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Prince Rohkir Redrain

I have learned what it is to be alive; I have learned what it is to feel as if you died. Only one belief has stood strong through: Love all, trust but a few.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Farhaven's Wayward Son
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 12/30
Religion: Shamanistic Pantheon
Vocation: Headhunter
Height: tall
Hair Color: red-blond
Eye Color: pale grey-blue
Skintone: fair

Obituary: Quarreled with Prince Darren Redrain, the Prince of Farhaven and with Princess Valencia Redrain. Was sent back to Farhaven by the same highlord for insubordinate behavior in early 1004 AR. Went missing on his return to Farhaven under vague circumstances, was thought to be wandering. Was found naked hanged from a tree, House Redrain declines to speak on it.

Description: Massive and sculpted, this beast of a Northman stands of exceptional height even probably among his own. Crowned in red-blond, his hair hangs a bit wild and cavalier when not lazily pushed, or brushed, back over over his head and out of his eyes. His eyebrows are similarly toned, a bit darker, framing pale grey-blue eyes on each side of a thin bridged nose that divides his symmetrical facial features. Pleasantly pronounced cheekbones and a sharp jawline combine with his thin, reddish lips to add a certain strapping youth to his features; a sharp contrast with the seasoned, sculpted body that carries him about. His shoulders are broad, thick in a way that makes his posture seem a bit stiff even when it isn't. When combined with the hardy muscle that clings to him all over, manual or martial labor might be the assumption, the remnants of aged scarring that dots his knuckles and his veiny forearms only furthering the likelihood of a rugged lifestyle or training. There's a distinct lack of substantial fat clinging to his form, most of his bulk centered around his shoulders, arms, and chest, while his chiseled abdomen and thin waist form the centralized pillar of his posture, leading on to long, well built legs that support his stalking stride with ease.

Personality: At base appearance, he's got the sort of stalwart, cold demeanor of a Northman; he's polite, direct, and forward. He seems prone to long lapses into thoughtful silence and bittersweet smiles at some inconsequential thing. He appears quite slow to anger, but just as slow to forgive when his ire's been drawn. His moments of passion, positive or negative, as rare as they are witnessed are alarmingly fiery by comparison to his normal behavior.

Background: Rohkir was born to Redrain, the eldest son a product of 'beneficial' marriage between the family and a vassal house beneath. In his youth, he showed great promise as a future warrior-diplomat given his friendly, outgoing demeanor; he was a shoe-in for receiving some amount of inherited land for management, no doubt. It was known he had a younger brother, much like him in all regards. The events are obscure, but for one reason or the next, his younger brother died. Rohkir disappeared from the public eye for some time; many a whisper took it to be a sign of some sort of treachery, others that it might have been some sickness, while a few insisted the younger had died in some sort of accident. Rohkir reemerged a tempered, much aged man even for his apparent youth. While not directly in the line of succession, it would take quite a few heads rolling for that to be a possibility, he wasn't far enough down the line that he was without responsibility to his people. His more recent reappearance among the various uppers of society makes that quite apparent.

Relationship Summary

  • Nadia - Nightgold's Nightingale
  • Talen - One of Many Blades
  • Maeve - Mismanaged Apothecary
  • Esera - Velenosa's Venerated
  • Calista - A Bold Vintage
  • Gareth - The Inquisition's Face
  • Lydia - A Soft Rosegold
  • Victus - Rum Drinking Axe Slinger
  • Jaenelle - A Pragmatic Princess

  • Family:
  • Valencia - The Fox in the Bears' Den
  • Freja - Saucy Scout
  • Darren - The Frozen Crown
  • Fergus - The Frozen Sword

  • Friend:
  • Morrighan - My Fiery Friend
  • Name Summary