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Genevra Artiglio

"The loyalty of a Hound is savage and priceless; she'll never lie to you, she'll look you straight in the face, and die for you."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Loyal Guard Captain
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Artiglio
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 32
Birthday: 4/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Guard
Height: average height
Hair Color: ebony
Eye Color: blue-gray
Skintone: olive

Titles: Guard Captain of House Velenosa

Description: Few would call Genevra Artiglio a fragile beauty, yet with her tall, powerful frame and chiseled features, there is something striking about this handsome woman. She is well-sculpted from meticulous training, yet leans toward a comfortable heft in the hips and thighs that seems to only make her more powerful in a fight. This is not a woman born to be swathed in silk, but a warrior to be clad in leather with a sword grasped in her hand.

Personality: The Captain of the House Velenosa Guard is supposed to be rather serious about her job and Genevra does take her job very seriously. But that's about all she takes seriously. Otherwise, she is known for her wicked sense of humor and a love of pranks. It is said that the most mischievous of the palace children learned everything they know from her. In general, Genevra prefers to be easy-going and good-humored, unless it is time to bring the blades out and do her job. She seems to view her charges in the Velenosa family with a degree of protective possessiveness. In that case, she turns into a single-minded entity, intent on protecting what she thinks is hers, which, from all appearances, is the entirety of the Artiglio and Velenosa families.

Background: Genevra Artiglio was born into the family of Lenosia's loyal Hounds, meaning that any career she chose would likely be heavily influenced by the city's reigning House. Some might have chafed at that, but Genevra found herself to be quite happy learning to fight with the House Guard with her ultimate goal being to one day lead them as their Captain. She worked hard and mostly maintained discipline. There were a few scrapes here and there, mostly involving some of the involved pranks she would pull.

Training and working left Genevra little time to start a family of her own, but she found satisfaction in doing her job well. By the time she was promoted to Captain in her late twenties, fewer people were poisoned in the palace under her watch than had been in generations! Genevra was considered quite success by anyone's terms and settled into a comfortable position in maintaining her charges and continuing to serve with diligence.

Then, Archduchess Carlotta Velenosa was killed. Genevra remained in Lenosia to protect the family there. Then, Archduchess Esera Velenosa was killed. Still, Genevra remained where she was, believing that she could best serve the Velenosa by protecting their home. When Archduchess-Consort Deva Velenosa went missing, Genevra struggled to believe that she was more helpful in Lenosia instead of in Arx, where clearly the House Guard was failing in their one, most important task. After hearing more rumors of injury and death befalling members of the Velenosa family, Genevra requested a transfer to Arx to take over from the clearly incompetent House Guard Captain at the Velenosa Estate in the capital.

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