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Princess Rawen Redrain

What's wrong with being thorough?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Curious Scholar
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 22
Birthday: 11/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Copper Red
Eye Color: Heterochromia
Skintone: Peach

Description: One of the first features most notice about Rawen is when she looks at someone, she has one green eye and one blue, both bright in their coloring. Or perhaps her thick and wavy copper red hair that cascades down her back. Or her skin that has a creamy, lightly freckled, peach complexion with naturally rosy full lips, a slender nose, and an hourglass frame while standing at only 5'2".

Personality: She is often described as being very passionate about the topics she decides to take up in her research and compassionate towards others.However, she is often rather shy and prefers to just observe people more than approach for communication, unless it is about something that peaks her interest. She is quick to open up to those she feels comfortable but is known to sometimes have a minor temper and seems obsessed about colors.

Background: She grew up with many older siblings which left Rawen to be able to hideaway in the libraries and do all the reading she desired. Even though her childhood, she wasn't much for going outside and playing, much more fascinated with expanding her mind. When she was convinced to join her siblings and cousins outside for play, she was more often just watching and observing them more than she would willingly partake of the activities. These habits seemed to stay with her through her as did some unique compulsive behaviors, the most notable being her obsession with wearing a different color per each garment or even armor piece.

Now much to her behest, she is coming to Arx to try and make some new allies and hopefully some friends. She is now beginning to yearn to explore after all those years of wanting to be an introvert, eager to see things first hand instead of only reading about them.

Name Summary
Agostino A sweetly-dispositioned princess if I've ever met one. I hope that she enjoys her time in the city.
Domonico Colourful and in possession of arguably the most striking eyes in the Compact.
Joslyn She is so colorful, nothing matching and yet it all blends in a fantastic way. I should get her an equally colorful bouquet, she is a delight!
Mabelle A beautiful princess with the most unique pair of eyes. I hope she finds venues in the city for her love of exploring.
Rosalind Her eyes are really pretty! They match both things I like! The ocean and the forest! She likes to drink and everything! Here's to new friends!