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Isles Canines

Words: "Letting slip the dogs of war for affordable prices."
Sigili: A white banner with a red half dog/half fish creature sitting proudly on a wooden board.

Founded by Prince Dominic Thrax, the Isles Canines was a sellsword company after a fashion- one for breeding and selling war hounds throughout the Compact. The dog trainers probably point out that while sellswords have a reputation for treachery and unreliability, sellpups don't- they would never betray a master.

Unfortunately, proving the adage that sellswords do betray masters, following Prince Dominic Thrax's death, the captain of his dromond realized possession is still very much nine tenths of the law and sailed the ship worth a million silver to the Lyceum for sellsail work, which is vastly more profitable than breeding dogs.


Name Rank Title Description
Victus 3 Wardroom ---
Harald 3 Wardroom ---
Abbas 3 Wardroom ---
Isolde 3 Wardroom ---
Calista 3 Wardroom ---
Fatima 3 Wardroom ---
Aiden 4 Senior Officer ---