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Vassal of Lyonesse

Words: "Where you go, we shall follow."
Colors: Verdant Green and Black
Sigil: Black pawprint/track on green field
Nickname: Huntsmen

History: It is known that the Keaton family stemmed forth from humble origins, a pair of brothers that lived within the wilds of Oakhaven. Oakhaven had grown to be a dire place, home of murderers and thieves alike that banded together to test the might of the nobility by attempting to ransom the High Lord's heir. The Keatons sought them out, using skill and hound, and retrieved the child without hide nor hair harmed. For their bravery they were granted noble title and the fief of Oakhaven. The land developed from the outskirts of the wilds, a small village became a township and then Keaton Keep was founded, a place where men and beast are trained, honing their instincts and partnerships, creating some of the best and honorable trackers in all of Arvum. Over the last few hundred years, Oakhaven flourished under the Keaton rule. Rumors are told that in every generation there is a chosen Huntsman, tasked with tracking down the worst of the villains, brigands and bandits that prowl the Oakheart wilds. It's said that when the Huntsman comes, the outcome is set. It doesn't matter the quarry, It matters only that a crime has been committed.

Present Day: The Keatons serve their Lyonesse and Laurent Lords honorably. A great deal of them serve in a military capacity, trained as chief officers and knights at Keaton Keep, and known to be as loyal to their men as their hounds are to them. Other Keatons prefer to tend the wilds.

The chief export of Oakhaven is a leather that has been specially prepared by a regional secret. There is also the matter of the hounds produced, which many say are the most intelligent hunting companions that could be asked for, especially when they are personally trained for them. There is, after all, something thrilling about the hunt.


Name Rank Title Description
Kael 1 Count ---
Reigna 2 Voice ---
Margerie 2 Voice ---
Shae 3 Noble Family ---
Veronica 3 Noble Family ---
Amari 3 Noble Family ---
Rohran 3 Noble Family ---
Jaerith 3 Noble Family ---
Apollo 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Gerrick 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Tarrant 5 Noble Vassals ---
Tessa 5 Noble Vassals ---
Gretchen 5 Noble Vassals ---
Lance 5 Noble Vassals ---
Charlaine 5 Noble Vassals ---
Andrel 7 Known Commoners ---

Ruler: Kael

Land Holdings


Description: The seat of House Keaton and ruling from Keaton Keep, the county of Oakhaven holds sway over the Oakheart Wood and the surrounding domain.