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"... You look as if you expected something. Just keep waiting, stay right there - enjoy your days like I have and avoid the Bears."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: A Reclusive Widow
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Nightgold
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 30
Birthday: 02/06
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Artisan
Height: average height
Hair Color: platinum/flaxen
Eye Color: pale aquamarine
Skintone: fair/scarred

Description: The mountains do not bow to those who choose to live within them; the dweller must 'mold' to the mountains.
In such Jorunna has honed and hardened her physique to a stature that is a survivor, a hunter, and a woman that has lived, loved, courted, and danced with nature's trials in a way that hardened not only her icy blue gaze, but forged her to fit into the unforgiving wild of the North, from the skin she 'wears' to the natural flow of her gait and the defined contours of her form that show just how 'rigid' she can be.

Personality: Jorunna is a mystery, a whisper, and a rumor. The life of solitude in the Mountains has made her seem withdrawn, unapproachable, and her unreadable stare as well as wariness makes that personification seem all that much more real.
She is blunt, curt, and business-like in most exchanges, as that is all they are to her before she retreats again to leave the rumors to spread like a newly kindled flame.
As such she is a shadow in passing, but perhaps it is tha wild spark inside her that leaves a fire behind her.
No matter to her. Jorunna is /free/.

Background:      Jorunna was born in the mountains. The summers were busy, the winters - harsh, but before she could even fully walk and forge a straight path on two legs she was riding the Fjord Wild Horses.
     Funny, how she remembers them more than she does her father's face, but his smile surrounded by bristly beard and the bellow of laughter is still as sharp as the feel of the beast beneath her that threw her for the first time and awakened her into her first fight for survival that left her scarred and her father dead.
     But she woke weeks later to the news that hardened her heart and froze her very soul.
     Not much is known about Jorunna and her mother in those years due to the distance between thm and the civilization within the mountains save speculation. For a few years she came down, selling horses captured, tamed, and trained into hauling the heavy loads from the mines. Then her mother's presence all but disappeared, and few times she arrived with a sturdy man at her side upon horseback, his silence doing no favors for the rumors to spread.

Only one year later did Jorunna come alone again, and has ever since, plying her trade and disappearing back into the mountains - only seen rarely at the taverns between 'civilization' and her secluded home.
     Sometimes, though, the inner bass of drums is not just a heartbeat, but a calling; through the last year more and more has been seen of the woman, despite her words being less-than-telling.

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