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Count Fredrik RedTyde

The saddest summary of life contains the words should have, could have, and would have.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Wily Economist
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redtyde
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant scholar
Height: 6 foot
Hair Color: Dark Brown w/Silver
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tanned

Description: His hair the brown of dark oak shot through at the temples with silver, this man has a noble bearing, always straight-backed and solid in his movements, no wasted motion or flippant behavior. His eyes are chocolate brown and set in a slightly broad face with angular jaw and cheeks. His frame is not overly muscled, built on the lighter side but without an ounce of fat upon it, his fingers clever and slender and his smile ready and even with all teeth present and accounted for.

Personality: Serious and driven, Fredrik is not a man to leap into any situation without first examining any angle and plotting his course carefully. This does not mean he is not personable, of course! He has not survived as a roaming merchant by being frigid or obtuse, and has a warm smile and ready handshake to reflect that. But a look into his eyes shows the trauma of many years of loss, and he often defaults to serious examination and thought, rather than whimsy or dreaming.

Background: Born as the third son to the Redtyde March, Fredrik was in no place to inherit any lands or real sense of political power, but he was blessed with a rather keen sense of observation and an attention to detail. And so he was often given the House's paperwork and left to tend to their businesses from as early an age as 16, a task he relished and embraced. And in time, he even married, a minor lady from a barony under Tyde, and they had two children, Garon and Alrik.

Unfortunately, all of that was lost when the Tydes rose up in rebellion, washed away with the coming of thraxian banners. The Redtydes refused to abandon their liege lords, and were among the first houses wiped away in the Thraxian march to the Tydes. Fredrik managed to escape, but his wife and children, visiting the Tyde House at the time, were killed along with the rest once it was broken open and laid waste. Fleeing into hiding, Fredrik carried with him a bastard child of Tyde, along with a commoner child, and set to work disguising himself, posing as a merchant and eventually securing his own boat. He did all he could, never abandoning the Tyde cause and raising the children as his own. But many years have passed, and Tyde is reborn! After much caution and deliberation, Fredrik has come forth to meet with Margot, who he has been in contact with for many months, hoping to taie his place under the protection of House Tyde, and give his adopted children the home they deserve. And to serve. Always to serve.

Name Summary
Adora I dislike him.
Alexandre I thought Rosalie to be the last, and thus Lord Fredrik's survival was a surprise, but not an unwelcomed one. Beyond the happy news of surviving family for Rosalie, the man himself has proven to be helpful and generous with his time and company, and I hope he proves to be successful in his goals to see his family reclaim their past influence and standing. A formidable man, I expect I'll hear his name numerous times in the future.
Ann Well spoken? Check. Well dressed? Check. Good sense of humor? Check. We'll see where this goes, I like the fellow already.
Arcelia A gentleman to be sure but I do wonder what kind.
Ariella My marquis-to-be. Loves ships and at the very least has a healthy (if economic) interest in the sea. Too bad he wants so many kids.
Barik A tremulous testament to the power charm, and shameless self-confidence. In every respect what one would expect from a respectable Lord, yet in that mirthful grin lies the stories of a hundred tales.
Barric Lord Redtyde. Tyde. He seems to try and be charming enough, but that doesn't assuage my concern. I will watch this one close.
Berenice He understands the meaning of necessary sacrifice. I'll enjoy the pools, though.
Bethany There's a lot more to him than I saw at the barbecue! Such a sharp economic mind. I'm looking forward to long talks with Lord Redtyde.
Bliss He wasn't even remotely threatened by me. Of course, I wasn't doing anything remotely threatening, but still - most do not seem to understand this.
Clara I could do with talkin' ta him again soon. Hopefully he feels the same. Interestin' man but I won't gossip too much.
Coraline An offshoot of Tyde, but he seems as though he isn't holding a grudge, I hope for the best in this.
Cullen A rather interesting man with a mind for the mercantile expansion of trade routes within Arvum, well spoken and did me the favor of explaining the history of his House. Quite the engaging sort, really, I expect I'll see more of him.
Delilah A sailor with a talent for words, a haunting gift of the sea whispering through every declaration he makes. He has a poetic talent though he denies it, and a fabulously named ship. Someone of a particularly broad skill set, no doubt the epitome of interest.
Edain Oh thank the Gods. Someone of the Redtyde survived. I had long given up hope that any survived the purging of Donrai Thrax. There is no justice in what happened to the Redtyde, but if the Gods could only spare one, they chose the right one. Lord Fredrik is a man of reason, of details, and of commerce. These are the traits they need in the man that will lead the effort to rebuild them. I will do what I can to help him in that.
Elgana Well-spoken, charming, and definitely a touch mischievous. There is much to this Lord RedTyde than just what lurks on the surface, though what does linger there is nothing to shy from and intriguing in its own right. The desire to learn more about him is there, so one hopes is the opportunity as well.
Ember This man looks very capable, that means that he's going to go far and be someone to watch. I hope he'll end up being family, but nothing ever goes so smoothly. I suppose we'll see what happens in the future. For now, I'll throw my support behind him.
Fianna He caught me talking to the cat in the botanical gardens. I hope he doesn't think I do that /all/ the time... Still, he is pleasant company and I hope we cross paths again!
Gareth Personable and tolerable enough. Except for that smile. That smile will be remembered.
Genevieve What was that he said about me? "Very persuasive in her own, very straightforward way." ...yeah, that's basically just polite-speak for saying that he thinks I'm rude, right?
Gwenna Lord Fredrik RedTyde seems a man on a great mission for his people and bloodline, beholden to a history I might only guess at. He put out work seeking some diplomatic assistance, which lead to our meeting. An astute gentleman, he is the very picture of what one might think of when imagining a most proper nobleman.
Haizea Charming, silver tongued, and possessing of a keen mind. But his debonair carriage seems a cover for a great depth to his character and, I think, sorrow.
Iseulet One of the rare men that I find myself genuinely able to not only smile with, but share brief moments of bitterness and loss with. We have much to discuss and much in common, but on on his character? A perfect Lord. A gentleman. He listens, actively. He respects appropriately. And to top it all off - his wit is sharp. Is there anything this man can't do? Arvum better watch out - this man is driven.
Jeffeth He seems to be a very nice man. He told Adora to go step on a porcupine. Hahahaha! Anyways he seems to be one of the nicer of Lords with a good head on his shoulders. Hahaha, step on a porcupine. Brilliant.
Kenna He seems a generally intelligent person, and has expressed an interest in meeting Delilah. If I can get HER to agree to this, then I think I'll like him very well. Unless he's lying, but... why would someone lie about wanting to meet Delilah?!
Margerie Ah, to have one's plan for a simple life of revels ruined by the ill timed introduction of blood and fire. I find myself relating to some of Lord RedTyde's experiences. He has created quite the little social paradise in his Empyrean.
Marian Edain seems to trust him which goes a long way for me. He displays a keen mind and quick wit that has earned my respect.
Mirari A very charismatic man with smooth manners and a way with words. Woe betide men like this, I'm no longer in a relationship, and they're so much fun to chase. Hopefully they won't run too far or too fast.
Monique Funny. Canny. I'm not sure which quality I like more in the RedTyde lord, but I plan to find out.
Mydas A deleberate merchant and survivour of Tyde's rebellion. I expect he'll be successful in Arx, on all fronts.
Niklas The last Redtyde. A businessman with an interest in boats and the entertainment biz. Here's hoping he can rebuild his house.
Reese Knows alot about the culture of Arx and about flowers and has very good manners. Better manners than many princsesses
Rinel As hungry for information as I have seen. He will be a worthy addition to the scholars--but we must teach him the value of temperance.
Rosalie You're alive! And you're HERE! And I have family again! I can't wait to get to know you better!!
Sabella It's always such a pleasure talking with him! He knows so many things and is just so personable! I think we shall be very good friends!
Tabitha A well-dressed fellow. Quite pleasant! I wonder if I have a relative I could introduce to him... But then again, what if he's a murderer or something? Hmmm. Still, good fashion sense!
Terese Charm and wit, an elegant man who takes pride in his name, appearance, and in his duties. He holds himself well in conversation and can slip from one subject to another with ease yet has subtle layers beneath it all.
Valdemar He knows what he wants to accomplish, and seems to have a good general idea of how to get there. I wish him good fortune in it.
Vanora Lord Redtyde has a charm to him, an easy humor. Yet he is as sharply focused on his goals as one can be, I imagine he will achieve them before long.
Violet I sense he is a man who is prudent and plots things out carefully. But there is a warmth and level head there too.
Zara A man who has seen many things in his life and even though some were bad he has come out with a bright mind and charming personality. It will be interesting to see where talks go.