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I'm not trying to /do/ anything. I'm just here....Is that a roast beef?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Eccentric social arbiter
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Serving the Bislands
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Religion: Unknown
Vocation: Advisor
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Brown

Description: A friendly looking and outgoing man with dark skin. He has brilliant hazel eyes that survey his environment with constant alertness and not a touch of introversion. A mop of dark brown hair rests upon his head. His young appearing age is belied by a gaze which seems to hold wisdom beyond - until of course he speaks.

Personality: Is he brilliant or imbecilic? Is he of fantastic manner or exceedingly irreverent? Jev is a polarizing individual: people tend to hate him or love him. His flights of fancy, odd misjudgements and spontaneous outbursts are often considered either endearing or grossly inappropriate and annoying. Always finicky and seldom serious. Or is he being serious? His eccentrism nearly makes him a parody of himself. Those intrepid enough to get to know him, however, tend to learn something else.

Background: Jev grew up in Pridehall. His childhood and teen years are of very little note. He grew up to two commoner parents - one an artisan and the other a teacher. He was well studied and well read at a very young age.

He took leave from his family to Arx of his own volition. There was no real rhyme or reason to it. He just wanted to see what it was like.

He could not have been happier living on the streets in the boroughs and rubbing elbows with folks from all walks of life. He studied with the scholars for a time - got kicked out of that. He worked a pub for a week, got fired from that. Tried his hands on the docks - stopped showing up. He's tried his hand as an artisan, tailor, crafter, barber's assistant.... Fired, fired, fired.

Somehow - who knows how? He probably couldn't even tell you how! He was 'discovered' by House Bisland and put to work to tend to the library and do other sorts of odd jobs around the estate in Arx. He soon found himself asked all sorts of mundane questions about things like 'politics' and 'diplomacy' and asked to look at ledgers... It's all very confusing.

Name Summary
Agatha Says he's not drunk, but all the empty shotglasses beg to differ. He keeps looking at me funny.
Aleksei Well, I was worried that he was going around /outside/ in a towel, but after that was cleared up he was a nice enough guy!
Amarantha Willing to join a Lycene drinking game and able to best me. Plus he insulted Gaston. Jev is a wonderful man in my book.
Apollis A regular gumshoe over here.
Avary This boy is very strange, kind of cute, but very strange.
Elgana A curious man who enjoys juice and interesting conversation. I'm not sure about this one, but he seems different from many others I have met in the city.
Fairen An... Interesting sort. Ambition, I can understand and appreciate. But there is a certain point where it simply teeters on lunacy.
Ignacio He seems to be an odd man, but an interesting one with a good spirit...
Iseulet Most brazen man I have met all week.
Jeffeth He introduced himself and asked a lady to dinner in the same breath. I hope he learns how to do it proper.
Jordan A very humorous man with literally less reins in what he speaks than me. Amusing, certainly, especially since he's very cheerful.
Joscelin Clever fellow, quick with words.
Luca Strange. Perhaps more clever than he allows for. I won't call him boring, that's for sure.
Marian A bit of an odd fellow but rather friendly enough I suppose. He has interesting ideas on how fights are suppose to go.
Michael This guy as a keen eye. And everyone *else* seems to know it too. I wonder how much my Father utilizes him. And if he'll notice when I steal him.
Mirari This asshole just walked into my back room. Didn't knock. Didn't even hollar, just walked right in and asked for a pair of pants. He either has immense brass balls, or he's got a death wish.
Otakar A very strange fellow, had many questions about favoring certain gods over the other, or perhaps the Faith over the spirits? I wasn't sure, so I just threw something out there when he kept asking. And then he didn't like my answer about coffee. Nice sword, though.
Petal Eager to learn of flower names in Shav. He seems very nice.
Reese Very very cheerful and a general nice guy.
Rinel I know nothing about the man, save that he is in excellent health. Gods.
Theron Very chipper individual who likes to smile a lot. Apparently a very unflaggingly happy guy.
Thesarin I don't... what?