman and healer recently come to the city. He seeks a house to serve as both, and thus far, I see no reason why he might not find swift employment for one of the Peers of the realm.
Monique Anyone touched by the Spirits is okay by me. Someone I'll have to get to know better in a more private setting, I think. He has good stories, I can tell.
Orelia He's a funny little thing, isn't he! But in a charming, innocent sort of way. Seems harmless enough, and pleasant to pass the time with.
Orvyn Still learning the language and yet behind that small stumbling block there is an intelligent mind and spirit. Someone that will bear further observation in the days to come.
Petal He is a prodigal like me and lost his clan like me. He seems like a decent guy and I hope that he finds success here.
Reese A healer and an apothocary and one who knows the spirits. He is probably a man who I should know. I get hurt lot sand well the Gray Forest is filled with spirits, at least I think so. He seems like a decent guy.
Ruval Energetic kid, seems to get nervous easily, but a Prodigal and I see no reason to have a problem with him.
Skye He's very sweet to try to help to catch my dog. He seems to struggle a little with Arvani. He might be a prodigal. I haven't met many of those in person before. He seems like a nice enough fellow.
Valarian A nice enough lad who seems to be giving it his best to make it here, but it's definitely a different culture than he's used to - and the casual violence and exploitation and manipulation that are a part of daily life here is something he'll have to learn to endure.
Violet A man recently from the far north and new to the Compact. I hope that I can help ease him into the turbulent waters that Arx holds for him. But he seems a man of good heart. And I am guessing an alchemist as well.