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Vassal of Fidante

Words: What was scattered, gathers. What was gathered blows away.
Sigil: Hydra
Nickname: The Hydra, Guardians
Colors: Blue, white and gold.

History: House Mazetti, owning the march of Ostria, found itself an unfortunate part of the Tor-Southport war. Having been ruled by Lucien until his political ladder climbing saw him as the new husband to the then Duchess of Tor, it could be argued Ostria suffered more than most for its perceived involvement in the quickly fraying relations between the two duchies. Chiefly, it is one of the few Lycene city-states to shift its fealty in recent history. Formerly a vassal of Malvici, it now owes loyalty to the Fidante. To that point, however, House Mazetti recovered from its misfortune with a swift ease. Owing in part to its fortuitous location, as well as its own history of resilience and industrious people, most in Ostria don't seem to care who ultimately collects their taxes.

Rumored to possess origins dating as far back as the Age of Songs, House Mazetti has loomed large in the collective consciousness of the Lyceum for its air of mystery surrounding its immediate holding. Like many other city-states of the south, it has waxed and waned in power. While there are those that suspect House Mazetti could have been more influential, it is no small secret that the family remained too inwardly focused to ever truly contend with the likes of House Velenosa.


Name Rank Title Description
Cambria 1 Marquessa, Countess of the March ---
Hadrian 2 Voice ---
Valerio 3 Noble Family ---
Vitalis 3 Noble Family ---
Dianna 3 Noble family ---
Alessia 3 Noble family ---
Theron 3 Noble Family ---
Giulio 3 Noble Family ---

Ruler: Cambria

Minister Category Title
Valerio Warfare Marshal of Ostria
Dianna Upkeep Minister of Conservation and Renewal
Hadrian Loyalty Minister of Allegiance

Land Holdings


Description: Ostria, The Walled City on the Sea. While an outer perimeter is expected, few realize that Ostria today has grown around its original holding. The ancient inner wall, its murals nearly faded, is home to the Mazetti family itself. Commoners are not permitted within, and few foreigners are ever invited, which has caused no small amount of rumor and speculation over the years. Beyond this obvious quirk, Ostria is famed for its brightly colored silks, grand architecture, and its horses, bred for endurance riding.