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Vassal of Thrax

Words: "We fall. We rise."
Sigils: A blue wave.

Once attainted and destroyed by Prince Donrai Thrax, the former highlord of House Thrax, the ducal has been reborn once more under the leadership of its last remaining noble- Duchess Margot Tyde.


Name Rank Title Description
Margot 1 Duchess ---
Dagon 2 Voice ---
Archeron 2 Voice ---
Declan 3 Noble Family ---
Lethe 3 Noble Family ---
Erasmus 3 Noble Family ---
Gideon 4 Trusted Ones Commander (Ground Troops)
Zara 4 Trusted Ones Duchess' Assistant
Catalana 4 Trusted Ones Lady in Waiting
Donella 6 Other Family ---
Merida 6 Other Family ---
Robert 8 Sworn Commoners Protigal Envoy

Ruler: Margot

Land Holdings

Tyde Hall

Description: The proud duchy of House Tyde was built upon Tyde Isle in the north of the Mourning Sea. Rich in natural resources, House Tyde was the only true rival to House Thrax in the Mourning Isles for generations despite their vassal status, but when it rose in rebellion the house was completely destroyed. Now under the control of the surviving Tyde heir, Margot, she is married to Dagon Thrax and some presume Thrax has granted autonomy back to the house on the surface but perhaps keeps the Tydes under a thumb, still.

Landmarks: In mid 1007 AR, House Tyde funded the construction of the University at Tydehall, a place of learning and study in honor of the god Vellichor for the Pilgrimage Path.

Trends: After Arx, Tydehall has one of the greatest concentrations of Scholars of Vellichor of anywhere in the Compact. This has given the city a reputation as a very scholarly place of learning, and one where strangers try rhetorical devices in obnoxious ways that Thraxians find extremely annoying.