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Lady Marvella Mazetti

A return to a place never seen. That's what it's like when you understand what you cannot speak.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Always A Lady
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Mazetti
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 36
Birthday: 04/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: inky black
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: lightly bronzed

Description: Marvella is a picture of elegance, grace, and style. She is slender and tall with raven black locks and dark eyes, accompanied by perfectly arched brows, thick lashes, high cheekbones and a lighter complexion than that of most of her family. Many consider her stunningly beautiful and Marvella makes a point to always appear her best. It is said Marvella bears a noticeable resemblance to her late great grandmother, Aimara Mazetti.

Personality: Marvella once found herself described by others - particularly her brothers - as having a serious chip on her shoulder. However, her romance with her late husband brought to light a whole new, much warmer and kinder, woman. These days, Marvella is known more for her deep loyalty to her family. She works hard to keep House Mazetti and its city-state of Ostria in good order to sustain it for future generations. She is also a nurturing woman, with a fierce protective streak.

Background: Marvella was born to the youngest daughter of the then Marquis of House Mazetti, well out of the line of inheritance. To further complicate matters, Marvella's aunt continued the trend of many of the Hydra, and herself had four children - each of whom inched their way ahead of Marvella herself when it came back to that pesky issue of succession. As a child, Marvella had no real reason why she should begrudge her aunts, uncles, and cousins this so much, beyond a sense of a spoiled girl's entitlement. This lead to a desire to prove herself, and so Marvella excelled in her studies, above and beyond what was expected of her. Even so, she remained discontent well into her late teenage years, feeling as though all her effort was for naught, despite being given the distinct honor as standing witness to a very grave matter between House Mazetti and House Malvici.

It was while in this fugue that she met Edric, a young lord of House Steelhart, himself well out of the line of inheritance. As Marvella herself tells the tale, it took a good deal of coaxing, more than their share of arguments, and an unflappable determination to woo her before their courtship was made official. A new chapter of Marvella's life started then. As her happiness bloomed, she looked around herself and realized that, all along, her family had valued and loved her - not simply saw her as another tool in a vast mechanism that served no real purpose other than endless repetition. She understood all that she had taken for granted, and was ashamed by it. It was then that she agreed to marry Edric, to make the most of her life, and to cherish that which it had given her, rather than resent that which it had not.

While it is said that a Steelhart rarely smiles, the now Lord Edric Mazetti certainly did at the birth of the first child, a daughter the couple named Proceria. Together, their joy only grew when their second daughter, Sophia, was born. In the year 1003 AR, however, tragedy it had so many others that year. Shortly before Marvella was to have her third child, in the beginning of the King's Rest, Edric went missing. Ever a duty-bound man, he left Ostria for Arx with the intent to offer his services there.

He never made it.

Though House Mazetti sought long and hard, they never found anything more about Edric's disappearance other than his last known location before he regrettably parted company with a small group of the Knights of Solace. He never met his son, Elric, whom Marvella named in his memory. And of Marvella herself? Her hope that he would be alive burned bright, then her hope that any news of him at all replaced that. Eventually even that guttered out, and she finally let herself mourn him, and mourn him she did, for a long time. Yet she kept Edric's first gift to her, and that was happiness.

These days, with so many Mazetti doing the nigh unthinkable and making the journey to Arx themselves, Marvella has chosen to embark on a new adventure. With her expertise in aiding in the running a large noble household, she's only too sure that she can be of great help to her cousins in the capital.

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