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Lady Dagny Stahlben

The best way to confuse the enemy is to make a move that is seemingly without purpose.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Snowbound Scout
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Stahlben
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 21
Birthday: 07/20
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Vivid Blue
Skintone: Pale

Description: Long, bright auburn hair is a concession to vanity that almost seems like more trouble then it is really worth in the end, and a lot of work. Everything else about her is the image of practicality and focus on the more martial of arts. She's lithe, capable of easy movements and a strength that isn't obvious by cursory inspection. Strong brows arch over wide, vividly blue eyes that often flash with amusement and mischief. Her mouth is expressive, but often set in a neutral line, and she's got strong features with wide, high cheek bones.

Personality: Rough around the edges, she isn't as refined as some ladies are, lacking the carefully crafted etiquette of those raised in courts and houses that have been part of the Compact longer. There is a steel to her, but there is also a laconic sort of way of carrying herself, like she knows that there are dangers in the world, but that she is either confident in her abilities to deal with it. Or that death is an inevitability that life holds, and that being overly worried just ends in a lack of enjoyment in the parts of life lived. Overly friendly might be a term, apt to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and a humor that tends to be gallows humor. But humor, right?

Background: Life has not always been easy at the Bonespire, there is constant skirmishes, constant guarding against the dangers that come from the Everwinter. When Dagny was young she would sit at her grandmother's feet, soaking up the frighting tales of things that lurked out beyond the Bonespire, waiting in the icy cold snow of the Everwinter. Stories that gave her nightmares as a young child, and turned her attention towards the more esoteric of things as an adult, always interested in death, the bones, the spirits.

Rumor has it that when her grandmother died she refused to say goodbye to her for good, and kept a small piece of her. But that was surely just a rumor about a child that was a little more dark and creepy then some. As she grew older she turned her attention to studying with her father, learning to fight in the defense of her family and allies. After the Silent War and the decimation of her family, she left the Bonespire with a promise that one day she'd come back, and be able to save them.

It was the childish assertions of a young woman that had never really lived in the wider world, or understood that there is not ever really any saving that is possible. Not overall, just a method of keeping as many people as possible alive, and defeating as many of the enemy as possible while doing it. About six months before her appearance in Arx she returned to the Bonespire, although most say that while she was there she didn't talk to many people. Kept to herself. But she started hunting for her grandmother's things, looking for something. Evidently she found it, because she left for Arx looking satisfied about something.

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