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Past Actions

Action by Alrec

(Public Action, OOC Date: July 31, 2018, 10:54 a.m.)

Along with his crew and some volunteers, Alrec will take his ship the Bullshark of Setarco and follow the cobalt compass wherever it now leads. The intent of the mission is to see, scout, and learn; therefore as soon as it's clear what the compass is pointing to, the team will turn for home to report their findings.

Delighted to join the adventure, Delilah will serve a fundamental purpose of keeping lookout for trouble. She knows the subtle signs of matters going awry in a broad scope. Keeping track of anomalies and anything out of the ordinary, she will record the findings of strange behaviours in logs and records for the expedition. Further, she takes responsibility for corroborating any necessary measurements or descriptions of odd phenomena, whether it's a weird current behaving strangely or any strange creatures defying description. She'll supply the investigatory side of things towards the usual adventurous purposes -- spotting trouble, being the source of strange facts, and the like.

Eshra will be going along on this merry adventure! She is a damn good sailor and navigator, which in this case may be more important. Someone needs to know where this thing is taking them! Also she is very near being a shav herself, having only bent knee within the last couple years. That said, if and when they run into tribes of abandon along the way, she can act as an liason between the two. And adventure! Oh and if Alrec takes a stray arrow, well there is someone to get them all home.

Demura joins Alrec's crew for the expedition, bringing her military expertise to the table as to help them in case they face any hostile threat as well as using this opportunity to learn more about Arvum. The Lyonesse Marquessa will provide some supplies for the expedition (OOC: military resources) in hope they can sustain the journey for as long they need.

Felix is coming along, to be someone who knows a little about this and that, another blade and armored body. He'll be able to effect some repairs if needed, or provide some simple smithing using the ships tools should such be necessary. An extra pair of eyes and hands, even if he's got no particular skill with tending to a ship at sea. Prayers to Mangata will be had, with an offering at her Shrine by the Sea, and the Shrine within the City. (Eco writs).

The Compass once led to the Gyre - common knowledge among those who know where it came from. But the Gyre is dead, and so now it remains to be seen where the Compass leads. And so they set out. And at first, the Compass spins, pointing nowhere at all, never coming to a stop.

Yet over time, as they sail away from Arx and into the Mourning Seas proper, it seems the Compass finds a direction. They follow it, heading east, and east, and further - beyond Darkwater Watch and to the place where the Darkwater once rested. All the way to the twisting spire that rises up from the water in the center of where the Darkwater once was.

They make their way to the spire, which is little more than a white and shining staircase, twining up into the sky. They go - ashore? - they head to this spire and take the stairs up and look out. Now the Compass is spinning again, as though they've reached whatever it wanted them to see. Looking out across the water, the vista is glorious - the horizon stretches beyond them, and the only land that can be seen is the tiny spec of the island that holds Darkwater Watch in the distance.

And then they look down, and for a moment they see a shining, beautiful city beneath the waves and water. There's a whisper in the air. "Mardomum." Then a darkness comes over them, and a feeling of danger. They race down the stairs as fast as they can, anxious to leave that place. Boarding their ship they start to make their way back to Arx, grateful as their sails fill with wind and their ship cuts through the waves. A storm rolls in but they continue undeterred, knowing they need to get away from that place.

When they arrive back in Arx, the Compass points east. East, it seems, to Mardomum.

Action by Sabella

(Public Action, OOC Date: July 24, 2018, 11:28 a.m.)

To introduce the newest Grayson Prince to their subjects, Princess Sabella and Prince Niklas will embark on a tour of the Crownlands taking with them family and friends that will help entertain the populace and make good impressions all around. This is not only to show people that Princess Sabella and Prince Niklas are amazing, but to introduce them to other family members (or in the case of Cassima should she join, future family members!) and remind those around Bastion that the Graysons truly do care about their people! There will be a parade, some charity work/donations, some free concerts, short one act plays, and maybe even a ball put on for commoners and nobility alike to attend! None Greater Than Grayson!

Is Niklas writing those one act plays? You bet your ass he is. Is Niklas occasionally singing with Gianna when she's okay with it? Uh, yeah. And, should Tikva decide to join them, is Niklas joining the Princess to banjo the living shit out of the good people of the Crownlands? Oh yes! But what Nik is really there for is gladhanding. He's there to let people know that as the new Prince of Grayson, and as the husband of Sabella, the People's Princess, he's there to be the People's Prince. As such he will be putting the majority of his effort into making friends with locals, especially the magistrates or mayors of the little towns and villages they visit along the way, as well as important commoners in Bastion itself. This isn't to say he's ignoring the Grayson family or their vassal lords at the steadfasts where they make their stops, but he wants to make certain the people know the story of Niklas and Sabella, the difficulties they faced and overcame in making their love match become a reality, and the happy ending that they're going to have. The two of them are the fairy tale so many commoners would like to believe the nobility live, and his job is to give each and every person he meets share in that magic.

Gianna is doing what she does best: singing. Singing and music, but she's always on about her best instrument being her voice, so really, she's just accompanying herself on the citole. May as well use that new instrument!

Delilah will gladly contribute to gathering stories, charming the populace, and listening to the various tales and concerns of the people. She's all about listening and showing a direct interest in the pulse of affairs in their home. After compiling all the information she can, she'll present a bound book of stories, legends, tales, and findings -- such as is appropriate, obviously any ribald love poetry or such gets a good scrubbing -- to the happy couple.

Roxana will be turning on the charm and accompanying Sabella on this diplomacy tour on behalf of her marriage and House Grayson. She'll subtly direct conversations towards the Princess' own virtues and good taste, as well as to the very successful history that Prince Niklas has as a playwright. Surely the Grayson vassals and common people can appreciate the arts, and how proud Grayson is to have such a famed talent now among their own. Roxana will use this opportunity to boost morale regarding House Grayson as a whole as well as the future of the Compact with Grayson at the helm.

Liara heard that someone might want a ball for Sabella and Niklas, and now there's going to be a ball, if she has anything to say about it. It will be hosted in Bastion, in the very biggest ballroom she can wrangle up. She's going to go ahead of the others to make sure it's all arranged to her liking. She plans on an extravagant affair, with abundant food and drink, music and dance, lots of floral decorations with pink peonies (their wedding flower, as she might explain to anyone asking) featuring strongly, and one big pelican-shaped cake.

Tabitha will naturally be talking up her wonderful patron, Princess Sabella, and the equally fabulous Prince Niklas, but she'll also provide her painting skills to add some artistry to their tour. Beautiful posters, invitations and cards will be made to advertise events as needed, and in addition she'll do whatever she can to provide decorations, props and other bits of loveliness to them. Yay! It'll be fun!

Princess Sabella and Prince Niklas are touring Grayson lands, and it seems Marquis Fairen was actually already planning a similar event, to have the Leary Family take the time to visit the citizens of Leaholdt together and show his people his care for them. While the tour goes on, Fairen makes it a point to visit with his people directly, speaking with the merchants and gentry of his Holdings to get a better, personalized understanding of the issues they face. Not to mention, he ensures to hold court, and resolve the issues he can in person, rather than through a messenger sent between Leaholdt and Arx. As for the Prince and Princess that are visiting, he welcomes them readily and hosts a dinner for them to honor not only their union, but the future Grayson Prince or Princess the pair of them have conceived. Additionally, for his own family, he encourages them to tag along, and expresses that they will get the opportunity to see the lovely Lady Valitina Leary II should they come along.

Using her incredibly commanding presence, okay not incredible but darn commanding darn it, Coraline will show her leadership capacity and help keep everything all organized and in military precision.

Kaldur will cut a fine and noble figure in the touring party, he and his fine, palomino warhorse Dumpling, a display of resplendent, martial gallantry. He'll turn on the charm, flash his dimples hither and yon, and polish his green griffins armor to a fare-the-well. The armor is a from none other than Princess Reese Grayson! Flying Seliki colors with the colors of the Great House to which he ultimately owes fealty. He'll also bring along Captain Hajo Xander and Cobalt, Commander of the Seliki Engineering Corps' cavalry to have the commander's face known.

Duke Bisland arranges a warm welcome for the new, happy couple when they visit Pridehall. Though he will not be there himself, being required in Arx, he does send word ahead to his family and Voice there, so that the strong relationship between Grayson and Bisland is put on display.

Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella, newly married and eager to settle in, make a tour of various Grayson lands. They start in Bastion with a parade, and performances by Gianna Whisper. Princess Roxana welcomes them too, showing family feeling and support and carrying the glad tidings of their arrival. Princess Liara throws them a party - she likes parties and it's clear she likes Sabella, and she does an excellent job of ensuring it goes off without a hitch.

They travel through Hawkhold with Lady Delilah singing their praises (metaphorically, she's not trying to compete with the Nightingale after all), and the people are clearly taken with the beautiful artwork Lady Tabitha makes for the goodwill tour. They travel through Leaholdt with Marquis Fairen, are welcomed in Pridehall by Duke Gabriel himself, and are made comfortable and at home by Lord Kaldur in the heart of Pearlspire.

Overall it's a joyous, occasionally raucous party made all the more safe with Princess Coraline providing some security for them, and keeping them all on schedule. At the end of the festivities, it's pretty clear that the new Prince Niklas has been welcomed into the fold, and that both he and Princess Sabella clearly believe there's None Greater Than Grayson.

Action by Silas for Always Soaring

(Public Action, OOC Date: Jan. 14, 2018, 2:59 a.m.)

House Whitehawk starts the construction of its Garden of Creation. It will be a 10-acre park located near the center of the White Mountain plateau, close to Hawkhold, in dedication to the deities of creation: Lagoma, Mangata, and Petrichor. Workers (primarily apothecaries) will plant various flowers, herbs, and fauna -- some of which are acquired outside of Whitehawk lands -- each year and the park will feature a magnificent fountain, a sun dial, and twin stone towers with a chapel at their base. The towers are inscribed with notable quotes about mercy, kindness and peace. Outside of prayer, it is also meant to inspire appreciation and the improvment of environment through horticulture, education and conservation.

((OOC: Meant to be our landmark. It'd be like the Hanging Gardens in Civ 5... only not really! Those invited to this action are free to chip in whatever they can think of, but they're not obligated to do so.))

Delilah isn't so good with plants. She's really interested in the gods, however, and she's always willing to help out her cousin however she can. She'll be chatting up with all sorts of people, making mention of how Whitehawk is working on creating a Garden of Creation, dedicated to the deities of creation, and just generally trying to get as help as she can.

As the Whitehawk groundskeeper, Rhue brings all of her experience and youthful enthusiasm (and she has a LOT of it) to bear on the project. From directing the plantings to learning and then teaching the best ways to care for the specimens, she is all over this project.

Aiden brings his experience from overseeing the construction of the Menagerie and the Sanctuary, as well as his participation in trying to establish a Grove with the lodge, not to mention his time in office as Minister of Upkeep! So much experience to draw on! He'll recommend planting elfblight if at all possible, as well as other medicinal plants and establish a source of fertilizer from the local stables to help with growth. Now once all the paperwork is done, Aiden will certainly help lead prayers or pray quietly over the area to invite the gods to bless it.

The Whitehawk family proudly announces a new beautiful park near their home of Hawkhold. The Garden of Creation is a 10-acre park located near the center of the White Mountain plateau, close to Hawkhold, in dedication to the deities of creation: Lagoma, Mangata, and Petrichor. The gardens hold various flowers, herbs, and fauna -- some of which are acquired outside of Whitehawk lands -- each year and the park features a magnificent fountain, a sun dial, and twin stone towers with a chapel at their base. The towers are inscribed with notable quotes about mercy, kindness and peace. Outside of prayer, it is also a place that inspires appreciation and the improvment of environment through horticulture, education and conservation.

Action by Bianca for The Despite of Fable

(Public Action, OOC Date: Dec. 26, 2017, 8:45 a.m.)

The truth shall set us free.

The call has been made and a great archival is being set into motion by the Scholars of Vellichor, reaching out to the entirety of the discipleship far and wide in an effort to duplicate and spread information contained in each outpost of Vellichor’s faithful from the grandest library to the smallest monastery.

The plan itself is no small task and in reality Bianca is aware it will take years to come to fruition, but they had to start somewhere.

Phase 1: Organization - A rather large focus team is gathered utilizing local Scholars and overseen by three Senior Scholars (NPCs) to take point on the clerical end of the Archival process. The role of this team is ongoing, their job being to disseminate information to the known enclaves of the discipleship throughout the many territories of Arvum regarding the archival process and how it will function. Once the process begins, they will be the ones dealing with the incoming reports and developing an encoded master inventory list of all outlying literary collections within the jurisdiction of the Scholars. A secondary list will also be created in regards to the location of lost relics that may be hidden away though in the possession of the Scholars. This secondary list shall also be encoded, its construction remains solely in the hands of the three senior scholars on point for this team and is only to be viewed by them and Archscholar Bianca. Once both lists are completed a secondary action will be taken to protect the contents of the pages (either via in-game actions or a storyrequest). From there a procedure will be set in place for all future acquisitions to be reported to the Archives to be properly categorized and added to the proper encoded list.

Phase 2: Reproduction - The next step of this accounting is the duplication of documented works. Any pieces of literary record (fiction AND historical) not found in duplicate shall be reproduced by the Scholars located in the parish these works are found to be and aid from Arx will be sent to the smaller libraries in the form of manpower to help. The goal is that a copy of everything not deemed ‘imprimatur’ will be replicated and disseminated to the Archives as well as the discipleship’s library in each of the five regional capitals: Sanctum, Lenosia, Maelstrom, Farhaven, Bastion. Anything deemed ‘imprimatur’ will also be duplicated though these duplications will only be sent to the Great Archive. This process will also be applied to all new information coming into the Archives or discovered by the discipleship moving forward.

Phase 3: Dissemination to the Public - While the Archives have always been open to the public and all noble houses, an immediate public relations campaign is set in place to better inform those of Arx and Arvum on the whole that the pursuit of knowledge and information will not be turned away or looked upon with wary eyes. This campaign is to be fostered by /all/ of the discipleship setting the stage for an open door policy and as more information is collected in Phase 1 and Phase 2, the Archive will be able to ideally provide direction if not a copies of what is being sought. The title of the campaign is “Let no question go unanswered.” For those seeking knowledge that extends beyond the bounds of what is considered safe for public consumption, they will be directed to petition the Scholars for access. A small council of senior scholars headed by Archscholar Bianca will be set to task in reviewing such requests and disseminating information on a case by case basis (unless of course PCs come to her directly).

Now, with the discipleship’s funds recently diminished due to the recent expenditure in Stormward, Bianca is also reaching out to all those outside the Scholars willing to aid with this tremendous undertaking. Donations are to be accepted in specific to aid in the Archival as well as individual manpower for replication of books not marked ‘imprimatur,’ though the most poignant request in the forefront is martial cooperation and aid. There is a great danger present and those tasked with the duplication or simply traveling to disperse information and transport copies will undoubtedly need protection and assistance while traversing the many territories of Arvum. And sometimes boats. Boats are cool and there are a lot of islands to be reached.

Lady Monique Greenmarch has a wide net of contacts she employs, along with their silver and her own gratuitous charm, on behalf of the ArchScholar's endeavor. How does she find out the things she does? It's impossible to know, but she will attempt to secure safe roads to travel, and trusted safe houses for those scholars and their handlers to stay in, alongside vaults for the information to be saved.

Fortunato, although no official scholar, is happy to lend his hands and eyes to the work of replication (if with a tiny bit of illumination in the margins as strikes him, not enough to seriously detract from the speed of the task). He is able and willing to travel to the regional archives to aid copying work there as well, if, of course, with escort.

Sophie will be aiding in Phase 2, leading any and all Mercy volunteers to go through the extensive medical records and white journals of known Mercies, collating what is deemed important information. She will also write to the Mercy chapters throughout the Compact, seeking their cooperation, and offering organizational instruction to those wanting. Finally, she'll do what she can to procure what House Valardin has.

Phase I-III: Ailith will coordinate through her increasing network of Seraph contacts across the Compact, and reaching out also to the Seraphs that the Dominus and Legate of Creation informed Ailith about. She'll explain the first Phase of Archlector Bianca's process and encourage the Seraphs in how the parishes may assist such as the Seraphs providing copies of any texts to the Archlector or the three Senior Scholars. Ailith will assist in fielding any questions if the Seraphs respond directly to her. In additional letter will be included.

Calaudrin will be joining with other members of the Iron Guard in helping protect the Faith's documents as they move through the city. He'll be especially on the lookout for anything at all suspicious as they go.

Lord Commander Silas will be helping direct his men in protecting the precious cargo -- copies of invaluable lore from several great libraries and archives. He himself will likely lead the retinue guarding the largest cache. They will avoid all thoroughfares known to be havens for thieves and criminals, and all guardsmen on this mission will be thoroughly armed and alert. They will also not be guardsmen with past criminal history, themselves, no matter how small the theft or how long ago the incident occurred. No chances!

Ainsley will be helping with the Iron Guard portion of things. He'll be assigning more senior soldiers to help with the transportation and dissemination portion-- helping to protect the scholars. He, himself, will be with one squad of people helping to transport and protect. Carrying with him his Alaricite sword and his rubicund plate, as he leads the forces. He'll also supply some of his own military favors, writs, and currency to help with the project.

Harald has given leave for the the scholars of Vellichor to travel to Grihem's Point aboard his ships and under his protection, as well as granting them access to the Grimhall libraries. While the private Grimhall libraries are largely collections of literature (especially traditional poetic sagas which are widely believed simple verse fiction) any pieces desired for copying will be made available. After all, the Scholars certainly aren't likely to find any decent sagas on the mainland; it's a mission of mercy, really.

Phase 1: Knights of Solace agents, in the course of their usual duties, will help disseminate the new archival procedures across Arvum, and bring back reports if needed. They will also be instructed to share with Blessed Bianca or her chosen representatives any information they may have picked up in the course of their journeys regarding the possible locations of valuable documents that should be included in the archival effort. Phase 2: Knights of Solace will help protect sensitive archival works as they are transported to or from the various repositories in Arvum.

Mae has began to distribute the Commoners Bulletin, as well as a primer on a subject (Marin'alfar) that has otherwise been erased from history. She'll be writing more, including a book on reincarnation, and all will be spread far and wide. Take that, Fable!

Christine will help with phase 2, copying books that need to be reproduced, and translating those in Isles shav so they could be spread more easily.

Eirene, with the help of her own soldiers, goes through any of the Malvici libraries in Arx and sends word for the libraries of Southport to be duplicated and the copies added to the efforts, transported as quickly as the lot can be completed. As Malvici has a longstanding history of fighting demonic forces, she hopes to find useful information to be added to the master archives.

Lord Corban Telmar will invest both time, treasure, and resources into the Archscholar's appeal to duplicate and preserve knowledge. He will donate 200,000 in House Telmar silver to copying, transporting, and preserving Archives information in the Oathlands. He will also call in House Telmar's extensive network of military favors to ensure that the convoys transporting the materials are protected, and will personally lead some himself, lending his sword and considerable leadership abilities to the effort.

Armand, as a Templar disciple, will aid in the Scholar's efforts by ensuring their protection, notably during the more dangerous Phase 3 of the project, the dissemination and duplication. Able and willing to travel wherever the Scholars need to go, he will ensure that those he is tasked to protect are able to do their work unhindered. No criminal nor servant of the Abyss shall be allowed to stand in the way of Vellichor's holy work.

The main effort the Templars will offer, as well as general help should they be asked, is during phase 2. With the threat that bandits or indeed things more foul could try to stop the material reaching Arx, the Templars will make up to 1000 men at arms available to escort material from the various holds back to the capital. Alongside this, each Parish will be expected to have their templars provide additional support as material moves through their lands, more a procession of honour though that for military support. As the various archival holdings come together from the regions to head to Arx, the Templars will blob the escorting forces together and ensure that the material makes its way safely to Arx.

Cybele is good at organising and teaching and digging up info, so more than happy to dive into the deep stacks, and set to work looking at what comes in. Besides, the shaman has a knack for finding the right texts. Right? Right.

Delilah will be focusing her efforts on Phase 2, working closely with other scholars to replicate as many texts as she possibly can in her spare time. She will also be speaking with the Master of Questions in an attempt to more closely incorporate the Inquisition with the ongoings of this entire process.

Alaric will be having lots of nice things to say about the project, dropping little mentions to nobles and Crown functionaries and important merchants alike about how nice it would be to hear of people and groups lending some aid to the Vellichorian discipleship with their work, and generally generating some positive PR and motivation for people to get involved with helping.

Fatima will allow the Scholars access to the Thrax libraries available in Maelstrom to aid the Archscholar. More than that, though, she's using her social circle to help circulate the news of Phase 3: Dissemination to the Public. When Bianca signals it's time, Fatima will utilize her propaganda machine to get out the word the Archscholar desires.

Percephon will be participating heavily with the Phase 2 portion of this very important project. Working within his position as Senior Scholar, he will go to the library in Sanctum to assist in creating faithful duplicates of all materials that are that are uncovered and found. With a focus on organizing which overly important and sensitive materials will be sent to the Great Archives.

Estaban will be opening the Saik Library to the scholars of Vellichor, he will also be giving military esscort the schollars where they may need to go.

Victus will be allowing the Scholars of Vellichor within the libraries of the Maelstrom, as well as to comb the Isle the capital fortress is located on for nay other information they deem noteworthy. In addition, he'll be sending a detachment of some Thraxian scholars and stewards who are better versed in history than he is. Surely, the Isles will have LOADs of interesting stories to tell!

Aiden can help considerably in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Since he's had a lot of practice with the Court in reproducing works, that's where he will initially provide the most support, however, he's got a good eye for organization, so he'll certainly swap between the two roles, depending on what's more important at the time. Though since he's an excellent teacher, he puts a lot of his time into Phase 3 as well, answering as honestly as he can and has he has done to anyone in the past who has come to him for answers.

Not being much of a smarty himself, Edain will do his best to give the scholarly types the access and the trust they need to do something good, making sure they have access to the archives in Sanctum. He will also task 100 of his knights with the task of helping to escort the travelling scholars, with as much travel as this entails it is sure to tax even the Knights of Solace and so Edain will do his best to help them escort travelling scholars.

Alis has offered to help Bianca by assigning military escorts to and from Sanctum for the scholars that she sends, ensuring their safety and the safety of any materials they bring with.

Princess Isabeau Valardin will primarily be lending her assistance to this endeavor (in Phase 3) by using her considerable charm and skill in persuasion and propaganda to get the word out to the people that the great Archive's enriched texts are available and that the Scholars of Vellichor can guide everyone, high or low, rich or poor, to greater understanding of their world and the vast knowledge contained within.

Lark is opening the Grayson library to the Scholars, and spending her own time overseeing and directing efforts of scribes to copy their works.

While waiting to offer what aid he can for the protection of contents, Aleksei will also reach out to his the vague network he's beginning to form of those freed or aided in their freedom by the Liberators of Skald. Plenty of ex-thralls served in administrative capacities, and he'll kindly ask if they'd be willing to help the Scholars in their various local parishes. Hopefully it will provide some additional manpower for the copying of books and journals to be conducted under the local Godsworn at these various parishes.

Cicero is promising the scholars the use of the Silver Consortiums contacts and networking of infrastructure for moving about the Compact and keeping their scribes supplied as needed.

Deacon will focus his efforts on Phase 3. As a composer of some small renown, he will write a short series of ballads to promote the knowledge contained within the walls of the Archives. The goal will be to help popularize the pursuit of knowledge on the cultural level. Once he's written the music, he will make it available to every bard and performer whom he can convince to take it.

Samael will open up Pridehall libraries and provide military escorts for the Scholars coming to and leaving Pridehall. In addition to that in Phase 3 Samael will help to disseminate information using his oratory skills.

Sasha will in Phase 1 and Phase 2, she is able to reproduce and also translate many texts should the need be there. She is also a very good teacher as well so she will also assist with Phase 3 when the time comes.

Lucita, with her love of music, has been collecting old songs and legends through trading them with other musicians and travelers, bards and music lovers in the taverns, inns, bars and during social events in Arx. Many of these serve as oral history and some have not been documented. This she does and helps contribute to the overall effort toward Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Sebastian will be assisting in accompanying scholars to provide protection and whatever other assistance is needed as they travel throughout the Lyceum to various smaller locations. He will assist in acquiring passage through the lands and courts with which he is familiar, particularly around Setarco and the surrounding isles. He will also assist in locating the smaller repositories of knowledge, acquiring the information and documents required, and seeing their return to Arx during Phase 1. He will also work to help with transcription and the reproduction of drawings and other artistic work contained within the documents acquired during Phase 2. During Phase 3, he will help with the public relations campaign to help promote the use of the Archives and the future expansion of the knowledge contained therein through art and social engagements.

Juliana will be helping Sebastian and the accompanying scholars to provide protection and healing as well as any other assistance is needed as they travel throughout the Lyceum to various smaller locations. She will assisting him in acquiring passage through the lands and courts with which they are familiar, particularly around Setarco and the surrounding isles. She will also assist him in finding the smaller repositories of knowledge and in acquiring the information and documentation, to see that they are returned to Arx during Phase 1. She will also try to help with the work of transcription of the documents acquired during Phase 2. During Phase 3, She will help with the public relations campaign to help promote the use of the Archives and the future expansion of the knowledge contained therein through art and social engagements.

Orathy will be helping Sebastian and Juliana Pravus during the course of the events. He's particularly good at flanking the enemies if there are any, his fighting style coming from the shadows rather than direct assault, therefore, scouting might be his thing. He'll shield Sebastian and Juliana while on mission, body guarding for them.

Nierzen sets to work writing propaganda in support of Phase 3 to move the hearts of people to favour and support the work and effort. He aims propaganda at nobles, motivating them to generously give silver to the Scholarly work, and he aims propaganda at the residents of the Boroughs, moving them to cooperate and even go out of their way to help collect stories and information. In all things, his propaganda tugs at the ideals of duty, faith, and self interest.

The Great Archival Project of 1007 AR causes a complete uproar. In every corner of the Compact, people turn up to add books to the archives, to add knowledge to the archives. To make copies of precious books and send them on. To spread the word - if you need information, your best hope is to find it in the Archives. High Lords and Nobles have opened their libraries. The Templars and the Knights of Solace, as well as many guards hired by various families across Arvum are moving to preserve knowledge and see it safely from the far corners of the Compact into Arx itself. It's a huge project, and under Archscholar Bianca's watchful eye, an incredibly successful one.

Tomes once thought lost are found, copied, and brought to Arx under guard. People are encouraged to come to Arx to seek knowledge. Learn from the Archives of Vellichor, learn from our tutors, our Scholars. Knowledge is available, free for the asking.